Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Ok. I might try that. Thanks.


Please IO, help me. Don’t know how has happened but i tried evrything. You need to fix this.


Phantom 300 disappeared in the archive for no reason? The sniper mirror is so blurred that I hope to fix these bugs in time.


Don’t need fire extinguishers.

Breeching charge behind target, four coins underneath target. Perfect canopy dunk

Remote demo block, remote explosive - shoots target way high in sky, body doesn’t come down


In Mumbai, if you have already identified the Maelstrom, the contract: vanya shah mission story is impossible to complete. The step “Observe the meeting and identify the Maelstrom” will not complete even listening to the whole conversation. Playing on PC.


If anyone would have the time to check an approximately ten minute run of The Author, I’d be grateful.
I’m trying to get a Silent Assassin rating, suit only, without knocking out anyone and by fibre wiring the targets. I think I’ve got down a pretty good run, but for some reason it doesn’t grant me the SA rating.

Points of interest:

  • After killing the first target and hiding Akram’s body, and when I’m already back in his bathroom, I’m getting a second notification that I hid his body with an important delay, which makes me think the matter could be linked.
  • At the end you’ll see that I’m not getting the SA rating due too losing the “not spotted” bonus. I never even got close to being spotted, but maybe someone watching the video could point me to where I potentially did get spotted?

Here is the link:

Thank you very much for your time.


I’m getting spotted in that mission too for whatever reason and I don’t know why either.

But about the body notification, that’s Jeff, the guy talking to his girlfriend in the exhibition bathroom in The Source.

If you don’t kill him in the previous mission, he appears in The Author and kills himself by jumping off the cliff at the city entrance. That’s where the body hidden notification comes from, although it doesn’t ruin the SA rating.


Ahh, yes, forgot to save Jeff! Maybe it is related, as in, somebody sees him killing himself and the calcuulations at the end of the mission put the blame on you?


Roll back the driver. Same issue is described on this thread.

  1. Reloading a save on The Vector causes Diana to immediately give all the clues for the next target one after the other.

  2. Reloading a save on The Finish Line causes the race to finish one or two laps after the point at which you saved, even if the race normally takes much longer. Diana tells you the race is on the last lap then immediately tells you the race is over.

  3. You don’t get the option to push Robert Knox if you lure him to the ledge next to the satellite dish (e.g., with a coin) and Sierra’s car is about to go under him. Once the car passes or before the car goes under him, you can push him. (It may also be possible that I couldn’t push him because he was bending down to pick up the coin, but it seemed like I couldn’t push him even before he starting bending down, but only when Sierra’s car was coming down the track.)

Windows 10 x64


When the race ends in Miami, the fucking car sounds should end too. We shouldn’t have to listen to that shit forever.


I was trying to 100% the challenges for The Final Test and Discover Cuba (Reveal all undiscovered locations in Cuba) will not tick even though I’ve gone to every location.

The image is like that because I can only post one image. I’m sorry for how I set it up it was the best way I knew.
The platform I use is PC



i74790k, 32GB ram, EVGA 1080, SSD EVO PRO 256gb.

Hello Travis & IO,

I just want to add some really distracting animation bugs that are extremely immersion breaking.

  • When aiming in cover with a sniper rifle and reloading, unzooming, agent 47 does not hold the sniper rifle properly.

  • When reloading saves, footage on tv screens/projectors does not load. This was sorta fixed in the first mission, but then I was able to recreate it by reloading a save from the laptop starting point.

  • When reloading saves, all enemy soldiers with shotguns spawn as if they’re holding rifles, basically one of their hands is floating up higher than it should be. This is probably tied to same issue as the sniper rifle & Agent 47.

  • Certain locations in Mumbai, where you sit to blend in, the game misplaces the objects Agent 47 should hold incorrectly, basically they end up floating and not matching up with where 47’s hand is much like the sniper rifle & shotguns on enemy soldiers issue above.

Noticeable Clipping:

  • When sitting on benches in most maps, especially Miami, 47’s coat on every suit will just clip through the bottom of the benches.

  • The Blue Guard Costumes in Mumbai have terrible clipping when you are disguised in them and dragging a body.

  • The Politician Costume in Whittleton Creek has extremely bad clipping around the tie.

  • The Presenter/Guide on the steps at the start of Isle of Sgail has no cloth interaction with his right arm so its clipping pretty noticeably.

  • In Legacy Missions, when dragging a body crouched and picking up items, Agent 47 will stand up to pick up the item (like a t pose), then crouch back down.

  • Also, was the ability to subdue enemies behind cover removed from the game? Or is that a bug as well.

Otherwise, amazing levels, they really don’t make them like this anymore. If you could Travis, please see if IO can acknowledge that these fixes are in the pipeline for the December update. They’re really noticeable and take away from the experience.



Revert the driver at
You have to do it manually


If I recall correctly, you can generally push Robert down. However, when the opportunity arrises to push him on Sierra’s car, the push prompt disappears and instead you get an “eliminate”-prompt. I think both prompts ask for the same button input though.


Whittleton Creek is just a very buggy level in general. Especially on master mode. things i noticed

  1. the muffin man gets stuck in a loop when going to helen for more muffins

  2. the agent some times doesnt go to meet cassidy after poisoning him.

  3. the guard you’re supposed to talk to to start the whackamole is an enforcer for the gardener disguise in master mode. making it impossible

  4. cassidy doesnt stay for the party if you started serving food before he shows up.

  5. When putting something in the mailbox it attracts nearest person. when it should be the owner of the mailbox


yea same with the Delgados. I bumped into some lady out there and she started with this rusty spanish voice something unpleasant.


not an annoying bug but surprised me, it’s the first time ever this happens to me in both recent Hitman’s. Tried to recreate it again and I think maybe it’s the physics of the 3 coins that npc drops.


On PS4, if you reload a previous save and then restart the mission - the mission will restart with what you had in the planning screen when the save was made rather than restarting with your current planned load out.


Same Xbox one :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: