Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


PS4, Ark Society:

It seems that the challenge “Ghost from janus’ past” doesn’t unlock if you reload a save. I only got it when I played a straight run without any reload.


I’ve noticed a few graphical bugs in the game since I began playing. Shadow issues mostly, 47’s shadow has eyes??


I can read French, but speak English on here please.

Je comprends français, mais parler anglais ici sil vous plait


Why. I said please speak English. I know it’s more formal to say don’t speak French but anyway


Shadow draw distance is lacking when compared to the previous game in the level Showstopper.


I misunderstood :rofl:


It’s okay. I am not saying my French is like a native person, but I can do the basics


Shadows rendered in mirrors are very blocky and immersion breaking.


Discover Paris 38/39 discovery bug? I have double checked to make sure there is no location markers and have combed over the map to make sure I didn’t miss anything.PNG




In the “Another Life” mission, it is illegal for 47 to carry firearms (and presumably other illegal weapons) while wearing the “Janus’ Bodyguard” suit, even though that is a guard disguise and every other NPC wearing it is allowed to carry firearms.


Similar bug happens for me in Sapienza. Paris was fine for me.


Major problem : I can’t play hitman 2. I get error message as soon as i get to screen which it says click enter to continue / game crashes there and i get : “Hitman 2 has stopped working” error message. I was able to play until the last update was pushed in.

  1. Update / downgrade GPU driver

  2. Clean GPU driver installed

  3. tried clean boot

  4. tried verify integrity file

  5. uninstalled and installed hitman 2

  6. uninstalled and installed steam

  7. ran SFC scannow

this is very frustrating. Please help.

Operating System
** Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1**
** AMD FX-8120 **
** Zambezi 32nm Technology**
** 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 671MHz (9-9-9-24)**
** Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. GA-970A-D3 (Socket M2) **
** 8192MB ATI Radeon RX 580 Series (XFX Pine Group)**


Would you mind posting your map just so I could compare and see if there’s anything missing?


A Rare Scoop (mission story) leading into Photobomb (challenge) is broken. The mission story itself is technically completable, but the reporter simply puts the camera down and immediately walks away after the story is checked off. Viktor then walks to the end of the carpet, sees the reporter gone and leaves. The interview that A Rare Scoop is supposed to lead into never actually happens and he’s never close enough to the camera to complete photobomb.

Platform: PC

Here’s a video of 2 attempts at it:

First attempt I went through and got the explosive from the attic, second attempt I brought my own, the explosive doesn’t seem to have any relevance. First attempt I was wearing a bodyguard outfit, second attempt wearing a suit, disguise does not seem to be relevant.

The reporter simply never follows through with the interview, I tried a few other variations as well that I didn’t record.


All on PS4:
I found yet another bug. In “Another Life”, If you trespass in Janus’s house (I.E. doing suit only) everyone inside insta-detects you the second you enter their sight range. The detection meter doesn’t show up at all.

Also on Miami, following the story where you kill Robert Knox with the car engine, I was under the impression it could be done suit only because he asks for the other mechanic by name to get into the car. So I followed through with doing it suit-only, only to find Knox just gets into the car himself while that other mechanic just stands there like he was completely deaf and blind, apparently not seeing his boss clearly needs a mechanic. If it could be changed so that the other mechanic will get into the car if 47 is not present, that would make a lot more sense.
Also the prompt to get into the car still comes up even if you are in your suit. And Knox will talk to you like you are an employee even though it’s considered trespassing to get into the car. Everyone else attempts to arrest you while Knox is still yammering on about the car.


Again PS4:
47’s suit clips pretty badly when doing the “blending in with a tablet” animation. Also clips when hanging from a ledge.
There are a ton of clipping issues with a lot of disguises that I hope you guys will fix, as it really breaks the immersion. Especially the skin tone seams on certain disguises and the face clipping on the ninja outfit.
But, I mean, this is 47’s iconic suit. It seems kind of sad as it’s the main outfit and It never clipped this bad in 2016 version.


On PC:
In Hokkaido, 47’s nose clips through the ninja disguise
20181228012049_1 !


In the description for the casual tourist suit with gloves, the outfit is described as having a matching Trilby hat, but 47’s shiny head remains uncovered.20181228020034_1