Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


If you are on steam, a launcher should pop up and you can start it there. I don’t know about PS or XBox


the game is on steam pc and yes there is a launcher but after I click on play there is nothing


Maybe wait a minute or 2. Sometimes it does the same to me too


no even there is nothing happening


try revalidating your files. Click on properties (the bottom one if you right-click Hitman2) and then go to local files. Then it’s one above the bottom one to revalidate your files.


thanks anyway for helping me but I have already done and nothing


Well, then I don’t know. How about completely closing steam and then restarting it. Not just by clicking the top right corner, but with the “Steam” button,


hdr with pc is the problem for me, and probably many more users

The exclusive full screen and turning off hdr in win 10 made the game options think that the hdr was on…it was not. Turning it off and on made absolutely nothing.

The second “fix” that some users hinted that I should turn the hdr off in game options. Some random times the hdr actually is turned on. The problem is that the contrast was way too high, unplayable. And when the hdr is turned off, you cannot adjust the hdr slider. Sometimes the video signal “disappears” and there’s no other way than reset the whole pc.

Every other hdr-game works with my system.


In hitman 2 (PC version) , it is found that the discovery in the Sapienza map remains 46/47. I have checked that there is no undiscovered place shown on the map according to the icon/symbol. Please help to fix the bug.


20181228_180901 I play on a laptop. as you see, I mined the car, the bomb exploded, and the car still goes.


Explore Bangkok challenge in the legacy pack BANGKOK map, Won’t show the last missing spot on the map.
It is at 37/38 and there isn’t a mark showing the last spot.
I"m playing Hitman 2 On Steam.


I’m having the same exact issue on The Author & in Hokkaido for Patient Zero and it’s getting really old too.

Nearly perfect stealth, targets eliminated via accident kills/lethal poison syringes etc, not getting spotted or caught for trespassing and continue to lose the points for “never spotted” and trying to get IOI to address anything is like pulling teeth.


not to mention “vegation” should be vegetation.


A minor bug is the coloring of the black winter suit Agent47 compared to the other Agent47’s… seems more red in tone for his skin color. I’m using HDR display too…not sure if it matters. but 2080ti w/ PG27UQ monitor

minor issue, however bugged me when I saw it.


Yes, i’ve experienced this sometimes. It used to have a bug when screen overlays would “break” the game such as volume control adjusted from keyboard. the screen flashes and becomes crazy over contrasted imaging after this adjustment. Now it just flashes black for a second or two and comes back. But I’m still experiencing weird HDR issues where magenta’s are super crazy over bright. the main color in hitma should be more Red than magenta I believe. It bleeds over when the boxes in the menu are magenta. hard to explain. But the image I just uploaded shows to be washed out yet also magenta…not the red it used to be in hitman. I assume this is HDR glitch?
I should mention my screen is mostly red for the menu system, but sometimes looks more magenta. but when it’s normal I still find the bleeding of the color to be bad.


I love hitman, been a fan since the original H2, and while the latest two installments are the most complete and immersive, they also have such a high level of inconsistency. I just tried to finish Mumbai Sniper Assassin challenge in Master setting and never got spotted, yet I didn’t get the rating and have a big fat zero for being spotted. It tells me I was spotted, I never got any message of suspicion or a witness. I killed Shah in her backyard by snuffing out everyone around who can see the kill, which is about the same way I did it in silent assassin suit only, than on to Rangan, whom I kill nested in the tower of the hangout on the west end of the map (every on the compound knocked out, including the two guys on the roof), while Rangan is on the west side of the upper floors. No notice of a witness or anything, no sight buzzer, nobody even came down to the hangout to see. I kill Wazir from the same spot, after the meeting as he leaves and walks down the stairs, Again, no nothing, Just a ‘search’ warning and no one comes around. It’s incredibly annoying that despite managing to do every friggin map at silent assassin suit only in Master mode, yet have such inconsistency with the sniper rating. Same kind of thing happened in Colombia so what I ended-up doing was to kill Martinez and Franco standing right behind them at the very same spot I killed them in suit only. So basically, to avoid the bug, you simply rehash your suit only run, doing the same kills but instead, you shoot them standing right behind them, with the added advantage of using costumes, so just less challening and fun, Where’s the sniping fun in this??

Either do it right, or remove the challenges entirely.

But my biggest beef with Hitman, and that has been going on ever since Absolution, but has never been as worst as it is right now, is the friggin subdue prompt. PLEASE OH PLEASE seperate the grap and punch commands, There’s nothing more annoying then trying to do a master silent assassin suit only run, and punching someone instead of grabbing them even though you’re completely parallel to the NPC, And since we can only save once, have to redo the whole thing from scratch. That “one save” constraint dates as far back as Blood Money when the maps weren’t even a 10th of the size as they are today. Either bring more consistency to the present mechanics or change it.

Please more Sniper nest maps like Himmelstein. 10 years was too long.

Edit: I reloaded my save just before killing Rangan to test something, because of the height problem of NPC sensory, I realized there was this guy on street level who is right next to the tower. I snuffed him out, and redid everything else the same way, and now I got the rating. This height problem is incredibly frustrating. I send a coin just 12 feet from a NPC and he doesn’t hear it, but someone standing closer to me lateraly but who is 25 feet higher on another floor will hear it. And probably how that bystandard witnessed my crime, by standing close to me, 25 feet down. So incredibly stupid.


So, more weirdness but today I played through Three Headed Serpent and at the end it checked off the box for the challenge of completing The Revolutionary Elusive Target:

This was during a normal play of Columbia after the main mission Three Headed Serpent. So the game thinks I have credit for killing him? But I still have a fail on the elusive target and no suit rewarded for doing it ~ and the main menu still says I failed. But I never failed and I never died.


I agree, it needs to be fixed. With the game being so focused on the scoring it is completely unacceptable to have issues like that


Not a bug.

If you die after killing an Elusive Target, you still get to keep the challenge that instantly unlocked when you killed them. This is normal behaviour for the game if you complete a challenge, but don’t exit the location in the same run - it will always show up the next time you exit the same location.

This is a consequence of a change they made very early into HITMAN’s life back in 2016. Originally challenges required you to finish the mission to be saved, now they just save automatically - so there is no way for them to remove an ET challenge if you die after killing.

The challenge that unlocked for you there is only for killing the target, completing the contract is not a requirement. Whereas the other ET challenges are for completing the contract, which is why they didn’t pop.


The constant became immortal and omniscent after Lucas “escorted” him out.

Here the constant managed to see me behind a wall on a different playthrough and looping on conversations.