Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


I agree, it needs to be fixed. With the game being so focused on the scoring it is completely unacceptable to have issues like that


Not a bug.

If you die after killing an Elusive Target, you still get to keep the challenge that instantly unlocked when you killed them. This is normal behaviour for the game if you complete a challenge, but don’t exit the location in the same run - it will always show up the next time you exit the same location.

This is a consequence of a change they made very early into HITMAN’s life back in 2016. Originally challenges required you to finish the mission to be saved, now they just save automatically - so there is no way for them to remove an ET challenge if you die after killing.

The challenge that unlocked for you there is only for killing the target, completing the contract is not a requirement. Whereas the other ET challenges are for completing the contract, which is why they didn’t pop.


The constant became immortal and omniscent after Lucas “escorted” him out.

Here the constant managed to see me behind a wall on a different playthrough and looping on conversations.


Has anyone mentioned before the bug with the sniper scope? If you first scope in while being crouched in tall grass, the damn vision is blurred in scope mode. Only way to get out of it is to save and reload or avoid scoping in the first time while being crouched in tall grass, Scope in while standing or outside the grass and then you can do it from the grass while crouched.

  1. I did not die

  2. I did not exit the mission

  3. Nothing on my screen while in the mission indicated the target was dead

So yes, this is a bug

I was alive, the target was alive and I hit replan/restart from pause menu as I’d been allowed to do any number of times during this and other elusive targets

Replan failed the mission ~ that’s a bug

That it gave me credit for killing him later is just stupid

If he had been dead while I was playing the elusive target: restart and replan should have been grey and not usable ~ that’s the normal function ~ once you kill the target the game does not let you restart/replan

Had that happened I would have simply left the mission from a normal exit and had a completion

You talk as if I was dead or exited to the menu after killing the target, neither of those things is what happened


I have the same issue but with Paris on the legacy pack, I’ve seen other people report it for other maps so I haven’t found any consistency with it yet.


As of the latest patch, 47 can’t load individual shells into pump-action shotguns (per reload button press while aiming) anymore.


The volume control overlay made exactly same things for me. I can see in the options menu whether it’s a hdr or not when I look the red parts: when the hdr works it should be really red, not faded (I think). I don’t know about the magenta color whether it’s a contrast setting or digital vibrance like in the nvidia control panel color setting? Neither is adjustable when in game. The game should really have some kind of override for windows and graphic driver settings so it would work every time you put hdr on. And the hdr availability option should be from the drivers or something, not from the display mode at the time.


It’s zaydan all over again. Smh.


I’m still experiences glitches with the Wet Bandit challenge, as it won’t unlock. Anyone else experiencing this?


Muriel The Mortician randomly died while I was busy stealing the necklace


The constant doesn’t move so cannot kill the target with the knife.


Cool, though. Like Mike Myers or Terminator. Very common with Eagle Vision.


I’ve completed the Elephants Never Forget challenge in Bangkok. I got the bleeding eyes, the challenge notification, the whole bit. The achievement hasn’t unlocked. I’ve completed the mission, replayed, done a cold boot, walked through the challenge steps again, etc. etc. XBox1.


As shown in the images, the remote versions of the Concussion Device, Taser, and Micro Explosive are all represented by the image for the ICA Remote Explosive. This makes it difficult to scan the images in my inventory to pick the correct item. I assume they should resemble their proximity versions but with an antenna attached.


Sunglasses do not appear tinted in mirrors.


Security disguise in Showstopper has missing textures on the interior of the hat.



Mirrors appear as black, a rare graphical bug.


I play the Nightcall mission of Hitman 2 on xbox one S. When I launch the mission there are no undiscovered areas marked on my map, even in the legend of the map. I guess, the first undiscovered area (the boat house) is not shown, so other areas are not triggered.

When I open the map all the names of areas are shown, which means, that they have been explored, I guess, but the progress of the challenge is still 0/6.


Me too and it’s majorly annoying
Making the game annoying to play