Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


When viewing your inventory from the main menu, the Broadsword, Fish, and Mace appear under gadgets (as seen in the picture below). Instead, they should be organized alongside the other melee unlocks under weapons.


In my case, it turned out that if you play Hitman 2 from multiple accounts, than the progress of “discovery” challenges is shared. For example, the names of all the areas explored from one account are also shown for the second one, and there is no undiscovered areas marker on the map for both accounts, even if the mission wasn’t eve started from the second account.


Are any of the other challenges shared or is it only the discovery ones?


I don’t have pictures or videos related to this but when dragging a body, 47’s hands will spaz out when he’s on the stairs in Marrakesh’s consulate tunnel.


I have a very annoying issue where whenever I’m outside, the textures all look very grainy and horrible.

I’m running this game through Steam on Windows 10, GeForce GTX 1070 and an Intel Core I7 - 7700

However, when I’m indoors I do not have this issue at all. The game runs very smoothly and looks amazing. It’s only when I’m outside that it starts to look like this. Any help would be much appreciated.


That’s a bug with the nvidia driver you are currently on. Please update your video card drivers to fix this issue.


Updated my drivers and it’s fixed! I feel so stupid for not thinking of that before submitting a report. Thanks.


Another ‘improvement’…


PS4. Some weird thing happened the other day in Legacy Sapienza.

47’s exit boat was not in the port. This issue is also present in The Author, the boat model sometimes fails to show up but its shadow is still there, and you can still use it as an exit as normal.

That’s not the only thing, the ropes that tie the boat to the dock also seem to stretch into the beach area.

It looks like someone buried the boat under the sand. Maybe it’s the Yardbirds entering into a secret agreement again? Whatever the reason is, it stands to be fixed.


Lmao I remember this bug happening in Hitman 2016 as well. Seems it’s not top priority for them to fix.


not all the time but often game is stucking when i load a save its really annoying am i the only one who’s getting this ?


I agree. I have to actively look and sometimes press F before I see what it is.


Had the same in H1, but they never thought of fixing it. It becomes very annoying after some time. It will i.e. go to the church or something and you can push someone off because the boat


I bought hitman 2 on steam yesterday, im trying to play the game but it still crashing over and over. i have done almost everything. i unistall and reinstall the game 3 times, i reinstall drivers i open as admin i had erase almost every game from my pc, i had turn off windows defender, turn off steam overlay, and the game still crashing in 5 minutes of gameplay. this is the only game with this problem. i have been playing others game normaly…



GPU 1080 ti Nvidia
CPU I7 8700k Intel/ Cooler H55 Corsair Water Cooler
RAM 16gb Gskill
PSU 750 Watts EVGA supernova 80 plus gold
MotherBoard Auros Gygabite


image Can’t pick these shit up!


OG status.

What, did they run out of WinXP at the store? :joy:

Hope you get your bug fixed


Always forget to report this.
Sometimes for some reason the aiming camera is ‘watching’ the weird way…

Usually it happens after respawning or just at the beginning of the match.
When it happens at the start, it fixes to normal, when respawned.

Normal view:


When Rico looks into the mirror, his reflection of his sunglasses are no longer dark.


Is this a bug? In the Steam achievements, you have to complete 10 contracts in order to get that achievement. See below: I have completed in total more than 10 contracts but only 7 featured. Does this achievement only count featured contracts?



Had an odd bug happen today on the legacy Hokkaido level on PS4. I was on the 2nd level of the hospital, outside the stem cell control room, when the “Makeover” opportunity popped up as completed, even though I’d not done anything regarding that opportunity (I’d previously done a couple of other opps, and was at that point doing a suit only run to kill Soders). I can confirm that I haven’t done anything to Jason Portman in the legacy version of this level. I have checked since finshing the run, and the opportunity is still showing as completed :confused: