Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Being in dark areas while a PIP is displaying a light area causes the dark area to get even more dark.

Noticed in Whittleton Creek, in some basement while a body was found above ground.



On PC, the measuring tape is tagged as fiber wire, but the piano man challenge did not pop when I assassinated a target with it during the mission A House Built on Sand.

Is this suppose to happen with the measuring tape being a fiber wire reskin, or will the challenge only pop if you use exactly the fiber wire?


Very specific crash to desktop during The Finish Line

Everytime I try to poison Robert Knox at the coconut ball stand with lethal poison the game instantly crashes the moment he is going into the dying animation. I’ve had it happen 3 times already at the very same moment and during almost 70h of gameplay I haven’t had a single crash before. Anyone has experienced this or anything similar?



Need help, i was doing the mission stories for Santa Fortuna. In completing all of them you should get a Trophy heads will roll.
That did not happen for me… is there anyone that has occurred this problem ? My progress shows ive completed all of them and also got the stats for them too. So i cannot get anymore points towards mastery 20. However i do not know if the server recognizes that i completed all the missions…


Xbox, Legacy Pack: Marrakesh

NPCs tend to completely ignore and not investigate when overfilling the bathroom sink in the cafe.


as nurse in Whittleton Creek, guards on second floor are suspicious of you even though you are escorting the patient (Janus).


Potential fix:
The game will still mark the Mission Story as complete if you finished it while you weren’t tracking it and issue the relevant challenges - but they will not count towards the trophy. To get the trophy, you must complete them whilst tracking it.

Are you 100% sure you completed all Stories while tracking? If not, repeat them all and it should come up once you’ve completed the one you “missed”.


That is not a bug, thats how its supposed to be.
Gunther (Janus bodyguard) will lock you in the storage room while he does a security check on 47, in the mean time all guards in the house will become enforcers. Since 47 isnt an actual nurse and Diana cant provide a legit id for 47 in that short time, you will have to find a way out of the storage room and find a way to get back to Janus while avoiding the guards. This can easily be done by climbing on the roof and entering the bathroom window to get back to Janus room.
Janus is not an enforcer so he wont get suspicious of you. Only the guards get suspicious if they see you


Thanks for the help. What was the problem was during the process of completing the last mission story. The net died and i guess the completion never made it to the servers but even though i completed the mission to the stats it still showed as complete for all 7. So i unplugged and replugged back the External since H2 is on there and hoped for the best and redid all the 7 story missions and it came through. Having it upload to the severs and then at the end providing the trophy is a huge problem with people who suffer with crappy net. Wished at times they had to separate ways to complete the game for some who may want to play offline and still get trophies.


Trying to complete the Poison IV assassination challenge on the legacy Marrakesh map and the waiter never comes over to grab the poisoned food plate to take to General Reza Zaydan. I have waited up to 20 minutes to see if it would happen but the waiter never appears. Have tried both casual and professional difficulties.

On the PS4.


I’m assuming you woke him up from the chair he’s sleeping in, near the default starting location? Never heard of him going off route before.


It appears that some targets’ personal bodyguards (not the other guards, just the ones that follow the target around) are capable of tracking their bodies through walls and other obstacles if you kill the target. In essence, once I have killed my target, the target’s personal bodyguard will move to the location of the corpse, even when I drag the body away from where they’re going to. They don’t immediately find the body, but will track it relentlessly until I hide the body in bushes or containers. I don’t know for sure if this is a bug, but if it isn’t, then this is an awful feature that ruins both immersion and gameplay for no reason, and it is also never explained anywhere that the guards have new tracking capabilities. I experienced this on both the Xbox One and Steam versions of the game, on the Miami map with both targets, as well as the Whittleton Creek map with both targets. I have not tested this phenomenon on other maps.

I don’t happen to have a recording at the moment, but I may edit my post in the future to add an example.

TL;DR: Bodyguards can track target’s bodies through walls now, and it’s either a bug or a terrible feature.


I am getting crashes to desktop since I installed my 2080ti. I get no error messages and it worked perfectly before with my RX 480.

Is there an error log I can find somewhere?


Hitman 2 DLC - Showstopper, Paris.
Photobomb Challenge Bug

Photobomb challenge bug (at 8:53)

During this challenge, the interviewer drops the camera near the fountain at the entrance and walks away instead of waiting for Novikov, the target. The interview never begins and I cannot complete this challenge. I have seen some threads and this is happening to a lot of players who are playing this mission from Hitman 2.
Similar post has been created but I am creating this to let you know this is happening to a lot of us.


I’m having trouble completing the Photobomb challenge in the Paris Showstopper Legacy Pack location. I do everything perfectly, plant the explosive in the camera, give the reporter the camera lens and follow her to the interview spot outside. However instead of waiting by the camera for Viktor to arrive she just puts it down and walks away! I’m playing on PS4. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game data and even going as far as deleting my profile data and playing offline to see if anything would work but she still walks away!

Is anyone else having this particular problem?


Photobomb challenge is currently bugged as Lana Caprice, the news reporter is supposed to wait for Viktor instead of going away.

You are not the only one with the issue. The devs are most likely notified of this already and it will probably be fixed with the next patch.


And if you stand up immediately after you pick the lock while ducking. The same thing would happen.


Strange red flashes appear on cameras when they appear on screen, found on the level Showstopper, is this a bug or intentional? I play with all assistances off, no instinct and minimal hud, if this camera red flash is intentional, is there any way to turn it off? It’s really immersion breaking to see every camera flash red when looked at.


I think this is a bug…I need this guy. He walked through a wall then over a wall then just straight up air walked.


This has got to be a bug, upon getting spotted by the PMC guys guarding the Ether Lab in Sapienza, they decided to escort me out of the mansion, despite me wearing a hazmat suit!! Surely they should take you back into the lab?? Why would they think me a stranger when I am obviously disguised as a scientist in a secret lab, and wouldn’t they wish to keep the lab a secret?? I think the hazmat disguise needs a bit of a tweak!