Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread


Same here. Hmm… :thinking:



Im in Québec Canada.



Then you should definitely able to download the Prologue in your region.
Could you try to login here and “add it to the basket” thrn purschase (free), go your ps4 and in ps store download it from the basket or after you add it to the basket, check in “library” > “purschased” if there is Hitman 2 Prologue ready to be installed

Same thing for you @wunderfulwhizbang
Go to your region of, login, search for Hitman 2 Prologue, “add to basket” and purschase (free) then check your ps4 in ps store or the library



Yep that worked currently downloading thanks for the info!



Nice . Glad to know it worked.

Hopefully now all the Legacy locations dlcs downloads without any issues. It should work from Hitman 2016 in-game store

On PS4 (Digital)

  • Be sure you have the H1 ‘base game’ installed and downloaded the latest game update for H1, released on November 8th.
  • Launch H1 and follow the prompts in the H1 in-game store to redeem and download your Legacy Pack.
  • Once the Legacy Pack has installed, it will be playable within HITMAN 2 only

Also so you know, the prologue will only allow you to play Legacy locations and the tutorial mission from Hitman2016 and H2, so if you’re eventually gonna buy a itman 2 edition then don’t forget to uninstall the Prologue so you will be able to have the Legacy locations in the Hitman 2 edition you have purschased then.

Good luck and enjoy

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Decided to also point out the recent issues with water pond in the Hokkaido level which appear on Nvidia’s newest drivers. Also wore the Yukata to further show the weirdly low quality issue with the logo on it.



My problem : I have recurring BSOD problems. Sometimes I can play for 3-4 hours straight without a hitch, and sometimes I’m in a loop of launch/10min/BSOD/relaunch/10min/BSOD/etc.

This does not happen in other software, only Hitman 2.

I get various stop codes, here are a few I’ve written down (there are more, but I didn’t note them the first 8-10 times)

  • kmode_exception_not_handled_in_menu
  • system_server_exception_win32kbase.sys
  • IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL – mmcss.sys
  • attempted_write_to_read_only_memory
  • page_fault_in_nonpaged_area
  • kernel_security_check_failure
  • apc_index_mismatch
  • It also crashed to desktop once while I had just launched the game… and hadn’t left the menu yet.

Steps taken so far, to no avail:

  1. Disabled overclocking.
  2. Ran MemTest86 to check my memory. Passed with flying colors.
  3. Upgraded to the latest Nvidia drivers.
  4. Uninstalled Nvidia drivers and reinstalled them.
  5. Checked my DirextX install. Was up to date.
  6. Checked integrity of game files in Steam. Was fine.

My system :
GTX 1070
Win 10 running Steam

What could be the cause of this, and how would I go about fixing it?



Just wanted to tune in and say that I have been playing the game everytime a new patch or graphic driver is released. On the latest verison of the game my SLI setup was still having performance problems when compared to Hitman 2016 however, the latest Nvidia driver fixed it! I’m using:
I7 7700K CPU
2X 1080TI SLI
32GB 2666Mhz DDR 4
Windows 10 with an M.2 drive from Samsung.
HDR and SLI are now working fantastic on my system. Both cards hit 100% utilization and my FPS stay above 60 at all times at 4K resolution. Before, they would stay around 75% and my FPS would drop into the 40’s in spots on all levels but now the entire game runs flawless. If you own SLI, update your GPU drivers.



So I’ve run around all of the original maps to see how everything performs and I did find two spots where SLI scaling appears to drop and FPS tank a little. If you stand on the top of the main mansion in Sapienza or if you stand in the center of the most crowded area in Marrakesh where all of the venders are. These are the only two areas that are not optimized to Hitman 2016 levels of performance. GPU utilization is around 85% when everything is working well and then it drops down to 60% when FPS drop below 60FPS.

The latest drivers from Nvidia really show a large improvement on my system but they could still use a little more polish. I also noticed some strange blocks that appear in the water like previous posters have mentioned. It doesn’t seem to appear in all locations. Paris and Sapienza seemed ok but I’ve noticed it in pools and fountains in Bangkok, Japan and Marrakesh. Hitman 2018 is very close to the level of polish Hitman 2016 had but could still use some finishing touches. Hopefully Nvidia and IOI can polish this off to completion.



There is an issue with the challenge Photobomb on the Paris map in the playthrough of Hitman 1’s campaign through Hitman 2. No matter how you complete the glitch (through either the ICA Remote Explosive you unlock at Mastery 20 or the Remote Explosive found in the attic at the command center. I was looking at comments on several videos and it would seem that about a month ago this was an issue too. I’m unsure if it was sorted then but I figured either staff or someone else could maybe help me or resolve this issue outright. I should also add that this is on Hitman 2 for the Xbox One. I don’t have Hitman 2 for PS4 or PC so I can’t attest to issues on those platforms. To add on again, there is also a glitch with the discovery challenge, even walking to every location in Paris (post-unlocked) doesn’t help.



My problem is easy to explain, I could play just fine yesterday after loading hitman 2 but now I tried and it doesnt let me connect to the servers saying my account couldnt authorize for a connection with the hitman 2 servers

The plattform im playing on is Ps4





If its jist maintenance then fine but honestly then they should put it when trying to connect to the server that there is one cause not everyone wants to make a twitter account just because your forced to,only to see if there is a maintenance when the game tells you autorization failed.
Also would prevent posts like this case just a heads up for then

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I have the same exact issue. I am with GeForce 960M. I found that if I uninstall the video card driver the game starts successfully with the integrated graphics (and runs awfully of course) but no matter what Nvidia driver I install it does not start!



I feel it’s a technical issue, but also doesn’t impact gameplay, just statistics.
I don’t like that the ghost mode challenges are part of the location challenges and count towards the overall percentage. So I’ve done all the challenges in miami, but my stats don’t/won’t say 100% because of ghost mode. And if you’re planning on putting ghost mode on more maps, it makes more sense to separate those challenges from the locations. Exactly like how it was done with the patient zero levels, same locations but separate challenge stats.
I like the idea of ghost mode but don’t intend to play it, and would rather my progress not be ruined because of it. I don’t mind, for eg, having miami at 100% but miami ghost mode at 0%.



Just bought the game today for pc. First 3+ hours were great, then I started getting constant disconnects. Now, for the past few hours, I’ve spent longer reconnecting than I have been playing the game.

My internet is great, 150mb/s down and 20mb/s up, so that isn’t the issue.

Really disappointing this is even still in the game but of course it didn’t break for the first few hours. I just want to play the game I bought. I bet pirates don’t have to deal with this bs.



hi hitman team,

with update 2.14, hitman2 got a nice update:
“sniper is now a viable and fun option” to say it in a short way

anyways, i am really hyped to play the game but the performance …

i went to the bonus mission “Marrakesh - A House Built on Sand”
(rooftop sniper-47 in mind)
mission starts i want to follow the dude, he goes in crowd to the cafe and the framerate went crazy and killed all(!!!) my immersion to a point i had to turn off and make a small topic about it.

why? because i love the game and i still cant play it as i could with hitman 2016 (hitman 2 release 13.11.2018)

my issue with the game, poor performance (optimization) + no dx12 support to help 4 core CPUs, as hitman 2016 did well to me
my pc setup: win10 64, ssd, intel i74790k, geforce 1070 - all drivers up to date

(watch the top left to get my message - rivatuner fps tool)
default settings 1080p, fullscreen, v-sync on

all low settings: (~43fps)
mid/high settings: (~37fps)
all max settings: (~34fps)
(can only upload one picture so i had to made it to one instead of 3)

of course not all maps run that bad, most of the time its actually 60fps but there are many spots killing my fun with this game

sidenote: i recently play/ed resident evil 2 and wolfenstein 2 both on high settings 60fps v-sync all very smooth. (mass of people? dead rising 4 run really good too) my PC is not super trash …

ps: i bought the gold edition and i still dont(!) regret it because i see the potential, i am just not rich enough to buy a super PC, guess i will have to wait little longer till hitman 2 is in my playlist rotation ^^

extra note while i am here:
i just punched (pressing Y in the moment you get attacked) a guard in a way he fall of the rooftop (the building besides the cafe). i was like “looool” never seen this (ragdoll was really funny) and than the guy stands up like nothing - immersion got killed 2 times today -.-
(if you kick someone (press A behind a person) he dies but this situation tricked the game …)

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Bug in the starting point “Train” after the update



Glitch/Bug: Unlocking the door to the painter(Mumbai rangan skyscraper) while taking cover over the nearby platform causes a CTD on ps4

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BUG: I have noticed it on Sapienza map. It may be the case for all other maps… did you entountered this in your game?

Visited location counter just reset, but all locations are still visible on the map.

So discover sapienza challange is bugged for me as well