Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread


Hi, I’m playing the Legacy Pack on PS4. I completed the Marrakesh mission and I unlocked all unlockables EXCEPT for the fighting knife. Have I done something wrong? I thought the fighting knife was unlocked at Mastery Level 5, so it should have been the first unlock. Is this a bug?


I completed an Elusive Target and was able to unlock the challenges associated with that. I then completed SASO on Professional difficulty in Whittleton and still was not able to unlock that challenge. I don’t know what else to do. It would appear that map is still bugged for me.


It looks like you’re only missing Sniper Assassin for Professional & Master difficulty. If you complete Sniper Assassin on Master difficulty then you’ll have all The Classics challenges for Whittleton Creek completed

To get The Classics in Whittleton Creek completed you need to complete Silent Assassin, Silent Assassin Suit Only, Sniper Assassin, Suit Only & No Evidence for all 3 difficulties

When you get Sniper Assassin done for Master & Professional, then you’d have completed all Whittleton Creek Classics challenges and completed 5/6 for The Classics 2


The combat knife unlocks when you reach mastery level 7 in Sapienza.

You can see what each mastery level rewards you for all locations; from main menu, scroll to Career tab then select Mastery.
You can also find what each of the 20 mastery levels rewards you when you’re in a location from the Destination tab


Thank you very much!


Oh boy… if that’s what’s going on here, I feel quite stupid. :slight_smile:
I’ll give this a shot next time I’m able to play. Thanks!


I’m unable to connect to Hitman 2 servers. I’m on Xbox. Never had this issue. I’m able to connect to all my other games with no problem


hello !
i play on steam with hitman 2 with all DLC.
In ICA FINAL TEST, the exploit “new crew member” is bugged.
I pick the disguise in the room but nothing happens.
I try multiple times and nothing happens.
it’s very frustating : it’s the last exploit of the level i don’t have…
thanks by advance !


Got the free game on PS4 plus. Im trying to play the legacy version, however I have no way to start hitman 2 as the prologue seem to not exist on ps4…
Is there any way to download hitman 2 if you dont but it?


Hitman 2 Prologue should be there in the ps store I’m sure about it. If searching for it doesn’t find it then go to demos/free games when you scroll the vertical list in the ps store.

You can also select Legacy in the in-game store tab in Hitman, see if it takes you to download the Legacy dlcs but have Prologue installed first

Download Hitman 2 Prologue then follow these instructions.

On PS4 (Digital)

  • Be sure you have the H1 ‘base game’ installed and downloaded the latest game update for H1, released on November 8th.
  • Launch H1 and follow the prompts in the H1 in-game store to redeem and download your Legacy Pack.
  • Once the Legacy Pack has installed, it will be playable within HITMAN 2 only


Thanks for the reply.
However while on ps4 thé game cannot be in search and hitman 2 offer no demos at least for me.
Not luck getting a prompt in game either


So you are saying that there’s no way you can find Prologue? Not even in the free games/demos list?

What region of the world is your ps store set in ?

I’m nor sure but it’s possible that it’s not available for your region…some from Asia have had trouble to download the summer bonus episode from Hitman

If you still can’t find it then add me on ps4 ibbzz040 and I can screenshot other places you can maybe find the prologue from.
If that doesn’t work then unfortunately the Prologue isn’t available for your region

Update me if there’s anything


Same here. Hmm… :thinking:


Im in Québec Canada.


Then you should definitely able to download the Prologue in your region.
Could you try to login here and “add it to the basket” thrn purschase (free), go your ps4 and in ps store download it from the basket or after you add it to the basket, check in “library” > “purschased” if there is Hitman 2 Prologue ready to be installed

Same thing for you @wunderfulwhizbang
Go to your region of, login, search for Hitman 2 Prologue, “add to basket” and purschase (free) then check your ps4 in ps store or the library


Yep that worked currently downloading thanks for the info!


Nice . Glad to know it worked.

Hopefully now all the Legacy locations dlcs downloads without any issues. It should work from Hitman 2016 in-game store

On PS4 (Digital)

  • Be sure you have the H1 ‘base game’ installed and downloaded the latest game update for H1, released on November 8th.
  • Launch H1 and follow the prompts in the H1 in-game store to redeem and download your Legacy Pack.
  • Once the Legacy Pack has installed, it will be playable within HITMAN 2 only

Also so you know, the prologue will only allow you to play Legacy locations and the tutorial mission from Hitman2016 and H2, so if you’re eventually gonna buy a itman 2 edition then don’t forget to uninstall the Prologue so you will be able to have the Legacy locations in the Hitman 2 edition you have purschased then.

Good luck and enjoy


Decided to also point out the recent issues with water pond in the Hokkaido level which appear on Nvidia’s newest drivers. Also wore the Yukata to further show the weirdly low quality issue with the logo on it.


My problem : I have recurring BSOD problems. Sometimes I can play for 3-4 hours straight without a hitch, and sometimes I’m in a loop of launch/10min/BSOD/relaunch/10min/BSOD/etc.

This does not happen in other software, only Hitman 2.

I get various stop codes, here are a few I’ve written down (there are more, but I didn’t note them the first 8-10 times)

  • kmode_exception_not_handled_in_menu
  • system_server_exception_win32kbase.sys
  • IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL – mmcss.sys
  • attempted_write_to_read_only_memory
  • page_fault_in_nonpaged_area
  • kernel_security_check_failure
  • apc_index_mismatch
  • It also crashed to desktop once while I had just launched the game… and hadn’t left the menu yet.

Steps taken so far, to no avail:

  1. Disabled overclocking.
  2. Ran MemTest86 to check my memory. Passed with flying colors.
  3. Upgraded to the latest Nvidia drivers.
  4. Uninstalled Nvidia drivers and reinstalled them.
  5. Checked my DirextX install. Was up to date.
  6. Checked integrity of game files in Steam. Was fine.

My system :
GTX 1070
Win 10 running Steam

What could be the cause of this, and how would I go about fixing it?


It’s probably a driver issue. Check the System Log in Event Viewer.