Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread


I’d wager the issue affecting Phenom II’s also effects the Athlons. Should be fixed for you by the weekend, hopefully.


Didn’t notice that topic. Nice to see then, I hope It will fix the issue.


Can I get more specified information what causes the crash in this case btw? Or I just should mention him in the message where I gave system specs? Sorry I just new here.


Here you go. Hitman 2 content is crashing on Phenom 2 CPUs


Yep, I saw that on some website when I was trying to find the reason, there also were some kind of the solution in the steam, but it was connected with cmd, I absolutely arrogant at that, so I didn’t make it. I guess It couldn’t’ve fix the problem anyway.


I have been unable to connect to hitman2 servers for 2 days…I want my money back asap!!!


I am on Xbox One. I cannot connect to the Hitman Service, I get this message every time. My internenet connection isn’t the problem, because I have already done the first couple missions, and actually played Ghost Mode, using the same internet connection.


Unable to connect to hitman 2 servers for over 2 days!!!



The same problem. Have you found the solution?


Hello everyone. I can’t speak English very well. But I will try to explain it as best as I can.I’am Playing on PC.

I bought the Hitman 2 Gold edition package through STEAM, the game’s “training” modes are running, it works in “assasin sniper” mode, but when I enter the campaing mode, hitman 2 and “nightcall” are allowed to log in, but after the chapter is being loaded, the game gives an error.
‘has stopped working’

Problematic Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: hitman2.exe Application Version: Application Time Stamp: 5be4326f Error Module Name: hitman2.exe Error Module Version: Error Module Time Stamp: 5be4326f Custom Status Code: c000001d Exception Condition : 000000000feeaff OS Version: 6.1.7601. Local ID: 1055 Additional Information 1: 2 2ee0 Additional Information: Additional Information 2ee08ef9fe8ad9e5165fe5a7af4fa11 3: 3530 Additional Information 4: 353084106107c4da5fe49e0cc18d0407
I get this error.
I wiped out my Game 2 times I reinstall steam. Nothing happened.
Please help me.
I thought it was due to my system features, but I could play training modes or something even with the highest features. I’il tell you anyway.

System features.
amd phenom ii x6 1075t 3 ghz

amd radeon r7 200
System RAM memory 8 GB

And so on.

Thank you from now.


You’ll be able to play this weekend, just wait for the patch. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen a few mentions of issues here that seem similar to mine, but I wanted to chime in in case it’s diagnostically relevant. I’m playing on PC with:
i9 7900x
2 x GTX 1080ti
64gb RAM

I’m seeing lots of performance issues leading to low FPS, but with very low resource utilization. So far, it seems directly tied to the shadow quality setting, as the game becomes unplayably slow if I set it to anything other than the lowest setting. This happens regardless of if I’m running at 4k or 1080p, and improves very slightly if I run on a single card instead of SLI.

None of the other graphical settings seem to affect performance in a significant way for me. Also, the first place this happens at a noticable level is when I walk up to the beach house in the prologue and continues to varying degrees throughout that area.


Anyone claiming a fix for this issue on the Steam discussions is conflating their issue, and this one. Can’t download instruction sets for your CPU which it doesn’t already support. Wait for tomorrow’s patch, it should be fixed for you, and we with Phenom 2’s, then.


@Travis_IOI Achievements are bugged on Steam. If you max a location from S1 with xp from bonus missions (either patient zero campaign/bonus episodes in both sapienza and marrakesh) mastery achievements don’t unlock


Working fine now. Thanks, appreciate that


This isn’t exclusive to just one console. I’ve got this everytime I play on Xbox as well. I hope these all get fixed soon…


Game was working perfectly before I downloaded the hotfix this morning. I started my first mission in Mumbai and now I crash to desktop every few minutes. I lowered all settings to minimum, closed all running applications like I always have, changed between exclusive full screen, fullscreen, and windowed, and so far nothing has made the game more stable. Since this was the first time I had played in Mumbai I figured maybe it had something to do with the map. So I went into Miami and I couldn’t even get 10 seconds into the introductory cutscene before crashing to desktop. It seems this hotfix rendered the game basically unplayable to me.

The game crashes if I am in a cutscene, if I am in a small corridor with only a few NPCs, or out in the open with large crowds. These didn’t happen yesterday and now it’s impossible for me to make any progress.


Game is unplayable as it crashes about 2/3 of the time when loading a level, causing my entire PC to freeze

It is not a consistent level that does this, but I haven’t been able to get Columbia to load at all. The game plays the intro, then begins loading before crashing to my desktop. If I try to re-open the game, Steam says the game is still running. If I open task manager, the list freezes and I cannot see hitman 2 running anywhere. Then if I try to close Task Manager or Log Out/Shut Down my PC, all of Windows freezes and I have to force my PC to restart. This behavior ONLY occurs after loading a Hitman 2 level, and I am not experiencing freezing or hanging with any other game or application. I’ve re-downloaded the game twice, and verified the file integrity. I’ve ensured all of my drivers are up to date.

Here are my PC specs:

Intel Core i9-7900X
2 GTX 1080TI running in SLI (Driver version 416.94)
Windows 10


Contacted xbox and they managed to sort the problem, many thanks for looking in to it anyway