Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread


My problem is just happened right now! The game can’t go online and pops ‘connection failed’ all the time (sometimes it even shows different reason!) My wi-fi signal is definitely stable tho. Can you tell me what’s going on? How can I fix it??
*Playing on PS4



thank you sooo much!




Let me explain quickly

I was playing the prologue ONLINE and now, right after the patch and the servers maintenance I can’t play it anymore in online mode. Why ???


Help me please I want to play it so bad

  • same like you guys, mine is Santa Fortuna, while doing John Wick method ,
    When I trigger my Striker to guards It happens instantly… still have this problem
    (I tried to roam around Miami & Mumbai for one hour, It didn’t happen)
  • Not yet try with USA & Island, Not sure will it happen…
  • Fix this please IO


Maybe this had been brought up before but here goes:
I get significantly low CPU and GPU usage during gameplay, in areas that are highly taxing to the system (Crowds, open spaces):

Example of more utilized system power:

This could be because of RAM, as I only have 8 GBs, however the last image shows only around 6,5 in use.

My System:

  • GTX 1070
  • Intel i7 4790
  • Installed on Sandisk Ultra II 500 GB SSD
  • 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz
  • NVIDIA-Driver: 416.94 [13. Nov. 2018]


HI there,

I played the contracts on Hitman 2, for more than a full day; however, now when I want to access it, I get an error that says the requested menu cannot be loaded and that I should go back to the main menu.

Any ideas to solve this issue?

Thank you


There were strong stuttering after updating the game. also the use of GPU utilization is still very low. Help aim broke after patch. I really hope that you fix this, as well as add DirectX 12. GTX 1070, i7-4790K, 16 GB RAM




Hi! I’ve just bought the game for PC and can’t seem to play in “online” mode.

Going online in the main menu works well, but as soon as I try to play a mission I get an error saying “unable to load requested menu”. This gives me the option to “retry” (which doesn’t achieve anything) or return to menu. Once I’ve returned to the main menu I find myself in offline mode.

I’m able to bypass this by launching the mission in offline mode, but that’s obviously robbing me of a large part of what I’ve paid for. I’ve tried restarting both the game and my computer, to no avail. There seems to be no issues with my internet otherwise.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for the indication :grin:


Not an entirely a bad thing that’s happened just now but I felt it should be reported anyway.

I just hopped on my XBox1 and was told that Hitman 2 needed to update when I ran it.
Accepted it, installed it, then bam all the dlc was uninstalled.
30 or so minutes later, I can now install the H2 missions, but not the Legacy missions for the first game.

Also, I’ve noticed that the Executive pack only seems to show the ICA Executive Briefcase (presumably the italian leather briefcase?), I can’t see a gun called the BlackBaller anywhere in mission prep’. If they were just place-holder names, maybe they need changing?


UPDATE: I looked up the Gold Edition on the XBox Market place and found the Legacy Pack, 100% off, chose “Get” and it added all the missing Legacy dlc to my download queue as far as I can tell.


I already send an email to the support email adress explaining this problem:
I experienced a situation where, when i tried to restart the first elusive target on PC, the game just kept on loading for over 10 minutes. I experienced this behaviour in the past when reloading savestates in crowded areas. I can only imagine that this has to do with my computer’s performance, even though i play on low graphics.

I would be extremely glad if you would be able to reactivate the elusive target for me so i can try to kill him again (without restarting then :wink: ) I already browsed the Hitman Subreddit and found out that this problem occured to several players.

Thanks so much in advance



I was playing the new Elusive Target (on PS4) this morning and I may have run into a bug perhaps. I was disguised as the head scientist in the lab room with the pen and the bomb, I had retrieved the detonator in the locked cabinet and when the Target walked to the bomb, I distanced myself past the table in the middle and I was next to the exit further away from the bomb, about 20-25 feet away in-game, and when I triggered the bomb, it killed the target, but not the bodyguard next to him, but somehow killed me to even though I was further away from the target than his bodyguard. The mission failed me of course and is now locked. I’m wondering if I can get a second chance (Reactivate) at the mission since it seemed to be a bug of some sort since the explosion from the bomb affected me even though I was further away from the bomb than the bodyguard and he didn’t die.

Please consider, thank you.


Hello Travis,

I have a bug with a challenge in the Final Test, I discovered all the areas and the challenge say 6/9 but all the areas name are on the map.

It is possible to fix this problem because I have 45/46 challenges on the prologue


Hi! Can you help me? I’m playing the free Hitman 2 Prologo to unlock items of season 1 but I’m going to buy the physical copy of the new game. When I install the game do I have to unlock items another time or not?
Thank you!


You won’t have to unlock the season 1 items again, as long as you’ve been playing the season 1 “legacy” levels in Hitman 2. It’s all part of the same game. When you install the full Hitman 2 it should just treat the new levels as DLC and add them accordingly.


Thank you very much!