Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread


many words in Chinese are wrong,i can’t understand the real meaning when i use Chinese,hope IO can check all the language.


Does this game have a memory leak? A lot of people are reporting it in the Steam forums, and I myself seemed to have suffered from it when I had 8gb (just put in 16). People are still reporting that 16gb is having problems, too. By the way, a game requiring 16gb RAM is ridiculous. 2016 ran fine on 8. I’ve crashed on maps other than Miami, so it’s not just that map in particular.

W7, Radeon HD 7950, 16gb, i5 2500k


Can someone please explain why all of the mastery weapons I earned in Hitman 2016 on xbox one are not available in the inventory in the new game also on xbox one? if I go back through all the missions in the first game all of the mastery weapons are all locked like I need to replay all the missions to earn them back for the second game

Thanks in advance!


Yep! Short answer is that progress doesn’t carry over. Longer and more detailed answer right over here!


A temporary solution for RAM leaks:


No link because you are encouraged to replay with the new mechanics. Its pretty much a different game this time around & different experience.


I’m getting consistent Multiplayer Connection errors in Ghost Mode. Are the servers shitting themselves?


I completed the Secret Tunnel challenge on the Santa Fortuna map and should have unlocked the Sacrificial Knife. The challenge is shown as completed with a check mark but the knife is not available in my loadout inventory.

I’m on the Xbox version.


I already owned Hitman 2016 PC version and after completely downloaded goty pack on Hitman 2 Silver edition I haven’t received the outstanding coins and alluminium briefcase but only the black winter suit,plz help:(((


Platform: Steam
ID: Mr.Jia
I reached the mastery Lv.20 on the Bangkok and Hokkaido. but the achievement"Sayōnara"and"One Night in Bangkok"is still locked.please fix this bug!


Okay IOI

The pool is so full I’ll just jump in wherever…

Platform: XBOX ONE - Hitman 2 Standard Edition (Has Reqieum/Legacy pack and Hitman 1)

I’m having serious issues with game freezes and crashing. My particular issue right now is in Mumbai towards the end of the stage in the crowds of people. People also get stuck in the barber chair during that option of tracking down the maelstrom. It won’t go for more than 5-10 minutes without a crash or even less now.

Trouble shooting: I’ve checked the disc, its stll brand new and I gently cleaned it per instructions just to be sure. My Xbox is working fine, the game crashes regardless of whether the machine just started up or its been running for hours and I’m also not haviing any problems with my other games.

I’ve tried tech support online and they recommended to uninstall and then re-install. But there still some of the same issues but now its more random as well. i.e. It’s just crashing at a particular point on any stage and then that area won’t repeat. So I don’t know what to do. But as far as the Mumbai section goes, its made that stage unplayable.

This is in addition to the numerous ‘little’ bugs such as people floating/stuck in mid-air, some protective cover not working right, as well as some consealment areas or line of sight were you should be conscealed but are not OR being concealed and being seen, including people seeing through certain objects, some minor but annoying lighting and texture bugs, and getting around people (next to doors/objects or large groups) will sometimes just get you stuck, and honestly just too many other little ones. Some are listed here by other people and some things aren’t. I could start compliing but maybe wait and I’ll see what the new patch brings.

I haven’t used ghost or multi-player yet as that requires a gold license so I can’t comment regarding that.

The other biggest complaint I have; besides the bugs and general unpolished feeling (cinema stills for the story cut-screens - really guys?) is that most of my items from Hitman #1 and the legacy packs didn’t transfer over. Now I have read articles that you just have to re-do, But another that said its something the devs are working on to fix. Which one is official? I was able to get my outfits but that was it.

Regardless, that was promised to be brought over so either bring it all over or don’t at all. I’ll just go back to using my old Hitman One disc. It was not only countless hours of work but time and $$$$$ as well given to IOI. That is total BS and total dick-move devs. Come on!

I haven’t played much of the “new” old maps and it looks by some comments that there are problems there too. Now I don’t want to go into a ‘rate and review’ mode but seriously, for loyal followers of the series, this feels cheap and rushed. $60 is a lot for just the basic game so I can imagine silver and gold series buyers would be even more upset. I was going to get the expansion pack after I got paid, but two weeks in and having these problems, I’ve changed my mind.

Seriously though, not very happy right now. I don’t think new players will be that impressed and fans deserve better. The more I talk about it, the more upset I get. The devs should have done more before releasing it. That’s just my opinion. I’ll leave it at that now because this is tech support and bug reporting. But I wanted someone at IOI to hear it.


Hello! Playing on Xbox one. I pre-ordered the digital gold edition, downloaded and played sniper assassin. I hanged my mind and upgraded to the collectors edition. I cancelled my pre-order, and picked up the collectors with the physical disc. After installation of Hitman 2 and the legacy pack, I try to play, but the Hitman 2 missions did not work. It showed all the missions red with “get access” directing to the Xbox store. My assumption is that the pre-ordered digital copy was looking to be “completed” and wasn’t expecting the disc. I uninstalled and reinstalled Hitman 2. It seems to work. I played New Zealand and Miami. Unfortunately, I also deleted Hitman 2016 and had to reinstall that to obtain the legacy pack. All the legacy levels are installed on my Xbox, however Legacy: Marrakesh The guilded cage does not work in my Hitman 2. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled only that, and did not make the fix. The bonus missions and escalations do work however.

I’m unsure if the upgrade from gold to collectors has anything to do with this, assuming no as Hitman 2 is working, but simply bringing it up in case. Please let me know what I can do to get the guilded cage mission to work. Thank you.


, but did not receive the ICA Outstanding Performance Coin in Hitman 2


I am going through allot of what you are on PS4. I am crashing constantly. I cannot play an hour without 3 crashes last night. Now night before had just one crash. I don’t get it. I can trigger a crash every time in Miami by putting the explosive duck in the pit load out box. Instant crash 90% of the times. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Deleted alll save data. Also i traded in my disc for another acording to trouble shooting i was given. Also tried it on another PS4, same issue.
So don’t feel alone on the issue (even though we are different consoles). I am at my wits end. I was thinking of getting it on Xbox because my bud is playing with 0 issues! But then i read threads like yours and i get doubts!
I feel like I wasted my money almost. I cannot focus and enjoy the game because i am constantly waiting for i to crash…
I feel your pain my brother!!!


When I played the Undying Elusive Target I used the robot to kill him.When I activated the robot it shot him, but then it glitched and killed another guy.I was really mad because that was Silent Assassin but because of that glitch now its not.I play on Xbox One X.I do not have any images.


So im trying to do the challenge in miami where you blow up the podium (professional difficulty if that makes any difference) and every time sierra is about to enter out onto the podium my game will make a glitch sound and grey screen taking me to the ps4 home menu saying that there was an error in the application.

I’m on ps4 btw



Playing on XBox One

Mission: A House Built on Sand

Killing Kong Tuo-Kwan by poisoning via the shisha pipe in cafe, for some reason, I’m getting a “noticed kill.” I was never spottted/noticed when I poisoned the shisha pipe in the cafe and was in a completely different location (on top of the sniper area in prep in shooting the “F” to kill the other target) when the kill actually happened, yet I still got a “noticed Kill” thus “ruining” my SA rating.

Before anyone asks, my remedy was to instead ememic poison Tuo-Kwan and then drown him in the toilet. Everything else was the same, and I was able to obtain the SA rating. But something must be up that I wasn’t able to do this with lethal poison and being in a completely different location at the time when the kill actually happens.

Does this happen to anyone else?


When using the peephole in A house built on sand, aren’t you supposed to be able to hear Kwong’s Phone call?


I am playing on a PS4 and both the Miami and Columbia missions crash with a CE-34878-0 error every time the number of hidden bodies increases over a certain amount (a number that I would think would not be inconsistent with a normal playthrough). This basically translates to a crash every time I approach the level’s completion on “Suit Only”. I have exhausted Sony’s system support for this error and have also tested this out on a brand new PS4 Pro, and the crash still persists. Has anyone else experienced this?