Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread


SSAA, super sampling. Very demanding.


yes and no, super sampling is type of AA but in first was AA and Super Sampling, in Hitman 2 there is some kind of AA because i can disable/enable in regedit.

options in first Hitman:


Missing a campaign level for Hitman 2. What do I do? Whittleton Creek is not in my ready to install list.
Xbox One


Aside from having no way to solve this water glitching problem, theres definitely something screwed up with the game and memory. It seems to just not load the projector screen sometimes, loading saves leads to weird bugs with floating npcs, or npcs with floating guns in their arms. I guess this is to be expected with WB as the damn publisher, Arkham was the last game I got from them, and it was the same, I was able to run it, but just unpolished artifacts everywhere, I just want to play the game in a state it works. Like if you need to release some broken shit graphics version do it, I’m just tired of things not loading, or little bugs like the water here. Like you can’t even throw an object in the water, theres no physics or reaction, the water only reacts to gunshots. Please fix.

32gb ram
1080 FTW
240hz Asus Rog Swift
Latest Nvidia Drivers (Max Performance power, no Gsync, exclusive fullscreen, disabled fullscreen optimizations, running as admin, on SSD 256 Pro.) Like I do not know what else besides something actually broken in the build is the issue.


I literally can’t even get the game to launch (Steam, Gold edition). I can change the graphics settings via the launcher, but clicking “play” just closes the game with no error message or anything.
Verifying cache does nothing. I have the latest drivers (416.81). Changing graphics settings around does nothing. Running as admin, disabling steam cloud sync does nothing. Did a full reinstall and it still won’t work.
i7 7700k, 1080ti, 32gb ram, installed on ssd
Please help

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Got stuck on loading screen after repeating loading manual save in relatively short time. Loading bar was ~25% full.


Same thing here:

i7 4790k
RTX 2080ti
PG27UQ display
Windows 10 1809


Feel your pain, same thing

i7 4790k
RTX 2080ti
PG27UQ display
Windows 10 1809


I have the same problem but with Columbia. I uninstalled the base game and reinstalled it again. But I didn’t get a chance to see if it fixed the issue or not.


PS4 user here. Not much of a bug or glitches, but are you planning on adding a size adjustment for the Intel descriptions? Just like we are able to change the size of the subtitles.

I’m playing on a 32" TV and boy do I have to get my face in the screen to read them. It would be a nice detail if that could be an option.


Hey I preordered the gold edition today using an amazon code, and am trying to download it on my PS4.

However, when I click “download” either through my purchased library or the PS store, I get a brief loading screen and then am returned to the same page as before like nothing happened.

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I’m playing on pc and these are the issues.

  1. A lot of clipping in disguises. (Also on 47’s signature suit when hanging jumping ledges)
  2. Throw aim gets locked on bodies which are in dumpsters.
  3. Npc walking through closed doors after loading a save file. (On hokkaido legacy pack)
  4. Extreme bloom and orange filter.
  5. Npc dragging body bags weird glitches. (Animation glitch and neck twist glitch)
  6. Patch of shadows appearing on some outfits (happened once with requiem suit on hawke’s bay) and some lights make outfits look too shiny and pixelated.
  7. Loss of details on the back of 47’s head while wearing specific disguises (like tuxedo on paris, it looks like a diffuse map with no shadows)
  8. Game lags too much during auto saves.
  9. Camera movement becomes slow when zoomed in through scope (Sniper Assassin).
  10. Npc coming out of no where and telling you to leave while standing outside or slightly near to a trespass zone. (Happened on colorado)

Update (New discovered):

Agent 47’s mouth does not move in the colorado shelter while he speaks to diana.


hello, i am having this issue where the game freezes during gameplay, and the audio continues to play. i can open task manager and kill the hitman process, but even when i do, when i click on things the computer beeps and doesn’t respond to clicks. still have the hitman mouse cursor too. signing out of windows ends up locking the computer and i have to hard reboot.

any ideas? tried borderless gaming to see if it helped and it doesnt. game is installed on an ssd

i7 6700k gtx 1080ti 16gb ddr4 win 10 pro

heres a youtube video of the behavior:

please help! its crashing a ton

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Same here! I also had to move from my couch to the tv several times to read the Intel/descriptions of several objects


Same here also. Have to squint to read it.

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Got an issue similar to one I had with the HITMAN 2016 disk release.

I’ve installed all of the Legacy stuff, but for some reason, Marrakesh is marked as not installed and leads me to the Microsoft store to buy it. This happened with Hokaido in the 2016 disk version, and as I found, you had to install the game and patches at the same time to fix it, but it didn’t work this time. The mission was a 100-300 MB download, yet is marked as 4.3 GIGs in size.

Any idea what’s going on here?


Whenever I press enter to load the game it crashes no errors.

My specs are
Gtx 1070
16Gb ram ddr4 (obviously)


Want to second what some on here said as well…
Platform is Xbox; 47 seems to randomly want to move forward as if the left thumbstick was slightly tilted upward to the 1o clock position. Definitely is an in-game glitch.

Also Mumbai has several, where if you interrupt Dawood during his photoshoot, he won’t continue the rest of his cycle with 47. I got trapped in his bathroom as well in a corner and couldn’t move, after I turned the right side sink on

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I figure IOI is probably aware but I’ll post it anyway. There is no SLI option like in Hitman 2016 and it doesn’t appear to be working with dual 1080TI cards. HDR doesn’t work on my Sony Z9D TV but it does work on Hitman 2016. Like others have mentioned, no SMAA or FXAA options like Hitman 2016 had. I have heard that this title will support Nvidia’s new RTX AA methods but I’m not seeing them in the options. I hope IOI will include normal AA options as well as the RTX DLSS options. Hopefully IOI will be able to take care of these problems faster than last time. I had to wait over a year after launch to get my setup working correctly with Hitman 2016 and I missed a bunch of community events as a result.

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I can confirm that this is happening on a second computer too. it just happened on my laptop…

game freezes during gameplay. audio still plays. i believe it is freezing during autosaving, but i cannot be 100% sure. it does seem to be tied to an event (killing a target, triggering a conversation,etc). if i alt tab out of the game, clicking with the mouse is useless and it is still using the hitman 2 mouse cursor outside of the game. opening task manager and killing the hitman 2 process in the “details” tab closes the game out, but the process is still listed, and trying to kill it a 2nd time results with an error. the only thing i can do at this point is hard reboot the machine, as it will lock up if you try to restart with the ctrl+alt+del menu or if you try to sign out of your windows username.

msi gt73evr laptop
i7 7700hq
16gb ram