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2 months and I still can’t play the game properly - this is pathetic.


After patch 2.13 still very low GPU utilization. This resulting, in low FPS. Screenshot shows that. I cannot get a stable 60 FPS, although the GPU is only 57% loaded.

The same problem was in season 1 of the game, but DirectX 12 was there and the situation was noticeably better. Also game sometimes stutters. For example, when saving occurs, but not only at this moment. This spoils the impression of the game. I ordered the game as soon as it became available and really want to get pleasure, not disappointment. Please fix it problems.

Windows 10 Pro (x64) 1809, Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz, 16Gb RAM @ 1866MHz, MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8Gb (any driver).


Cannot start Hitman2 since new Patch today on Steam.

Crashing instantly on Game startup or trying to Benchmark in Options section.

Pleasee fix :confused:

My specs:
Ryzen 1600x ,
Asus RX Vega 64 Strix ,
Windows 10 ,
16GB DDR4 Ram,
Steam version


No word about DirectX12 in 2.13 changelog :frowning:

I will have to keep my GTX970 until when ? I will end up reselling my RTX2080… Game continue to crash (0x80000003) with RTX card and Directx11 perf with this game are catastrophic with high end GPU.


Greetings from Russia. In the mission “Colombia” the game began to fly to the desktop after three minutes of the game, it is impossible to play. I read that You’re working on this problem. We are waiting for a positive result.


Even post-patch, game crashes after 5 minutes of play. Tried reinstalling and changing options and nothing works.

When will this 0x8000003 crash be fixed? I’d like to actually do the elusive target this time around :frowning:


So i pay for a game witch i cant refund or play ,seriousy IOI?

As i can see in over 1000 reply´s ,that im not the only guy with 0x80000003 and this crash are more then 2 months old , you thing that anyone would by a game from IOI again?


Hi, I was looking at the recent update patches and it said expansion pack holders get some items n stuff and I have the gold edition of the game but it doesn’t say that I have the pass on the in game store tab but it does on my steam library.


I can’t find anything midnight on PS Store Hongkong,please help


Its coming, have some patience and check your Hitman 2 add-ons/dlcs in couple hours


I can’t seem to be able to play the snow festival mission. I click play game on steam and it won’t work. I’ve checked in my dlc area on the game page but I can’t play it anywhere.


@Travis_IOI This is a problem for the Xbox version of Hitman 2 revolving around the Legacy Pack and GOTY Pack. With the recent update it messed up the pathing for the DLC and now it put it somewhere completely different that makes it inaccessible in Hitman 2. I tried redownloading everything and nothing worked. I checked Hitman 2 and what was installed and it only said Hitman 2 content was installed. So this bug is making it so we can’t participate in the winter festival.


Download Hokkaidō separately


Any news on when DLSS for RTX cards will be released?


I’m getting a lot of crashes after the new update. I can’t get through a mission without the game crashing.

Nom de l’application défaillante : hitman2.exe, version :, horodatage : 0x5c418db2
Nom du module défaillant : hitman2.exe, version :, horodatage : 0x5c418db2
Code d’exception : 0xc0000005
Décalage du défaut : 0x000000000e10c310
ID processus défaillant : 0x978
Heure de démarrage de l’application défaillante : 0x01d4b3a20b1d0024
Chemin de l’application défaillante : D:\Steam\steamapps\common\HITMAN2\retail\hitman2.exe
Chemin du module défaillant : D:\Steam\steamapps\common\HITMAN2\retail\hitman2.exe
Code de rapport : 9862787f-5b91-433d-8c48-5fe80c41e7b4
Nom complet de l’ensemble défaillant :
ID de l’application relative à l’ensemble défaillant :




I’ve been just completing new Hitman 2 exclusive target. I killed the person, and started to run. Probably a guard saw me, or saw that the target is killed. I run away and hide. Suddenly everyone got allerted, and knew where I hide. Except one thing, that noone saw me that I was going there. They killed me while I was in a box. That’s unfair :frowning:


Someone must have seen you hiding, even if its for a slight glimpse. I don’t think they would shoot you otherwise


No, that’s a bug I’m encountering with alot during Ghost Mode.
Badly needs to fix.
Sometimes I run away, change disguise, but someone compromises me if I appear not far from the searching/panic/compromised zone. Remind, - I’ve changed disguise, but still compromised for no reason. And after this the whole map turns yellow (everybody knows I’ve done something bad) though I did absolutely nothing in a fresh disguise. It’s a silly bullshit