Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread


So for the new snow dlc mission i cant seem to play it when i go into the game i go to store and it says play when i click that it sends me to the steam store where again i click play either nothing happens or the game just starts normally please help!


Can you install it from


Yeah i think it worked thanks!


I not kill her。And i not dead。Just conntion failed,but go to menu show me failed?Please solve the problem quickly!


I’m on xbox one and i’m experiencing an increasingly more frequent loss of connection to the hitman server during game play and/or an inability to connect to the server upon loading the game. Other programs on my xbox appear to be working normally and other wifi connected devices seem to be operating without hesitation. What additional information should I provide so that you may assist me with troubleshooting this problem?


I had managed to complete all of the challenges for snow master in the new seasonal content, but it won’t give me the icepick for some reason


PS4: HITMAN 2 Gold Edition


Colorado mission:

  • Swamp Thing Feat/challenge doesn’t work. I dump all 4 targets ( ezra, maria, sean, penelope ) in the swamp and nothing happend.
  • Discover Colorado Feat/challenge doesn’t work. Stuck on 20/21
  • Rep Tires Feat/challenge doesn’t work. I collected 10 apricots and key of quatrobike and I do not have possibility to feed blue toy in room where is game console in the house.

Bangkok mission:

  • Looking into distance Feat/challenge doesn’t work. Guy on the pier doesn’t show at all.
  • Tuppence A Wish Feat/challenge doesn’t work or I am retarded :smiley:


PC/Steam: Hitman 2 Gold Edition

Three-Headed Serpent: I will experience a crash to desktop after about 10 minutes near the docks behind the Delgado Mansion. I’m currently trying to drag a body over to the hippo area, and right as I get halfway down the docks, I CTD. It happens consistently.

All my drivers are updated.
CPU: Intel i7 4790k
Mobo: MSI Z97 Gaming 5
RAM: 32gb

My game settings are:
Monitor: Primary
Fullscreen Resolution: 1920x1080
Display Mode: Exclusive Fullscreen
V-Sync: On
V-Sync Interval: 1 (100% FPS)
Super Sampling: 1.00
Level of Detail: Ultra
Texture Quality: High
Texture Filter: Anisotropic 16x
Shadow Quality: Ultra
Screespace Shadows: On
Reflection Quality: Medium
Motion Blur: Medium
Dynamic Sharpening: Moderate
Simulation Quality: Base
Override Memory Safeguards: No
Razer Chroma: Off


Challenge:The Hero Of Santa Fortuna
I can’t finish the challenge


Can anyone check if the carts of gas canisters are making an explosion sound in Mumbai? I don’t know what I messed up or changed, but I swear I used to have sfx for all explosions and now I’m missing a lot of them, the carts of explosive gas canisters are the most obvious though.


This ones quite a tedious nightmare to do, I feel your pain, I think you have to do it in a very specific way for it to not fuck up.


Try going into Nvidia panel and setting texture optimization to high quality, honestly my games feel more stable with it on that setting, also try to disable vsync and use a frame limiter to cap the framerate a few frames below your refresh rate.


Thanks for the suggestion Sam!
I tried this and the game still crashes at the same point. It seems to only happen at this location. Everywhere else is fine so far.

Thanks again,


I have no voices during cutscenes. Only their very very silent echo can be heard depending on the surroundings.

Things I’ve already tried:

  • Reinstalling the game
  • Installing DirectX Sdk
  • Installing C++ 2017 Redistributable
  • Turning off Steam Overlay and any programm running in the background
  • Changing the In-Game Sound option to Stereo or Headphones
  • Rebooting the PC after each and every step

I’m frustrated that this won’t work for me and this is my last resource right now since Google doesn’t yield any more results than that.

I really need some help here!

Thank you in advance,


Same but with a Colorado and Miami and it’s pissing me off like green goblin from Spider-Man help me obj wan kenobi I’m really getting pissed.


Oops sorry I forgot I’m on Xbox one x


On the PS4 version of the Gold Edition, I’ve completed all of the Colorado and Bangkok challenges that you’ve mentioned

For Rep Tires, you need the hallucinogenic. You also have to use a created contract, as you can only use the basement exit in the story mode.

For Looking into the Distance, I believe that you need to have the body of the sleeping crew member found (in the suite near to 47’s), then wait.

This may assist you:


Paris was only available for free during the ‘Holiday Hoarders’ event. The good news is that, this month, H1 is free as part of PS+.


I am unable to complete one of the Hawke’s Bay assassinations as well as the discovery challenge. I per-ordered the game and beat most of Hawke’s Bay right away. I hoped an update might fix this, but now that I am getting close to 100% and the updates did not help, I am trying to get this fixed. This is the only level I had any issues with and I assume it is simply an issue syncing with the server (maybe the server knows I completed them but they don’t register on my end), but at any rate, IO can you help?


Dude this is a thread for normal well-adjusted people.

On that note I hope we will get hints towards the new location soon guys. I have no issues to report.