Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread


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I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something else but I along with others who reported it experienced the same issue in Hokkaio’s latest ET. We pushed the target off the railing, no one saw it but we didn’t get SA. I originally thought I must have made some mistake (and perhaps I did) but since others have reported it too I’m confused.


Hi there, need help for an issue of Hitman 2 game in ps4. After i activate goty pack and get access also in hitman’s 1 levels i rewarded with the aluminum travel briefcase. I noticed that the gift reffered as unique. The problem is that everytime i logging into the game, it rewards me the same briefcase, litteraly everytime. I already have around 8 briefcases, is there any way to delete them and keep only 1? Is that some kind of bug? Please help!!! Looking forward for youre reply.


Hi, I’m having issues with Hitman 2 on Steam !

(before I begin, be indulgent if my English is bad, I’m French, thanks !)

So, I bought a key of Hitman 2 for steam friday and after an installation night I’ve issues when trying to launch the game.
The launcher window appear correctly :
But when I click on “Jouer” (“Play”) the window disappear then Steam say “HITMAN 2 - Jeu lancé” (“HITMAN 2 - Game lauched”). And … after 3 seconds nothing appear and Steam say nothing anymore.

Thanks for your help guys !


I have an odd issue with the White Yukata outfit. The logo on the back appears to be way lower quality of graphics than the rest of the outfit(I’m playing on High level of details if that helps), and it glitches/disappears when viewed from sides. I took the screenshots below. Oh and also on newest Nvidia drivers, the water in the pond of the park in middle of the hospital is looking rather glitchy(But it seems to be Nvidia driver fault because a driver rollback fixed that, unlike the odd issue with the Yukata logo).
My PC specs are:
Intel i5 6600
Geforce GTX 1060 6GB

Sadly can only put one screenshot because of new user limitation…


I can’t seem to get Suit Only on Master difficulty in Whittleton.
I’ve attempted this many times in both the default suit and Signature 47 suit.
I’m playing on PC.


Did any other challenges unlock during your attempts?


Nope. I’ve got everything but 6 of ‘The Classics’ to go.


Could have been a connection issue. Isn’t your profile meant to show in the corner, like on the second screenshot? I think that it’s not shown if you’re offline. I could be wrong. Still, a connection problem could be the reason.


Maybe the profile doesn’t show on the Score Breakdown screen. I guess I could try another run to test. How do I confirm that I’m online? The Main Menu screen shows a Game Version and Server Version so that might mean I’m connected, eh?


The green “Online” text will change to red if you’re offline. In H1, I had challenges fail to pop because I had a disconnect and reconnect in the middle of a playthrough. After completing all of the H2 challenges, I haven’t noticed the same problem, despite temporary disconnects.


I’ll try moving on to the next level and see if any new challenges are unlocked there. Maybe that will trigger something and let me unlock in Whittleton.


Hi, I’m playing the Legacy Pack on PS4. I completed the Marrakesh mission and I unlocked all unlockables EXCEPT for the fighting knife. Have I done something wrong? I thought the fighting knife was unlocked at Mastery Level 5, so it should have been the first unlock. Is this a bug?


I completed an Elusive Target and was able to unlock the challenges associated with that. I then completed SASO on Professional difficulty in Whittleton and still was not able to unlock that challenge. I don’t know what else to do. It would appear that map is still bugged for me.


It looks like you’re only missing Sniper Assassin for Professional & Master difficulty. If you complete Sniper Assassin on Master difficulty then you’ll have all The Classics challenges for Whittleton Creek completed

To get The Classics in Whittleton Creek completed you need to complete Silent Assassin, Silent Assassin Suit Only, Sniper Assassin, Suit Only & No Evidence for all 3 difficulties

When you get Sniper Assassin done for Master & Professional, then you’d have completed all Whittleton Creek Classics challenges and completed 5/6 for The Classics 2


The combat knife unlocks when you reach mastery level 7 in Sapienza.

You can see what each mastery level rewards you for all locations; from main menu, scroll to Career tab then select Mastery.
You can also find what each of the 20 mastery levels rewards you when you’re in a location from the Destination tab


Thank you very much!


Oh boy… if that’s what’s going on here, I feel quite stupid. :slight_smile:
I’ll give this a shot next time I’m able to play. Thanks!


I’m unable to connect to Hitman 2 servers. I’m on Xbox. Never had this issue. I’m able to connect to all my other games with no problem


hello !
i play on steam with hitman 2 with all DLC.
In ICA FINAL TEST, the exploit “new crew member” is bugged.
I pick the disguise in the room but nothing happens.
I try multiple times and nothing happens.
it’s very frustating : it’s the last exploit of the level i don’t have…
thanks by advance !