Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread


When in the location Miami USA and doing the Assassination challenge “Explosive Liaisons” after opening the safe you can not pick up the note at the bottom of the safe to carry on with the challenge but you can pick up the car bomb. I am playing on Xbox One and I’ve tried replanning, restarting, reloading the location and also relaunching Hitman 2 on my Xbox. I just want to complete the challenge.


In both Sapienza and Hokkaido on the legacy maps, the feats for piano man, hold my hair, chameleon, straight shot, tasteless traceless, someone could hurt themselves, and versatile assassin keep saying they’re ‘not completed’ and so my map progress has gone back down from 100% to 90ish% on each.

I’ve tried to redo the challenges, but when the map is actually open the challenges all show as complete and therefore won’t pop again, meaning it’s impossible for those maps to go to 100% again.

Please help? I know it’s not the biggest bug, but as a completionist who has actually done those challenges, this is annoying.


Those are new challenges thats been added to The Author in Sapienza & Patient Zero in Hokkaido. Not in World of Tommorow & Situs Inversus.


Oh my goodness, don’t I feel like I fool? I never thought to check the side missions, sorry.

Thanks for letting me know!


Is there a fix for the save/load game crashing issue? I can’t play the game anymore because of it.

I’m on windows 10, GTX 950 and using the latest video drivers.

Now its crashing without loading or saving enough to make the game unplayable. This happens on the level in India.


Uptil Now i have had No issues with Either HITMAN Game for PS4 but now i just tried getting on and I heep getting the Same Message about a Failure to Connect to the Server Eventhough my PS4 Is Fully connected to the Internet


I’m playing hitman 2 in PS4. I’m trying to snipe Dawood in the leg and make him fall and die as an accident kill. I shoot when the guy who is talking with Dawood looks away so he doesn’t notice the bullet impact. But it looks like Dawood is iron made because he refuses to die after the falling. He just gets up and walks like nothing had happened. Pls fix this, it’s making me sick.


This is HITMAN 2 mechanics.
Targets don’t die if they fall not by you pushing them.
This is a bullshit


I know he can die as an accident kill with that falling, not just because I made it a couple of times, but because there are other guys using this strat and it works. check it out:
Get informed before calling someone’s experience a bullshit =)


I call bullshit not someone’s experience but a mechanics itself


Today I completed the elusive target . I used a concussion duck next to a leaking gas heater, I didn’t receive a silent assassin rating because it said the body was found. PC version. This happens in the game also sometimes. Even though I play through a contract or campaign without compromise, it’ll say I was spotted in the end report with no silent assassin rating.

Is there a way to fix the elusive rating I got?


Like misterkiller said, npcs don’t take damage if they fall from a ko or a gunshot, they only die if they are pushed or dumped.
It’s been like that since H2016.

He will only die if he falls into the cement below him and not on the ground.

There’s cement right below where he stands, that’s why they could kill him in an accident.
You can only kill him in an accident by shooting him in a way that makes him fall forward and land in the cement.

So there really isn’t a bug to be reported here.
Npcs not taking fall damage from a ko/gunshot-fall isn’t going to be fixed, otherwise they would have done it long time ago. All though it doesn’t make sense that they only take damage when being pushed or dumped.


This info is very useful. I have been trying to make my speedrun for 4 hours and I finally got it just after reading your reply, thanks a lot. The shoot for the cement landing has to be made from the left side of the green boat and the bullet has to impact on Dawood’s hips. I hope they change one day the falling damage issue tho, just makes no sense but is fun to see x).


No, don’t frustrate me. Give me hope at least.This is not right and should be fixed



I have been getting 0 as mission score since a long time in Mumbai and Whittleton Creek atleast. I looked for answers but never got any. I think i can safely say that it’s a bug. However, I had multiple updates on my ps4 pro for the game but never got this fixed. Surprisingly, it means that it was never reported to you guys. Also, occasionally i get 0 on never compromised as well but not a lot of time. Please look into it and thanks for the amazing game.



Score 0 can happen even though you got SA. This happens mostly when you played in that map earlier, could also happen from restarts.

It can also say level 0 in the score screen sometimes, that mostly happens when you complete challenges and get xp in a map but don’t exit. So when you exit the next time you play in that map it will show all the xp you got in the last time you played there. So the game gets confused and it says level 0.

They are working to fix the never compromised issue and it for sure can be buggy in-game.
I can shoot a target in the back of his head and get compromised even though he didn’t see me. They are working to put in a SA tracker soon so they are also working to fix the never compromised issues


getting 0 even on a SA is not a problem to me. But atleast i should know in the breakdown why did i get a 0 score. Even if there are restarts (which wasn’t there in my specific playthrough of the image), i think a low score or even a brutally lower score is fine but straight up getting 0 while discarding all the sa playthrough doesn’t make sense. I really hope it gets fixed whether it’s a bug or not. Cheers.


5 months have passed !!! How was the bug, and stayed !!! 5 months, please remove it. A bug that does not explode a mined race car in Miami !! Correct it if you do not give a shit about a fan of the series.


Hey I would like to mention you as fount of this info in my speedrun video description, do you agree with that? And if you do, do you have any channel wich I can link or maybe your nick in the hitman 2 game?


You’re free to copy whatever you want.
Also add what causes the accident death so players that see your video will know that he falls into the cement and not the ground.

Appreciate it but my name in a description is not necessary.
You can credit Hitmanforum :grin: