Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread

Tried to load a manual save and load bar froze about 1/5th of the way. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and then killed the process. Now when it tries to do the initial load after starting the game it does the same thing. Now I can’t play at all!

… It is truly AMAZING that I can’t play the game I paid about $150 for the collectors edition. I thought all day long it was my internet, but when I read this picture… Hitman 2 is garbage!!! HITMAN 2 HAS HORRIBLE SERVER!!! YOU CAN’T PLAY THE GAME FOR MORE THAN 10 MINS AT A TIME, THEN YOU HAVE TO WAIT 5-10 MINS TO RECONNECT TO THEIR SERVER!!! I WANT A REFUND!!!


The gold edition is not downloading on ps4. Pressing the download button does nothing

I’ve been on the phone and online chat with Playstation support all day. I bought the preorder for Hitman 2 Gold edition and the game won’t download. We went through a bunch of troubleshooting including the option to restore licenses and that gives an error of NP-39227-3. Their support exhausted their abilities in fixing this and said it’s the developers issue and they have to fix it. I don’t believe that but I would appreciate any help all the same. I tried emailing IO but their auto reply said to post here.

Any help?

Tried rebuilding db. Many restarts. Tried downloading from PS store on console, from Library —> Purchased, and from PS store online. None work and store in browser says there’s an error. Other games in my library download no problem. It’s set to primary PS4.


I have got the very same issue. Hitman legacy maps run fine in Hitman 2 on high quality textures and settings.

Hitman 2 maps end crash into a “Hitman 2 stopped working” error after loading…

Got a Phenom II that is better than the one you DESCRIBE AS MINIMUM REQUIREMENT.

Please get a fix for that SSE denuvo whateveritis asap

Thank you

I payed around 90 € for this and expect to play it, as my specs are way above minimum requirements. Don’t tamper with stuff you do not understand, steam is a DRM thing itself. Why include another if it locks paying customers out?

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Xbox one
I preordered hitman 2 gold edition back in July. Downloaded and was looking forward to playing 4 days early. All seems to have downloaded fine, GOtY, executive pack and all maps. However, I cannot access Miami or whittleton creek maps. All other maps are accessible as is the rest of the dlc.
I have tried redownloading the two maps, the hitman 2 gold game multiple times with no success.

Any ideas please? So far been limited to multiple play throughs of hawkes bay.

Where is the option to change directx version? Please add this option. Thank you!

The game crashes when hiding a body in a specific closet![06|690x388] in Chasing a Ghost, it seems.
Pc, GTX 1070 Ti, Intel Core i7-4770 3.40 GHz

I feel scammed to be honest, I saw the min requirements and that is why i bought this game, if they hadn’t listed it, I wouldn’t have bought it. And it’s an overclocked phenom 2 X6 1100T 4 ghz which runs anything i throw at it coupled with the 980 gtx. I really hope IOI sends a patch through as this was the same issue with Final Fantasy XV which was rectified via a patch.

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Nevermind. Managed to fix the installed content. In case anyone else has the same problem on the XBOne, here’s my step-by-step.

  • Shut down the console, then boot it back up and do not log into your system’s account.
  • Uninstall the not working legacy content, as well as the Bonus Missions if you have them installed.
  • Log into your system account, then manage the game and install the map that was giving you issues before. (Do not install the Bonus Missions until you check the Legacy map and see that it is working.)
  • If said map is working, then install the Bonus Missions content, and you’re done.

Hope this helps.

After buying the hitman2 gold edition, i am having trouble downloading the legacy pack though i own the hitman season one goty edition.
Help me please.
Ps4 pro.
It says that the content is no lonver for sale…

Xbox one.

I cannot play any of the H2 maps. Xbox says I don’t have the game (I pre-ordered it months ago). It says “get access” even though I have them all installed.

They were all working fine until I turned off my Xbox.

I tried calling Microsoft support to no avail. Will try to refund soon.

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I don’t know if it’s a bug or a technical issue, but Hitman 2 seems to be unplayable on 8gb of RAM (OS: Windows 7, GPU: Radeon R9 290, CPU: i5-3570k). After a few minutes of wandering around Miami, the game will start to stutter and freeze badly. MSI Afterburner shows that RAM is maxed out at this time and the system is dipping into the page file as a result. This also happens on Sapienza (which ran just fine in Season 1), but not Colorado, Hokkaido, New Zealand, or the tutorial. I haven’t played any of the other levels yet. I tried messing around with various graphics settings (texture quality, level detail, SSAO, shadow quality, I even disabled AA through the registry), but nothing helped. I also validated the integrity of the Steam files. All of the legacy content is fully installed and nothing is being downloaded in the background. GPU drivers and runtimes are updated.

YES! I have the exact same issue, it’s completely unplayable for me too, it stutters so much that I can’t do anything, even on lowest settings.

My specs are:
i5 4460
GTX 1060 6GB
Windows 7, game installed on HDD

Patient Zero Campagin missions from GOTY Legacy Pack are always crashing in the main menu, i can’t even play DLC missions. When i click on the Patient Zero campagin plate in main menu the game crashes during the load time. All steam files are downloaded, all steam files are 100 % verified.


Immediately apologize for my English. I translate through google translate.

Tell me, please - does everyone have low fps in open levels in hitman2? Sometimesit comes to 30 fps.
I play in 1080p.


GTX 1070, i7 8700k

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Hey. I noticed that the game has performance issues. For example gpu utilization low. The screenshot shows that I cannot get a stable 60 FPS, although the GPU is only 57% loaded.

The same problem was in season 1 of the game, but DirectX 12 was there and the situation was noticeably better. Also game sometimes stutters. For example, when saving occurs, but not only at this moment. This spoils the impression of the game. I ordered the game as soon as it became available and really want to get pleasure, not disappointment. Please correct these problems. Support me, guys.

Windows 10 (x64) 1809, Core i7-4790K up to 4.40 GHz, 16 Gb RAM @ 1866 MHz, MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G (any driver).


Specs : i7 8700, 16gb ram, rtx 2080

Getting frame drops on progress auto-save and auto-save for challenge completion/progression such as location discovered. Goes from 60 to 45.

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