Official HITMAN 2 Technical Support Thread


It says whitleton creek isn’t available when i go to destinations i click on it sends me to the store and it’s installed also i went to games and apps it says it’s installed (Xbox)


Why so far you have not fixed the problem very low GPU utilization? How much time does it take for you to fix it? I feel a strong discomfort playing a game that I love very much. I will repeat my message.
After patch 2.14.0 still very low GPU utilization. This result, in low FPS. Screenshot shows that. I can’t get a stable 60 FPS, although the GPU is only 43% loaded.

The same problem was in season 1 of the game, but DirectX 12 was there and the situation was noticeably better. Also game sometimes stutters. For example, when saving occurs, but not only at this moment. This spoils the impression of the game. I ordered the game as soon as it became available and really want to get pleasure, not disappointment. Please fix it problems.

Windows 10 Pro (x64) 1809, Core i7-4790K up to 4.40GHz, 16Gb RAM @ 1866MHz, MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8Gb (any driver).


My PS4 version HITMAN2 cannot connect the servers…

The elusive target has been active, but I still stuck in this damn main menu and can’t connect to the server.How to solve this problem?

PS: I am very scared to miss the “The Politician” now, hurry up!


After the recent hotfix I keep getting the error 0xc0000005, I have played for a good 50 hours and haven’t had this crash come up a single time until now. The only crashing issue I had was the 0xc0000003 which was “fixed” using the Vulkan wrapper suggested in another thread.


It constantly occurs on every single mission, with no specific action or situation causing it. It can occur while just standing doing nothing, sometimes immediately loading into the mission, other times a couple minutes into playing. I’ve tried a few different things to see if it’d fix it but nothing has worked:

  1. I’ve recently updated Nvidia drivers so I downgraded back to the original I was playing on but the crashing still persists.

  2. I tried deleting all my saves and turning off auto-save.

  3. Updated all my drivers, DirectX, VC Dist, etc.

  4. Game file integrity check.

  5. Ran Memtest with a pass


Ryzen 5 2600
Geforce 2080 8GB

At this point I can’t play the game any longer until something is fixed, it’s really disappointing because I was having a good time with the game.

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First mission after loading the game rewards no XP, level is shown as 0. Mastery bar is increasing again even though I’m already at full mastery.

After playing the next mission, the level returns to normal and XP is once again granted.

Playing on Steam.



I’m on Xbox One, I have Hitman 1 with all levels, except Hokkaido. I also bought Hitman 2, and I have been playing until today without any issues (except that I can’t play on Paris, Bankok, Morocco and all the level I Had on Hitman 1)

I’ve just discovered a big issue with the stages access today : I can only play on Hawke’s Bay, the other ones are blocked (like i didn’t buy the game)

Can you please help me ?

Than you, and sorry for my touristos english



I’m on Xbox One here. I have the first Hitman with all DLC & recently purchased Hitman 2 Gold Edition. The issue is that I am unable to download / access the legacy missions within Hitman 2.

I have all instructions found within past forum threads to try to download them from Hitman 1, then directly from the store & from a different profile, but nothing is working.
I just get the “not available” message when I go to the store page. There is a “Legacy GOTY” page, but it won’t let me donwload, only “buy” for £15.99.

I have clicked “get” on the Hitman 2 Starter pack for my profile and the other profile I am using and this has not helped either.

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Just opt out of the privacy policy in the settings menu and keep it in offline mode. You can always re-opt in again if you need to


I started getting exactly this crash, when I upgraded my AMD Radeon drivers from 19.2.3 to 19.3.2 on 18th March. It stayed when I upgraded to 19.3.3, and has not appeared since I reinstalled 19.2.3 yesterday.

I felt but didn’t specifically test, that with the newer drivers, my FPS was higher generally but lower when using Insight. With 19.2.3 there appears to be no FPS cost to insight.

I also noticed that right before the crash, my framerate dropped hard, and it always seemed to happen when I was rotating the camera quickly.

I’d assumed it was a driver-related rendering crash because the driver version downgrade fixed it, but you’re seeing it with nVIDIA drivers, and downgrading didn’t fix it for you.

Perhaps somehow it’s to do with something AMD-generic, so your Ryzen and my Vega both trigger it?

It’s possible 0x0000000000d60720 is a location for two different crash issues, of course, which would make our issues only coincidental to each other.

Platform info:

  • PC (Steam)
  • Intel Core i7-3370
  • 16GB RAM
  • Radeon Vega 64 w/8GB HBM2

I wrote up the crash with more detail at

Edit: Update 2.20 and/or DX12 support appear to have fixed this. I re-upgraded my drivers to 19.3.3 after the new game update, and it didn’t crash all day.


I bought hitman 2 on steam last week and today I just bought hitman 1 today and I was expecting to have them linked through my ioi account but whenever I try to play a hitman 1 mission via hitman 2 it says I don’t have access and it takes me to steam even though I already have the game. I am very frustrated. Please help.


Install HITMAN 2016 game and play one or two missions completely.
Then you should gain access to Legacy Pack in HITMAN 2
Also read this carefully:


I have Internet, there is no new firewall setting, and I haven’t installed anything that might interfere with this like an antivirus or similar application.

Retrying doesn’t work. Restarting the game doesn’t work. Restarting Steam doesn’t work. Restarting my computer doesn’t work.

It could be a coincidence that every time I’ve opened Hitman 2 the past few weeks, I get this problem, but it seems highly unlikely. It’s destroying the value of the game for me due to this ridiculous model of “online only” for half the features.

Is there a known fix for this?


Checking the patch notes indicates that there is, in fact, likely a maintenance session going on. I’ll check back later if it doesn’t work tonight.


Servers are down for maintenance currently:


I wouldn’t have posted this if it hadn’t happened every time I’ve opened Hitman 2 the past few weeks, though, but hopefully it’s maintenance this time, and I don’t have to deal with yet another four weeks without throwing someone down an elevator shaft while wearing a clown costume.


According to maintenance should be over, but I still can’t connect.


I cannot run the game in DX12.
I cannot run the benchmark in DX12 either.

RTX 2080Ti
i7 7700k


Did you use DXVK with DX11 version ? If yes, remove DXVK DLLs and remove shader cache directory in HITMAN2 folder.


Ahhhhh… Interesting.
I will need to try this out ASAP.

Thank you for response.

Are you finding that the new DX12 is taking care of the constant crashing on RTX all by itself? Without Vulkan? Without the TDIDelay regedit?


Hardware was right.
I removed the Vulkan files and the shader cache folder and now the DX12 launches, at least in benchmark.

Have not tried in game yet.


Do you recommend still using the TDRDelay in Regedit??