Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - April

That’s exactly right @KevinRudd
The key is to not kill Tumar, if he dies the room service is no longer available. As soon as one assistant dies they are replaced for the next room call. It’s a guessing game as to which order 47 will issue his complaints. If the toilet is clogged first you must store a body in the bedroom. Players will learn to move the body into the bathroom before the bed can be fixed or the minibar restocked.

This can be taken one step even further but I chose to leave the targets at 4 instead of 5. Only eliminating the 2nd floor staff… what I mean is if you throw a coin against your door and lure the lady who first assists Tumar into your room and kill her off her before ever placing the first call, the final call will inniate NPC SINN TITHIKUL to “spot” Tumar. He comes up from downstairs

I decided not to make it 5 targets because if the mission is played properly then only 4 kills are available through this method.

And yes, I’m more than okay with you making a PC recreation.

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Shame it goes away if you kill that particular NPC.

I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it! I was specifically going through the other month trying to figure out any interesting gameplay mechanics that could make an alright contract… I came up with the whole “villagers follow you if you’re the Shaman” thing for a contract, came up with the whole ‘customers come into the butcher shop’ thing, tried the Coconut Balls server thing but it’s not a good contract cos you can only poison one target per playthrough (Same with any other server opportunity)… I tried remember any others but came up empty :frowning:

May look into it tonight or later on, will let you know if I actually do it (Who knows, maybe they’ll feature it an I won’t have to :open_mouth: )

Name of Contract: Mystery, Inc.
Contract ID: 2-12-6320333-01
Platform: PS4
Location: Santa Fortuna

This globetrotting group of super-sleuths have stopped by in Santa Fortuna to find and unmask the secretive and mysterious Jungle Shaman, said to be capable of mind-control through hypnosis.

Ensure these meddling kids don’t get their man.

Why the contract should be featured:

  • If you haven’t guessed, this contract is an homage to the classic Scooby-Doo franchise, complete with the ‘monster-of-the-week’ that’s terrorizing the villiage, played by 47. This week’s foe: The Jungle Shaman!
  • It’s an open-ended contract, so it leaves some freedom as to how the player tackles this. This one requires quite a bit of thinking and planning. The targets are all pretty far from each other, and while all of them can be taken care of through conveniently-placed accidents, there is the problem of dealing with some other NPCs that linger around the targets.

It’s funny listening to Tumar because he complains there’s nothing actually wrong with the toilet, and 47’s bed is actually still made lol. I also Imagined the contract without Tumar being a target and just leading the 3 targets to their death…but… I couldn’t think of any storyline fitting around ghosts in that situation… and it’s incredibly difficult to not kill Tumar early in this contract, let alone not kill him at all.

Submission featured contract.

Name of Contract : GHOST and G.H.O.S.T
Contract ID : 2-13-7161146-85
Platform : PS4
Location : Mumbai
47, This is today’s targets list.
Wait, their initial is…


It the same as your nickname.
Interesting, this is deliberate?
Or it happened?

I think you no ploblem, but be careful 47.
Good luck.

Why the contract should be featured
I arranged the targets initials in the order, this is 47’s nickname.
But targets are not random, logical targets.
Enjoy hunting!
SA possible within 2m30s.


Name of Contract: Packman 47
Contract ID: 2-10-1155630-05
Platform: PS4
Location: Hokkaido / Situs Inversus
This specific contract requires you to become “Packman 47” and eliminate four evil “Ghosts”.

Ghost #1 is a drug smuggler known as “The Shadow” alias Nails.
Ghost #2 is infamous arms dealer Amos “The Ambusher” Dexter.
Ghost #3 is Dr. Nicholas Laurent, an organ dealer known as “The Stylist”.
Ghost #4 is Jason Portman, a ruthless hacker who goes by the handle “cRyb4by”.

Search the morgue, acquire a certain yellow disguise, and get rid of those “Ghosts”.

Good luck and happy ghost hunting, Agent.

Why the contract should be featured:
This contracts is inspired by famous japanese ghostbuster Pac-Man.
The idea was to find 4 targets matching the colors red, pink, cyan, and orange (Representing the 4 ghosts).
They then have to be eliminated while disguise in something yellow (Representing Pac-Man).
Luckily Hokkaido has a yellow disguise and matching targets.
Packman 47 because “He’s packing!”.

I think the idea is kinda funny and it totally fits this month’s theme.

The contract…
…can be done in under 3 minutes (Silent Assassin of course).
…is okay for speedrunning and good for people who like to stealth and play slow.
…can be challenging despite having no restrictive elimination methods and no complications besides “Do not get spotted” (for obvious reason).
…can be played in several ways. (No Knockouts, Fiberwire Only, and Sniper Assassin runs are possible.)


Halloween agent myers
Contract Id 3 22 1552764 58
Platform xbox
Whittleton creek
Michael myers always this intense wI’ll leave even yourself spooked
It is creepy and definitely fits in with the ghost mode like style

Name: The Man from the Bathroom Mirror
ID: 1-08-8376716-15
Platform: Pc
Location: Bangkok
Briefing: Hmmm… Ghosts… Bathrooms… A Hotel… This highly defines Ghost Busting
Description / Why it should be featured: It was fun to make, so it should be fun to play. Also it fits the theme. Because in the HD Remasters of Hitman: Contracts, if you kill “The Man in the Bathroom Mirror”, you get the “Ghost Buster” achievement. So it revolves around Hotel Bathrooms.

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I like the use of the ghost busters quote


Name of Contract: Revenge of the Shaman
Contract ID: 3-12-7325717-04
Platform: Xbox
Location: Santa Fortuna
Description/Briefing: Many years ago, the Taita was told About an ancient ritual to achieve immortality by legendary treasue hunter Blake Nathaniel, but actually he never dared to perform the ritual. Now it’s your time to fulfill his Destiny!
Why the contract should be featured:

  • Lore wise when creating the contract I thought of Maya and Atztec religions where ghosts as well as rituals and sacrifices had a strong place

  • Gameplay wise the tartgets only, hide all bodies and no recordings complications together contribute to the ghost feeling leaving no traces behind

  • the targets are scattered around the map and are fairly easy to kill if you dont go for SA so its not that hard for beginners, while going for SA requiers timing skills as well as moving patterns, story and map knowledge so its much more of a challenge of being a ghost

If you decide to feature this contract you might let somebody re-read the briefing and check it for spelling mistakes as english is not my first language :sweat_smile:

Contract: Ghost of Isle of Sgàil
Contract ID: 2-21-0282020-54
Platform: PS4
Location: Isle of Sgàil
Weapon Needed: Piton

Why pick this one?

  • Location, Haunted looking castle
  • A contract were a guy wearing Burial Robes runs around killing people with weapons like the Piton and the Burial Dagger. Kinda spooky
  • I’ll believe this contract got a pretty balanced difficulty. Considering that I didn’t add too many complications I can safely say that this is not my hardest contract, but not my easiest either, basically a contract with a lot of freedom and room for exploration. However, it still got it fair share of challenges as well. Figuring out how to get the Burial Robe/Dagger without getting killed, then kill 3 targets right after can be challenging… It’s entirely up to the player I guess.
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Name of Contract
Contract ID
Contract ID 3-12-5032576-86
His amigos still live while he rots away on some dirty mattress in the sweltering Columbian heat. Become the ghost of vengeance and reunite the band in the afterlife.
Why the contract should be featured
Pun/Word Play: Check
Challenging: Check
I think the Drummer got a raw deal, and his so called Amigos didn’t even bother to check on him theirselves. They just staggered off to the stage without thinking of him once. I say he is entitled to some reparation. So I made this contract and even snuck in the wordplay Hitman is so famous for in their challenges.

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Ghost trail in Mumbai | By Alisa Fox

Contract ID: 1-13-6089415-97
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai, India
Description/Briefing: In a the photo.
Why the contract should be featured:

I believe that my contract should be recommended because it fits the subject. Its name and description fits the topic.

The targets of this contract have no conditions for the murder, you can kill the targets in any way you like.

I hope you liked the poem that I personally wrote for you.

This contract is not too complicated, and not too easy. For professionals, it will be simple, and for ordinary players a bit complicated.

I just did not get into the “Featured” box, and I hope that at least one of my contracts will appeal to the community.

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No, no time limited contracts in Featured.
This kills fun and freedom

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Name of Contract: Best Served Cold
Contract ID: 1-10-0189806-14
Platform: PC
Location: Hokkaido
Description/Briefing: Four security guards at the GAMA Hospital died today in a series of horrific accidents. But was there something more to it? Some say that the spirits of the dead still linger in this place, their earthly business unfinished. Could they have extracted vengeance from beyond the grave? Who can truly say?
Why the contract should be featured: Targets are to be eliminated via seemingly natural, but disturbingly coincidental accidents. This fits a narrative of them perhaps being killed off by a vengeful spirit. And where else is better to find ghosts than a hospital with a morgue?

I take it you didn’t enjoy “five minute fiasco” the same as I did :frowning:
To each their own.

@misterkiller the 5 minute fiasco is one of this months featured contracts.

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I don’t know what it is.
I don’t play time limited contracts at all. Well, only if limit more than 10 minutes, not less.
Featured Contracts are for everybody in the game and should fit everyone.
They should have balance and freedom. Take a look at the forum. More than a half of active users hate restictions and limitations.
Take a look at past Featured. Non of them are time limited

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In case you wanted to be original: Having a 4:20 time limit was already a thing in the 2016 game featured contract “The Green Revolution”. Was also Sapienza.

From screenshot I see that time limit is optional, so you can take your time figuring it out.

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