Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - AUGUST

Hello again everybody! I know a lot of you probably will be busy playing the new Sniper Assassin Map these coming days, but we need your help! :slight_smile:

As a new month is just around the corner we’re inviting you to submit your own created contracts based on this month’s theme. Last month’s theme was “TONE DEATH”, and as always - there were so many awesome “loud” submissions, thanks to all who submitted! :heart:

Now! Inspired by our monthly theme of Social Chameleon, we’re setting this month’s theme as ‘COSPLAY KARMA’

However you interpret that to create your missions, is all up to you.

Submit your contracts using this format:

Name of Contract
Contract ID
Why the contract should be featured

Submissions close at 9 am CEST on August 12 - 2019 :smiley:

Good luck everybody - I can’t wait to see how you crack this one!

PS: If you’re new to creating Contracts, and need some help - Urben made this awesome guide: Contract Creation Guide :slight_smile:


Wow this is a much better theme than last month. I’ll put up three submissions when the servers go back up!

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I have a contract in mind for this

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Info is probably out there somewhere, but couldn’t find it. Will the next batch have 10 contracts again?

Welcome back, Clemens!

EDIT: The most recent update has changed Miami so all targets will now only go to a trash bin if poisoned, making this contract much much harder and annoying. If this is not rectified by cutoff date then DO NOT feature this contract.

Contract Info

Name of Contract: What Goes In…
Contract ID: 1-11-7974074-52
Platform: PC
Location Miami

Become a food server and drown four troublesome people. There are three methods to deal with each target, but the most obvious one is to give them poisoned food. But be aware of a couple challenges thrown your way… if you want to poison all their food, how will you have enough poison? How can one specific target be lured to the food? And what about NPCs who use the toilet you may drown people in? And what about the hilarity of getting multiple people with the same toilet? Or poisoning three or more at the exact same time?
Why the contract should be featured This contract involves you taking the place of a food server and doing their job (sort of). Or you can be a food server but stalk and lure your targets rather than doing your job; either way it requires you to get into the role :wink:
And the briefing is about the karma of toilet drowning people who complained about the food and facilities, but that’s more of a bonus


Name of Contract: Faulty Formula
Contract ID: 3-11-4079470-65
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Miami

**Why this Contract Should be Featured: this is a very unique contract because it takes very specific methods to get to each target and to eliminate them, it might not be the most open ended contract, but it’s very good for speedruns and has really creative kill methods and one of the best briefings I’ve written. It also provides some challenge with the no pacifications complication and a complication that prevent you from destroying cameras with your pistol. It’s challenging, but not unreasonable and is very satisfying when you complete it!


Name of Contract: God I Hate Their Stupid Hats So Much
Contract ID: 1-08-9017221-08
Platform: PC
Location: Bangkok

47, these security guards have refused to follow uniform standards and are insisting on wearing their dumb sailor hats instead of those cool and awesome helmets with the spike on top that every other guard is wearing. The Himmapan Hotel has asked us to see to it that these three men are terminated. Good hunting.

Why the contract should be featured: This contract is simple, but not easy. Two of the targets are static, which is why the kill condition is “Any Method”, allowing the player more options to complete the contract. It is possible to get silent assassin with the default loadout. It is also possible to complete this suit only. Finally, these targets are getting karma for their stupid fashion choices, which relates to the theme.


Name of Contract: Glitch in the System
Contract ID: 1-12-7468698-14
Platform: PC
Location: Santa Fortuna
I hear it’s amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 47!

…Infiltrate…the enemy fortress…Delgado Heaven!
…Destroy…the final weapon…Carlomagno Y??E Pacheco!


Why the contract should be featured: This contract might be a bit controversial given it revolves around an interesting small bug I found a while ago, but seeing as IOI are ‘cool devz’ and all that, I thought I might give it a shot. It’s not a particularly difficult contract to finish (though it might be harder if you want to do it Silent Assassin) and the objective is simple - get the Shaman disguise, get the machete and kill two targets. Now, here’s where the bug comes in. One of the target’s name is Carlomagno Yáñez Pacheco. The other target’s name is Carlomagno Y??ez Pacheco. Not only are the names essentially the same (and one target is female, while the other is male), the other name is, obviously, buggy. Hence the name - Glitch in the System.

I also thought it would be fitting to make the briefing a homage / blatant copy of some of the more famous lines of Metal Gear Solid 2 - a fellow stellar stealth game. And in the end, the contract also fits the theme of Cosplay Karma rather well, I’d say. Shaman is ridding the world of evil (and someone with the name of Y??Ez must be some sort of devil) using a machete (fitting weapon for Columbia). Plus it’s gonna be Metal Gear Solid 3’s 15 year anniversary this year in November. Even more fitting!


Contract Name: Lynch Mob

Contract ID: 3-06-0848619-76

Platform: Xbox One

Location: Marrakesh (A Gilded Cage)

Description/Briefing: Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered and so in the streets of Marrakesh where a riot is creating monsters it turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order - and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order. You see, freedom has a way of destroying things. I’ll leave you to prepare.

Why The Contract Should Be Featured: As a way to have a little fun with this theme Cosplay Karma I decided to go utilize the Anniversary Suit. With that, I decided to make a contract based off of Lynch from Kane & Lynch in which you embrace the (in @Travis_IOI own words) “impulsive, reckless, and self-medicated psychopath” that Lynch is. The location was chosen solely because of the Riot that happens during set mission alongside that I wanted to display both parties being affected alongside civilian casualties hence my selection of Targets. My choice of kill methods focuses on the chaotic nature of destruction and riots with the use of fire, explosions and of course weapons. To tie a nice little ribbon on my contract the only gun kill method is a subtle easter egg to when we last saw Lynch in Absolution where he was using a shotgun shooting at gnomes or in this case a soldier. I used one complication which was Perfect Shooter. With that, this contract creating it had one goal in mind and that was to acknowledge another IO Interactive title and to celebrate the Developer as a whole.


Name of Contract: A Mission From God
Contract ID: 2-03-3652396-37
Platform: PS4
Location: Sapienza

Why the contract should be featured:

  1. I think this contract matches the theme of “Cosplay Karma”.

  2. It’s not the most difficult contract, but it’s also not the easiest contract.

  3. It’s literally a mission from God


Name of Contract: Corrupt Cleaning
Contract ID: 3-24-9366342-65
Platform: Xbox One
Location: New York

Why This Contract Should Be Featured: Corrupt Cleaning provides a good challenge with a hide all bodies complication. All targets provide some challenge to take out silent assassin but the real challenge comes from having to dispose of all of them. This means that the contract is all about precise timing and isolation. It also fits the themes as 47 is cosplaying as a janitor to make his mission a “clean” execution.


Name of Contract: The Futo Suit Domination
Contract ID: 1-03-5191184-37
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza

47, an evil Ninja Spirit has escaped from an old 1980s VHS tape and possessed your Futo suit. It seeks to rid the world of golf playing yuppies and their bodyguards. Why? Well, why not!?

Eliminate the targets before all the guards in Sapienza rush in to riddle your body with bullets and you have to bestow the Futo suit to someone else. Like an attractive aerobics instructor.

Have fun, Agent.

Why the contract should be featured: Futo Suit! I’ve had this idea for several months and was waiting for this suit to become available so I could finally make this contract. It’s referencing this…


How it relates to the theme: Cosplaying as a Ninja (assuming those that play have access to the Futo suit).
Karma: That sweater draped polo? Need I say more?

FYI: I’ve got an identical contract but I misspelled Futo as “Futa”. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Recommended Starting Location:
Ruins: for Roleplaying purposes.
ICA Safehouse for more speed or about 1/2 the time.

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:joy::joy: Oh Internet what have you done to me


Maybe I can flag it (my own contract) for inappropriate language. :thinking:


Name of Contract: Wabbit Wampage
Contract ID: 2-24-7052296-72
Platform: PS4
Location: New York

Why the contract should be featured: This Contract fits perfectly into the month’s theme. A mission where 47 is cosplaying Bugs Bunny and using loud weapons to take down the targets, combined with the briefing that hopefully gets a chuckle out of some people, is just funny to me. It also uses New York which is good as it and the novelty disguises are both severely under-utilised in Featured Contracts


Name Of Contract: Departed: Blake’s Misfortune
Contract ID: 2-21-3900293-80
Platform: PS4
Location: Isle of Sgail

Description/Briefing: Our client, operating under the pseudonym Francis Drake, has claimed that legendary treasure hunter Blake Nathaniel has not only stolen his persona, but also several objects of interest from his previous adventures. These items include a golden idol, an ancient dagger, and a piece of jewelry with the inscription “Sic Parvis Magna”. He was aided by a war criminal who owns a private militia as well as the powerful leader of an ancient order. Collect the items and eliminate the targets with them.

Why The Contract Should Be Featured: Who wouldn’t want to cosplay as their favorite adventure hero! If you haven’t figured it out yet this contract is themed after the Uncharted series, where Blake gets his namesake. The cosplay aspect would be either you cosplaying as the treasure hunter (as all kills are using his outfit) or you could consider Blake cosplaying Drake, either way it fits. The items are references to key items in the games, the idol is El Dorado from the first game, the dagger is the phurba from the second game, and the necklace is a reference to the ring drake wears around his neck that plays a bigger role in the third game. The targets are also based on the games, Earl Cox is supposed to represent Lezaravic(Antagonist of U2), and looks the part! Catherine (Totally Coincidentally Named btw) is representing Katherine Marlowe (Antagonist of U3), as the leader of a secret society it’s a perfect fit.

Obviously I couldn’t require you to knock out Blake with the idol but making you take his disguise first means you do at least have to knock him out. Similarly getting the necklace is (probably fortunately) not required, as any wire will do. I think the contract works well as it takes place in a confined area but requires some trespassing and has a variety of kill conditions and items needed. I think even without knowing Uncharted the treasure hunting theme makes it fun. I was going to add Uncharted 4 too with a Pirate Cutlass kill, but I think it made the contract a bit too much.


Name of Contract Follow the Leader
Contract ID 1-12-6204355-52
Platform PC
Location Santa Fortuna, Three-Headed Serpent
Description/Briefing (Briefing in Picture) Dress as the Shaman so villagers (targets) follow you… to their doom!
Why the contract should be featured In this contract you’re cosplaying as the Shaman, and the briefing covers the ‘karma’ aspect. Most importantly, this contract has a unique gameplay feature; if you dress as the Shaman then the villagers follow you around, this makes for a fun contract where you have to figure out where to take them, while also dealing with stragglers (non-targets) who follow you. The good news is since the SA rules changed this contract is much less annoying than when I first made it and they weren’t allowed to see each others bodies, but now you can mow them down with a machine gun and still get SA if you play your cards right!

If you feature this contract, it will be the only one which makes use of the ‘follow the shaman’ mechanic to get the mission done; you guys programmed it, let’s give it some love!

And just for PEA: 2-12-8112260-15


Lol I remember the first time this happened to me. I was trying to KO somebody but all these random people were following me it sort of drove me crazy