Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - AUGUST

First post and first submission! Hello fellow Hitmen!

Name of Contract
The Best Disguise of them All

Contract ID



They mock your outfit.

They steal your style.

They demand you to conform.

You will not. You will be the prettiest, the most flamboyant, the…deadliest…bird around.

Why the contract should be featured
Cosplay is all about creating an outfit that stuns and amazes people. This contract features one of the most unique outfits in the Hitman series, the Flamingo Mascot. And with the theme of Cosplay Karma, the characters in this contract are either not the REAL Flamingo or they insult and belittle you through their dialogue. They do not understand true cosplay, and they WILL get what’s coming to them.

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I know it’s minor but you can screenshot on Xbox and download the pictures on the Smartglass app.

I think I’ll start doing this from now on. You mean the Xbox app for iPhone?
Edit: yes they are actually the same thing

Xbox App is smart glass

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Why can’t I get online the hitman 2 after this update?

Please check the server status for your platform, and you should post this issue in this thread instead:


Hello guys! Long time lurker on this forum. Always wanted to make an account, and this month’s theme was reason enough!
Since the theme is “Cosplay Karma”, I wanted to make a contract that was lightly inspired by one of cinema’s best chameleon: The Thing.

Name of Contract KOTO
Contract ID 1-10-0098183-32
Platform PC
Location Hokkaido
Description/Briefing Before destroying the Ether Virus in Sapienza, the ICA discovered a new strain in their R&D Labs. This virus, nicknamed “KOTO”, perfectly mimicks the appearance and actions of an individual. Seeing as this virus poses no immediate threat in wiping out mankind, and is remarkable in its use as a clandestine killer, the ICA will be testing it out on a contract. The contract in question tasks it in eliminating a set of targets in Hokkaido known to be rivals to Ether. Ironic.
Why the contract should be featured I wanted to give a feeling that the virus is evolving during this contract. Perfectly mimicking the targets you kill, going higher and higher up in rank, thus blending in like a “Social Chameleon”.
The first kill is suit only, while using fiber wire. You might ask “But 47 is already the perfect being”, well I wanted to think that this first kill is more of a characterization of the virus: lethal and invisible. Huh, come to think of it, that’s pretty much Agent 47.
2nd kill makes use of this virus’ ability of copying an individual’s appearance. You will be killing a target using a tool the Handyman would have used (a screwdriver). The 2nd target is also listening to music, seeing as vibrations harm the virus, Lowell Aucoin must go.
Since you see the Resort Staff moving and handling things throughout this level, the 3rd kill will be made by breaking the target’s neck.
4th kill shows the precision of a (morgue) doctor, so use that scalpel!
For the 5th kill, I wanted to draw a parallel to the usage of fire in “The Thing”. Yamazaki’s not going to expect this betrayal!
The mission has a large number of complications to show how efficient the virus is: no bodies can be found, headshots only, perfect shooter, no pacifications, and you can’t be spotted by cameras.
That was my thinking behind the theme and methods of killing the targets for this contract! Hope you guys enjoy this mission!


Why four contracts? When they ask one. :thinking:

When you create more than one you think should be featured, you post them all.

Just like you did in June and April as well. :wink:

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But I want to choose and like only one of them.:slightly_smiling_face:

Just like it and do a post why you liked one of the contracts. :slight_smile:

Name of Contract: The Haunting of Villa Caruso
Contract ID: 1-03-4843112-64
Platform: PC
"We’re fast-tracking you to Italy, 47. This is urgent.

Our mole at Caruso’s mansion has informed us that certain staff at the mansion have obtained video footage of one of your past assassination contracts. We don’t know exactly how this happened; in any case, it’s likely your fault.

We’re sending you back to Sapienza so you can eliminate the two men and tie up the remaining loose ends to an otherwise forgotten contract.

Oh, and please make sure you don’t get caught a second time."

Why the contract should be featured:
It’s a homage to one of the best missions in the franchise and features a complication - not a frustrating one, it’s mainly just there for the sake of story.

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Here’s my second contract for the month.

Name of Contract: The Fall of Reynard’s Security
Contract ID: 1-20-9247746-14
Platform: PC
Location: Hawke’s Bay
we’ve got a new assignment for you. We’ve learned that Alma Reynard plans to blackmail an employee of one Rupert Piece into tossing him from the rooftop to his death. While this is not something that we should stop, we’ve been paid to discourage Reynard from similar future endeavours by letting her know she’s being watched. As such, your targets are three top members of Reynard’s security detail; they’re ought to be disposed by fall accident without disturbing other security men IN ANY WAY.

Why the contract should be featured: Now that we have access to Hawke’s Bay in Contracts mode, I think it was given at least one contract based on the map would appear. That said, arguably, the map is rather small and easy, this is why I chose to make the contract harder than anything I’ve done before. It’s not impossible or EXTREMELY hard, but it takes patience, skill and strategy. Something I think is “passable” in case of such a smaller map where absence of saving shouldn’t create too much of a problems. What makes the contract difficult is that all three targets must be eliminated by a fall accident without ANYONE being subdued (not even the targets) and all while in suit only. Based on previous feedback from several vocal members of the community, I opted to make the suit only complication forced but made the no-subduing complication optional so that there’s room for experimenting and those who find it too hard to complete could still finish it regardless, even though they’d void their Silent Assassin rating.

That said, I think it also fits the cosplay karma theme. While the “cosplay” part isn’t exactly all there (seeing as the only choice of disguise in Hawke’s Bay is either suit or guard outfit [and guard outfit would make the contract much easier]), I think the “karma” part fits really nicely and I tried to explain why in the briefing.


Name of Contract: Picture This
Contract ID: 2-11-4202068-91
Platform: PS4
Location: Miami
Description/Briefing: Cosplay needs a photographer and you want that person to be you. Eliminate some of the competition.
Why the contract should be featured:
It’s a pretty open contract since although the contracts are fairly spread out, there’s means of getting the journalist disguise near all of them so starting location can be varies. The any method allows for multiple approaches and there’s decent accident kill set ups for at least 3 of the targets. It puts focus on a disguise that I’m not sure if used quite often in the main mission, perhaps that’s just me. Also, finishing the race changes up 2 of the targets locations which could be interesting for runs.


Name of Contract: All dressed to kill
Contract ID: 2-03-0690766-54
Platform: PS4
Description: After a trip to Marrakech a fortune teller was forced to read a nonsensical fortune to five bodyguards at gun point to ruin his record. He has now contracted the ICA with the hopes that you can furfill his prophecy all the while getting revenge on those same guards.

Why the contract should be featured: I focused the contract around the idea of using several unique disguises in Sapienza which I never tend to wear since their use is extremely limited in the main mission by only granting access to areas most would ignore. I also wanted all of the targets to be within eye sight of each other to see how players will distract or separate the guards to eliminate them one at a time with the corresponding disguise.

While I’m not opposed to complication focused contacts, I wanted to create one which anyone can enjoy regardless of skill and can be completed however the player wants, but still gives a moderate challenge if the player is going for the SA and requires some planning and thought without failing you if you make a mistake. I hope the story of the contract conveys the “Karma” part of the theme while the actual mission plays on the idea of cosplay since I thought long and hard about how to properly interpret this narrative and I hope you can see that when you playthrough this.

Name of the contract: Piloto lucense.
Location:Hokkaido(Sitúa Inversus).
Why the contract should be featured:This contract is pretending to be not only hard even creative, the contract It is ironic due to you are a pilot who is trowing people from a higth place which is the last thing you spect from a pilot.
In a first look you can think that is east, but the conditions make this contract hard like NoKo or not get spotted.
It is thougth for advanced player who knows the basic tricks of Hitman or people who want to try a challenge but not to hard.
Sorra for my english.

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My last submission for this month before I jet off to St. Moritz, Good Luck all with your submissions.
Title: The Glasshouse
Platform: PS4
ID: 2-10-9591602-82
Location: Hokkaido

Briefing: In the screenshot

Why this contract should be featured: Because if you play you will like it :slight_smile: On a serious note This should satisfy everyone’s palette, though there are some forced complications. I wanted to put some complications around disguise but don’t want to deprive @Euler13 from SO run :slight_smile: if it gets featured.


Name: Suicide Sweater.
Platform: PC
ID: 1-24-3766701-49
Why this contract should be featured:
Cosplay as I understand it is pretending to be someone who doesn’t really exist by copying their outfit and mannerisms… so, what if the upset unique sweater guy gets eliminated by the upset unique sweater guy - who doesn’t really exist either, but pretends to do so… is that even possible? Would that be revenge? Would that be suicide? Or is it… cosplay? And how does it affect Karma? Accidents are okay for Karma, aren’t they? Does Karma reset on waking up after passing out?
So many questions. Featuring this contract will answer them all.


But there isn’t even one worthwhile in there.

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Name of Contract: Three Strikes And You’re Out

Contract ID: 2-10-7688702-43

Platform: - PS4

Location: Hokkaido


The GAMA Private Hospital has a very strict anti-baseball policy. Patients are turned down at the door if they are fans of the sport, and employees face termination.

Our client, a closet bat-and-ball game enthusiast, wants the men enforcing this policy eliminated. Knock this one out of the ballpark, 47.

Why the contract should be featured

The baseball disguise is often forgotten about and needs love. It follows the theme of the month by having the player dress up in a costume (Oh really :face_with_monocle:). As a hostile everywhere disguise, getting around in the baseball player disguise can be challenging, especially when you’re not allowed to knock anyone out.

Any Method allows players some degree of freedom to experiment with their own methods of reaching and killing the targets once they get the disguise. The targets aren’t in an absurdly difficult place to reach with the mandated disguise, but there’s that pesky No Pacifications complication again.

You’re not a real baseball fan if you don’t feature this contract smh