Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - AUGUST

Name of Contract: Super Mario Brothers.
Contract ID: 2-03-8520366-26.
Platform: PlayStation 4.
Location: Sapienza, Italy (World of Tomorrow).

Kill mushroom dealers as fake versions of two eponymous Italian-American plumbers.

Why the contract should be featured:
Although used in multiple contracts this year, these disguises were highly used in 2016’s game for contracts mode much more. I’m not disregarding anyone else’s contracts with the plumber disguise, it’s just I’ve utilised it in a way that it seems much more appealing and fits the theme quite well…


Hello everyone! This is a post that you will skip!

Name of contract Vegetable tango
Contract ID 2-12-9529866-14
Platform PS4
Location Santa-Fortuna
Briefing on photo :slightly_smiling_face:
Why this contract should be featured
First, let’s talk about the gameplay! I never knew how to make a good gameplay, I did contracts, as I can so speak, featuring the theme. Then I saw that more than 50% of contracts were without subject and started to make a contract in advance… An idea came to me while I was listening to the song Vegetables tango (Овощное танго). I thought “Hmmmmm, what a great strange idea for which no one will vote!” EXCELLENT. I sat down on a blue sofa and spent an hour searching for interesting, not complicated (well, this will be another one not too much difficult featured contract) and not easy goals. I found them. My first walkthrough was on SA, to see if it was possible to get through. As I realized, it was possible. I made a contract not for running on SA and lined photos of goals up in way to confuse players. I really do not like to run fast through featured contracts, but many of players run fast, so I added some complications. When I read that OPTIONAl complication is a plus (I hope you understood me), I was surprised, like, if you are lazy, run through a contract without fulfillment of those complications. In my contract I added just one main complication so it wouldn’t be too easy. And I’m think that many players will not like it.

Okay, let’s talk about my contract. Mostly you will run around Santa Fortune trying to solve a light puzzle, and if you want you can go through without any equipment. Two goals stand still, the third goal drinks, and the fourth is a musician close to a generator. It means that you have no reason to run further than the main square. Complications are not so complicate to make a gameplay more complicated. And now I will say about a phrase which often became a reason to make a contract be featured: “this contract is suitable for speedrunners”. Oh. Speedrunners love difficult contracts and therefore the goals in such contracts should be close, but I think it shouldn’t be so. If it’s a contract for speedrunners, there should be complications influencing the gameplay (like “all the bodies need to be hidden”) and the goals should be in different corners of the map. I made a contract “Fall in sleep”, there naturally goals were in different corners and SANY-72Q was able to unite them, so there weren’t a necessity to run too much. In my new contract all goals are nearby, and each of them is easy to be killed, but this contract is not complicated and therefore not for speedranners. This contract can be completed on SA, even in 6 minutes of quiet play, but not everyone can find that very method. Due to the fact that it’s impossible to make “save in” in contracts, I find it strange to create contracts for more than 10 minutes. Contracts should be easy to get through, but to replaying… But there is no need to spend more than 10 minutes (unless of course you play on my route) and no need to run fast through.

Although this contract was created in advance, it’s rather vaguely similar to the theme of this month, because in it you will have to change the disguises often enough, and Amaranto may reveal you in the wrong disguise.

Most of my contracts are always wrapped up in a beautiful cover. In this contract I tried to reach the absolute by adding intel for one of the goals. It seems strange to me to talk about the wrapper for a long time, for example, there is Kevin Rudd, who has very cool-looking contracts so you just want to like them. I’ve said a lot of controversial, but it all is just my opinion. Sorry for taking your time…


How do you do screenshots like that on console? I can’t seem to make any good ones

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Photo I create on PC. I have PC and console)

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Is that target bio actually in the game or did you make that yourself?

Aw, f**k haha

This text will be blurred

I made in Photoshop :grin:

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Name of Contract: The Machiavellian
Contract ID: 3-08-5749296-93
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Bangkok
Briefing: (View image above)
Why this contract should be featured: This contract contains a single target, but two different kill conditions. The first being that he must be eliminated using a fiber wire, and the second being that the played must be disguised as the Stalker.

I feel like most disguises could qualify as cosplaying, personally. However, I also think I should state some backstory, or at least, one some that I had in mind but couldn’t quite fit into the briefing. Benjamin’s Bertram is, along with being a stalker, a nosey neighbor that resided next to the client’s house. Bertram would consistently poke around, getting his nose in things that don’t concern him. Finally, the client had enough, and although she didn’t want him dead, she did want to treat him a lesson of sorts for his antics. One day, sneaking into his house, the client discovered that Bertram cosplayed on the main instruments of the Class, recorded he and his friends pretending to be the band, and keep it to themselves. Knowing this, and upon learning that Vlad Volodin has gone to Bangkok, or rather, the Himmapan Hotel, the same place Jordan Cross and co. checked in some days earlier. Deviously, the client incorporated Bertram into the contract so that he may leave her life for good, while also leaking the location of the band to only Bertram so that he may visit them.

And so, the client requests that upon eliminating Volodin, 47 cosplays as the Class’s number one stalker, and frame him when strangling dear Vlad.



Contract I made a few months ago, that I think is well suited for this theme! :slight_smile:

Name of Contract: The Shady Sheikh
Contract ID: 1-02-3416262-82
Platform: PC
Location: Paris

Good afternoon, 47.

Our client has a peculiar request for this one, they want the target to think their twin brother killed them. It’s not our place to question our employer’s whims, just get it done.

Target: Sheikh Salman al Ghazali
Disguise: Sheikh Salman al Ghazali
Method: Fiber Wire

Why this contract should be featured:
It fits the theme very well: you’re “cosplaying” the target’s twin brother for dramatic effect. I also think it’s an interesting contract that can teach players some new tricks, the contract is pretty easy but it requires some trickery to SA, which has only been available since the May update.
To garrote the target, they have to be walking around, but to get their disguise, you have to pacify them first. The trick is to sedate them, take the disguise, have the body be found so the Sheikh is woken up, then garrote them. Sedative poison doesn’t void the SA.


Name of Contract: The Art of Distraction
Contract ID: 1-10-0458033-52
Platform: PC
Location Hokkaido, Situs Inversus
Description/Briefing: (Briefing Attached) Dress as a ninja and infiltrate the facility, kill Amos Dexter, then sneak out.
Why the contract should be featured Nothing screams ‘cosplay’ more than a white dude dressing up as a ninja and running around with a blade. Amos is a belligerent to the Japanese staff, so killing him while dressed as a ninja is karma, even better if the player uses either Katana or Tanto for the kill.

To me this is a pretty good contract; the fact you have to start as ninja if you want objectives completed means the kill itself is only part of the contract; the infiltration and exit need to have just as much thought put into them (If not more). Already I’ve seen like 5 different routes… will you sneak into his room and wait for him? Will you do it in a corridor and risk being caught? Can you lure him to a secluded area? I’ve also seen people making use of so many items which don’t usually get as much attention, like flash grenades, fire alarms, loud explosives, so it would be nice to have a contract which makes use of the different distraction techniques at the player’s disposal, not many H2 Featured Contracts so far have relied on a high level of distraction techniques

And for PEA: 2-10-7007766-11


Name of Contract: Vatican Privilege
Contract ID: 1-04-0325165-95
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza (Landslide)
The laws of God shall trump the laws of Man. Strike not a true son of the faith, and bring righteous wrath upon that most hideous of Satan’s creatures - the Lawyer.
Why the contract should be featured:
it really shouldn’t be featured, let alone played, but it features a priest disguise and karma is a religious concept. the cosplay part is dressing up as the priest. the karma part is you can’t hurt the priest.

if you thought food contracts were bad… sup


How many more do you have to submit, Kev? :joy:

Those are the only 3 existing contracts I had which fit. Still got nothing on that guy who submitted 7 last month, and at least mine are actually good!



Cosplay Karma, eh? Cosplay means disguise, all right. But karma… either something good or something bad happens to someone because of that disguise. And since it’s a game about assassinations, it should focus on NPC rather than you. Not many of them wear disguise or change clothes… But there is one I can work with:

Name of the Contract: Providence Assignment - Keeping secrets
Contract ID: 1-11-2206476-33
Platform: PC
Location: Miami

We got an information, that someone managed to get some dirt on Providence and is planning to use it against us. He’s got what’s coming for him. He was contacting someone else, so make sure it looks like accident. We don’t want his friend to get suspicious, before we find him.
Why this contract should be featured: It shouldn’t. Way too easy.

And I might as well post rest of the series. Just don’t choose Colorado. I don’t want to be lynched.

Name of the Contract: Providence Assignment - Tying loose ends
Contract ID: 1-02-9926739-33
Platform: PC
Location: Paris

Some journalists stick their nose where they shouldn’t. Eliminate them and everyone helping them, before they learn about our auctions.
Why this contract should be featured: Still too easy, but at least there are multiple approaches here.

Name of the Contract: Providence Assignment - Staying Sharp
Contract ID: 1-03-7354357-33
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza (Daytime)

We need mr. Caruzo’s research completed as soon as possible. Make sure everyone stays loyal and focused on the job.
Why this contract should be featured: Targets separated by a long distance that might test your routing skills?

Name of the Contract: Providence Assignment - Blown cover
Contract ID: 1-09-7306693-33
Platform: PC
Location: Colorado

One of our agent got caught and is being interrogated. He’s of no use for us anymore. Dispose of him and anyone who could have learned anything from him.
Why this contract should be featured: No, seriously. Don’t.


Title: The secret in their Eyes
Platform: PS4
ID: 2-02-2472165-82

Briefing: Agent 47, Looks like the deal between Novikov and Ghazali is off because Dalia Margolis got some intel on Kurt Donovan, which suggests Donovan is actually Ghazali’s man friday and they are planning to sabotage fashion show and the auction. Novikov wants us to get rid of them including their three stooges.

Why this contract should be featured: Agent 47 is cosplaying his favorite character Hitman therefore he has to stick to the suit disguise only. This contract offers good challenge for different play styles i.e. casual to professional.There are 2 possible starting location for suit only and might be bit daunting for players, who have not done suit only run in this location. But overall I believe its a fun and challenging contract for all types of players.


Name of Contract: Knife Juggling
Contract ID: 1-08-0024626-95
Platform: PC
Location: Bangkok
Yes, I am well aware that the cake topper is missing, but can’t it wait? We’re tremendously busrrrkkk *japan sword noises *
Why the contract should be featured:
Weapon smuggling contract. Take the katana from Dexy’s room all the way to the kitchen and then kill the head chef. Choose your cosplay carefully, because the recording crew isn’t allowed to have weapons and the hotel guard isn’t allowed in the recording studio.


That is highly debatable


You’re highly debatable


Well lets just have a look then.

1st one, drowning kills are meh

2nd one, the forced starting location and the jogging towards the village gets tedious real fast

3rd one, same concept as the bangkok one, and has also been done a shitton of times already

When you self proclaim your own contracts as actually good, don’t be suprised to hear a countering voice.

And like last time, no need to get defensive just because some people don’t like your contracts.