Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - February 2020!

Hello everybody - it’s Contracts time again, and we need you!

For this second batch of contracts for 2020, we’re going with a loveable theme. Because February features the highly anticipated - Valentine’s Day :heartbeat:

Therefore we set the February Featured Contracts theme as: LOST LOVE.

As always, however you interpret that to create your missions, is all up to you.

If you’re up for this loving challenge, submit your contracts using this format:

Name of Contract

Contract ID




Why the contract should be featured

Submissions close at 9 am CET on February 3 - 2020 :smiley:

Have fun, and good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Name of Contract: Past Passion
Contract ID: 2-10-7116434-07
Platform: PS4
Location: Hokkaido

The Hospital Director used to love baseball as a child. But his father made him give up playing so he could focus on studying.

That was many years ago and the director has settled into his life of mundanity. It’s up to you to reignited his lost love of the game one final time.


Not too hard, but not easy either :wink:

Why the contract should be featured

  • Who says love has to be romantic? Or even between people?
  • It’s based on an old contract of mine called ‘Hokkaido Fastball’ that people quite liked
  • It’s an underutilized disguise (because of its permanent hostile nature)
  • The contract has a clear goal, the interesting way is how you go about it

What?!This is less than a week!Can’t you show more love to the contract creators?:innocent:
@47_Agent Here is the official thread for featured contracts this month.


I think a week is fairly enough.
Other question that they haven’t fixed time window.
One month they give us three weeks for submitions, other month they give us a week.
This is not good, I think. It should be fixed time frame each month


This is what I am talking about.I think this is the shortest time frame for featured contracts in HITMAN 2.


Thank YOU VERY MUUUUUUSH​:heart::kissing_heart:


Name of Contract: Bound By Blood
Contract ID: 1-02-8368687-14
Platform: PC
Location: Paris (The Showstopper)

Legend has it that the Palais de Walewska’s first owners, the Baron and his wife, were vampires. They lived together happily in their immortality until one day, the vampiress disappeared.

Supposedly the heartbroken Baron still dwells within the palace walls; eternally awaiting his lover’s return.

Several pale-faced women have arrived at the palace. Could she be among them?

Her appearance has likely changed in their centuries apart, so the Baron must identify her by the scent of her blood… "

Why the contract should be featured:

  • It fits the theme of “Lost Love” pretty well. The story of the contract is centered around a legend about a vampire searching for his missing bride. Additionally, I think the idea is rather unique.

  • The contract utilizes an underused disguise: the Vampire Magician disguise. It has limited uses in The Showstopper due to it having even less access than the suit, making it a straight downgrade. It is therefore nice to put it to use for something.

  • The disguise’s shortcomings will hopefully be able to create an engaging challenge as players will be forced to enter trespassing zones to reach their targets; testing their abilities to remain undetected.

  • Any melee weapon is valid for eliminating the targets. Players can use items in the environment or smuggle in their own if they prefer. Additionally, the targets can all be found relatively near to lethal melee weapons, so there shouldn’t be any annoying item hunting. The necessity for melee eliminations is to prevent players from engaging the targets remotely; forcing them to traverse through trespassing zones.

  • There are no complications besides a required exit (that exit being the basement) since I didn’t feel any of the others would add anything worthwhile. I added the required exit for two reasons. Firstly, from a gameplay perspective, it forces the player to traverse most areas of the map since they will pick up the disguise in the attic, move down through the second floor, engage the targets on the first/ground floor, then exit through the basement. It will therefore test their skills to remain undetected in several different environments. Secondly, from a thematic perspective, it makes sense to exit through the dark cellar. The Vampire has failed to find his wife and thus, he retreats back into the darkness. The other exits would not have allowed this effect.

  • The targets are relatively close together so as to avoid annoying treks between eliminations. However, the two areas they occupy are quite difficult to travel between in the Vampire Magician disguise. This is intentional as it encourages players to get creative with their route in order to engage all the targets stealthily; especially since the requirement for melee eliminations forces a direct confrontation.

  • No mastery or unlocks are required to complete the contract, although being able to start in the attic or at the auction would likely save players some time if they are going for speedruns.

  • Silent Assassin is very possible (and within a reasonable amount of time), but should pose a decent challenge.

  • Vampires are cool.


It looks like you did a variation of my submitted contract from last month. Still, I love the premise you have set up.

Name of Contract: Split-Apart

Contract ID: 3-03-7358646-25

Platform: Xbox One

Location: Sapienza


Silvio Caruso is tired of being reject by women for other men. A deep seeded hatred of women planted by his deceased mother, Caruso wants the ICA to eliminate these former crushes and their current lovers. Feeling betrayed, he wants the women, who he perceives stabbed him in the back, to know how he feels, and has provided a special gift for his golf instructor that we have left for you to collect in the safe house. Caruso has asked us to be discreet so he is connected to their murders.

Why it should be featured:

Sometimes, love will lose it’s way and cause you to do irrational things. Especially when you’ve been stabbed it the heart. I made a story around Caruso’s insecurities and jealousy with characters around the map. Of course, if he can’t have his way, no one can. After all, he is a previous ICA client.

No mastery is required. Roberto’s explosive kill is intended to be the golf ball (as hinted in the briefing), but the contract creator doesn’t have that level of granularity.

Complications are related to Caruso’s desire to not be implicated in the murders and that they should mysteriously disappear.

Name of Contract Surgical Strike
Contract ID 1-10-9166060-52
Platform PC
Location Hokkaido/Situs Inversus
Description/Briefing [Briefing attached] Kill 5 surgical staff with a scalpel while wearing any disguise.
Why the contract should be featured

  • This contract is about the loss of a loved one during botched surgery
  • This is one of my oldest contracts, back then it was very difficult due to the SA rules being different; now it’s less of a challenge and more for fun, but since there are only 5 targets yet 6 surgical staff in the rooms (and 3 can be seen across the theatre from the observation room), you will at least need to put in minor planning to get SA

Noted, I will make sure you will have more than a week for next round.


I know it’s a bit slim. But I have no doubt you guys can make it! - But, I’ll make sure you’ll all have more time for next batch.


Name of Contract What is Love?
Contract ID 2-02-7810391-00
Platform PS4
Location Paris
Description/Briefing What is Love for 47? He is just a cold guy with no emotions. A clone designed to kill.
Paris. The city of Love. But also of drama and tragedy, and that’s exactly what we are bringing to the table.

Why the contract should be featured You have to use a non common tool in order to SA

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I’ve posted this one for last month but I think it also fits here…kinda?

Name of Contract: The Snowman
Contract ID: 3-06-9820582-93
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Marrakesh
Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your targets are Lena Nilsson and her lover, Izo von Kaishev. Together, the duo go under the alias of 'Frosty the Snowman’s and send information to news channels across the globe, destroying both lives and companies in the process. For the better part of a decade, Frosty the Snowman has inadvertently been the cause of mine suicides by the end of their last January run. Our client, von Kaishev’s wife, has placed a contract on their heads upon discovering the growing affair between Nilsson and von Kaishev.
Good luck.

Why the contract should be featured

  • The two targets are having an affair and von Kaishev’s wife put up the contract on the both of them.
  • Von Kaishev has quite literally lost love for his wife and has started an affair with Lena Nilsson.

That’s it, really. I don’t really expect this contract to be featured, but I couldn’t upload any pictures for the other contract I made so I’ll put that up later.

Name of Contract Only a Movie

Contract ID 2-13-8379936-37

Platform PS4

Location Mumbai


Karisma’s wish has been granted. Rangan rewrote the script. The new version has poor Haasan die in a tragic accident. Dawood, in his grief, slaughters the witch queen and her servants. It’s very realistic. Lots of gunshots and explosions.

That’s where you come in.Go get the footage for his movie. Kill some guards as well as Shah. Liberate Mumbai. Also if you die try to do it theatrically.

Now go. Rangan needs to prepare for his big scene with the new lead actress.

Why the contract should be featured

-It focuses on the big romance scene in Dawood Rangan’s movie. When that story plays out it ends in such a way that I can honestly see this exact scenario happening. (Kharisma’s accident. Not Dawood heroically saving the day.)
-It’s a somewhat tricky contract to pull off quietly since most of the targets patrol Mumbai laundry.
-In the event you can’t pull it off quietly you get an excuse to have a shootout in Mumbai laundry while dressed as an angel. Who wouldn’t want to do that?


Leave Clemmy ALONE! If he leaves the window open for 3 weeks then he has so many contracts to go through! I don’t envy him if he has to go through almost 200 submissions like in some months; so one week keeps the submissions at a nice manageable level, and maybe he’ll actually have time to play them all instead of just guessing from the pictures/descriptions



That’s a decent point. The only issue is people having long enough to know submissions have opened and make a contract

If there was a set date entries opened (say the 20th every month) I’d be more than happy, and it’d be fair, for it to only be open a week



They always release on a thursday

The actual contracts do. We’re talking about submissions, which seem pretty random

This month: January 27 (Monday)
Last month: December 20 (Friday)
October 21 (Monday)
October 2 (Wednesday)

And all have wildly different submission periods (1-3 weeks)