Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - February


Hello again everyone!

We have a new mission for you.

We are inviting you once again to submit your own created contracts based on this month’s theme.

Since February holds the ever-so-cherished Valentines Day, we are setting up a Hitman-inspired theme of love, labelled BROKEN HEARTS.

However you interpret that to create your mission, is up to you. Let’s see what love stories you can come up with!

Submit your contracts using this format: (you probably know the drill :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )

Name of Contract
Contract ID
Why the contract should be featured

You have until February 19, 2019.

Good luck!

Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread

Sounds fun! :grin:

20 Characters


Ooh, interesting theme! A few obvious things come to mind, and there’s lots more to chew on. I love it.


Judging by the theme, you can definitely guess targets of a featured contract are gonna be Hector and Andrea… again!

Edit: Soders may be a popular one, too!


Or Roberto and Francesca.


I’m calling dibs on the Sapienza cliff jumper. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Name: Falling For You
Contract ID: 3-02-9389752-76
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Paris
Briefing: Happy Valentines Day 47, a contract has been issued that takes you to Paris (The City Of Love). The Client a prestigious name in the fashion industry asks you to eliminate Viktor Novikov and his wife Dalia Margolis in an effort to eliminate any future competition. The intel suggests that three more targets who work alongside the Couple need to be eliminated too. The Client asks that you push the targets to their death excluding Viktor who must die at the same time as his wife. I’ll leave you to prepare.
Why This Contract Should Be Featured: This contract takes place in Paris often regarded as the City of Love. The two targets are a couple and all targets except for Viktor must die by a fall accident (hence why its call falling for you because falling in love). I added complications for seasoned Hitman Players but made sure the contract wasn’t impossible for new players too. I chose Paris because of verticality in the map where I wanted to use every floor to some degree if you know the map well enough. This contract shouldn’t take long if you have the patience for it. I hope people enjoy this simple and clean heartbreaking contract.


Oh, poor Jeff… What a way to fall in love with fish.


Name of contract: REUNITED

Contract ID: 1-22-2933980-54

Platform: PC

Location: Whittleton Creek

He loves the ducks.
Why wouldn’t he love the rubber ducks?
Oh, and make him fly into the water and onto the ducks.

Why the contract should be featured: Everyone loves ducks, right?


Interesting theme!. I’ll throw this one in :smiley:

Name of Contract The War of the Roses
Contract ID 1-11-2109207-22
Platform PC
Location Miami


Heidi Santoro, lead guitarist of The Class and girlfriend of Moses Lee, is jealous of the female race drivers stealing Moses’ attention during the endurance races. She wants Sierra Knox and Andrea Pantano diverted in a bitchfight.

47, your task is to start that bitchfight. Assassinate two mechanics of Andrea, using a Kronstadt disguise, and two mechanics of Sierra, using a Sotteraneo disguise.

Use the weapons of a woman, which means kitchen knife and lethal poison.

This should keep them busy.

Optional complication: No recordings

Why the contract should be featured
A showcase of how broken hearts and jealousy can end in a lot of collateral damage. Also involves famous characters from multiple locations story-wise. All required items can be obtained from within the map, or be carried in loadout.


@Clemens_IOI: I’m pleased to see a new style of themed featured contracts. Although many of us enjoyed most of the fibre wire contracts, some of us felt that having ten of them was a bit repetitive. We were worried that all the future featured contracts would follow the same pattern, but this is great. It unlocks the creative side of contract creators. :+1:


Great idea! I really like reading “why the contract should be featured” stuff. :grinning:


I had to abandon the idea of using Jeff because he’s only available in Patient Zero, to my knowledge. As such, I present…

Name of Contract: Dial M for Muffins (Dial M for Murder Reference)

Contract ID: 2-22-5475025-37 (Optional Complications) or 2-22-4786281-37 (Mandatory Complications)

Platform: PS4

Location: Whittleton Creek

Description/Briefing: A contract has been issued. Eliminate Helen West and, her love interest, Janus. Ms. West, a prolific serial killer, is known to carry a mobile secure line; a gift from Janus should she ever find herself in danger. Unbeknownst to her, however, the phone contains a micro-explosive which Janus intends to activate should she ever attempt to murder him. Ensure that both targets are eliminated, and in an appropriate fashion so as to avoid arousing potential suspicion. Good luck, 47.

Why the Contract Should be Featured: I think that it fits quite nicely into the existing backstory of the characters, and so it’s believable. It also invites players to learn more about Helen West. I wanted to give players a maximum of 30 seconds between targets, but that’s not an option in contracts mode. The goal is to eliminate Janus with a poisoned muffin, and then blow up Helen using the ICA Explosive Phone. Ideally, all of the included optional complications would be enabled as mandatory, however, it may make it too difficult for some players. As such, should you include my contract, please enable complications as being mandatory however you see fit. I’ve included two contact IDs in my submission, with the later having mandatory complications enabled. :slightly_smiling_face:

Optional Complications Version: Targets Only, Do Not Get Spotted, No Recordings, No Disguise Changes, No Pacifications.

Mandatory Complications Version: Targets Only, Do Not Get Spotted, No Recordings, No Disguise Changes, Perfect Shooter, No Pacifications.

Enjoy! :smiley:

Video for Devs: On average, I expect it to take players around 8 minutes, or longer. The NPC locations in, and around, Janus’ kitchen will probably have the biggest effect on time. I’ve been able to complete it in just under three minutes (shown in the speedrun video). For this run, I was fortunate in that Janus started a dialog, which delayed his return back into the house. I could have saved some time by throwing the phone into the house, but that would potentially risk Helen’s assistant picking up the phone. She may also pick up the phone after ringing the doorbell, but that didn’t work when I tested it (the phone had to be inside the house). If the devs could add a time limit of 30 seconds, or less, between targets, then this would help to increase the chances that it’s done in the correct order. I say 30 seconds because it should give her some time to move away from her assistant, avoiding a non-target kill following detonation, as well as giving her a few seconds to answer the phone. In retrospect, I should have possibly added an optional complication to prevent players from distracting guards using a silenced pistol, but I think that mostly speedrunners would use that technique (the alternative version of this submission has it as a mandatory complication).

Fastest Speedrun:


Name of Contract: No love for a real girlfriend
Contract ID: 2-09-6904581-21
Platform: PS4
Location: Colorado

Good morning, 47.

Your targets are Alexander Patrick Strandlod and Luke Poole, two members of a private militia.

Our client Penelope Graves was dumped by her ex-boyfriend Strandlod, because of his new addiction on video games and anime girls.

You are also instructed to take out his best friend Poole, who is responsible for his addiction.

With our client’s experience in Interpol, she demands you to take out both men in “FBI Raid” style. Show them the result of not using incognito mode.

Why the contract should be featured: With this month’s theme, I would like to entertain players using this contract’s description, an obvious reference to memes. The contract itself is not hard yet requiring a little bit of timing and infiltrating skills, possibly making players learn how to get into the farmhouse without being noticed.


Love’s in the Music
ID: 1-08-1757813-59 (108175781359)
Bangkok - Club 27


Good afternoon 47,

Your targets are Benjamin Bertram and Heidi Santoro, who are currently blackmailing their employer, accusing him of violence and theft. These love birds madelook like that Mr Bertram , the creep that he is, is stalking Mrs Santoro, and so Cross’ security team has been upped, causing unnecessary costs to their employer. They are out for their employer’s downfall, and therefore these two must be erased from the scene.

I will leave you to prepare!

Diana Burnwood - ICA

I think this contract should be featured because it has som backstory to it, even if this contract isn’t the first one to star the Stalker and Heide Santoro. It shows you have far some people push love. It also provides a challenge to use your suit and stalker disguise, but there is plenty or room for kill opportunities, which makes it ideal for creative kills. The camera restriction is just an extra complication if you’d like to complete it.

Edit: There is a little mistake in the briefing - These love birds madelook should be made it look


Name of Contract: Hidden Love
Contract ID: 2-12-3605271-12
Platform: PS4
Location: Santa Fortuna

Description/Briefing: Roses are red, violets are blue, there is always a hippie lonelier than you. Happy Valentine 47

Why the contract should be featured: Love is not always easy just like this contract


**Name of Contract: Sniping heads, emptying beds
**Contract ID: 1-12-9142784-77
**Platform: PC
**Location: Santa Fortuna
**Description/Briefing: Two couples who don’t appear to be married are awfully chatty. Let’s take them out.
**Why the contract should be featured: This is a short, fun contract with some complications. I think hitman players will enjoy the challenge and then have replayability as they try different things to cut their time down and get the SA rank.


Name of Contract: Make Love Not War
Contact ID: 2-12-5068780-20
Platform: PS4
Location: Santa Fortuna

Description: Good Evening Agent 47. Andrea Martinez, Jorge Franco and Rico Delgado are planning to start a war by killing innocent people who live at Santa Fortuna. Your task is to eliminate them while disguised as the hippie. Good Luck

I would like to see this contract so people could have killing these targets any condition because the hippie preaches about peace and love


Name of Contract The Americans

Contract ID 1-22-5725246-21

Platform PC

Location Whittleton Creek

The Wilsons have recently moved to Whittleton Creek. Richard - a writer - and Susan - a government employee - supposedly want nothing more than to enjoy the peaceful suburban life.

However, their arrival from the big city is suspicious at best, coinciding with a major data theft from the States Department.

The client has reason to believe they committed the theft and suspects them of espionage.

Eliminate them as discreetly as possible.

Why the contract should be featured
While this contract was not created specifically for this theme, I believe the choice of targets fits. Aside from that, this is a narrative-driven contract placed in one of the livelier and more unique parts of the Whittleton Creek map, aiming to allow players the freedom of approach of any Hitman mission. On one hand, the contract can be completed fairly easily, making it ideal for those who want to simply rush through, but it also offers challenges in the form of optional complications for those who would like to explore less obvious ways of silently eliminating the targets.


I can also do this contract in story mode. there are so many npc’s and you choose exactly this 3. I hope that IO thinks the same and does not let this happen.