Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - February


Name of Contract: Another Broken Heart
Contract ID: 1-12-1612562-51
Platform: PC
Location: Santa Fortuna
Description/Briefing: Good Morning, 47
You travel to the village Santa Fortuna to eliminate Andrea Martinez and her ex-boyfriend Hector Delgado . Hector Delgado himself is the client , because he knows that Martinez doesn’t love him anymore, so he wants her and himself dead. He also requested a few other things from you, we don’t know why but please do it.
Good Hunting.
Why the contract should be featured: It’s a challenge killing both with the electrocution and still stay unseen. Except for that there are some other challenges like no non target kill or no spotted. It can be a real challenge and it has something to do with the theme.


Name of Contract Marina’s fed up
Contract ID 1-03-0102457-05
Platform PC
Location Sapienza, World of tomorrow
Description/Briefing “Marina came by the bar last night, asking for Roberto…” As it is time of Valentine’s discounts here at ICA, we received an order from Sapienza resident. She asks to eliminate her ex, Roberto and his latest achievement, a labcoat girl from Ether. And while you’re at it, get rid of gossipy individuals ruining her social life. A special request was made to eliminate lovers with symptoms of fitting desease.
Why the contract should be featured Broken hearts, sluts and studs. That’s the spirit of Valentine’s…


Name of Contract: Love Has Power
Contract ID: 1-13-8868500-27
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai
Description/Briefing: Happy Valentines day 47. This year I’ve gotten you something I’m sure you’ll love: a double contract. It seems the infamous pirate, The Maelstrom, has grown tired of the reluctance shown by his informant and wishes to send a message by eliminating his family. Secondly, it seems Dawood Rangan has put his obsession with the lead actress in his upcoming film ahead of completing the movie profitably. For a bonus, send a message by using the Crows signature weapon for both eliminations. Good luck 47
Why the contract should be featured: A fairly simple and straightforward contract by itself, but with the optional twist adding just enough of a complication to be interesting.


Name: Heartbeak Hotel
ID: 2-16-6366972-59
Platform- PS4
Location- Bangkok (The Source)
Description- Jackie Carrington has been through 5 divorces as a result of her habit of cheating. In fact, the Himmapan is known as the “Heartbreak Hotel” because of her reputation for having affairs on the property. Her current boyfriend(our client) was devastated when he found out, so now he’s looking for revenge. You must eliminate Ms. Carrington along with some of her past hook-ups, good luck 47.
Why it should be featured:

  1. The name is very fitting to the theme and the story of the contract
  2. I believe the story is unique enough to stand out among other contracts on this thread
  3. Targets are dispersed among the different parts of the map
  4. It takes place on a map that doesn’t get much love
  5. A lot of kill opportunities are timing-based and require patience to be done as cleanly as possible
  6. Mandatory complications are the same for silent assasain: no evidence, no bodies found, not spotted, no non-target kills
  7. The “do not change out of starting disguise” complication is optional and serves as an extra challenge for those who are willing to amp up the difficulty
  8. Two of the characters’ lines fit in with the story (Jackie Carrington calling 47 her “next ex-husband” and Vlad Volodin having a phone call with, presumably a woman, saying that she spends to much time with Jose on the tennis court, possibly denoting an affair)

Future themes: Can we please have a messy theme example: shotguns, battle axes, loud rifles, explosives, etc.

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Name of Contract Crows of a Feather
Contract ID 1-13-4415330-99
Platform PC/Steam
Location Mumbai

Good Evening, 47.

Your targets today are Wazir Kale, also known as The Maelstrom and his former girlfriend, Neha.

After many years without any contact, they are reuniting in her house to remember the old days, among other things, could be a reunion to die for…

In this Valentines Day, the client demanded no collateral damage, you can’t be seen by anyone.

Good luck, 47

Optional Complications Targets Only, Do not get spotted, No recordings, No bodies found, No disguise changes

Why the contract should be featured
Not only the targets but their situation fit this just right in this theme, it will show the players some interesting backstory about the maesltrom for those who don’t know yet and a contract both fun and with a degree of challenge.


I’d like to submit multiple contracts.
Name of Contract Romeo
Contract ID 3-12-8148233-49
Platform Xbox One
Location Santa Fortuna
Description/Briefing Believing his love has committed suicide from her balcony, Hector poisons himself. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it 47?
Why the contract should be featured It’s simple with the right planning and quite entertaining. It takes a little longer to complete, but it gives you the opportunity to play with game mechanics and appreciate the level.

Name of Contract Lonely Hearts Club
Contract ID 3-04-2006686-49
Platform Xbox One
Location Sapienza/Landslide
Description/Briefing He was already feeling lonely when his fiancé chose Marco, but at least he won’t have to imagine what they’re doing while he’s alone.
Why the contract should be featured It takes some skill to only kill two targets with an explosion when they’re so close to other people. And it’s fun.

Name of Contract The One That Got Away
Contract ID 3-13-2198586-49
Platform Xbox One
Location Mumbai
Description/Briefing The Maelstrom will forever chase the ghost of his lost love. And worse yet, he’ll always know it’s his fault.
Why the contract should be featured Who doesn’t like getting in the way of true love in this game?

Name of Contract Heartstring
Contract ID 3-02-0773440-49
Platform Xbox One
Location Paris
Description/Briefing Orson “Jerome” Bler finally got through a conversation with his crush without saying something stupid. Too bad he won’t live to try again. Really tugs at the heartstrings.
Why the contract should be featured It’s fun, punny, and involves fiber wire.


Name of Contract: First, We Attack The Heart

Contract ID: 2-13-1796681-91

Platform: PS4

Location: Mumbai

Description/Briefing: 47, you have an upcoming contract in Mumbai on The Maelstorm, Vanya Shah and Dawood Rangan. Before you kill them, our client wants them to suffer. Our intel tells us that the loved ones of The Maelstrom and Vanya are nearby. Although no one would ever love Rangan, he has taken an eye to the actress, Sukanya Devarukhkar.

We have issued a contract on all three to break their hearts before their own assassinations. Make it look like accidents so they won’t be suspicious.

Why the contract should be featured: It fits the theme quite well and connects nicely to the story and characters of the map. It covers a large area of the map so it provides some variety and will allow for a number of different routes. The any accident condition will push for some creativity but won’t lock in any particular kill so there is plenty of options. The accident condition also works well with the story.


Your contract was hard but fun. Nice.


Dammit, I was making a contract called “Roberto & Juliet”, where Roberto and Francesca must both die from consumed poison… except there’s a bug where if Francesca drinks the poisoned champagne, it does not count as ‘consumed poison’, it only says ‘Any Method’! Not much point doing that if you can just shoot her in the head… that’s not exactly Romeo & Juliet. Get onto it, IO!


Contract Name: A Broken Valentine

Contract ID: 2-12-5182490-79

Platform: PS4

Location: Santa Fortuna/Three Headed Serpent

Description/Briefing: Hello, 47. Today is Valentine’s Day. A day filled with love, happiness, and in this case broken hearts. You have three targets. Rico Delgado a renowned killer, cheat, and manipulator. His mistress Andrea Martinez and his wife Catalina Delgado. Eliminate only your targets. Good hunting.

Rico: any method - P-Powers
Catalina: poison injection - P-Powers
Andrea: accidental fall - street soldier

Why this contract should be featured: This contract features a valentine given from Delgado to his mistress Andrea. It expresses how Delgado broke Andrea’s heart which he will continue over and over again if given the opportunity and is willing to break his own wife’s heart for his selfish reasons. This contract encapsulated the shallowness of ones heart, the deepness of ones love, and the broken heart of another.


Doesn’t Juliet end up stabbing herself with a dagger in the heart? I could have it wrong but I at least remember this version existing somewhere so maybe you could use that kill with the sacrificial knife


In the story, Juliet takes a poison which makes her appear dead (Eerily similar to Blood Money), then Romeo takes a poison which makes him REALLY die, then Juliet wakes up and stabs herself. Obviously I’m referring to the poison parts :stuck_out_tongue:




The Cupid Cover Up
Mumbai/Chasing a Ghost

Greetings Agent 47

Today you’ve been hired by the renowned radio romance advice station Mumbai Cupid. They have recently been sued for false advertisement over their claim of having a 100% lifetime marriage succes rate. Suprisingly the rate is almost at 100% but for 3 exepections.

Your job will be to eliminate the 2 belived to be widows, as well as the sagar mariage due to rumors it is on the rocks. The client adds ‘Shot them through the heart to show their hearts went bad.’

Good luck 47

This contract should be featured because it fits the theme, has a interesting backstory, and requires knowledge of the map and game mechanics in order to do well in.


Name: Head Over Heels
Contract ID: 3-21-7957689-49
Platform: Xbox
Location: Isle of Sgail
Description: A nice cozy contract with some sort of flow.
Why the contract should be featured: The story is motivating and makes you want to kill the actual targets, and there is a fun trick if you at least looked at the map once about killing your targets.


I’m not going to submit a second entry, but somebody might want to create a contract for the Landslide mission. The targets would probably be Marco Abiatti and Fortunata Lettiere. Fortunata’s boyfriend, Gioele Bellucci, throws himself into the sea after his girlfriend takes photos with Abiatti.

Edit: Maybe the names were changed, or a mistake was made, because he calls her Sophia in this video.


I am currently working on this love story :wink:


I found a bug and I want to build a contract around it but I am afraid it will be patched some day making it impossible to complete. :thinking: