Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - February


Name of Contract : Eternal Triangle
Contract ID : 2-13-6660560-50
Platform : PS4
Location : Mumbai

Hemant loves Sima.
Sima loves Karan as known as The Kashmirian.
But Karan loved Hemant.

Undo this love triangle.

Why the contract should be featured
The position relations of targets make a triangle. Player can start from various locations. And it means player can choose a variety of strategies.



welll loook at that triangle


Name of Contract: Love Sick
Contract ID 3-11-5905870-32
Platform Xbox
Location Miami
Good afternoon, 47. Our client is Paulina Reyes, a Miami newscaster and the fiancee of Willis Bronson. Reyes recently discovered that her boyfriend has been seeing not one, but two other women behind her back. As luck would have it, all three will be at the Global Innovation Race: Bronson as a photographer, Maynard working crowd services, and Smith as a VIP guest of her brother, a Kowoon Mechanic. I’ll leave you to prepare
Why the contract should be featured I think a good contract should have something to offer for every player, from beginners to speedrunners. There’s no big puzzle to these kills, any player can pull them off, but performing them quickly and abiding by the complication (no pacifications) will require both knowledge of the level and some thought into your starting location and loadout. There are at least a few viable options, which offers players room to experiment.


Name of Contract: Soders’ Legacy
Contract ID: 2-12-8733425-07
Platform: PS4
Location: Santa Fortuna

Description/Briefing: Briefing is above. But TL;DR it’s about seeking revenge for the child that was killed for Soders’ operation in Hokkaido (I can’t remember where but it’s mentioned the heart is from a homeless child from Brazil)

Why the contract should be featured: It not only very literally is related to ‘Broken Hearts’ as many players SA runs of Hokkaido involve destroying Soders’ heart. But it also is about the loss, a father broken heart that he never got a chance to see is son. Also I hope it gets players to take a moment to think back on their actions and recontextualise what we did in Hokkaido.

Also from a game play stand point it ramps up.
The first target stays still by a bathroom, very easy.
The second moves in a small room with one other, mild difficulty.
The third walks a long path in open sight of many people, much harder.
But none are too difficult so anyone can do it.

(Originally I did the contract with Machete kills, but it turns out that ‘Machete’ and ‘Nne Obama’s Machete’ count as different kills, so people would have to go all the way to the Coca Fields to get the machete, which sounded way too boring)


Owners Of A Broken Heart
Whittleton Creek

Reason it should be featured: The Clients are loved ones that betray the Targets. Also the conditions of the contract make it an interesting and fun contract for speedrunners and non-speedrunners of Hitman 2!!


Name of the Contract: Italian Love Triangle
Contract ID: 1-05-0485085-14
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza (The Icon variant)
Good evening, 47.

Your targets are two SFX crew members of the upcoming movie with Dino Bosco. Our client had an affair with both targets under the promise of all-access to the backstage uncluding meeting with Mr. Bosco himself.

Unfortunately for them, the access was denied, and instead of telling our client, they blocked all communications and our target did not take that well, it seems.

I won’t judge our client’s motives, 47, but I have to say; THAT is quite a love triangle.

Why the contract should be featured:
I’m quite proud of the little short story I managed to create, showcasing the rather cold and said reality that people have sex for all sorts of things, not just for purely romantic reasons. Which I feel like fits the tone of the game in general.

That said, all in all, the contract is pretty simple, having only one optional restriction - finishing the contract in 12 minutes (which should be far more than enough).
Other than that, the way the targets are killed is up to the player. However, the targets are semi-public, creating a nice challenge, while being easy enough to not feel too complicated. This will be easy contract for veterans of the series and, hopefully, balanced challenge (being mildly pushed by the time limit) for average or new players.


Name of Contract -
Contract ID-
Platform -
Our Client wants the following eliminated-
Andrea Pantano - Soon to be rising star of Sotteraneo
Moses Lee- CEO of Kowoon
Hector Delgado-Ex lover of Andrea Martinez
Our Intel suggest they had hit the bottle on more than one occasion(out of happiness or sadness i do not know).
The ICA has always been neutral but will no doubt break hearts of thousands of fans as well as their friends and family but don’t let that tuck at your little garrote wires instead of heart strings.
Good luck Agent.

Why the contract should be featured
I believe this could teach newer players the routine for the more notable NPCs in the area and give the more experience player something to experiment with.


I’ll throw my contribution into the ring…

Title: Till Death Us Do Part
Contract ID: 3-22-8126772-05
Platform: Xbox
Location: Whittleton Creek

Description: Day after day, Amelia Garros, jogs around the idyllic Whittleton Creek to keep herself in top physyical shape, but remains forever single. All the time three happily married couples on her daily route seem to take pleasure in reminding her of her loneliness. You have been asked to eliminate one of each couple so that the other can spend the rest of their lives broken hearted. If you’re feeling particularly cruel, she has asked that the partner discovers the body. Good hunting, 47

Why the contact should be featured: Three interesting targets and lots of freedom of approach. Sometimes the lines get blurry over doing the the right thing when completing a contract. Not in this case. It’s just a senseless triple assassination fuelled by twisted envy. What’s not to love about it? Even 47 might struggle sleeping at night after completing this one! :scream:


Name of Contract: No Love, No life
Contract ID: 1-16-3012463-51
Platform: PC
Location: Bangkok/The Source
Description/Briefing: Good Evening, 47
You travel to the himmapan hotel, where you find two couples you have to eliminate. The first one is Jeff and Rebecca, two young people working for the cult. But since a few days they seem to have more fights, and their neighbours, who are disturbed of them shoutung, want them eliminated. The second couple is the TV Star Jackie Carrington and her current lover Julian. Her ex-husband wants them dead because she cheated on him with Julian.
Good Luck, 47
Why the contract should be featured: It is quite a challenge to distract Jeff and Rebecca, because you have to eliminate them with Fiber Wire and then there are a few objectives. And as additional challenge you need to eliminate Jackie Carrington and Julian. It also fits quite well to the theme.


Name of Contract: Icarus
Contract ID: 2-13-6894157-64
Platform: PS4
Location: Mumbai

In sprawling slum and Babylon above,
Two broken hearts could not mend their lost love,
And while one heart chose to cling to the past,
The other heart soared up too high, too fast.

And so close to the sun she saw the dark,
as the camera broke her youthful spark,
And so close to the ground he lost his way,
Through the scope of a gun he took his prey.

And now he vows to bring her back to him.

The angel weeps and softly sings,
as her lover plots to cut her wings.

Why the contract should be featured: I’m quite proud of the semi-functional poem I threw together for this. It’s great making a backstory and all but I thought it would be just that stretch more romantic if I made it rhyme and put it in stanzas.
The contract plays nicely, as well; it is not too restrictive, despite what the Accident(Fall) may suggest, and it doesn’t take ages either, but it isn’t woefully easy. I think it’s a nice balance, and fits very nicely with the theme, making good use of the best parts of the Mumbai map (IMO).


Name of Contract: Cupid
Contract ID: 2-22-5927938-64
Platform: PS4
Location: Whittleton Creek

Why this contract should be featured:
If Icarus specialises with its briefing, this one plays much better. Though it sticks to the two target the sniper complication makes the contract far more interesting, and with a variety of sniper points and kills available - one target circles the rim of the map while the other strolls in the centre - this contract is an excellent opener to sniper contracts in Hitman 2 (of which I believe we haven’t had any featured).

Also, note the lower number of targets and complications. Though it may not seem like much, I think many people prefer these smaller contracts vastly, and they are encouraged to push for SA or even a strong time to compete in the leaderboards.


Name of Contract: A Present For Valentine’s Day
Contract ID: 1-03-6509343-51
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza
Description/Briefing: Good Morning, 47
Our client says that his girlfriend thinks he’s still in love with his old ex-girlfriends, and she only loves him if he let’s go of them. He wants to proof his love now and eliminate his former ex-girlfriends, who all live in the Italian town Sapienza.

Happy Hunting
Why the contract should be featured: It is a nice challenge to walk around the streets of Sapienza and murder your targets all in different places. Two can be found at the Main Square, an other on the graveyard and the last one on the beach. You also have to eliminate them all in your suit and you not allowed to get spotted. You also musn’t eliminate non targets, subdue anyone and no bodies should be found. I think it’s a cool contract with a great and fitting story.


Some ideas that you might want to use:

There’s a Sophia Bergamaschi in The Icon (waiting for Dino Bosco to appear for fan signings). As previously mentioned, whilst the NPC is called Fortunata Lettiere, Gioele Bellucci’s dialog calls her Sophia. The dialog might be ambiguous enough to create the story that Gioele is thinking about his ex, Sophia, rather than Fortunata. Canonically, I believe that The Icon takes place before Landslide, so you could create a story around the fortune teller in Marrakesh. Not the greatest of ideas, but something to maybe work with.


Name of Contract: Throuple Kill
Contract ID: 2-22-0867116-89
Platform: PS4
Location: Whittleton Creek
Description/Briefing: The scorned ex-wife of Sheriff Housman, who left her to be part of a “throuple” with Richard and Susan Wilson, wants all three of them dead. Do your thing, 47.

Why the contract should be featured: Broken heart? Check. A “hip” twist on the scorned lover trope? Check. An opportunity to murder the crap out of the Wilsons (and Sheriff Housman), who everybody in Whittleton Creek definitely hates? Check.


This time I wanted to invest more work into the briefing and the presention of my submission. Here it is:

Name of Contract: Shah’s Brides
Contract ID: 1-13-6714257-67
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai

Female servants of Vanya Shah receive food and shelter, in return they commit themselves for their entire youth. They also get the chance to be married to Shah’s wealthy business partners. A soon-to-be candidate is the Maelstrom, so such a day is approaching.
However, who loses her virginity recieves punishment. Also, since Shah is never revealing her knowledge until the next marriage, the service continues with constant fear. So one is not only hoping to marry, but also to survive that day.

Why the contract should be featured:
My former idea for this theme was “to bring two together” by forcing to trick two NPCs getting close to a Gasoline Barrel and let them burn together in the flames. While designing it I gave up making this the “love” aspect and put the idea into a bigger picture. I kinda like how the story turned out.
Gameplay-wise many details here make it a nice contract. The main problem for less experienced players will be to get them to the barrel without KOs. They easily go near it with usual lures, but for the timing and closer placement more evaluation is required. Whoever can do that will find a sandbox with many little screws to tweak to archieve more than just finishing it with SA rating. The last target is not making it any harder, it is just salt for the strategies of experts, especially for the exit when speed is your goal.
I also decided to make it open for Suit Only runs as they are loved by some. That requires way less level mastery but also even more skill.


I know that I said that I wouldn’t submit a second entry, but I had a good idea whilst searching for NPCs called Sophia. @Akira23X, I hope that this doesn’t affect your planned contract too much. I still prefer my first submission.

Name of Contract: The Femme Fatale Fulcrum

Contract ID: 2-16-9204477-37

Platform: PS4

Location: Bangkok - The Source

Description/Briefing: The client has asked us to eliminate three notorious femme fatales, following the discovery of their joint racketeering operation. The first, Rebecca, intends to trick her partner into a cult suicide, so as to claim his inheritance. The malicious infidelity of the second, Erica (aka Sophia), resulted in the death of the client’s son in Sapienza. The final target, Jackie, is their leader. She is also known to be responsible for the disappearance of several of her former husbands. Good luck, 47.

Why the Contract Should be Featured: I believe that it fits within current Hitman canon, whilst fitting in with the theme.

Optional Complications: Targets Only.

Enjoy! :smiley:

Video for Devs: During the initial creation of the contract, Erica walked around with the wine glass in her hand. She also appeared to stop her walking pattern, instead choosing to stay standing in front of one of the exhibits. As such, you may wish to disable, or substitute, the ‘Consumed Poison’ elimination method.


Thanks for thinking about it, but I’ve already come up with a cool story for Sapienza, but I’m still working on the subtleties until I’m ready to post the contract.


P.S. Do not worry about your contract and ideas, mine is taking place in a very different context in landslide.


Name of Contract: Explosive Relationship
Contract ID: 3-11-2515968-87
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Miami
Description/Briefing: Miami might not be hot enough for these two love birds. Do you have anything that might help?
Why the contract should be featured: A fun little contract that lets the player blow 2 people up any way they choose! Also, these 2 NPCs seem to walk around the map like a couple, so it fits the theme.


Name of Contract: Act 5
Contract ID: 3-02-6956576-83
Platform: Xbone
Location: Paris
Description/Briefing: “Two star crossed lovers take their life,” or so the tale goes. We’re looking to expedite the process a bit.
Why the contract should be featured: After my very spotty contract library in H6 I’ve taken a different approach with this game; I spend days deliberating on the detail of each contract and usually end up just not publishing anything. This wasn’t like that, the targets seemed to just present themselves to me and after I saw their names it just felt like this was a contract that was meant to be made. I’ve kept it completely open-ended as I usually do, the targets can be lured for silent kills, there are a good few satisfying sniping angles on them, accidents are easy to perform, and their proximity to an exit and start point mean this is easy to speedrun as well if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s not a hard contract but it’s fun no matter how you do it, which I think is something that lots of very restrictive contracts lack. This is meant to be played your way.