Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - February


Name The Slack-Jawed love
Contract ID 1-02-5166306-63
Platform pc
Location Paris
Briefing David Boyer sure has an odd attraction to jaws. Why not give it to him? Break his jaw and break the jaw he loves so they can live happily together in the afterlife. What an absolute jaw-dropping adventure.
Why I don’t want jaw fetishes to become a real thing. we gotta get rid of it. But to be honest, I wish I had that jaw. And mainly just for the memes.

and I also made this

Name An end to a triangle drama
Contract ID 1-04-4004839-63
Platform pc
Location Sapienza / Landslide
Briefing Fortunata Lettiere has been cheating on her boyfriend Gioele Bellucci with the political candidate Marco Abiatti. Gioele want them both gone out of his life and he is too heart broken to even break up or think about what he and she had toghether. He just want her gone. Do that man a favor and end the relationship.
Why I honestly feel sorry for the guy Gioele Bellucci being left out like that.


Name of Contract: Faint Heart Never Won Andrea Martinez
Contract ID: 2-12-9159166-50
Platform: PS4
Location: Santa Fortuna, Colombia
Good morning 47. Our client, who says he is definitely 100% not
Hector Delgado, has ordered hits on 5 men whom he considers to be wooing the heart of
Andrea Martinez.

Believe me 47, I have seen his forehead and there is no way he is getting with Andrea.
But money is money, so get to killing 47, chop chop.

Silent Assassin Suit Only with Pistol Only is possible.

Why the contract should be featured
Killing these 5 targets is easy enough but I believe killing these 5 targets while
completing Mission Objectives will be challenging. Well, it’s not “difficult” per se,
but imagination and creativity will be needed to achieve Mission Objectives.

I believe killing these targets with Pistol Only will make it challenging. No easy way
out via accidents or poison kills. If bodies are found, the objective will not be met.
If other targets are killed, the objective will not be met. No recordings as well. Starting disguise should not be changed. (All these are optional conditions, not mandatory)

The above conditions sound easy enough, yes? But I want to see jaws drop when people
play the map and find out just who the targets are. I want to see the look on people’s
faces when they start frowning and talking out loud, asking how on earth is killing
this guy with no witnesses and with pistol only possible? With no boxes or containers
in sight??

This contract takes place in Andrea’s Martinez’s house as well as within the nearby
village. It’s an easy location (compared to Delgado’s mansion for example) but
completing the mission objectives will take imagination and thinking outside the box.

Especially for one particular target where Silent Assassin seems impossible :slight_smile:

Beginning players can definitely beat this map with or without meeting Mission Objectives.
Seasoned players can try for Silent Assassin Suit Only Pistol Only in this map.

Keep up the great work, can’t wait for Hitman 3 lol.


Name of Contract:
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?
Contract ID:
Whittleton Creek



What becomes of the brokenhearted? For Amelia Garros, 47, the brokenhearted become a business. With Whittleton now populated by lonely-heart workmen and security, Garros has spotted an opportunity, planning to acquire the Schmidt property and run it as a bordello. Circling Whittleton, Garros has recruited guards and deputies to promote the venture. Informed of it by realtor Samir Chandra, the clients, Alfred and Penelope Troutt, want this potential rookery stopped. Penelope, especially, stressed this was a matter of some urgency…

Why the contract should be featured:


Any/Any 5 target contract, open to multiple interpretations and potential start locations. Players will have to try to find an efficient way of circling the square, so to speak. Briefing reflects the dark underbelly found just underneath Whittleton Creek’s quaint suburban veneer.


Name of Contract Loveless Artifact
Contract ID 2-12-7864818-12
Platform PS4
Location Santa Fortuna
Description/Briefing Hector Delgado started a research on the artifact. This artifact only has one purpose and that is destroy the love on earth. Make sure u kill everyone who knows about it and saves the world from a loveless life. Goodluck 47
Why the contract should be featured I think this is a fun and instructive contract for beginning and experienced players. there are different routes that can be walked from easy to difficult. all targets are Any method so that the possibilities are endless.


Name of Contract: Accidentally in Love
Contract ID: 2-10-4268867-07
Platform: PS4
Location: Hokkaido

Description/Briefing: Briefing above. Basically you have to kill three employees who’ve harassed a women.

Why the contract should be featured: Although I prefer my previous submission, this one has merit too. You have to use distractions to lure the targets out of their regular cycles, and while not too difficult as to be impossible it does require some thought. Also the complications mean you want to go unseen as combat is basically a no go here.

I think it adds a darker sense to ‘Broken Hearts’ as it need not always be love, just obsession/lust.


Name: A Date With Poison
Contract ID: 3-03-0074150-30
Platform:Xbox One
Location: Sapienza
Description/Breifing: Good Morning 47. Your Targets Are Roberto Vargas A Golf Instructure Who Is Wants Your Second Target Francesca De Santis To be his Valentine. However Francesca Is Worried As She Was Sent To Spy On Silvio Caruso On Orders from Either And If Needed To Kill Him. Roberto Has Also Been Calling Francesca On Very Regular Which Has Put Silvio Caruso On Edge And Believes That Francesca Is Seeing Roberto Today And Has Chose is Moments As Any to Contact The ICA to Retire Francesca De Santis And His Coach Roberto Vargas Just For Safety Mesures. Happy Hunting 47.
Why The Contract Should Be Featured?: The Reason Why This Contract Should Be Featured As it Show a Clear Plot That Fit In With The Game And Because Time And Effort Has Been Spent To Make This Contract and Clearly Fits With The Theme Of This Mounth.

Also Just A Sugestion Could You Add Something Were You can Mark Or Add objects and be able to name them To The Game in Contracts Such As you can Add Files Into The level like That Stuff It Would Improve The Story Element In Contracts. I Hope You Consider This Me and Other Players May Be Happy With This.


Name: Two Nights in Bangkok
Contract ID: 1-16-7488662-83
Platform: PC
Location: Bangkok at night (The Source)
Description Briefing:
Good evening, 47. Your target is Jackie Carrington, famous sitcom actress. In 2009, she and her boyfriend Andy Hardstone, also an actor, were visiting Bangkok. During their stay at the Himmapan Hotel Andy found out that Jackie has been cheating on him for the past year. A fight broke out between the pair and in the end Jackie pushed Andy off the balcony. His injuries forced him to end his career, but Jackie managed to win in the court by bribing the judge. Exactly 10 years later Carrington is staying at the same hotel. Hardstone has instantly issued a contract on her and offers a large bonus if you manage to kill Jackie by pushing her off the balcony. He thinks it will be a suitable revenge for breaking his bones… and his heart.
Why the contract should be featured:
It matches February’s theme, and I don’t think there was a featured contract set in Bangkok at night before. Also the pushing challenge makes it a bit hard (you can’t knock Carrington out, any other NPCs neither).


Name: Broken hearts and broken legs
ID: 3-08-2153483-30
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Bangkok, Club 27
Briefing: There are just some things you don’t do. Like cheating on your rich significant other, like these fools did. The reason you don’t do that, is they can afford the best assassins… Like you 47. The clients insist that they be murdered by falling for reasons not known to us. Thinking about it the clients might be a sole individual… No matter the money is good, now do what you do best 47.
Reason for featured: multiple ways of assasinating targets by falling, not too easy nor too hard.


Name of Contract: LOVE HURTS
Contract ID: 2-04-2322070-61
Platform: PS4
Location: Sapienza/Landslide
Good evening, 47.
Your mission takes you to the romantic coast of Sapienza. Your targets are F. Lettiere, G. Bellucci, M. Folliero and M. Abiatti. Our client is the victim of a smart marriage impostor who cost him a lot of money and his good Image. We know that she is currently looking for new victims, especially concentrating on the rich and powerful Mr. Abiatti. (In the past she was also going after Silvio Caruso but without success cause he only has his „beloved“ mother in his mind).

As a cover she has a young lover on her side who is deeply in love with her. She only uses him for her needs but he could still be too dangerous for our client in case he knows too much. Therefore he must be eliminated as well as Abiatti’s photographer, who is an undercover complice of Lettiere and could use the compromising material. He must die as well as Abiatti, with whom the client has an old bill to settle, which doesn’t concern us.

Why the contract should be featured:
The mission should be played because on no other place so many hearts will find each other and so many hearts will be broken
There is an interesting story behind the targets and her personal Involvement, including the client. This contract can be played very fluent and easy, however, there can be unexpected difficulties, especially if one is not that familiar with the map and the NPC‘s.


Name of Contract: You can’t give me love
Contract ID: 1-02-7803110-51
Platform: PC
Location: Paris
Description/Briefing: Good Morning, 47
You have 3 targets in Patis. The first one is Prince Tren Po, who recently cheated his girlfriend, who is also our client. She also wants you to kill two of Tren’s friends, who are working as bodyguards now . She also wants you to steal the boat of the famous Sergei Larin.

Good Luck, 47
Why the contract should be featured: It is a challenge to lure Tren Po away with the coins and also the two bodyguards. You also aren’t allowed to be seen and to subdue people so it gets even a bigger challenge. It also has a fitting love story.


Name of Contract: Cheaters Never Prosper
Contract ID: 3-22-8026071-31
Platform: Xbox ONE
Location: Whittleton Creek
Description/Briefing: Mrs. Susan Wilson has concete evidence that her husband is cheating on her, She set up cameras around her home, and has seen Richard kissing and becoming increasingly intimate with four women. They are your targets, use Richard’s favorite cooking knife to frame him. Then, kill him in an unfortunate “accident”, all exactly as Susan stated, to be effectively cleared from the suspect list. Good hunting, 47.
Why the contract should be featured: I feel it is a very simple but complex contract, and it integrates the whole map, and I believe the framing and suicide idea is unique.


This Sorrowful Life
Whittleton Creek
Good afternoon, 47. Your targets today are responsible for the accidental death of a 15 year old boy. The client is the boy’s father, who demands justice since moving out. Your first target is Grant Brie, the neighbor who refused to help. Next are Lissy Arlington, who removed warning labels for better business. Then officers Manzani and Housman, responsible for burying evidence against your final target, Joseph Renda. The one who bribed the court. The client asks you make him suffer, 47.
Personally, I think this is a good contract to practice stealth with, and works with the fact that there aren’t a lot of contracts made for Whittleton creek. The ones I do see are ones that are kinda “throwaways”. I feel like mine adds a bit of depth to a community contract, and gives 47 another reason to go outside for his newspaper.


Name of Contract: Driven Batty by Love
Contract ID: 2-22-5177821-80
Platform: PS4
Location: Whittleton Creek

Briefing: Bitter that he cannot find love of his own the client, James Batty, has always hated seeing public displays of affection in his neighborhood in Whittleton Creek, Vermont. Recently he believes two couples have been taking it too far. He wants the victims to think he is the one that killed them but he does not want to be liable should there be any … complications. He has requested that you knock him out, take his clothes, and eliminate the targets using the axe he keeps in his backyard.

Why this contract should be featured: The targets are the Troutts and the Wilsons. The James Batty disguise doesn’t really get used for anything in the main game so that would be something new. The contract is pretty straightforward with a non illegal or recognizable disguise but the need to transport an illegal item around the most public place on the map makes for an interesting challenge. If you do get caught, using the axe can make for some fun escapes and crazyness. Silent Assassin is a challenge but doesn’t require any tediousness or knock outs (aside from Batty of course) if you know the map well enough. Plus it is all wrapped up in a nice goofy story.


Name of Contract The Narcissus Reflection
Contract ID 2-12-5535211-73
Platform PS4
Location Santa Fortuna
Description/Briefing : These targets live in heartbreak because they only love themselves. Catch them gazing at their reflection in the water, and drop them in with a well angled sniper shot.

Why the contract should be featured

  • This is a really fun sniper contract where it is possible to hide all bodies in the water if you angle your sniper shot correctly, as all targets stand by the water.

  • Furthermore, it references the greek legend of Narcissus, a man who killed himself after falling in love with his reflection and being unable to have the object of his desire. Truly a broken heart : )

  • It also represents a good challenge, being possible to be completed suit only, not spotted, no recordings, targets only, and all bodies hidden (if you angle your sniper shot right).

  • Requires the player to make all shots headshots, targets only and not spotted. The rest of the complications are optional, therefore the contract is still accessible for people not looking for huge difficulty.

  • I had a great time creating this, and I’d love everyone to try it, even if it isn’t chosen as a featured contract as its really fun. Which is what Hitman is all about! I look forward to trying everyone else’s. Good Hunting!


Will definitely give it a shot, pardon the pun :wink:


Cuddleschmoop and Dimplebutt

PC Contract - Miami
Nellye and Donald are in love, and it’s disgusting. They’re always tickling one another, making kissy faces, and calling each other by their unbearable pet names in public.

Cuddleschmoop’s roommate - uh, that is, NELLYE’s roommate - has had enough. All this ostentatious amourousness left her feeling miserably alone and single this past Valentine’s Day. Relieve some of the pressure on her aching heart, 47, and make sure Nellye and Donald’s PDA is KIA.

Why This Contract Should Be Featured: Well, the title is where I really went all out. Who’s not gonna play a contract called Cuddleschmoop and Dimplebutt? :wink: It’s a 2-person any/any contract with two targets across the racetrack from one another high up. (So there’s also a subtle Romeo and Juliet on the balcony sort of theme.) That means you can kill one target from up close then shoot the other across the track… but that will result in a found body in either direction, so you need to figure out something tricky to get this to work. Some of the possibilities result in neat little storylines for Cuddleschmoop and Dimplebutt. For example, you can kill Cuddleschmoop then shoot a few rounds to get Dimplebutt’s attention… he’ll “see” his girlfriend’s body (though it won’t ruin SA because it’s really just the AI knowing where you are) and come rushing to save his beloved. So you can then pick him off without anyone seeing as he runs across the bridge in a fit of lovesick heedlessness.


Name of Contract Bad Date’s Revenge
Contract ID 1-03-6761553-48
Platform PC
Location Sapienza
The client had a bad date. He blames everyone for it. The stylist who messed up his hair, the flower girl who recommended the flowers his date didn’t like, even a butcher and a waitress are on his list for revenge.

Oh well, don’t ask too many questions, the client get’s what he pays for.

Why the contract should be featured
Broken hearts lead to revenge


Name of Contract When a Queen Falls
Contract ID 1-13-9314635-48
Platform PC
Location Mumbai
Send her servants to the afterlife with her

Why the contract should be featured
It’s a different kind of love, her devoted servants would be broken hearted without her, so shuffle them along to be with her


Nameof Contract: EXPLODING BROKEN HEARTS Contract ID 2-04-3007207-79 Platform Ps4 Location Sapienza/Landslide Description/Briefing: Marco n Fortunata are doing the tango and Gioele is heartbroken but too scared to approach the politically powerful Abiatti. Gioele plans to go to the press about the affair and also plans to commit suicide afterwards, due to his broken heart. Fortunata has told Marco about Gioele plans to approach the press and tells Marco she doesn’t want to end the affair. Mr. Abiatti knows this situation will kill his political career and he knows how to solve it. A nice Valentines’ Day accident to keep the press busy and in the dark. A loving couple dies in horrible accident exchanging Valentine Vows. Why: Because im 60 yrs old, have been contributing contracts since Absolution, and want to leave something of my meager life behind. Haha. But serious.


Name: Old friend
Contract ID: 1-10-0669080-60
Platform: PC
Location: Hokkaido
Briefing: Our old friend got into trouble again. The clinic produces only healthy or dead patients. You need to shoot him in the head with a special bullet that will give the effect of death and the agent will be given to relatives. After that we will revive him. Happy hunting, 47!
Why This Contract Should Be Featured: Perhaps not everyone is aware of the presence of Agent Smith at this location. Everyone loves Agent Smith!)

P.S. sorry for my English :innocent: