Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - February


Name of Contract: Betrothal Betrayal
Contract ID: 1-10-3652533-28
Platform: PC
Location: Hokkaido

Why the contract should be featured:

  1. Story Drama

It kinda fits in with canon – as a daughter of a prominent Yakuza clan, Yuki’s parents may have made arrangements with betroth Yuki to the son of another Yakuza clan as a power play. The thing is, story-wise, Yuki is totally serious and not playing around because she really is working for a secret organization (Providence). Unfortunately for her, her betrothed didn’t believe her, and when confronted with the lack of evidence, decided to eliminate anyone who might even remotely be Yuki’s secret paramour.

It is the client that has a broken heart, and the rich irony is that those who have played through the story in either Hitman or Hitman 2 knows that the client’s jealousy is totally without merit, and deep down this mission stands as a silent commentary about the arbitrary and capricious nature of jealousy. Because of that, five innocent people (well, innocent at least with respect to this matter) will needlessly and pointlessly lose their lives in violent manners.

A side note: Too bad the description is restricted to 500 characters. Otherwise a few more details could be written making for a more compelling story.

  1. Technical Difficulty

Complications: Targets Only, Do Not Get Spotted, No Recordings, No Bodies Found, No Disguise Change, Headshots Only (Optional), No Pacifications
Other Notes:

  1. Amos Dexter was supposed to be a Striker kill, but sadly it appears I cannot specify the exact type of Pistol used to make the kill.
  2. This mission is of moderate difficulty, and will not be possible to players who haven’t unlocked ability to bring in Starting Gear in Hokkaido.
  3. I considered adding in the Perfect Shooter as a Complication, but while very possible, felt it would’ve been too restrictive even as an Optional Complication. For some reason it seems no one likes this Complication, probably because it removes a major tool (i.e. Bullet Distractions) from many players’ toolbox.


1. Due to the kill conditions imposed on the targets, players will quickly find that they are very restricted to the equipment they can bring into the field.

2. This precludes usual standbys on this level such as breaching charges and electronic lock picks. And because the player will not be able to bring everything needed as starting gear, at least one of the equipment will need to be procured on-site.

3. The player will also find that at least one of the weapons used must be loud, and make plans to deal with it after the target is eliminated.


The 500 character limit is an absolute killer, but I get it, no one wants to read an entire essay :sweat_smile:


I totally understand why they did it, but maybe something like 750 would be a better limit while satisfying all parties.

Ultimately no biggie, though – it just forces me to be more economical and utilitarian with my verbiage. :smile: Perhaps in the final analysis that is A Good Thing™!


I agree, that was the biggest challenge of the contract for me as well :wink:


Name of Contract The Treason Vengeance
Contract ID 2-12-0235547-53
Platform PS4
Location Santa Fortuna
Agent 47,

Rico Delgado, the powerful Colmbian druglord has recently learned about a secret affair between his wife Catalina and one of his gunmen Mr. Torres.

Mr. Delgado has ordered to have them both eliminated as he does not tolerate any act of treason.

Both eliminations must look like accidents.

Good luck 47,

Why the contract should be featured
Because it is a Silent Assassin Suit Only contract that makes you live the real hitman experience using a lot of the characteristics offered by the game. And it follows the theme of Broken Hearts.


Name of Contract: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Block Scorned
Contract ID: 2-21-9025334-50
Platform: PS4
Location: Isle of Sgail
Our client, Mrs. Danielle Block, has had her heart broken by her philanderous husband
Jebediah Block. He has cheated on her not once but twice.

Mrs. Block has now promised to pay us some of that sweet coal money to kill Jebediah’s
two mistresses, both of whom appear to be founding members of the Ark Society.

Eliminate these targets and save the Block marriage 47.

Side Note: The targets are:

  1. Bernadette Craig
  2. Catherine ‘Kiki’ Zola
    (These are the 2 female founding members of the Ark Society)

Optional Objectives: Do not get spotted, No recordings, No Bodies Found, Targets Only
Any method is allowed and it’s to be done in Suit (not compulsory)

Why the contract should be featured
Getting an assassin to kill your spouse’s mistresses is what someone with money and
connections would do if their spouse broke their heart, fitting the theme of Broken

The contract is a challenge because the targets are in an area which most players are
unfamiliar with. This is an area you come to only when you are trying to beat the
Winds of Change challenge dressed as Jebediah Block. Apart from that, there is almost
no reason to come to this area.

This is an area which most players have ignored. Thus, for many players, there will
not only be new routes to learn, in order to infiltrate the area successfully in Suit,
but also new behaviour patterns to learn. This is because the targets are heavily
guarded by more than one armed guard and are surrounded by fellow Ark Councillors.

This contract will be very challenging for new players who might have to get a
disguise. New players will have to rack their brains really hard just to clear the
contract with or without Silent Assassin.

This contract will also be challenging for seasoned players because the area is one
that is largely ignored and even if you are familiar with the area, killing the
targets amidst a room of armed guards and other Ark Council members is a challenge.


Name Love Triangle Ends Tragically

Contract ID 1-12-8843516-54

Platform PC

Location Santa Fortuna

Description/Briefing A new contract is available in Santa Fortuna, 47. You must Eliminate Hector Delgado, Javier Valenzuela Pedroza and Andrea Martinez. Bring their love triangle to a tragic end, and try to make it look like an accident. Needless to say, you must be as discrete as possible as it is a critical part of your trade.

Optional Complication: Kill the targets using accidents only.

Mandatory Complications: Do not get spotted, No Recordings, No Bodies Found (Bodies found in Accident or Poison Kills are permissable)

Why the contract should be featured I think this contract is a great fit for this month’s theme of Broken Hearts, three high profile targets that are part of the drug ring, all of them part of a complicated love triangle that doesn’t end well in the normal game anyway, so I thought it would be fitting for their lives to meet a tragic end with 47 killing them and making it look like an accident. I hope the community enjoys this contract.


Contract Name: Love Potion

Contract ID: 3-22-7967849-87

Platform: Xbox One

Location: Whittleton Creek

Breifing: Good Mourning 47, today you are hired to kill Penelope and Alfred Troutt along with two local bachelors. The cilent is oddly Helen West, the neighborhood’s muffin maker. She hired the ICA to kill these lovebirds in hope to show Janus her true love to him in a twisted and romatic way for Valentine’s. As a special request she had asked us to give it her personal touch with using her perferred method of killing, poison. She remarked with “I just feel like I should give something back to the community that gave me so much.” This is one despirate way to show love 47, but who are we to interfere with true love. I’ll leave you to prepare.

Why?: I believe this should be featured because of how unique it is to the story of Whittleton Creek. In the eyes if the game I could see this as a way Helen opens up to Janus. This contract also is fairly easy to get Silent Assassin on but will call upon great patience of people to get it. This is very average challenge level so new people to the game can get it easily and veterans can explore the possiblies having they have the patience for this.


You Missed 47 Calls (PC Contract)
Have fun ^^


Name:Falling in Love
ID: 3-03-9902860-57
Platform: Xbox
Location: Sapienza (World of Tomorrow)
Briefing: Good Morning 47,

Your targets are 2 famous lovers,popular for breaking a lot of hearths in the past,who later committed suicide. We would like to end this suicide spree,so kill them both before they break another hearth. You must eliminate them with a fall,so you can recreate their falling in love.

Try to avoid colletaral damage,and try to do it silently.

Good luck,47.

Why should it be featured:
I would like this contract to be featured because it’s,firstly my contract,and I play Hitman a lot lately,so I would really love to see my contract. Secondly,it is kinda funny to see the contract named “Falling” in love, because they need to be killed via Fall-Accident. I think people would like to see this contract being featured.


Yeah 500 characters is really a challenge, I always end up cutting out text and rewording the briefing to keep as much of the story I’d like to tell in it while still sounding like a real ICA briefing.


Name of Contract: Hell Hath No Fury Like An Andrea Scorned
Contract ID: 2-11-6432145-50
Platform: PS4
Location: Miami
Our client, Andrea Martinez, can no longer forgive Hector Delgado.

Hector has already broken Andrea’s heart in love. Now he has broken her heart in
business by going behind her back to do private transactions with Sheik Adbdul, who
was originally Andrea’s business partner in Paris.

Andrea thus wants Hector and the disloyal Sheik dead. She has also asked us to kill
Hector’s mistress in Miami at the same time too.

No love letter from Hector now can placate this woman scorned. It ends here 47.

Side Note: The targets are:

  1. Ally Keen (girl near dumpster at beginning of level with Toy Monkey on dumpter)
  2. Hector Delgado
  3. Abdul Suleiman

Optional Objectives: Do not get spotted, No recordings, No Bodies Found, Targets Only

Any method is allowed and it’s to be done in Suit (not compulsory)

Why the contract should be featured
Andrea’s heart was broken not just in love but also in business. How many more times
can this poor woman’s heart heal, only to be broken again and again?

The male targets are in an area that is unfamiliar to a lot of players. It is not
explored thoroughly as the Knoxes do not go near there and many players will be
unfamiliar with the behaviour patterns of the enforcers and NPCs there. Lots of
exploring, learning and analysing to do.

Andrea’s business relationship with the Sheik is a nice nostalgic throwback to Paris
in Hitman 2016. People who know of their dealings in Paris will be familiar with the
basis of this contract.

The sole female target is an easy one because I personally felt killing Hector and the
Sheik discreetly as a Silent Assassin was challenging enough. There are a few roaming
NPCs at the Thwack location that could become nasty surprises for 47.

New players should have no problem completing the contract as there are quite a few
ways to escape. Getting Silent Assassin Suit Only is a whole other issue, which
seasoned players can try for. It won’t be that easy as there are enforcers and
civilians in the area that just refuse to budge. There are no containers in that
immediate vicinity which makes hiding the bodies slightly challenging. Don’t forget
the roaming NPCs in that vicinity which could mess you up.

After 47 kills these targets for Andrea Martinez, it is hoped that the ICA remembers
to collect the money from Andrea first before 47 kills her later on in Santa Fortuna


Name of Contract 50 Shades of Munchies
Contract ID 2-21-4230177-94
Platform PS4
Location Isle of Sgáil
The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach
Good Luck 47.
Why the contract should be featured
Unorthodox and funny kill methods with much freedom of approach/disguise.

HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members
Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)

Name of Contract Shotbreak
Contract ID 1-22-9153108-18
Platform PC
Location Whittleton Creek

Use your Shotgun!

Crush all Hearts!
Why the contract should be featured
This is an interesting and straightforward contract. It’s not difficult to get SA, but you need to use your brain. If you think this contract is too simple, you can try to complete the contract without a suitcase. Good luck!


Hi! First time submitting a contract, here goes!

Name of Contract: A Lover’s Quarrel

Contract ID: 2-12-5036483-48

Platform: PS4

Location: Santa Fortuna

There’s a couple in Santa Fortuna who own a mechanic’s shop. Miss Alvarez is due to marry Mr Carmona in a week. But she has learned Carmona cheated on her. Enraged, she has hired us to kill her fiancé, making it look as if the the Delgado Cartel did it.

Ironically, Carmona has hired us to kill Alvarez in fear she has learned of his unloyalty. The kill conditions are the same. Make it look like the Delgados.

Now, we must fulfil both of our client’s wishes.

End this lover’s quarrel, 47.

Why the contract should be featured: Tests a good knowledge of the map, and also links well with the theme. Is completely possible silent asssassin, and can be completed in under 4 minutes. Great for speed runners.

Thanks! Hope you pick my contract!


Logang back at it
Platform: xbox one
Location:Sapienza, world of tomorrow
Briefing:YA YEET! The logang are back at it again with their latest contract. They learned from their mistakes and want to do this unnoticed, but still want to be super lit so have requested that you blow their head off. Gotta go fast and do this in under a minute. Logang out.

I think it should be featured because it’s funny, difficult and broke carusos heart because he didn’t get his flowers for his mother on time.


You might have considered this already, but it would be nice if the final target was replaced with another blindfolded NPC. I think that there’s one playing the piano. Could be difficult to escape though. SA would also probably be impossible. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is pretty much impossible to isolate the two musicians at the reception bar. So it is better to leave them be.

However it is fun to confuse them by KOing them and they wake up somewhere else from their instruments. :joy:


I that case, my only suggestion would be to replace the last target with Jebediah Block. Either way, it’s an interesting contract. :slightly_smiling_face:


It was also my plan to add a third blindfolded npc. But it’s kind of impossible to SA one of the stage entertainers with thrown food. An explosion accident would work, but doesn’t fit to the theme. I tested several targets, also Jebedia Block. But the food thrown kill is pretty tricky with him. It’s not that easy to isolate him and experiment like the female initiate.