Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - February


Name of Contract : Tortured Love (wrong spelling!)
Contract ID : 2-21-8815779-50
Platform : PS4
Location : Isle of Sgàil


Dear Mr. Rieper.

I’m Rebecca, bad lady. I’m writing a letter in the torture chamber.
To be honest, bad guy, you are the one I’ve always wished for. I know who you are. Yes, I know your everything. Including the fact you’re a professional a** a**in.
Come and see me with your favorite suit. Then eliminate my ex-boyfriend Austin. No one matters but you. We are meant to be together.
If you won’t I will blow your cover.

– Your sincerely, Rebecca.

P.S. I could die for you <3

Why the contract should be featured
Player can try completely different three approaches.
And the mission time will be similar even if player try any approach.


Name of Contract: Broken Hearts
Contract ID: 3-12-0879047-66
Platform: Xbox
Location: Santa Fortuna
Description/Briefing: Jorge Franco is concerned that Rico and Andrea are getting too distracted by love to run the cartel so Jorge needs us to take out Hector and Catalina
Why the contract should be featured: Because Andrea Martinez has had a relationship in the past and Rico and Andrea are “happily” married and I think it is different because it is not a love story and instead a story of the opposite


Name: The Last of the Lovebirds
Contract ID: 3-11-5218664-00
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Miami
Briefing: Good day 47. Lovebirds. Birds. What’s love got to do with it? Your objective is to eradicate all wannabe lovebirds at the Global Innovation Race in Miami. Our client is in the mascot business and he wants his competition to blow away, literally. Make it look like an inside job, in case anything should go wrong. Your targets are both mascots, and should anyone beat you to a target, well, tough luck for them. Good hunting!

Why: Who doesn’t love the birds of Miami? Flamingo 47 must be heartbroken when he realizes that he’s the sole survivor of his species.
A quite easy contract, possible to SA without any loadout.
For some reason, when I was playing the contract I noticed that the exit marker wouldn’t show up until i was really close to it (about 20 meters). That might make exiting the mission a bit puzzling…


Name: Love In The Fast Lane - Heart Knox Life
Contract ID: 2-11-5201482-69
Platform: PS4
Location: Miami

Why: I worked hard to create an interesting contract that fits with the theme. Easy to finish but difficult to master; this is a contract that will be appealing for casual or speed runs.

Can be completed by either forcing the race to end or can be completed whilst the race continues. Different triggers will result in different paths the targets take so finding the optimal route will be challenging.

All targets are located close to each other with no kill or disguise restrictions resulting in a densely packed contract - all killer no filler.

I also worked hard on the title and would love to be featured.

Thank you.


Love the title! Bit long but worth it

I’m PS4 so I’ll try it later


Name of Contract St. Valentine’s day massacre
Contract ID 1-11-4189561-44
Platform PC
Location Miami
Description/Briefing That mission is a bit unusual, 47. Your targets is witnesses of gangsters firefight in parking garage in Miami. Our client, a respected mafia family, wants to destroy an evidence and eliminate the witnesses, but they have problems now and cannot do this by themselfes. Thats why you should finish that. Eliminate witnesses using a mafia style (with machine gun) and do this clearly.
Why the contract should be featured That contract has a real historical reference (i noticed that very rarely) and has unusual optional weapon to destroy a targets (machine gun). Finally, that contract is very easy and was created just for relaxation.


Name Of Contract: A Match Made in Hell
Contract ID: 2-22-6451568-71
Platform: PS4
Location: Whittleton Creek
Well 47, this is quite the contract… Alfred and Penelope Troutt have been happily married since 1996, going on international vacations and even raising a foster child. However, earlier this week, we received a contract from each partner stipulating the others death. ICA analysts have recently discovered a massive increase in the life insurance of both partners. This is likely their motive. So 47, i suggest we retire this treacherous couple. I’ll leave you to prepare

Why it should be featured:
I had a blast making and playing this. Its got a good and unique backstory that perfectly reflects this months theme. There are plenty of kill oppurtunities throughout the house ranging from poison to gas explosions. Also the no pacifications complication can provide a challenge as guests roam the house



Okay so I tried out the contract and have some notes


  • The targets in the Kronstadt Paddock were well chosen
  • The entirely optional complications mean people aren’t forced to play at a difficulty they don’t like
  • I especially liked how the No Pacifications complication meant the waitress was an enforcer to the snack table that you had to work around. She was the hardest part of the contract.
  • The title, obviously :wink:


  • Too many complications. You only really needed the Do Not Get Spotted and the No Pacifications. They actually played into the challenge as you couldn’t just runaway when spotted or take out enforcers, so you had to understand their movements instead. Every other complication was unnecessary and made the contract look sloppily made (though I definitely don’t think it was)
  • The first target doesn’t feel in place. He’s non-civilian and in the medical area, which is different from the other three. So I’m not really sure why you did it. It’s not like you need his disguise or anything. It’s not bad per say, it’s just having a concentrated contract in just the Paddock I think works better.

Edit: Also not a negative, but personally I don’t love the briefing, it just doesn’t feel ICA style. But that’s 100% personal taste on my part

So as is, I’d give the contract 3/5, it’s frustratingly fun, but bloated with unnecessary extra stuff.

I’d recommend cutting the first target and all but Do Not Get Spotted and the No Pacifications. Then it’d be about a 4.5/5

Here’s my playthrough and score card for reference :blush:


Name of Contract
The Catfisher King
Contract ID

Why the contract should be featured
You can complete this entire contract while listening to how Marina came by the bar last night, asking for Roberto. She’s still pining over him? I mean, I’m right here.


Operation Bohemian Broken Hearts
Client has requested elimination of our 2 targets, because they are standing in way of his business plan. Our two targets are in relationship, and its up to 47 to break their hearts. Client has requested to elimante them with poison.
The contract is about breaking relationship by killing both partners


I played through some of the Xbox submissions for a bit of fun, and to test them out:

[0:00] Explosive Relationship (0:26) @SheikTheGeek

[0:56] Act 5 (0:37) @Spods

[2:03] Jeff’s Broken Heart (2:10) @Chrissyprice

[4:58] Fallen in Love (1:50) @Jamminermit

[7:30] Till Death Us Do Part (1:21) @Euler13

[9:18] Logang Back At It (0:26) @Aaronb635

[10:30] Broken Hearts (1:11) @duffsimmer


The King of Tarts
Marrakesh (by day)

Markus Landen has got it all: a cosy job, lots of money, a fast car, three personal assistants pining for him and a beautiful wife at home. Said wife is rather unhappy with his workplace conduct and asked the ICA to dispose of him and his harem of tarts. She would like to keep the car, so take it with you on your way out.

The title fits the theme as the word “hearts” was broken and changed into a pun, where the “tarts” are the derogatory term the jealous wife chose for the secretaries.
The contract fits the theme because it deals with a broken-hearted, yet calculating wife and a man whose hearts is big enough to hold four women (and maybe a bullet).
The contract is a challenge in that it asks you to kill four people in close proximity to each other, without much room to hide. It offers opportunity because most of the targets have interesting routes, some sipping a drink, others being able to be distracted.
It makes use of a unique exit (which is required) and gives a backstory and meaning to the room with the car keys and the people using that room. The no disguise change is the biggest part of the challenge as it might make it more difficult to reach the exit, or the targets, depending on which starting gear you selected.
Flexibility on which suit to start in and which method to kill the targets with. This contract can be done slowly and without any risk and a clean SA rating, but the speedrunners might enjoy making use of the embassies shortcuts and corners.


Name of Contract A Hopeless Crush
Contract ID 3-21-0091093-32
Platform Xbox
Location Sgail
Description/Briefing Good Evening, 47. As the Washington Twins have grown in stature, their lifestyles have required increasing amounts of security. Inevitably, some of these armed men have formed romantic feelings towards the pair. The Washingtons refuse to be bogged down by such entanglements, and as such have hired us to deal with the matter. Good luck.
Why the contract should be featured Because the title pun is just too good to pass up. And because figuring out how to pull off the required kills is a small test of players’ knowledge of NPC mechanics.


Wow! I’ve had 25 people play my PS4 ‘Dial M for Muffins’ entry (with compulsory complications), plus another 4 on the optional complications version. Thank you for playing!

@White-Half, your ‘Tortued Love’ contract is on the third page of trending. Congratulations! :grin:


A Lost Love’s Revenge

Briefing: The dead lab tech in the morgue has this contract set to activate in the event of his demise. Viana had a life insurance policy drawn last week that revealed her hand. With combined encouragement from her boss & priest, she sealed all their fates. Let’s play the role of karma & swing misfortune back at them.

Why choose this?: I had an initial route planned that I think is fun but by giving more disguise freedom I think I opened it up for even more creative kills.


Name: “A Classy Break”
Contract ID: 1-12-5355338-46
Platform: PC
Location: Santa Fortuna
Description: Rico’s brother’s love affair has been a pain in his spine for too long. The impulsive cartel leader has requested that both his brother and his ex-lover be eliminated. A swift a crude mission.
More conditions are stipulated.
Good luck, 47!

I believe this contract is representative of the theme, having to kill both Andrea and Hector, the two love birds of Santa Fortuna. The contract stipulates that no pacification or missed shots are allowed alongside hiding all the bodies and eliminating your targets in your suit (which add a degree of difficulty). Should the team consider this contract, upon playthrough, I accept modifications that they might impose upon it, should they consider it makes it better.

Respectfully submitted,
Andrew, from Romania


Name of Contract
I can’t make you love me
Contract ID
Bangkok (The Source)

Why the contract should be featured
The rose is red, the violet’s blue,
The honey’s sweet, and so are you.
You are my love and I am thine
I drew thee to my Valentine.
The lot was cast and then I drew,
And Diana said it should be you


Name of contract: FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU
Contract id: 1-13-7064055-62
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai
Description: Good evening 47 our client wishes you to dispatch both Wazir Kale and his girlfriend Neha. Our client is a indian gossip news journalist and former lover of Wazir, who after being left alone last Valentines day has vowed revenge of Wazir and his new fling. In an act of poetic justice the client has also asked for them to be dispatched in a falling accidents, this will allow our client to profit off their deaths with a fantastic headline in her next editorial “Falling in love”
Why should it be featured Cute name pun regarding how they have to be executed and a good little puzzle to figure out ways to get the targets into right positions. Fun without being too easy or too obtuse i would hope.


Name of contract: Him? Over My Dead Body!
Contract ID: 1-04-5701489-76
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza (Landslide)


The client’s daughter is in a relationship with your target. Our client finds the target to be obnoxious and unsuitable. There is apparently a “nice boy” she has in mind, but first the existing boyfriend must be dealt with.

Good luck,


Why the contract should be featured: I think it’s pretty challenging to get the target of this one while also getting a Silent Assassin rating, but its satisfying to figure it out. The target is out in public so the player would have to figure out how to get him with an accident or to dispose of his body quickly without having anybody see. But he’s not right out in the middle of a massive crowd that can’t be worked around at all.

And as far as the theme goes: I dated a few Italian girls years back, and their mothers would always threaten to do physical harm to me if I wasn’t a good boyfriend. So I decided to make the client the target’s girlfriend’s mother. The girlfriend has had it almost up to her eyeballs with the boyfriend’s condescension, but she’s still with him for some reason. Well, you can count on Mom to make the decision for her. And Mom’s got deep pockets and ICA’s phone number.


Name of Contract: Inheritance
Contract ID: 2-02-4508275-07
Platform: PS4
Location: Paris

Why the contract should be featured:
It requires the player to navigate and understand both of the key aspects of Paris, the fashion show and the IAGO auction.

Also the targets have variety.
Amedee will wander a large area so can be present a lot of opportunities to kill. However, she is usually surround by people so this makes it difficult to execute on any of them.

Rutherford basically alternates between two very close positions but still offers at least 3 kill opportunities to observant players. Either a fall as he overlooks the balcony (You can pull him over and not be spotted); an explosion as he smokes; or drowning by putting emetic in his drink.

SASO is very possible (I always make it possible).