Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - February


Name of Contract: A Shotgun Wedding

Contract ID: 1-05-6655980-75

Platform: PC

Location: Sapienza (The Icon)

Description/Briefing: Ten years ago, our client confessed his feelings to a man, “Follie” while working his job. Knowing he wanted to be a chef, like himself, our client found it to be the perfect chance.

However, Follie was appalled, deciding to change careers rather than join a field full of, “slack jawed gays.”

Now he has returned to that fateful place to guard for a movie shoot. Our client, fed up with life, wants to go out with Follie, in the way he wanted to begin with, a lover, a matrimony, a Shotgun Wedding.

Why the contract should be featured: Just like love ̶m̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ sometimes, I decided to make this contract very difficult. With complications such as No Disguise Changes and Don’t Get Spotted, this will definitely give players a good time, especially figuring out how to end the far-fetched lovers with a shotgun~ I also put this contract on a map that I honestly believe doesn’t get all the credit it deserves, especially with how romantic a town like Sapienza is at night~


Nothing screams romance like the sound of mechanical robots and explosions all around. Not to mention Dino’s sweet repetitive serenades. Many babies were made that night in Sapienza.


No More Than A Friend, Blake

Platform: PC
ID: 1-21-8094975-44
Location: Isle of Sgail

Briefing: Welcome to the Isle of Sgail, 47. Your targets are Blake Nathaniel and Sophia Washington, a former couple with history of murdering several civilians to gather ancient relics across the world. The two recently broke up, and Sophia has gotten rather frustrated at Blake for nearly killing her and chairwoman Zoe Washington. Our client needs us to finish the job, and retire Mr. Nathaniel as well as Ms. Washington.

I feel this contract should be featured because there are several viable approaches and routes you can take to complete the mission. You’re not restricted at all when killing Blake Nathaniel and there are several different weapons you can use to smuggle around and kill Sophia Washington with. There are also no complications, as I feel it would restrict the player a bit too much since a few kill methods have been discarded with the “Thrown Weapon” condition for Sophia.

Overall, I think it encourages a lot of creativity and it’s friendly towards everyone; Silent Assassins and Psychopaths.


Name of Contract: The Love of a Journalist
Contract ID: 1-02-7210076-51
Platform: PC
Location: Paris
Description/Briefing: Good Afternoon, 47
You travel to Paris to eliminate two journalists. They both have cheated on their husbands, so they need to be eliminated. Do it with your signature kill.

Good Luck, 47

Why the contract should be featured: You need to eliminate both targets with the fiber wire so it can be a challenge eliminating them. Especially Valerie St. Claire because she is in a crowd and is always seen. It also has a Valentine’s Day related Story.


Name of Contract: Lost Love in Mumbai
Contract ID: 1-13-2913378-22
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai
Happy Valentine’s Day, 47.
We have received word from our contacts in Mumbai that a group known as the ‘Mohabbat Sisters’ are planning an attack in the city today to gain the affection of their favourite Bollywood superstar Gil B. This cannot happen because heightened police presence in the area will affect our operations.
The sisters must be eliminated and Gil also for good measure.

A cleaver is recommended for taking out The Sisters as it will make it look like a gang attack. Good luck 47.

Why this contract should be featured: I think it presents an interesting challenge, a big map and 5 targets. You need to find a cleaver and plan properly, for most players they will use a variety of different disguises as the targets are scattered across the map. Two of the targets are in very public areas so players will need to be wise and vigilant for NPCs that will spot them. As far as contracts I think it’s a challenging but rewarding one and it’ll be a really interesting one to see how the pros do it. There’s no ‘ideal’ starting location since targets are spread out so players can approach it anyway they want.


Name: Vying for Attention
Contract ID: 2-12-8406253-82
Platform: PS4
Location: Santa Fortuna
Briefing: A contract has been issued and you have been cleared to engage. Our agent Victoria was sent to collect some intel on Andrea, but looks like someone already knows about her visit and some Romeos are keeping an eye on her. Eliminate all those blossoming hearts, who are vying for her attention. Make it a bloody Valentine’s day for them.

Why this contract should be featured: Timing is important to get silent assassin and speed run and yet there are many ways to approach the elimination. Think this mini adventure blends well with the main story. I have kept it any method/any disguise for slow gamers (like me) and speed runners. Innovation is the key. Though accident kill can be added for the last 2 targets, if you want to add complications.


Name of Contract: The Manipulator
Contract ID: 1-21-2826595-84
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgail

Good evening, 47. Your target is a manipulator who does not hesitate to kill to get those he wants with the help of his accomplices that you will also eliminate. They decided today to attack one of our customers. The opportunity for us to put a definitive end to these criminal activities. Good luck.

Why the contract should be featured:
I think this is a contract that can please a lot of players with the freedom to approach and a good challenge for additional complications.


Name of Contract: The Way You Luca At Me
Contract ID: 3-01-9334691-69
Platform: Xbox 1
Location: ICA Facility
Description/Briefing: Good Evening, 47. Your target today is one Luca Wood, an odd case to say the least. Mr. Wood appears to be the target of numerous contracts, all of which mention something called “Top of the Class”. Anyways, ICA high command has had enough of this, and has asked you to finish the job, once and for all. Our clients’s love of Luca Wood ends here. Good Luck, 47.

Why This Contract Should Be Featured: I think this contract takes a different approach to the idea of Broken Hearts because this one focusses on the hearts of contract creators. A large amount of contracts focus around killing Luca Wood to earn the Top of the Class Achievement. I’ve interpreted this as clients constantly sending in contracts to kill Luca Wood. Based on this, people automatically assume that a contract with Luca Wood on the contract photo will be ridiculously easy. So in this contract you have to kill Luca Wood, with one slight difference. It has to be with a fall accident, and no bodies can be found. This increases the difficulty and breaks the hearts of everyone who thought that killing Luca Wood would be an easy featured contract.


Name of Contract: Legacy
Contract ID: 3-13-5160178-41
Platform: XBOX 1
Location: Mumbai
Description/Briefing: During on of the Kashmirian’s jobs, he tragically fell of a balcony and died. It is up to you to pick up his legacy and eliminate the power holders of Mumbai just as the Kashmirian would have done it. (For an added challenge, use the Kashmirian’s vantage points.)
Why the contract should be featured: There’s no greater heartbreak than the loss of a loved one, and grief make men do things they would normally never do. After 47 “accidentally” pushed the Kashmirian off a balcony, he was consumed by grief and heartbreak, and the only way to mend 47’s damaged heart is to pick up the Kashmirian’s legacy by donning his clothes and sniping the power holders of Mumbai. Besides the subtle theme of heartbreak, this contracts also gives a perspective of what it would be like to be the Kashmirian and carry out his mission rather than using him as a tool. (I did however add Wazir Kale as a target because I thought the contract needed more.)


Its a good idea but getting him to die from falling sounds a bit grindy. Real challenge is suit only no pacifications


Name of Contract: “Look Daniel! She’s Nice!”
Contract ID: 3-02-3825415-46
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Paris
Briefing: Good evening 47, the ICA has been contracted on behalf of a Mrs. Rosenberg to eliminate the ex-lovers of her son, Daniel. Four of Daniel’s supermodel ex-fiancés will be attending the Sanguine fashion show in Paris tonight. Convinced these women have broken her poor son’s heart, Mrs. Rosenberg would like them eliminated using an item of Daniel’s currently on loan to the Palais. Dramatic perhaps, but who are we to deny a bit of poetic justice for an overbearing mother and her timid son? Good luck.

Why it should be featured: This contract is based on the mother and son pair who hang out just outside the entrance to the runway. I decided to create a story around why Mrs. Rosenberg is so obnoxiously involved in her son’s love life. Daniel’s mother wants the best for her son, but even the women she chooses for him are never good enough, and now she has turned to the ICA. This contract isn’t terribly complicated, but the no pacification complication adds a bit more challenge, while attempting it without using a briefcase makes navigation a bit more interesting.


Yes, perfectly possible!

As if there’s any other way :wink:


Name of Contract: Every Rose Has Its Thorns
Contract ID: 1-09-2370601-84
Platform: PC
Location: Colorado
Description/Briefing: Good evening, 47. Our client, a young farm girl from West Colorado, is an old flame of Sean Rose. Their breakup coincides with his recent recruitment of one Penelope Graves, leading to the belief that Rose has a romantic interest in the new recruit. Feeling vengeful, our client has hired you to deliver a distinct message by eliminating both Graves and Rose ‘country-style.’ Love is in bloom, 47. See that it wilts. Good hunting.
Why the contract should be featured: This contract approaches the theme of Broken Hearts in a roundabout way, not focusing on an actual romance between characters but instead on a perceived romance. It plays on Sean Rose’s name as well, and I think the fabricated story for the contract is fitting for the dynamic between Graves and Rose and creates a plausible reason for the method of elimination. It’s also a decently difficult contract without being too insanely hard, and I feel that Colorado doesn’t get featured enough in contracts—from my experience anyway.


Hello (.___.)/

New here, just bought Hitman 2 on PS4 and i was having a good time exploring maps and making contracts. Then i came across this thread and saw i had till tomorrow to submit something and figured “Hell, i got a an idea off the top of my head i could try” So nothing flashy, but i hope someone tries it!

Name of Contract

Heartbreaker Squad

Contract ID







47, your targets this time around are the squad members of the notorious “Heartbreakers”, a team of assassins that go after loved ones of high ranking CEOs, politicians and other VIPS as a means to inact revenge or simply send a message.

The client is a former member who seeks payback after being cut off and having a romantic intrest of theirs murdered during a date. The Client has revealed the squad is embedded with the terrorist cell we found in Colorado.

47, you know what to do.

Why the contract should be featured

Admittedly, this contract is nothing flashy, but i aimed to make something lore-friendly and accessible to both casual and competitive assassins. I’m encouraging freedom in taking out the targets how the player sees fit while offering the following OPTIONAL complications for those wanting an extra bit of challange

  • 15 minute time limit
  • Targets only
  • Do not get spotted
  • No bodies found
  • Hide all bodies
  • No Disguise Change
  • Headshots only
  • Perfect Shooter

Once again, just trying to make something that compliments both play styles.


Name: Sixpence in your Shoe
ID: 1-21-6027207-58
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgail

Something new,
Something old,
Something borrowed,
And something blue.

Why the contract should be featured
I played with something different here, with the contract itself being themed after the traditional items to bring a bride good luck. The targets themselves, and the elimination methods used for each one, are meant to evoke this traditional rhyme.

Aside from the elimination methods the contract is also purposefully designed to be free form, and is capable of being completed in a number of different ways. None of the targets are especially difficult to do safely, though doing them quickly can be a bit more complicated. I also find it worth mentioning that while it is not an enforced requirement, the contract can be completed from the default start with absolutely no items in your load out. It is of course easier and quicker if you do have some of the mastery unlocks for Sgail.


Damn, the description is so concise and perfect. I’m unbelievably jealous of this. I’d offer to recreate this but I think it’ll probably get featured in a few days anyway :joy:


NAME Free Willys Broken Heart
Contract ID 2-08-6890836-79
Platform Ps4
Location Bangkok
Description. Willy owns a lucrative Landscaping business in Bangkok. His wife, Tuk Kit works with him and is having an affair with Seri, a handsome new hire. Heartbroken, Willy has hired 47 to eliminate the pair and bury them here, at the new project. But, unknowingly to Willy, Tuk Kit has her own plan. She isnt going to settle for some small divorce settlement when she can get Willys fortune and insurance policy. Tuk Kit has hired Agent Smith to take out her husband. But, 47 will outsmart them all. He has taken Willys contract and tricked Agent Smith out of his and will eliminate them all. Good Luck 47.
WHY. I own every hitman game, have contributed contracts from the start. I also would love to be remembered for a small contribution.


Name. Forbidden Love
Contract ID. 2-03-2131993-79
Platform. Ps4
Location Sapienza
Description. Roberto and Francesca are dating against the wishes of her boss. Francesca is heartbroken over the situation but Roberto the playboy, can care less. Unknown to Francesca, her boss knows that shes a spy and is planning to eliminate her anyway. The relationship with her and Roberto gives him the perfect coverup story. Roberto is a bad gambler and owes the mob a fortune. So, the boss can hire a hit on them both and blame Robertos debt. A nice Valentines Day date will be the perfect oppourtunity. Good Luck 47.
WHY. Own every game, have contributed contracts since Absolution. Almost a senior citizen who would love a contract in Hitmans game.


Contract Name: A Bullet for My Valentine

Contract ID: 2-03-7800986-28

Platform: PS4

Location: Sapienza, Italy

Good evening 47, your targets are intelligence agent Sergey Horoshih & handler Denise Fachetti who are former KGB agents responsible for high profile assassinations of politicians. They’ve gone rogue and fled Russia changing their names and have since become lovers and have threatened to release classified agency assets to extort the agency for money. According to our data their last known location was Sapienza, Italy where they plan to spend their “last” Valentine’s Day

Additional Complications:
Complete mission within 05:45 [Optional]
Required Exit
Targets Only
Do Not Get Spotted
No Recordings
Suit Only
Headshots Only
Perfect Shooter
No Pacifications

Why the contract should be a featured contract:
This is sniper assassin challenge with an interesting yet convoluted storyline and has the makings of a spy thriller. The time limit is optional and the exfiltration point was chosen to test how creatively players can navigate to an exit without getting spotted by taking calculated risks.


Name: Seven Minutes/7 Minutes

Contract ID: 2-12-6580154-28

Platform: PS4

Location: Santa Fortuna, Columbia

Description: It has been pretty clear that Hector Delgado and Andrea Martinez were in love, but have fallen out. Hector won’t stop sending her letters, but Andrea has other plans. Her assistant, Paulo, has requested you put this feud to an end, even if it means killing them both.

Optional objectives:
Falling object accident kill for both targets
Complete in under 7 minutes
Targets only

Why I think it should get featured: Because the whole “Hector and Andrea” is an opportunity in SF and I couldn’t think of a better contract apart from killing Andrea and Hector in 7 minutes. It was thought of on the spot and probably isn’t even good, considering my contract-making skills.