Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - January 2020!

It’s time to dust off your engines and get creative once again - because we need you! I here by open the Featured Contracts thread for January 2020.

A New Year = new contracts! We’re setting the January Featured Contracts theme as ‘Stay Frosty’

As always however you interpret that to create your missions, is all up to you.

If you’re up the challenge, submit your contracts using this format:

Name of Contract

Contract ID




Why the contract should be featured

Submissions close at 9 am CET on January 6 - 2020 :smiley:

Good luck!


Untitled design

Title: End of a Decade.
Contract ID: 2-26-7937350-26.
Platform: PlayStation 4.
Location: Haven Island, Maldives (The Last Resort).

PS_Messages_20191221_075348 - Edited

Why the contract should be featured:
Starting off this year would be awesome, I joined back on January 17 this year (both the full game and the forum) and honestly, I think this game is the one I haven’t gone a day without playing (well, y’know, not while I’m on holiday though).

Throughout the year, I’ve surprised myself in the techniques I’ve learned myself and the techniques others have either taught or shown me. I’ve mostly enjoyed every minute of this game and can’t wait for the next year with all its limited content.

Besides, in regards to our friendly competition, @Urben’s going down.

I’m killing him off in reference to me beating him.

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@AgentJames @PEA @HITMANIST @fgdsa99 @TheContractor @GreekAgent @MulletPride @Yellow_ZR1


Oh I’m gonna enjoy this month :snowflake: (gonna eat up most of my H2 time in the holiday season tho)

Got a few submissions

Name of Contract: The Mendez Retirement

Contract ID: 2-11-5294700-07

Platform: PS4

Location: Miami


Ted Mendez has one day left before retirement and one last mission to finish. However, Ted seems to be putting off his final task. Perhaps he’s not ready to leave?

Well if Ted won’t you’ll have to do it for him! Take out the Kronstadt moles who have been leaking classified information, so Ted can finally get his pension.

You have to kill several Kronstadt moles dressed as Ted Mendez.

Why the contract should be featured

  • We get to use this amazing and criminally underused disguise
  • You have to stay frosty while in the building as the perfect shooter means you can’t shoot cameras out or shoot open the helicopter gate at the end which means you either have to prepare well or be ready for some detours
  • The hidden bodies complication means people can’t just use “easy” accident kills or pacify everyone they have to be considered

Name of Contract : The Portman Reconstruction

Contract ID : 2-10-9384668-07

Platform : PS4

Location : Hokkaido

Description/Briefing :

Jason Portman just went into hospital to get reconstructive surgery so he can look like his idol. They didn’t exactly do the best job though, so let’s sweep this whole mess away.

They accidentally messed up his face, let’s mess up theirs!

Get rid of everyone involved in Portman’s awful face

Why the contract should be featured :

  • Players will definitely stay frosty with any mission set in Hokkaido :wink:
  • The kills line up with the story, accidents and ruined faces
  • It’s about Portman, one of the most iconic characters of the new Hitman series (been in 3 levels)
  • He’s trying to look like the handsome Mr 47, so really we’re celebrating 47’s beautiful face
  • Portman’s death can be remote triggered so it may look like there’s backtracking but there isn’t
  • I know you love a good film reference :thinking: Try Hollow Man on for size! Man wrapped in bandages goes on a killing spree
  • No unlocks required, can all be done with what’s in the level

Okay at @KevinRudd’s request I’ll include this

Name of Contract I’m Burning Up Doc

Contract ID 2-10-0345981-07

Platform PS4

Location Hokkaido


So this contract has one simple goal, burn the doctor as quickly as possible. However, you have to take into account

  • You can’t shoot the barrel, so you need a screwdriver and an ignition source
  • You have to get Veitch to 1 of 2 gasoline drums on the map (both evenly far from him)

Why the contract should be featured

The doc doesn’t stay frosty for long if you can work out the trick to this contract :wink:


Name of Contract Sniper Assassin: Ruins
Contract ID 1-03-9282887-52
Platform PC
Location Sapienza - World of Tomorrow
Description/Briefing Head to the top of the ruins and kill 5 targets across the town + Mansion grounds while wearing your suit (It’s expected you’ll use sniper rifle or sniper-based accidents), then exit via the speedboat at ruins.
Why the contract should be featured

  • I Googled “Stay frosty” and it says it means ‘stay focused and on point’; a sniper contract is the perfect example of having to stay focused, and I’ve chosen one of my more challenging ones!
  • Each target has its own mini-puzzle on how to kill them without losing your SA rating, some require thinking up accidents, some require bullet lures, some require distraction to make witnesses look away, etc
  • We still haven’t had a proper sniper contract featured in H2! Will you help me fulfill my New Year’s Resolution, Clemens?
  • Because Contracts mode is vague, all targets are “Any Method” meaning if people don’t want to figure out the sniper methods then they are free to go around on the ground, they just have to kill while wearing their suit and exit via the ruins when they’re done. So it’s a win-win for people who hate sniping or don’t!
  • I just really like it, and my sniper contracts are the best contracts I’ve made, so it’s a bit weird my other stuff has gotten featured but not any of these ones

EDIT: For those on console who want to try -

  • PS4: 2-03-6729624-07 (Just for you @PEA)
  • XBOX: 3-03-5010566-80



Name of Contract: Close The Damn Window
Contract ID: 1-10-0471625-95
Platform: PC
Location: Hokkaido
Brrr! Someone left the window open in the bathroom, and now all the warm air is getting out! We’ve got two possible culprits - a man and a woman. There’s also a third man who definitely didn’t do it, but he left a floater in the pool so he’s gotta go too.

(‘Floater’ means ‘poo’, not an aquatic flotation device.)

Why the contract should be featured:
You ever get a really nasty cold breeze in the winter, when you’re trying to stay warm in your house? Make people freeze by shoving them into an ice-cold pool of water. Or shove them off something else, I don’t care.

3 targets in the hospital, fall accidents, optional no pacifications.


Name of Contract: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Contract ID: 1-26-5138691-68

Platform: PC

Location: Haven Island

Description/Briefing: Good afternoon 47,

We have a new contract from the HR department on Haven Island. Apparently they want us to help “terminate” two employees who have a habit of sleeping on the job. Your targets are Surya Dada and Dean Pettington. Both were told at the staff meeting this week to “Stay Frosty” and they are currently in direct defiance of this order. See to it that they sleep the big sleep forever.

Why the contract should be featured: Since stay frosty essentially means stay alert, I think this contract is fitting as it shows the consequences of not staying frosty in the Hitman world. The contract can be completed in more than one way and you can definitely do a SASO run.

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I tried your contract.


Name of Contract: The Thraxx Paradox 2.0
Contract ID: 1-13-7028159-24 - obsolete: 1-13-0003647-24 (previous version)
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai, India - Chasing A Ghost


In 2007, a certain organization suffered substantial loss of personnel by the hand of a hired assassin. It is assumed that this assassin will soon attempt to re-enact his infamous killing spree in the city of Mumbai. You are to eliminate him and carry out the deed in his stead.

Why the contract should be featured:

  • This is my very first contract, no? So it’d be a very cool late-late Christmas gift (frosty even… see what I did there?) for a newbie like me, if I saw this in the featured contracts list, yas yas. It would really make my whole year and be a great motivational push to start 2020 off on a high note.

  • Since I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing when entering the contract creation mode, I did what probably every good person would do: look up an online guide on the DOs and DONTs and all that jazz. And you’ll be pleased to know that I basically ignored every single piece of advice.

  • This contract is obviously an homage to a certain movie almost everyone I know loves to hate. That’s why I’m giving you even more stuff to hate on. Don’t we all secretly enjoy to have some sort of love/hate relationship in our lives, in one way or another? Well well, my fellow assassins… you absolutely need to stay frosty to come out on top of this one.

  • The last round of featured contracts included one that didn’t quite fit the Christmas theme as well (not at first glance anyways) so you could argue: every month needs one of those. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All jokes aside though, this is pretty much the (sub)theme I was aiming for: LOVE IT / HATE IT.

LOVE IT, because it pays tribute to a piece of art (I did my best to find locations and targets that match some of the hits in the movie as closely as possible. If there’s a way to get the Kashmirian to the train yard, other than dragging his body there, please let me know).

HATE IT, because it basically does everything you hate about Hitman contracts: limiting your options to a ridiculous extent. Not even the loadout has any sort of wiggle room. So it should be easy enough for you to figure out, right? Or, in the words of Sidney Wang: “Answer simple, but question very hard.

Bottom line: it’ll probably leave you with mixed feelings, just like the film might have. Don’t go too hard on me though, I promise I’ll do better next time. Maybe.

/edit 1: I’m actually already working on a version that’s less restrictive in some ways, but gives you more food for thought in others. Feedback on the current contract would be much appreciated, DMs are open.

/edit 2: Revamped contract is up. If any of you already played the previous one, don’t worry - it’s not for naught! Both have their PROs and CONs. Just look at it as a different approach, hopefully one that will allow players to be a little bit more creative. Just a little bit though. ;D

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Name of Contract Meet The Fire Axe, Then Chill

Contract ID 2-11-8666423-00

Platform PS4

Location Miami

Description/Briefing The fire Axe doesn’t even has fire on it, but that’s not the point, those two still need to chill and “Stay frosty” after being eliminated

Why the contract should be featured Not hard, but not that easy, it requires some basic understanding of Miami’s map


Name of Contract: Cold Yoga with 47’s Style

Contract ID: 1-10-8827733-35

Platform: PC

Location: Hokkaido (yeah)



Nothing not relieves from a hangover after 1s January better, then morning Cold Yoga with 47’ style!
But, unfortunately, J. Brooke don’t know how to engage a cold yoga! Maybe, new bald instructor 47 show a “class”?
And… relax and enjoy!

Why the contract should be featured:

  • When i was thinking about “Stay Frosty” theme contracts me has come idea about Hokkaido… and Yoga with J. Brooke. I think idea about Cold Yoga very original and worthy and should be featured.

  • Ice Pick bound with topic this month, after all he will force players walkthrough mission “Hokkaido Snow Festival”. Yeah.

  • Trending and liked contract style “puzzle” with method kill and disguise. But i think i made her not very good. Anyway, kill methods bound with Yoga (unarmed = stretching). And (I don’t want anyone offend, but targets remind me drunk persons) + this too bound with topic “Stay Frosty”.


Name of Contract
Punishment Of The Patrols

Contract ID



These may be your brothers in arms, but siblings don’t always get along. It’s time you punish them for the horrible things they said and done to you by getting them back while they are distracting themselves for being focused, when they’re on patrol.

Why the contract should be featured
I think my contract should be featured because instead of trying to make 47 ‘stay frosty’ you are trying to stop others from staying frosty, and the one time they should stay frosty, is while they patrol.

I submitted this one in February but I think it fits the theme again.

Name of Contract: Shah’s Brides
Contract ID: 1-13-6714257-67
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai

Female servants of Vanya Shah receive food and shelter, in return they commit themselves for their entire youth. They also get the chance to be married to Shah’s wealthy business partners. A soon-to-be candidate is the Maelstrom, so such a day is approaching.
However, who loses her virginity receives punishment. Also, since Shah is never revealing her knowledge until the next marriage, the service continues with constant fear. So one is not only hoping to marry, but also to survive that day.

Why the contract should be featured:

Click for February text

My former idea for this theme was “to bring two together” by forcing to trick two NPCs getting close to a Gasoline Barrel and let them burn together in the flames. While designing it I gave up making this the “love” aspect and put the idea into a bigger picture. I kinda like how the story turned out.
Gameplay-wise many details here make it a nice contract. The main problem for less experienced players will be to get them to the barrel without KOs. They easily go near it with usual lures, but for the timing and closer placement more evaluation is required. Whoever can do that will find a sandbox with many little screws to tweak to achieve more than just finishing it with SA rating. The last target is not making it any harder, it is just salt for the strategies of experts, especially for the exit when speed is your goal.
I also decided to make it open for Suit Only runs as they are loved by some. That requires way less level mastery but also even more skill.

The theme is “stay frosty”. If you read the briefing, you see this is the motto of the female servants of Shah. The player also has to stay cool because the environment around gasoline drums is hot, and getting the targets there both without KO is making one sweat as well. It might turn harder for those who already had trouble with the “Where Patients Meet” contract as you cannot carry the drum around. But at least you decide which disguise to use this time. And the targets don’t run around.


May the best man win. Well, I’m fucked.


Name of Contract: They Scream For Ice Cream
Contract ID: 1-03-9139284-14
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza (World of Tomorrow)

"47 has opened a small business selling ice cream in Sapienza. They’re selling like hotcakes thanks to 47’s mysterious ‘special ingredient’ that turns the ice cream dark red and adds an indescribable yet delicious flavor.

Unfortunately, a café in the town square is stealing his customers, and 47 has decided they need some new management.

He plans to replace the head chef and to put the other ingredien— I mean, employees into the freezers in the basement. Time is money so he needs to act fast."

Why the contract should be featured:

  • It fits the theme of “stay frosty” in a rather literal sense. The theme of ice cream is obviously relevant to this, but it also refers to the need to place the targets into the freezers (since there aren’t really any other convenient containers nearby).
  • The requirements for the contract are fairly straightforward. The challenge therefore lies in figuring out how to go about the contract as opposed to the actual execution (no pun intended). There are several different solutions to this contract, some easier than others. Regardless of their approach however, the player will need to eliminate the head chef first in order to obtain the chef disguise, since this is the only way to obtain it without voiding SA. The player could start as kitchen staff in the mansion, but this will cost them precious time. Alternatively, they could start in the suit, but this is riskier when trying to infiltrate the cafe. With this in mind, I ensured that the chef can be eliminated however the player wishes (any method, any disguise) so that the player is still permitted a decent level of freedom. How they handle the other targets (and in what order) is entirely up to them.
  • The three complications have all been selected carefully to make the contract more interesting.
    • The hide all bodies complication exists to serve the story of the contract, but also makes certain sections more complicated. For example, the player cannot engage any of the other targets until the chef has been killed and the kitchen knife has been obtained. This means they will need to be avoided until his body is hidden in a container or otherwise out of sight, which is especially a problem considering that one of the targets is already in the basement, and another frequents the nearby staircase and main cafe. This gives players very limited options to hide the body without using containers. It also forces the player to find ways to get the targets away from the main cafe area since engaging them here is likely to result in getting spotted.
    • The no pacifications complication exists in order to force the player to eliminate the chef first since this is the only way to get a chef disguise without knocking anyone out, as well as serving the story of the contract. This plays into the previous point about not being able to engage the targets until the chef has been dealt with. Additionally, most of the targets are mobile, so it also makes it a little bit more challenging to engage them safely.
    • The timer (of exactly 5 minutes) serves a number of functions. Firstly, simply put, it makes the contract more of a challenge (in an organic way). I felt that it was simply too easy without the timer and that having it forces the player to strategize since many approaches would simply take too long. Additionally, it heavily incentivizes using the freezers in the basement to store the bodies since the only other usable containers are too far away to really justify using. It also encourages a trial-and-error playstyle that serves the idea I mentioned earlier of the hard part being figuring out how to do the contract. The timer is also fairly generous. I was able to complete the contract with the default loadout at the default starting location with almost a minute to spare, so there’s really no excuse :upside_down_face:.
  • As referenced previously, no unlocks or mastery are required to complete the contract. It can be done with default equipment at the default starting location with time to spare.
  • SA is very possible, but the biggest challenge for achieving it will likely be beating the clock.
  • Who doesn’t like ice cream?

The Snowman

ID: 3-06-9820582-93

Platform: Xbox One


Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your targets are Lena Nilsson and her lover, Izo von Kaishev. Together, the duo go under the alias of 'Frosty the Snowman’s and send information to news channels across the globe, destroying both lives and companies in the process. For the better part of a decade, Frosty the Snowman has inadvertently been the cause of mine suicides by the end of their last January run. Our client, von Kaishev’s wife, has placed a contract on their heads upon discovering the growing affair between Nilsson and von Kaishev.
Good luck.

Why the contract should be featured:
Well, I’ve given the contract some of what I think is decent backstory within the briefing, and I feel like several meanings of ‘stay frosty’ can be found throughout. The first is the name of the contract, which is ‘The Snowman’. I get that it might be a bit on the Christmas side, but I feel like that’s kinda the point? Frosty the Snowman only stops giving news stations information once January ends, but then I guess the term ‘Stay Frosty’ can mean to hold onto the Christmas season for as long as they can, if that makes any sense.
My number two point more or less falls in with the statement above, and that’s that the two targets in the contract are going by Frosty the Snowman as their alias while leaking big information to the public with the help of news channels. Really, this point is just tied up with the first one.
My third point is that Lena Nilsson and Izo von Kaishev are having an affair that his wife discovers it and kinda turns cold to him, which the word ‘frosty’ can mean. Cold and unfriendly. I mean, even in the contract, von Kaishev’s wife sits further away from from him then anyone else, and I know that’s his wife because her in game name is von Kaisheva or something along those lines. Anyway, she’s cold and distant to her husband after finding out about his affair.
My last point, I think, is that both targets can be optionally eliminated using an ice pick melee. I was thinking that this would be karma for them, considering the whole Frosty the Snowman schtick they have. Really, I thought it was ironic to be killed that way, but you can be the judge of that.

Now, since I’m not being let go use a photo of the contract for some reason, I’ll just type everything else here, I guess. Both targets have the optional objective to be eliminated using an ice pick and while wearing a suit.
The only complicated the contract has is the ‘no changing from starting disguise’ one.

And you know what would be an absolutely fantastic Christmas present? Having one of my contracts be featured :wink:

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