Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - JULY

Hey again everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your Summer / Winter (depending on where you are n the World)!

It’s time to start the creative engines again! Yet again we’re inviting you to submit your own created contracts based on this month’s theme. Last month’s theme was “GREED KILLS”, and as always- there were so many great submissions, thank you! :heart:

Now! Inspired by our monthly theme of Jungle Music, we’re setting this month’s theme as ‘TONE DEATH’

However you interpret that to create your mission, is up to you.

Submit your contracts using this format:

Name of Contract
Contract ID
Why the contract should be featured

Submissions close at 9 am CEST on July 15 - 2019

Now, go do what you do best, and create some awesome contracts :smiley:
( And I promise, I won’t feature so many Food Kills this time :wink: )

Good luck!

PS: If you’re new to creating Contracts, and need some help - Urben made this awesome guide: Contract Creation Guide :slight_smile:



No offence but this is the worst theme yet IMO


Nice to see I’m making a cameo appearance.


Definitely submitting this month. Especially with the new unlock :wink:



what in god’s name does it ever mean :hushed:
can someone elaborate please because im not that good in english, i can understand each word in itself but not them together :upside_down_face:

It is a pun on the phrase “tone deaf”


It’s a pun on the phrase “Tone Deaf”, as in not being able to tell musical notes apart by ear.

So music and explosion contracts it is. :joy: Cool so one of my Bank contracts fits.


What’s the connection between explosions and music/tones?

You mean explosion contracts that specifically use Napoleon Blownaparte and the explosive phone?

Lots of possibilities here I think… anywhere there’s music, so the Paris catwalk, or Sapienza kitchen with the Italian singing on the radio - maybe a contract around killing people who can be lured with radios? Or Landslide with the singers on stage, Miami in the VIP area, Santa Fortuna is a pretty obvious one with an actual musician disguise, Marrakesh ‘Dance till you Drop’ easter egg, Sgail has a musician disguise as well…

I have a stupid gimmick idea already but it’s going to be hell finding the right target(s).

More like making you tone deaf in an extreme way. All-tone deaf. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Depends on your music tastes :joy:


Skrillex entered the chat

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Theme is a pun :eyes:…your cue :rofl:


Hey, I just hope that this month’s selection doesn’t leave us all as high strung.

But don’t fret, as long as they are orchestrated with a solid bass, there’ll be no treble.



Time for a bunch of kills based on sexy targets with toned bodies.

What do you mean that’s not the tone they meant?


Name of Contract: Wiring Them Up
Contract ID: 1-08-9079454-46
Platform: PC
Location: Bangkok, Club 27
"We have an usual mission for you, 47.

Your main target Wes Liston, famous record producer with shady and notorious past, is forcing his artists to use faulty and life-threatening audio devices only to make great music while he is being covered by insurance.

He has persuaded two of the bandmembers to convince rest of the band that all instruments and devices are 100% safe.

There’s no other choice but to silence them for good. Framing the murders on B. Bertram will guarantee your success."
Why the contract should be featured:
There are not many fiber wire contracts out there, and Stalker disguise is rarely used. This contract is challenging to do as Silent Assassin, but with patience it’s not hard beyond reason.

(Now on PS4: 2-08-4307095-54)


I swear I was about to bet the first submission would be in Bangkok :joy::+1:

Name of Contract: The Doctor Will See You Now

Contract ID: 2-11-6491460-48

Platform: PS4

Location: Miami

Description/Briefing: 47 was enjoying his new life healing, not killing. Then he heard the radio. Some awful genre called “EDM”.

He’s learned that the band responsible are meeting at the Innovation Race. Heidi Santoro, the guitarist, has recruited Johnattan Kindane, a drummer, who has taken to street performing on race day, Alexandra Smith, a renowned sound engineer, who has met a rich guy in the Kowoon Paddock, and Xavier Perez, a singer, to the band.

He’s also “borrowed” some toxin to kill them.

Cleanse the plague.

Why the contract should be featured: I actually made this contract months ago but I think it fits the musical “Tone Deaf” theme perfectly due to the targets being musicians. The contract requires a lot of skill and map knowledge, but once practiced can be excellent for both speed runners and those which like to take it easy. 100% possible silent assassin and multiple ways to eliminate targets (with the help of the maps and 47s lethal syringes). Thanks and I really hope you pick us!!! Loving the game btw! The Bank’s awesome!