Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - June

Hey again everyone!

It’s time to get creative again! We are inviting you to submit your own created contracts based on this month’s theme. Last month’s theme was “Party Crasher”, and man - there were so many great submissions, thank you! :heart:

Inspired by our monthly theme of Greed Kills, we’re setting this month’s theme as ‘ASSASSIN’S GREED’

However you interpret that to create your mission, is up to you.

Submit your contracts using this format:

Name of Contract
Contract ID
Why the contract should be featured

Submissions close at 9 am CEST on June 17- 2019

Now, go do what you do best, and create some awesome contracts :smiley:

Good luck!


If you’re new to creating Contracts, and need some help - Urben made this awesome guide: Contract Creation Guide :slight_smile:


assassin’s greed, haha


What’s great about the way you write things is they always sound sarcastic. Even if they aren’t supposed to be.


I’m not the only one whose first thought upon reading this month’s Featured Contract theme was the Kashmirian, am I?

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Name of Contract Diamond Jim
Contract ID 2-03-1046252-33
Platform PS4
Location Sapienza

Why the contract should be featured
Basically, you have to obtain the plague doctor disguise and then assassinate the four targets. One is with the circumcision knife, another is with the battle axe, and then the other two you can do however you would like.

There are a couple puzzle elements to this, but it shouldn’t be too hard, and I won’t reveal anything until later on.


It looks good. Finding the battleaxe is always hard.

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There are currently 38 submissions by 34 players.

Created on PC: 19
Created on PS: 11
Created on XB: 8

Most Used Locations

1st : Sapienza
2nd: Whittleton Creek
3rd : Sgail

Current KevinRudd Counter: 3

I will constantly re-edit this post to stay on top of things. :smirk: :man_facepalming:




Clemens can’t feature 5 contracts when there are less than 5 submitted


Imagine that actually happens. Now that would be really funny indeed.

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The face when you’re supposed to be making a contract about Assassin’s Greed, and make a contract about birds instead :thinking:

Name of Contract: Two Birds With One Stoned

Contract ID: 2-11-3843567-43
Platform: PS4
Location: Miami

Why the contract should be featured

Misappropriation of funds is a classic example of greed. One of the targets is part of a Mission Story involving bribery and blackmail, which seems pretty greedy to me. Terry Johnson should probably be spared since he’s no longer in the suit, but hey, money is money.

Plus, the stipulation in the briefing of getting paid extra if you do everything in an embarrassing bird outfit and using bird weapons, while not affecting anything in terms of game play, makes you wonder just how greedy someone has to be to consider dressing up and acting like a bird themed comic book villain, all for a little extra money. That’s right, the contract isn’t about the clients or the targets greed, its about yours DUN DUN DUN

Game play wise, three explosive device kills gives the puzzle of getting three bombs at the expense of your other load out slots, or finding a way to work around it, as well as the challenge of getting Silent Assassin when there is (as far as I can tell) only one explosive in the game that is completely quiet.

I know Terry Johnson isn’t really stoned, but he’s clearly got a concussion of some sort, so close enough. Let me have my lame puns.


Name of Contract: An Unfair Fare Affair
Contract ID: 2-13-3427379-80
Platform: PS4
Location: Mumbai

“Two nondescript coins! TWO! That’s what we all agreed on! And now Abhay thinks he can undercut me by charging one? No Way! He knows I can’t live off a one coin fare. And the worst part is he’s convinced his stupid friends to change their fares too. Well I won’t allow it! I want them all to have unfortunate accidents you know. And when they are gone I will be the only taxi on the block! I can be your getaway too but it’ll still cost you, don’t want to appear suspicious. And it’ll be TWO COINS!”

Why the contract should be featured:
This is a fun story that immediately came to mind when I saw the theme. This story is all about greed. The one driver is greedy trying to undercut his competitors, and the driver asking for the hit is greedy trying to kill his competition and charging 47 to get out after. (I wanted to make leaving in the clients taxi a required exit but unfortunately it seems the taxi exit is bugged and fails you immediately for trying to use it. But feel free to do it yourself for the immersion lol. I’ll be reporting with a vid soon.)

And the basis of this story is actually based on in game mechanics. Abhay Mallick is the only driver to charge one coin instead of two. And since the taxi’s all require money changing hands I think it fits really well with this months theme.

I chose accidents because I like the possibilities for each target. There is the obvious blow up their taxi, but while the client might like that it risks collateral damage and losing SA in public places. Fortunately Mumbai is filled with signs, puddles, and convenient holes in peoples rooftops (play it and that could make sense). Plus who doesn’t love a tongue twisting title.


Name of Contract Greedy No More
Contract ID 2-03-5956160-00
Location Sapienza/World of Tomorrow
Description/Briefing During the plague years, the lay population often condemned doctors for getting rich off of an incurable disease :money_mouth_face:. It’s time to reverse the roles, and give Plague Doctors some good reputation back. Alfredino seems to be in search for an incurable disease in form of a virus in Italy, eliminate him as the Plague Doctor along with his two accomplices, Sergio and Tulio. Good luck!
Why the contract should be featured It’ doesn’t matter if it don’t gets featured, as long as i see some people trying to do a good time on it

Also btw, on my last created contract, my begs for the contract to be featured were actually the lyrics from “Let’s get this party started” (KoRn)


Nice theme :grin: :+1:

I’ll be waiting for @Tigh_Himes to sum up how many Sapi/plague doc. contracts were submitted at the end :joy:


Name of Contract: Flushing The Past
Contract ID: 2-22-0163136-15
Platform: PS4
Location: Whittleton Creek

Good afternoon 47,

Our client is a former captain of the French freight ship company “Compagnie Générale Atlantique”. In 2002, a group of mercenaries led by Gunther Mueller hijacked our client’s ship “L’insurmersible” in order to gain access to a mysterious cargo. They then proceeded to sink the ship with the crew inside to make it appear as a terrible accident. Our client somehow managed to escape drowning that night ant wants us to flush the past.

I’ll leave you to prepare. Good luck, 47.

Why the contract should be featured:
Greed kills. The greed of the mercenaries described in the briefing has killed people but now that it is payback time, their own greed will now kill them.

Poetic justice. As descried earlier, the story is that the mercenaries sunk a ship with the whole crew inside. The captain and sole survivor now wants the death of those responsible of the demise of his crew in the same way they were killed.

It needs a little of thinking. Drowning some of the targets necessitates a little trickery. Nothing that mind blows the A.I. but you will have to do a few things if you want the targets to be exactly where you want. It takes place in a small area so beware of enforcers!

Thank you folks at IOI for your great work and for your great interactions with the community. Though I’m not the most active member of the community -it is the first time I post something in HMF- I really appreciate what you are doing.


I was

to that


You were blocked in my country on copyright grounds? Sounds like one hell of a party.


Lol :joy:, what country is that if I may ask? I get that sometimes as well.

The land of under-representation in Hitman, Australia. No that shoddy fake yacht doesn’t count.


And they blocked it? Woah! It’s Korn if you can’t see/read it. I’m surprised, maybe dailymotion videos are open?