Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - June

Now they can. :upside_down_face:

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Technically these contracts are about the target’s greed, but I’m hoping you’ll cut me some slack :sweat_smile:
Since they are similar premise and you’ll only pick one anyway, I’ll submit them in same post.

Name of Contract: Sniper Assassin: Palace Gardens
Contract ID: 1-02-9722442-52
Platform: PC
Location: Paris
Description/Briefing: Start at the pile-driver barge and eliminate Lothair Doust and his men with a sniper rifle, either ballistically or with ‘accidents’. Just remember that explosive accidents cause people to come running and could make some targets difficult to then get quietly, so choose wisely.
There is a generous optional timer to make it feel like a Sniper Assassin mission, and also to represent when Lothair Doust goes to the auction (In reality he doesn’t go up though)
Why the contract should be featured

  • I feel like the fact it’s a rich IAGO auction target + the briefing backstory of them trying to take IAGO for themself fits the Greed part
  • As for why the contract is actually good, essentially it is the closest thing to Sniper Assassin on an existing map (Excluding The Vector). You spawn at the sniper nest (If you have the mastery, otherwise you’ll have to run over there) and you just take out the targets with bullet or accident, but unlike Sniper Assassin, accident bodies are allowed to be found!
  • In my opinion this is the sort of contract that might be revisited by players, either because they know they can get a better time and want to try again, or because they just like it
  • This contract isn’t as difficult as the other I’m submitting below, so if you want a contract that’s just nice for players, maybe they have to restart once or twice to get it perfect, then pick this one :slight_smile:
    Current Silent Assassin rate: 19/52

Name of Contract: Sniper Assassin: Castle
Contract ID: 1-21-0018256-52
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of S’gail
Description/Briefing: Start at the KEEP and use your sniper rifle from the rooftop to eliminate Jebediah Block and his supporters spread across the castle. Either do it quietly or using ‘accidents’. No timer at all, take as long as you like.
Why the contract should be featured

  • It’s well-known that Jebediah Block is a greedy coal baron putting his own financial interest ahead of the rest of the Ark Society and the planet, put an end to it.
  • Like the other submission above, this contract is the closest thing to Sniper Assassin mode on the Isle of S’gail level; those who have the mastery can start instantly at the sniper nest and just take out the targets, then they just need to find a way out
  • This one is more difficult than the other, 1) Timing has to be thought out, there’s an obvious accident you can spark, but if you use it on one target then you can’t use it on the other! 2) One of the targets will require you to really survey the environment, you might have to try it a couple times to get it right (Assuming you want a clean kill). Current Silent Assassin rate 26/74

Thank you for considering, I’ve been waiting for a chance to submit my sniper contracts, which I’ve gotten high praise for on Reddit and HMF (Much higher praise than the things I’ve previously submitted for Features :sweat_smile:)


It would be interesting if they chose a contract which requires two different weapon unlocks from across Legacy and H2 to be completed (Unless Broadsword’s somewhere on the level?); I’d assume they won’t, but good luck!

Otherwise something I only discovered in the past month was apart from being able to select “Any Melee weapon” as an option, you can also do “Thrown item” as a kill method on the end screen, if you wanted people to be able to choose their own throwable weapon. May not apply to you but if anyone else is reading, you can do that in your contracts!

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Kevin’s offered us an easy contract and a hard one that the casual player base will probably hate and warned us ahead of time.

lets pick the hard one bois :crazy_face:

Name of contract: The Definition of Greed.
Platform: PlayStation 4.
Contract ID: 2-22-8004692-26.
Location: Whittleton Creek, USA (Another Life).
Briefing: Greed. It is the abominable sin that curses the world, yet is a sin for which you may absolve.

Teach these hungry people the true definition of greed, and become their ending absolution; do what you must, they will pay for their sins in due time.

But remember to not sin yourselves, otherwise you will suffer a fate such as the sinners.

Why the contract should be featured: I believe the theme fits this contract quite well, as it shows that all sins must be attributed to and relinquished in order to appease justice and that’s what’s being shown when you play this contract. In conclusion, the contract is probably quite deserving.


Nope, you are not required to know any of the games interesting mechanics this time. Just that gas canisters explode, etc!

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Is there an equivalent for “Melee Item Kill” or does it just default to either the specific weapon or “Melee”, because I’d like to be able to tell people to use their choice in sword or cooking utensil but the contract would probably just make everyone just choke the guy out instead.

Choking is “unarmed” not melee, I’ll test on a contract but it should not count as far as I’m aware

I could have recalled (Maybe it was in Season One or my memory is just plain bad) that on some contracts that said “Melee Kill” you could just snap their necks and it would count. I may be thinking of “Unarmed Kills” allowing you to just snap necks of unconscious bodies though.

Confirmed, Neck snap does NOT count as melee


Hitman melee logic has me like…
Melee via Bench?

WARNING: The creator of this post translated through Google translator!
Name of contract Crusade
Contract ID 1-21-4135713-36
Platform PC
Location Isle of Sgail
Briefing On photo
In this contract you will have to learn to swing a sword, to move in knightly armor. The difficulty of this contract is that it cannot be neutralized like a real templar!

  • I noticed that there are no contracts in which to kill targets with a sword and in a knight’s suit, so let’s fix it and publish this contract in featured!
  • This contract jokes over the assassins using puns :smile:.
  • This contract is very unusual and interesting gameplay with its differences, because some factors create very interesting situations.
  • And this will be my first time in featured :blush:.

:unamused: Goddamn it, Kevin.


Thrown lethal items register as melee kill but don’t count as melee kill objective completed in contracts…so yeah, Hitman logic :smile:

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Well, I’m ready to accept in advance all the hate from people, who won’t be able to SA it, if it’s chosen.

Name of Contract: HITMAN fans exam
Contract ID: 1-10-6093361-33
Platform: PC
Location: Hokkaido

Contract is testing your devotion to HITMAN.
You are required to use two time limited weapons and an unlockable for completing featured contracts on Legacy map, while proving your abilities, by sneaking around in highly suspicious disguise.
Good luck, Player
Why the contract should be featured:
Well, I’m going to use “greed” as desire to get everything unlocked. So here’s contract
that tests your greed. And what better way, than using item you get for playing an
optional mode (Contracts) and two time limited ones. As for “assassin”, not only this tests
people playing game about an assassin, but you’ll be using a ninja disguise (ninja being spies
and assassins).

Name of Contract: Dark Art
Contract ID: 3-21-2171600-28
Platform Xbox
Location Isle of Sgail, North Sea
Good Evening, 47.
Your primary targets today are Sgt. Marek Sinclair, and Platoon Commander Kelvin ‘Madman’ Smith, two of the highest ranking of 'The Yankee’s, a former US squadron in the Iraq War. In a 2005 raid on a Baghdad Museum, they seized countless artworks. Since then, they’ve been selling it bit-by-bit, but thanks to the authorities that has proven difficult. Your third target, Lumpkin, hopes to make a private deal with the Yankee’s and buy the art. Don’t let him.

Why it should get featured
It is far from the best contract out there, but it is pretty fun and thanks to the weapon restrictions can be challenging without being, hard. This is a low-difficulty contract. I actually used the Aztec Necklace, to kill Smith, but it counts as a fiber wire. Very annoying, but I guess that is okay.

In terms of greed? I used artefacts on show at a secret society’s gathering. They are the 0.1, so in a way, I guess you could say they are hogging the world’s money? :stuck_out_tongue: If I had more space to write a briefing, or wrote it on computer (Xbox is hard, and you cant do

spaces like that…) I would have expanded more on what the Yankee’s did, what made it so wrong, etc. Anyways I kinda based it off the plot of a Simpsons episode, guess which one… Bye now

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How u create this screenshot? With Ansel it is not real!

Name of Contract : AsHIsHassin’s Greed
Contract ID : 2-06-4976000-61
Platform : PS4
Location : Marrakesh
Description/Briefing : It all starts with a Leap of Faith,47!!!
Hilda Berg seeks ‘‘power’’ after the fall of Strand-Berg.
Yusef loves ‘‘food’’ as she can’t deny another dead-licious meal.
Jeff pursues ‘‘fame’’ of Hollywood instead of RIP-orting news.
Hector desires ‘‘status’’ as he a-greed Olander’s offer in
exchange of a Hyperborean luxury building.
Hasan craves easy ‘‘money’’ by fixing&breaking the same stuff
everyday as a hung-man.Hide In Hood at the rooftop and show
those greedy fools that everything is NOT permitted!!!
Why the contract should be featured : [Theme] I think the shopkeeper outfit is a great refference to AC series.Apart from that I wanted my contract to have some parkour at the rooftops near Shisha cafe.I also added a bit of puns to each character’s backstory to emphasize the greed that appears in many faces!!!Finally for the title i just added 3 letters HIH (hide in hood) and the result is pretty funny!!

[Gameplay] All targets start close to Shisha Cafe and by including the Intern (his walkaround ends after ~6minutes) I wanted to motivate Agents into thinking fast and efficiently.In my initial strategy I did SA in 3:49 by triggering back to back accident kills twice.A 3 multi fast kill is also possible and I believe if it is featured , speedrunners may discover new approaches and have a lot of fun!!I made a compromise to my original idea by letting the Intern eliminated in ‘‘AnyMethod’’ while all others require an accident,so that those who miss the opportunities his path offer can finish him inside the embassy(they still need the shopkeeper outfit:p).Finally,the complications ‘‘Targets Only’’ ,’‘Not Spotted’’,’‘No bodies found’’ add a bit of challenge and they are all optional.

P.S.Feel free to expand this idea as I feel that the shopkeeper suit must be included in the final selection for this theme!!