Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - March 2019

I played through a selection of the Xbox submissions recently, and here’s something for a few of them:

@Mark_Faba @Swangtheugly @Spods @Topher385


Recently started playing Hitman 2 and I am quite excited about it. Hitman has always been my favorite since my childhood and playing with these stunning graphics is a dream come true through steam codes. Thank you guys for sharing the contracts here. Would help me a lot!


Hello and welcome to the forum

You can find many Hitman 2 contracts from players and also share if you have created contracts here HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members
There are constant contracts posted on all platforms so you’ll be able to keep yourself busy for a good couple of hours.

Played it! Very cool man, more challenging than it seems! (At least for this intermediate agent :clown_face:)

Awesome, I’m glad you didn’t get the ‘bug’ in it that some people report!

There’s also a similar but easier one called “The Black Butcher”

Good luck to everyone that submitted a contract!

hey, how do you get him out of the freezer?

Surely working that out is the best part of the contract? :smile:

If you want an easy way, KO the other target and the guy next to him; open up the slab with a keycard and pop a couple of concussive ducks in to dislodge Smith and drag to stairs: job done. Shaman Powder might work as well, but I didn’t test it.

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Nope, wasn’t the best part for me :slight_smile: Thanks, though

Fair dues, and no worries. :wink:

It sucks that I have to wait til I get home from work before I will see the chosen contracts.

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Oh well, I have to try again next month.
Thanks for the update.

Thanks for playing the contract man i appreciate it

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I guess yeah ive tries for 2 months lol 3rd ones the lucky charm

Well, then I have beginner’s luck, I guess. First time I submitted contracts for HITMAN and HITMAN2 they got featured.

Name of Contract: Lucky Lucia
Contract ID: 7-15-1354793-74
Platform: Xbox One
Location: New York
Diana: One of our men has informed us about a lucky bank robber. He has plans to steal from the president’s vault in the Milton-Fitzpatrick Investment Bank. We need for his luck to run out. Make it look like an accident. Oh, and good luck 47.
Why the contract should be featured: I just bought the gold version of the game this February and am really enjoying it. I wanted to explore the game and found out about featured contracts and really had a great idea so I put it here. The briefing will make players want to eliminate Lucia.

Repost your submission to this thread, this one is for last years:


Thanks for the link I have done it now

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