Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - March 2020!

Hello again everybody - it’s time to get creative once more :smiley: ( I hope you’re enoying Frote7’s selections - I know I am) But when you need a break, we need you!

For the third batch of contracts in 2020, we’re going with a theme of luck. Heavily inspired by St. Patrick’s Day here in March :shamrock: :green_heart: :green_book:

Therefore we set the March Featured Contracts theme as: LUCKY BREAK.

And as always, however you interpret that to create your missions, is all up to you.

If you’re up for it - then submit your contracts using this format:

Name of Contract

Contract ID




Why the contract should be featured

**Submissions close at 9 am CET on March 2 - 2020

:shamrock: Good “luck” everybody :shamrock:


This is a good ammount of time.Thanks @Clemens_IOI for taking the request.


Submits a contract that needs luck do be done SA
Hmm maybe I find something to submit. :thinking:

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In b4 it’s a load of RNG, “luck” based contracts.

I kidding

Name of Contract: Cutting loose ends
Contract ID: 1-11-4694576-25
Platform: PC
Location: Miami
Hello 47,
Your destination is the annual Global Innovation motor race in Miami.
Sheikh Abdul Suleiman has offered Sierra Knox a full dossier of everything he has collected from IAGO. In exchange, Sierra will provide him with the latest Drone tech from Kronstadt.
ICA cannot let this exchange happen, the dossier contains information about ICA’s former director Erich soders including ICA’s contacts and clients.
The targets Sierra Knox and Abdul Suleiman must be eliminated.
Good luck 47.
why should the contract be featured: well you need a bit a of luck to kill Seikh Abdul Suleiman with fiber wire without being detected with suit only. NOTE (there’s a similar contract that I made and cannot delete named “ICA cutting loose ends” it would be great if IOI deleted it I reported it many times)


Name of Contract
Give Them The Axe?

Contract ID: 2 13 1168226 50

Platform PS4

Location Mumbai - Chasing a ghost

Bharath Chilamkurthy (tailor guy with white turban)
Gilford Bootysworth (dancer in the slums who is eating everything and puking everything)

Both targets are to be killed by THROWN Fire Axe and in Dancer Disguise.

No Disguise Change
No Pacifications


Congratulations on landing the gig as Rangan’s new dancer, 47! Our client is fed up with Bootysworth, who is always late for work.

As his new replacement, our client would like you to go give Bootysworth the axe on his behalf.

I’m not sure what he means by “give him the axe”, 47, but I think he wants you to break his skull with an axe. It might be a metaphor, 47.

The client also wants you to give the tailor the axe, for messing up the dancers costumes too.

Make use of this chance and dance, 47!

Why the contract should be featured

  1. I try to be courteous and helpful in my contracts. So with that being said.
    There is a Fire Axe on the first floor of Rangan Tower, outside the guard room.
    There is also a Fire Axe on the top floor of Rangan Tower. It’s the floor above Vanya’s mole/informant, with all the weapons and other items strewn about.
    I know there is a third Fire Axe somewhere in the tower but I don’t know where it is!!!

  2. The targets are easy but obviously that is not the issue or difficulty in this contract. Maybe try it out and you’ll see where the difficulty lies!!

  3. @PEA submitted a contract in January. It was the Miami one, where you had to kill those 2 clowns in the kitchen with the Fire Axe. I really enjoyed that one. No homo, but this contract is a homage to PEA’s contract.

  4. Another reason why I made this was because I was watching a YouTuber stream Hitman, and he said Mumbai was his least favorite map because Mumbai was not well-connected at all. I was a little taken aback because I did feel that Mumbai was somewhat well-connected.

Well ok. Clearly it’s not as well-connected as Paris or Isle of Sgail. But I just wanted to prove that Mumbai is more well-connected than what some, if not most people might think.

  1. In this contract I assure you that you will be on the move for like 95% of the time, with little waiting. This contract can be done within six to eight minutes, easy. My best time is like 5 min 30 seconds.

  2. This contract fits the theme of Lucky Break, where 47 gets a chance to be in a potential Bollywood blockbuster as a dancer. Skulls also tend to break when axes get thrown at them.

  3. People might be inspired or motivated to do a search on the meaning of “to give somebody the axe”, thereby spreading our lovely English vernacular on a global basis, as Hitman is after all, a global game.

Running out of things to say, by the way.

  1. Side note. I actually made an extension of this contract where the targets were

tailor guy, Bootysworth, the Foreman and the Kashmirian. All by thrown Fire axe, as dancer!! However, that contract took me like 16 minutes lol, and yeah…it was just too long and too complex…it might not have been fun anymore.

The ID for this other contract is 2 13 4021450 50 for your consideration. But really play it only if you are very free/have nothing to do/are unemployed with lots of time on your hands.


Name of Contract: The Right Start In Life
Contract ID: 1-13-3242372-52
Platform: PC
Location Mumbai
Description/Briefing: Your targets are across town and no single disguise will grant you access to all of them, so pick the best one one you can think of (You’re not allowed to change disguise once you’re in game). Despite the targets being very spread out, it’s possible to do the contract in good time (Current fastest time on PC is ~1:40)
Why the contract should be featured

  • “Lucky Break” is used as an excuse to describe why someone is in a better position in life; they started in a better position which means they had a lucky break. This contract is about seeing which starting location ends up in the best position. Is it being a laundry worker? A servant? Or maybe a suit-wearing tourist?
  • It’s a contract with freedom, but there is one obstacle that you have to plan/think around (Stuck in your first disguise).
  • Personally I’m curious to see how fast people can get and if they can figure out a fast SA method! But It’s not going to be easy

Name of Contract
Away From A Rainy Holiday.

Contract ID



An Irish man and woman are sick of the rain in their home country but still want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Luckily the two of them found a hotel in the sunny city of Bangkok that is serving Guinness in the bars and beef stew in the restaurant. They think it’s perfect that they can celebrate in an Irish way, away from the rain, but our client disagrees and wants us to teach them that the rain is what makes the holiday more Irish.

Why the contract should be featured
You could argue that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated most in Ireland (even though it’s celebrated more in America) so that’s why they’re Irish. Ireland also has alot of rain, which people tend to want a break from, which is what the targets are doing. Their break is lucky because they can still celebrate by having traditional Irish food and drink.

You also get to kill somebody that likes beef stew.

Hitman 2 Screenshot 2020.02.22 -

Name of Contract Timing Is of the Essence

Contract ID 1-12-8113825-46

Platform PC

Location Santa Fortuna

Hello, 47

The cocaine field in Santa Fortuna is a dangerous place. There are not only guards all over the place patrolling around, but there is also a risk of workplace accidents waiting to happen. In right (or wrong) hands the unguarded industrial equipment might prove to be detrimental. If someone were to be awfully unlucky with their daily walking routines, they might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time last time in their lives.


IMG_5542 Name of Contract

Contract ID

ICA Facility


James and Feddie and accomplices have infiltrated facilities to steal draft plans for the Romanian stealth fighter program. You are to take them out, but as your Irish Luck would have it, they installed a sensitive audo alarm system in the facility – so you must fiberwire

Why the contract should be featured

Killing one of two of each 5 pairs of police officers on bottom floor of ICA facility.

Complication is you have to garrote and hide all bodies, and not pacify any non-targets.


Name of Contract Lucky Charms

Contract ID 2-12-0230758-33

Platform PS4

Location Santa Fortuna


Why the contract should be featured This contract should be featured because, even though the story is rather weak, the targets have appeal.

All the targets are close together, yes, but there are also witnesses nearby.

Easy, quick, but thinking required!


Name of Contract: Luck of the Draw
Contract ID: 1-12-0651560-14
Platform: PC
Location: Santa Fortuna


"Hèctor Delgado has lost a small fortune playing cards with Serna and Pedroza.

He insists that Ornelas is helping them cheat in order to scam Hèctor out of his money. They claim he’s just unlucky and will get his lucky break if he keeps playing.

But Hèctor has had enough. He’s hired us to ensure these shady gamblers are the ones to get a ‘break’; and insists that they be conscious when it happens.

He also requests that you don’t use disguises, and that you don’t shoot the place up too much."

Why the contract should be featured:

  • The contract fits the theme of “Lucky Break” in several ways. The phrase ‘lucky break’ means to be successful as a result of luck. The gamblers claim to have won Hèctor’s money thanks to their luck, although he is certain they are cheating (it’s not clear if he’s right, but that’s unimportant). There is also of course the pun in ‘break’, which can mean an interruption in something, or the destruction of something (i.e. - snapping someone’s neck). It also refers to certain RNG elements within the contract that could make it difficult (don’t worry, nothing too annoying), so the player may also be looking for their lucky break.

  • The contracts provides an interesting puzzle; a puzzle that is augmented by the four complications I’ve carefully chosen.

    • No Disguise Changes: The targets can be found in the basement of Delgado’s mansion. Given that the player is forced to play Suit Only, it should prove difficult to get to them.
    • Perfect Shooter: There are several cameras around the mansion that the player will need to get past. This complication prevents players from shooting them down, and so they will either have to sneak around them, destroy a security terminal, or find another way to destroy the cameras (such as with explosives or an EMP). It is possible to sneak past all the cameras without destroying any, but this is of course riskier.
    • Hide All Bodies: There are three targets, but there is only one container that is safely accessible (the container in the bathroom). The only other feasible containers are the one outside the room near the staircase (which is being watched by a camera), and another that requires the player to sneak past some guards (who they are unable to pacify). The player is free to approach this however they wish, but they will either need to get rid of the camera or the guards before they can proceed. One of the targets does leave the room and the player is able to pursue him, but being able to follow him, snap his neck, and hide his body without being seen may prove difficult (unless of course, the player gets a lucky break :wink: )
    • No Pacifications: This complication prevents the player from knocking out the targets, which would make snapping their necks much easier (and quieter). It therefore encourages players to isolate their targets and approach them stealthily (and there is a variety of ways this can be done). The complication also makes infiltrating the mansion, as well as dealing with the non-targets in the room, a little more challenging.
  • The player therefore needs to employ creative solutions they wouldn’t normally use in order to complete this contract. They will need to figure out how to infiltrate the mansion, isolate the targets, and hide their bodies; all while having to deal with nearby non-targets and cameras that could easily ruin their run and often can’t be dealt with in conventional ways.

  • Although the challenge may seems daunting with all the complications, there are multiple ways it can be approached. If the player finds a way to deal with the camera, they may be able to lure the targets outside the room and put them straight into the nearby box; saving a bit of hassle. Alternatively, if the player prefers to sneak past the camera, or choose another entrance entirely, there are several ways the targets can be isolated, such as poisoning the cocaine, or turning on the tap in the bathroom, or using an unlockable like the Sieker.

  • The player has multiple options when exiting, some of which play into the above complications. If they player wants to leave via the main entrance, they will need to avoid the cameras (assuming they haven’t destroyed or deactivated them). This could prove difficult. Alternatively, the player could try to get a hold of the speedboat keys and leave that way, but this is again quite risky due to being unable to pacify NPCs and having to avoid cameras. The player could also try to sneak through the cocaine fields to the chopper, or try to escape towards the construction site near the hippo area. How they wish to approach this is their choice.

  • No mastery or unlocks are required to complete the contract, although it is admittedly MUCH harder without them, especially when trying to deal with the cameras. However, I’ve tested it and it can be done.

  • Silent Assassin is absolutely possible, but should pose a decent challenge. I managed to complete the contract SA in just under 4-minutes.


Name of Contract Lucky Pitch

Contract ID 1-10-7281593-37


Location Hokkaido

Description/Briefing In 2007, famous baseball player Akira Nakamura throw a lucky pitch just 2:30 minutes before the match ended, giveing his team the Victory. Today we gonna emulate that lucky pitch, i wish you the luck of the irish for this one 47!

Why the contract should be featured It has a little bit of something, and you will need a special item for this one :slightly_smiling_face:


Why PC and not PS4?
20 characters


I upgraded my PC a week ago

00:00 “Luck of The Draw” By @Pootis.exe (Santa fortuna)
07:59 “The Right Start In Life” By @KevinRudd (Mumbai)
12:54 “Timing is of The Essence” By @vex1993 (Santa Fortuna)
14:40 “Cutting Loose Ends” By @SoltnPeppah (Miami)


Damn, you did them already? Nice work. Just so you know, on my contract, you can avoid the cameras on the mansion’s front gate if you run directly towards the door and hug the wall. You can use this to infiltrate the mansion a little easier. You can also avoid the camera at the base of the basement stairs by hugging the right wall while stood up, although on my run I got rid of it by blowing it up with an exploding baseball. The people in the room never hear it for some reason. But you did it, so excellent work.

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Welcome to the PC Master race! And thanks for playing :slight_smile: [and yes you’re right about the best start in life of that contract] I would be honoured if you did a playthrough of my modded missions, no one’s done a video playthrough of any of them yet!

Dammit, my backup submission was going to be a neck break contract I made :stuck_out_tongue: But you’ve done that theme connection now


Name of Contract Who Ya Gonna Call?

Contract ID 2-22-4935884-37

Platform PS4

Location Whittleton Creek

Description/Briefing Time to get creative 47. Our client has asked that all 5 home owners in Whittleton Creek die in accidents. We believe it to be part of some neighborhood takeover plan.

Use the electrocution phone if you like, but you can only choose one target. Choose carefully and leave the rest up to luck.

Why the contract should be featured

-When I think of luck in this game the first thing to come to mind is accidents. Kills that the player influences, but mostly depends on the targets own ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

-It requires a bit of planning to complete. The targets vary in difficulty so you have to think about your approach. The electric phone can give you a free kill, but who would be the best target? Which disguise? Of course the whole thing can be completed using a default loadout as well. The approach is up to you. There’s nothing stopping you from knocking out everyone in the level and dumping the targets in the river.


Name of Contracts: Unlucky Break in Milton-FitzPATRICK

Contract ID: 1-24-8447542-97

Platform: PC

Location: Milton-FitzPATRICK, New York

Targets: I think this is no need - but…

Briefing: Hmm, interesante 47. Today in Milton-FitzPATRICK started a conflict: as we know Athena Savalas and Fabian Mann arbitrarily disposed of the bank’s money having a “robbery”. Unfortunately, one of the bank’s cells contained an important thing for our client from Ireland - a pot of gold, bringing him good luck. Not having obtained justice from security officer Mateo Perez, he turned to us. Our client wants their markets to fall, just like targets… Look at the eliminate methods in the contract.

Why the contract should be featured: Though theme of my contract “UNLUCKY BREAK”, and the theme of featured contracts “LUCKY BREAK” i think he worthy: in briefing mentioned attributes St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland - pot of gold abduction, client from Ireland, good luck and of couse MILTON-FITZPATRICK! I also think that the condition for killing targets is a fall that is quite unusual for these targets and location and will be an interesting experiment for players. Other than that, I do not demand anything more from players - more freedom…