Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - March 2020!

Whoops, sorry. :yum: I was originally gonna do a neck break contract for ‘Lost Love’ last month, which would have revolved around heartbreak (client wants you to “break their necks like they broke my heart” or some shit), but I liked the vampire idea better. But when I saw that this month literally had ‘break’ in the title, I knew what had to be done.

Name of Contract: Doctor Roovers’ Unexcellent Adventure
Contract ID: 1-10-9637836-95
Platform: PC
Location: Hokkaido
Ugh, Andrew’s taking a break again, the slacker. It’d be great if he didn’t come back.

Too bad there’s no way he could have an accident in the *checks watch* less than a minute that he’s been gone.
Why the contract should be featured:
hell i don’t even know


Name of Contract Mumbai Hero 2: Return of the Maelstrom!

Contract ID 2 13 7436969 50

Platform PS4

Location Mumbai, Chasing a Ghost

Ashok Kartik (Jarl’s Pirate Sabre, Suit)
Jaydendra Dushyant (Explosive Device, Suit)
Jitendra Navdeep (Injected Poison, Suit)
Rishni Ninad (Shotgun, Suit)
Gopal Vasant (Shotgun, Suit)

All of these are Thugs of the Crow Gang. Only Ashok Kartik is an elite thug.

No Disguise Change
No Pacifications


Congratulations on being chosen as the lead actor in Rangan’s new action blockbuster, 47.

You will be playing the Maelstrom, who makes his grand return to Mumbai. You kill all traitors in the Crows gang.

This movie will have everything. Heavy weaponry, explosives and exciting swordfights.

Also, to make the movie as realistic as possible, you have to kill the actors for real. Their reactions will be ultra realistic, which should net an Oscar for our client.

So break a leg, 47. Good luck!

Why the contract should be featured

  1. It fits the theme of Lucky Break for two reasons. Firstly, 47 has landed a starring role in a Rangan blockbuster portraying the legend himself, the Maelstrom.

Secondly, you might need a lot of luck for one or two of the targets. I don’t really wanna explain this now, but let’s just say that people within the area do behave in unpredictable ways when they see or hear something unexpected, and suddenly everyone they see is a suspect etc. There are ways to improve your odds of course, but I shouldn’t like to say more at this time.

  1. Sorry for the restricted loadout, but there was a reason why I made the loadout very specific. Strategies do have to change when certain weapons have to be used, making the contract more interesting and perhaps more challenging, hopefully.

  2. Of the 5 targets, 3 are very easy and 2 are difficult. So the bulk of the time, I think, would be spent figuring out how to kill just these 2 targets.

  3. It’s not a long contract. It can be done in under 6 or 7 minutes easy. My best time is like 4 min 30 seconds.

  4. The targets are not far apart from one another. If you have good knowledge of the slums, like the Maelstrom does, you will find that the targets are actually real close to one another.

I hope I’ve not given away too much, please try this contract and maybe have some fun :slight_smile:


The best reason ever.


This contract should be featured only due to “Why the contract should be featured” tab! :wink:

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Name of Contract Leper Cons

Contract ID 2-12-9638859-33

Platform PS4

Location Santa Fortuna


Why the contract should be featured
The upper echelons of speed runners will approve.


Thanks, i had fun. Great classic Hitman.
With all the new fancy new gadgets, its sometimes nice and refreshing to go back to the fundamentals.

Name of Contract : Good Luck

Contract ID : 2-13-1614236-61

Platform : PS4

Location : Mumbai

Description/Briefing : Victoria has been kidnapped at Paris,47.
‘‘I don’t know who you are.I don’t know what you want.What I do have are a very particular set of skills.Skills I have acquired over a very long career.Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.If you let my daughter go,that’ll be the end of it.But if you don’t, I will look for you,I will find you & I will kill you.’’
‘‘Good Luck…’’
We found in Mumbai the man you talked at the phone.His crows smuggled her with a boat.Hurry & bring her back home!

Why the contract should be featured : [Theme] This is obviously a reference to Liam Neeson’s amazing character in Taken movie franchise.

The famous line ‘‘Good Luck’’ takes advantage of the theme and all I had to do was add the other pieces of the puzzle.Victoria (Absolution :heart:) is like a ‘‘daughter’’ for 47 who indeed has ‘‘a very particular set of skills’’!!Wazir’s unknown identity makes him perfect for that guy talking on the phone(manifesto audio tapes make him sound really untouchable :stuck_out_tongue: ) and the crows organization completes the smuggling backround.Since we all know how one ends if he wishes ‘‘Good Luck’’ to Liam

I wanted all kills to use electricity !!!The time limit reflects Liam’s run against time to save his daughter and the boat exit is for the final yacht scene where he finally saves her.

[Gameplay] 5 electrocutions.1 roaming guy and 2 pairs of thugs.Will you use the phone and tasers?Will you take advantage of many car baterries and puddles nearby?Will you start at the main entrance or at the boat?Think fast cause the clock is ticking and you have to save Victoria before the boat leaves at 3:47 :stuck_out_tongue: I did 2:30 so I hope there is a generous amount of time for Agents to figure it out and eventually feel Liam’s agony during Taken !!! Good Luck :shamrock:


Name of Contract:
Lucky Leana
Contract ID:
Xbox One
New York
Diana: Agent 46 has been spotted. She has been lucky… twice. Make her luck run out.

Why the contract should be featured:
I just bought the gold version of the game this February and am really enjoying it. I wanted to explore the game and found out about featured contracts and really had a great idea so I put it here. The briefing will make players want to eliminate Leana. It is also challenging with 3 targets and only one exit.

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Thanks for trying it out Mr./Ms.: I_LOVE_WOMBATS

The selective take down of one of a duo targets by fiberwire and then finding how to dispose of them in containers without getting caught is – classic Hitman.

With the ICA facility you get nothing but the basics in the loadout – coins, basic gun and the fiberwire.

You can’t use the electrocution phone or the puke making devices (emetic grenade, emetic syringe, emetic gun, emetic remote explosive device).

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Yo…i managed to save Victoria in time!! Thanks for the contract. Great feelings of satisfaction, pride, accomplishment…all that.

I wanna say I have skills similar to Liam Neeson, but its just that Im pretty sure Liam Neeson didnt fucking electrocute himself to death multiple times :dizzy_face:


I’m sorry this is for the October update but…

Hello please someone help,
For the escalation in hawke’s bay the mission requires a bat. In the first escalation I completed it. But in the second stage the bat is missing. If you know how to fix this please tell me how

You’re in the wrong place to be asking this, but I’ll answer you anyway. If I recall correctly, on the first stage the bat spawns next to the bed at the start. It doesn’t appear here on the second stage. Instead, it appears next to a gravestone under one of the trees closer to the house. I recall there being a guard next to it. There should be a blue icon on your minimap that shows you where it is.

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Sorry about the wrong thread but thanks

It’s cool. Glad I could be of service.

Name of Contract: The Break-Up Artist
Contract ID: 1-05-4932461-52
Platform: PC
Location Sapienza - The Icon
Description/Briefing: [Briefing Attached] An “Elusive style” target. Target is in the middle of a film set, however you are not allowed to KO anyone to get to her. Keep in mind there are two disguises laying around you can take. If you use Expansion Pass items it’s somewhat easy, but if you choose not to then it will be a challenge for you.
Why the contract should be featured

  • Theme: The title, also the back story of her ruining celebrities’ relationships by leaking their private info (I wanted to write more on this but reached the word limit), also I guess Dino is in for a ‘lucky break’ that the client is having her taken out before she can do any damage to him!
  • Reasonable balance of freedom vs a challenge
  • If you don’t use the electro phone then for me it gives a bit of that vibe of classic Hitman; being able to do (almost) anything but having to figure out how to get to target or get them out of view. Bonus points if you use fibre wire
  • A map variation that is rarely featured

Name of Contract: Corey Potter & The Sword Of Pandora
Contract ID: 1-21-4842882-67
Platform: PC
Location Isle of Sgail

Dark clouds are moving over the island and the ice floes are growing: a mystical artifact found its way into the castle of the Ark Society.
It is a sword that sings when it is drawn, and only becomes silent when the island does as well. Until then, it’s impossible for it to escape the moonlight.
Two of the souls must find their end this night. Whether, and to what extent, the weapon fulfills its destiny however, is still decided by the one who wields it.

Why the contract should be featured:
I know it is a bit of a stretch to connect it to the theme, but I see a connection between luck and the mythic topic of the contract. Also, as I suggest to just randomly kill people, they are lucky if you don’t do so.
What makes it interesting gameplay-wise is that the Masamune can be transported via the briefcase but cannot be put back into it. That means you have to think where to kill and how to get to the other target. I give you freedom to do that however you want, you just cannot use a guard disguise. The targets are all near pickup locations so you are fully free on your starting disguise as well.
On the downside, it requires one to have the Legacy Pack and unlocked it. But hey you want people to stick to the game so… :stuck_out_tongue:


HogwArks Castle!!!Potterheads approve :smiley: I wish I had already created a widarding related contract.Maybe when Magic Theme drops :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a method to do this one pretty quick, but no, the game is bugged as fuck even on PC, when Athena says “guards, leave me alone…” they just stay there, i mean wtf


It’s Hitman, baby :wink:

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