Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - March


Hello again everyone!

We have a new mission for you.

Yet again we are inviting you to submit your own created contracts based on this month’s theme. :smiley:

Inspired by the Saint known as Patrick, who is often celebrated in March, we’re setting this month’s theme as “Murphy’s Luck”.

However you interpret that to create your mission, is up to you. Let’s see what stories you can come up with!

Submit your contracts using this format: (you probably know the drill :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )

Name of Contract
Contract ID
Why the contract should be featured

Submissions close at 9 am CET on March 18 - 2019

Good luck!

March Roadmap is out! So be sure to check it out:

HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap

I’m so glad we’re going with more abstract themes and not just “use an axe”


Glad you like it! :slight_smile: It’s also the idea, and we just love seeing all kinds of creative contracts!


Honestly, with the title for the theme and picture I was thinking more of Murphy’s Law. So maybe going for lots of accidents here.


I was thinking the same thing here


Yeah, I knew I heard ‘Murphy’s’ somewhere, it’ll be cool to see more accidents in these contracts.


I call dibs for Columbia because I have a couple of ideas :smile:


It’s said in Paris, by the guards talking about the Light Rig.


On a quick side note, another reason I think this contract should be featured is luck itself. I was going to call it “Lucky’s Tower” or “Lucky’s Labyrinth.” I decided on I did not even notice until I was done making the submission that one of the targets is actually named Luciano.


I am really tempted to make the most RNG-heavy contract possible. But then again I should not to.


Name of contract: The Killer Muffin Men
Contract ID: 3-22-3946523-30
Platform: Xbox One

Why This Contract Should Be Featured?: The First reason why my contract should be featured is because it ties in with the theme.The second reason why is because Silent Assassin is Possible on the mission and because it shows a very well thought out storyline to it and clearly tells you why they are killing these people.


Two made by @ArjabRoy, not me :warning:

(optional: do not get spotted, non-optional: no KO)
Name of Contract Stylize by ArjabRoy
Contract ID 1-03-7306570-04
Platform PC
Location Sapienza



(optional: do not get spotted, non-optional: no KO, no disguise change)
Name of Contract Conundrum by ArjabRoy
Contract ID 1-08-5368564-04
Platform PC
Location Bangkok



Why the contracts should be featured


Why is every word capitalised?


As far as know from my English lessons, the names of whatever (films, songs etc) should be capitalized


Now’s the chance for @KevinRudd 's butchery contracts. Literally Murphy’s Luck or Murphy’s Law with some targets :wink:


Contract Name: Ad Accidens Est (Accidentally On Purpose)
Contract ID: 3-12-5670143-76
Location: Santa Fortuna
Description/Briefing: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 47, this contract brings you to a small village in Columbia where the inhabitants believe in Supernatural entities. The Client asks that you take out a group of conspirators who are trying to influence the villagers of anything Supernatural. The Client asks that the targets would be taken out using Murphys Law, but I’m sure with your skill set anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Their luck has run out. I’ll leave you to prepare.
Why It Should Be Featured: The Contract utilizes multiple accidents with every target dying in a unique way and follows a group of unlucky people as Murphys Law takes their life.


Not sure that particularly relates to theme; although I’ve seen featured contracts before which have a pretty flimsy link to the theme, and god I just want to be featured D’:


Name of Contract: Green Doom

Contract ID:2-03-0296219-91

Platform: PS4

Location: Sapienza/World of Tomorrow

Description/Briefing: Happy St. Patricks Day, 47.

Our client isn’t a fan of the Irish festivities and wants you to kill 5 green-clad men who are currently celebrating the holiday. He wants you to be dressed similarly for irony and for you to dispose of the targets in ways that make it look like a drunken accidents.

We’ll have a pint of Guinness ready for you on your return.

Why the contract should be featured: It fits the specific theme of Murphy’s Law by having it all be accident kills. It fits the wider theme of St. Patrick’s Day of having all targets and 47 be in green as well as connecting them to drunken accidents. I’m Irish so I get to make that joke.

The targets cover a decent portion of the level and there’s a few ways to get the gardener disguise if you choose not to start with it so there can be some variety in routing.


(Most of this information is above, but here you are anyway)

Name of Contract : Lost My Patients
Contract ID : 1-10-8266389-52
Platform : PC
Location : Hokkaido
Description/Briefing : Briefing is attached in picture, so the description is you must kill 5 seemingly random patients at the facility, but in a way that doesn’t raise suspicion since it is MANDATORY that no bodies are found; the result is accident kills and people being made to ‘disappear’.
Why the contract should be featured : I believe the backstory of making the GAMA facility look haunted/accident-prone/unlucky by killing random patients in ‘non-suspicious’ ways fits in with the theme of (bad) luck. On top of that, the no pacifications complication makes it a bit of a puzzle contract which can be fun to figure out. The player will be scouring the facility for possible accidents, and it turns out there are a lot! This contract briefly made it to the top trending page, so I believe that demonstrates that at least some chunk of people like it.


Murphy’s Law says that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. So by adding word “luck” to it, we should try to make contract with the most improbable set of conditions, making completing it luck based and hope Murphy will be on our side, making everything wrong for our targets, rather than us.