Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - March


Name of Contract - The Weakest Link
Contract ID - 1-21-7967825-94
Platform - PC
Location - Isle of Sgàil
As you know 47, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Apparently, a furnishing company wants to reinforce this statement.

They have been losing sales rapidly to the company supplying furniture and decor to The Ark Society. Oddly, a few high ranking administrators of that company are here today. Our client wants these four admins dead, and wants them to be killed with their own chandeliers. Following this ‘unfortunate’ event, the profits will surely go to our client.

Good luck, 47.

Why the contract should be featured - I have been working on making contracts, as it is one of my favorite parts about the game currently, and have been trying to create ‘story-based’ contracts with detailed briefings. I tried incorporating Murphy’s luck/law into this contract by having the chandeliers crash down at the worst possible moment because of one ‘weak’ link, and it’s mentioned at the end of the briefing when it says “Following this ‘unfortunate’ event…”


Looking forward to what everyone comes up with.


Name of contract Patrick’s ancestor
Contract ID 2-21-0042963-14
Platform PlayStation 4
Location Isle of Sgail
Briefing Good night 47. A client believes that Axel is St. Patrick’s great-grandson, yes, he is crazy, but he paid 1 million euros for his murder. The notes say that it is desirable that you kill him in an accident, and also not watch the surveillance cameras. With saint Patrick you 47.
Why this contract should be featured

  1. It fits on topic
  2. Briefing is on topic
  3. It is not very difficult
  4. It is original
  5. Synchronization with briefing
  6. Silent Assassin it’s real!


dear ioi robotic company. Is it possible to increase the icons of favored contracts by the type of icons in exacerbations? sorry for my england


Well, apperantly there was TV series called “Charmed”. Episode 16 of season 2 is called “Murphy’s Luck”. In that episode young woman called Maggie Murphy has been cursed with bad luck in attempt to drive her into suicide. Prue (one of porotagonists) saves her from death and decides to cast a spell of good luck on her, as a result becoming next target of one, who cast curse and is saved from suicide by her friends.

Since I can interpret theme however I want, it became “reproduce that episode ingame” for me. So here it is. Contract where you act out both roles, first saving both targets (freeing one and granting happines to the other), then making them fall.

Name of Contract Charmed 2/16
Contract ID 1-10-5194722-33
Platform PC
Location Hokkaido (Situs Inversus)
Description/Briefing You are a being that drives people to suicide. Your eyes are on Carlton Smith. With his bad luck, he only needs one small push. Unfortunately, he is being protected from himself by Katashi Ito. You need to deal with him first in the same way you always do.
Why the contract should be featured Making mr. Smith die by falling is interesting challenge. Plus, even if you know how to complete this contract, it’s possible for Murphy’s Law to take effect against player few times.


Name of Contract: Deepened Paranoia
Contract ID: 2-22-2071243-54
Platform: PS4
Location: Whittleton Creek
Description/Briefing: A heavily distraction based contract which will put your timing to the test. 5 targets, Optional all suit, no restrictions or auto-fails.
Why the contract should be featured: I tend to make multiple contracts which often don’t gain much momentum (Probably due to my very forward and direct descriptions) therefore I would like one to be featured to help it gain some attention. I always play through my own contracts to make sure they are all SA/SO possible but like to leave this open with people who might be somewhat inexperienced being able to pass the contract just probably without an silent assassin rating but at the same time gives them chance to hone their skills and experiment with new tricks they might not use to eventually beat my own record on the contract. I also believe the contract I selected fits the theme with the optional kills being ironic to the targets in certain ways and I think it will test all players not just favouring old or new.



Name of Contract - Train of Thought

Contract ID - 2-13-2167818-43

Platform - PS4

Location - Mumbai

Description/Briefing -
“When you and three exact duplicates of yourself are assigned to the exact same task, you begin to lose your sense of individuality. One of these men has hired the ICA to eliminate his copies so he could reclaim his sense of identity, but we cannot tell them apart, so kill all four just to be sure.”

Why the contract should be featured -
Murphy’s Law states that “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. But what could possibly go wrong when you hire an assassin to take out a group of people nearby who are identical to you in every way? And how could anything bad happen when you are several meters in the air in an old, dilapidated train station?

The contract is easier than it would seem to a new player, but the tight area to move around in may cause Murphy’s Law to kick in if you are too impatient or get caught in the open. Another reason to pick this contract is that contracts in Hitman 2 (at least in Trending and Most Played Last Week) do not tend to use Mumbai often, and when they do it is typically nowhere near the Vanya Shah section of the map, so this will hopefully add some variety and encourage more players to be creative with that section of Mumbai.


Name of Contract: Between Shawls And Sheaves
Contract ID: 1-13-8971334-67
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai

Everything is intertwined. Status and pinstripes. Needle and thread. Rope and weight. And also the events of this world are. They pull each other or tear each other apart. It is not noticable how long they are, but when cut ends lie lifeless on the ground, one wonders where this one leads to. Or came from.

And here, two are connected. To each other, and to other two. It is your task to decide where the strings lead to, where the knots are, and where they tear. Make one wonder.


Why the contract should be featured:
I spend a day making this one. I had multiple versions but cut away what I could to offer as much freedom as possible while keeping the general idea and balance of routes.
While it is a bit annoying for impatient speedrunners to get the disguise, I promise this contract has many many possible route variations between the spots you have to visit. I also added these two last targets in particular for a reason that can save you some time if you find that out. While the contract cannot be done very fast, you are always in motion, which means you can always improve your last approach.
This contract should suit all levels of skills as the infiltration of the Hill or the Laundry is not too hard but it can become hard to improve an already advanced route.
I tried to connect the briefing to the theme. It is sometimes impossible to understand how things went wrong. Here, this thing that goes wrong is a big drop. And while you handle it with typical 47 creativity, others will never find out what chain of events took place here.


Name of contract: Fffaulty electrics
Contract ID: 2-06-5167935-79
Platform: Playstation 4
Location: Marrakesh/ A Gilded Cage
Description/Briefing: 5 targets 5 diffrent lifes but all must come to a shocking end.
Why it should be featured: it takes the theme in to account and puts people to the test to complet the contract by obseving and striking. Each target dies because of a accident which makes it tie into the theme


Five Times Lucky
2-04-7313815-54, 1-04-9868511-46
Sapienza, Landslide

"Good morning, 47.

Head of ICA has decided that you need to sharpen up your aim, and we recently got a high value, multi-target contract which is more than perfect for you, 47.

In addition to your trusty ICA19, you are required to bring a sniper rifle. It might become handy more than once. When it comes to outfit, go with green. The reason should be obvious. Oh, and, bring me that lovely pink car near the mansion. One of the targets should have the keys for it.

Best of luck!


It should be featured, because it’s a fun and versatile contract packed with interesting elimination methods, that leave room for excitement and disappointment. From explosion to sniping a guy on the pier, everyone should have something to look for. Not to mention fitting the theme of unique probability and St Patrick by having green disguise and Headshot Only complication. This contract is truly a fine addition. The location is taken into consideration as well. Live concert in Sapienza will suit the celebratory mood during St Patrick’s day. There’s a church, too!

edit: added PC ID


Name: “Tuk Tuk Tik - Boom!”

ID: 1-13-1556618-59 (113155661859)

Location: Mumbai, India

Platform: PC (of course:wink:)


Good morning 47,

Your targets are 4 bespoke tuk tuk drivers, whom are the heads of a human trafficing ring. They kidnap people after offering a cheap ride, making western tourists easy targets. As accidents tend to bring a message across the best, you need to make sure all the targets are killed in an accidental manner. The client has also requested no one else gets hurt in the process, and a bonus is given if your suit isn’t made dirty (don’t ask me why).

Good hunting 47!

Reason: Accidents…


Name of Contract: Following the Rainbow
Contract ID: 1-21-2459394-67
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgàil
Good Evening, 47,
As Saint Patrick’s Day approaches, many treasure seekers have threatened the security of the legendary Pot of Gold. An anonymous source has hired us to eliminate three major contenders in finding the gold. The first two targets are Blake Nathaniel and Sophia Washington, two renowned treasure hunters. Our third target, Charles Lundgren, has led various raiding missions for ancient artifacts, and now plans to lead an expedition in pursuit of the Pot of Gold.

Good Luck.

Why the contract should be featured: First, the missions revolves around hunting down those seeking the Pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow, a “treasure” strongly with Saint Patrick’s Day and Leprechauns. Not only that, but this mission rewards the players for making accidental deaths of each of these treasure hunters, making the deaths seem more “luck based.”


Name of Contract The Herrera Excavation
Contract ID 3-12-5954419-32
Platform Xbox
Location Colombia

Why the contract should be featured
I feel Hitman is at its best when it offers a balance between a creative sandbox where anything is possible, and stealthily sneaking around. This contract offers a little something of both. You can’t start as a street soldier, so there are a few options for how you get that disguise and enter the cave, and multiple types of accidents can be used on at least two of the targets. But performing the kills while trespassing in the cave will also test your abilities to not get spotted. It offers a challenge without being overly restrictive or demanding too much from players.


Here’s my submission, and the very first contract I’ve created for Hitman 2!


Name of Contract
You Should’ve Worn Green

Contract ID



Happy St. Patrick’s Day, 47!

Our client is absolutely LIVID that five prominent members of the Sapienza community have chosen not to wear the customary, good luck color of green on this holy day. Today is the day everyone on Earth MUST wear green, or suffer the unlucky consequences!

The client demands that you wear the greenest outfit you can find and see to it that these five targets meet their unlucky fates today in tragic accidents.

Their luck has just run out. They should’ve worn green.

Why the contract should be featured
It’s St. Patrick’s Day and these five guys aren’t wearing green for good luck. Clearly, they have to die! :slight_smile:


Name of Contract: The Four Clovers
Contract ID: 2-03-4042321-26
Platform: PlayStation 4
Location: Sapienza, Italy
Description/Briefing: Saint Patrick’s Day has arrived in Sapienza, Italy; and so have the Four Clovers. Run by the Masiello bros., the clan has had a lot of followers inspired by the drunken-fuelled outbursts, exacerbating local hostility.

We’ve received confirmation that they are currently laying low, clad in green as a part of Calruso’s staff; rather fitting, I’d say. And the client has also requested that we make them “accidentally trip” on a hatchet.

Eliminate all four, without raising suspicion.

Why the contract should be featured: I believe my contract should be featured as it interprets Murphy’s Luck figuratively and stands out from the others as it fundamentally has no accident intertwined in the level and it could potentially “axe” the meaning of what everyone believes ‘Murphy’s Luck’ defines.


Don’t spoil it if you don’t want to, but here is the intended way to do it


Name of Contract: Accidental Workout
Contract ID: 3-11-4664959-14
Platform: XBOX
Location: Miami
Description/Briefing: In this contract, the player must eliminate Kate Switzer and Larry Tracey during their workout through a series of accidents. Additionally, their trainer, Clement Augustine, must also be eliminated in a similar fashion.
Why the contract should be featured: This is a well-rounded contract that appeals a wide range of ability levels. While some of the eliminations may be seem somewhat straightforward, others require some out-of-the-box thinking. The contract also fits the theme as all targets must be eliminated using accidents.



Name of contract: Ceremonial Sacrifice
Contract ID: 1-21-5514381-70
Platform: PC
Location: Isle Of Sgàil
Description/ briefing:
“You ARE the master of ceremonies.
You will perform a ceremony,
So pick up your torch, don’t panic and enjoy the show.”

Why should this be featured?: It is one of my first contracts in Hitman 2, and i feel like it has a good theme whilst maintaining a good challenge.


Here’s something that probably only you guys at IO will enjoy for some weird reason (you’re weirdos, right?)

You know…nobody likes too many complications, especially compulsory autofail conditions, but YOU guys, oh boy. You guys regularly pick the contracts with the most unrelated autofail conditions. So here’s a treat for you. It features EVERY complication on compulsory (yes, I heard your prayers, it even has a time limit and single exit)

Want a sneak peak? Be prepared for IO-gasms:

Yes, yes, I know. I put so many complications into it, I even had to take THREE screenshots of them and put them into paint to show it off. That’s my dedication to your complication, IO.
“But Pilz”, you ask, “where can I play this amazing thing of ultimate restrictions?” Worry no more, IO, here you go:

ID: 1-22-3897220-22
Enjoy killing this poor guy with a very niche attack and an unrelated trespassing disguise to top it off:

And now…go .beat it and make me proud, IO! Feature it to annoy the playerbase as well :slight_smile:

Is this satire? That is for you to decide.

Edit: Forgot why this should be featured: It has the descriptipon of “What can go wrong, will go wrong” along with all autofail complications that can go wrong (Get it? Get it?) and the title is Eddie MURPHY.


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