Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - March


My favorite part of this one is that you wouldn’t even have the Explosive Pen unless you played the Sean Bean Elusive Target. So anyone who didn’t play that is already screwed on this contract!


IOI has the Murphy’s Law part of this done right. I just tried this contract, but it’s impossible to complete it. I kill the target and hide his body with about a minute left, but no exit ever pops up. I have no idea how I’m supposed to escape this mission. Is this a glitch on IOI’s part, or am I doing something wrong in the contract?




Name of Contract The Kelly Misadventure
Contract ID 3-21-0176083-32
Platform Xbox
Location Sgail

Why the contract should be featured Most people have made contracts requiring accidents to fit this theme, but I went in another direction with my story, and a different type of “accident.” While there’s only one target, the complication and requirements create a puzzle for players to figure out.


Thanks for the tip - I had no idea about the raft exit and needing the oar to activate it. I finally managed to complete the contract!

What a fucking insane contract you’ve devised. First, you need a weapon that was only awarded if you played the Sean Bean Elusive Target. Then, the mission’s impossible if you forgot to bring along a lock pick from the start. Then after you kill your target, the raft exit never appears as an exit point on the map, so you specifically have to know about it - and even if you do, you have to guess correctly that’s the one allowed exit for this contract. Oh, and you have to pick up the oar after killing the target, because if you drop the oar for any reason after picking it up - say, to throw an explosive pen at the target - the mission also automatically fails.

I approve of IOI selecting this one as a featured contract. :+1:

(I’ve never seen a Mission Fail before simply because I dropped an item, as I assumed I could pick it up again)


No submissions allowed for Hitman 2016?


Why would they? Why would they put effort into the old game when every person who owns it (apart from a couple unlucky ones who bought everything individually and skipped the Sumer bonus missions) can play in H2’s game? Who’s even making new contracts for 2016?


Alot of people still play Hitman 2016, its a good game, have you played it? Your acting like its garbage.


You’re acting like the Legacy pack doesn’t exist… which is free to all owners of 2016, and has everything except some escalations and is better…


The Legacy pack is good for people who prefer Hitman 2 over Hitman, and its better in your opinion, sure it may have some better features like blending in, suitcases, but its personal preferance, I personally prefer many features of Hitman over certain features from Hitman 2. My point is, people still play Hitman, I was simply asking if any submissions were allowed for Hitman 2016, and you come in a very disrespectable rude manner insulting a game I like, have a good day, I’m not gonna waste my time looking at your replies.


At no point did I insult the game, stop telling lies. Good day.


Title of the thread says Hitman 2. No featured Contracts have been added to H2016 since October.

KevinRudd was only answering your question and explaining to you why contracts are no longer being featured in H2016 and that the main focus of them are for H2. Don’t take it personally. We have all played the same game and it wouldn’t make sense to feature contracts in two games when the intention is for owners of H2016 to get to play all the locations in H2.

I’m not going to clogg up the thread with this stuff any more.
Good luck to all of the players who submitted their contracts. All of the ones that been featured so far are very good :+1:


Name of Contract: “Water” way to go
Contract ID: 1-22-7659794-54
Platform: PC
Location: Whittleton Creek:
Description/Briefing: “Good afternoon, 47. Our client is looking to both free up residences in Whittleton Creek, as well as reduce house prices in the area. Doing so will require eliminating select residents of the suburb through a series of unfortunate accidents, as an obvious series of murders will incur a lengthy police investigation.”
Why the contract should be featured: Because someone has to give the world a wake-up call as to how deadly toilets can be!


I was going to save this one for a more specific theme, but at someone else’s suggestion, I’ve decided to submit it here

Name of Contract : The Green Butcher
Contract ID : 1-03-0198804-52
Platform : PC
Location : Sapienza - World of Tomorrow
Description/Briefing : Briefing is attached in picture. This is a concept contract, all the targets will come to the butcher shop, but the shop is small so you have to hide them in the freezer as each new customer comes in.
Why the contract should be featured : It’s an interesting concept not usually found in contracts, regardless of the theme; HOWEVER luck is involved in two ways… 1) You’d have to be pretty unlucky to go into a deli for meat and end up butchered to death… but more importantly 2) One of the targets has a random sequence, they might come into the shop at the 4 minute mark, or they may never come ever! It’s entirely down to luck! If you feature this content you’ll see how many people playing/commenting aren’t lucky :slight_smile:


If you can’t drop oar after picking it up, I wonder if it’s possible to create contract, where fastest route is to pick up oar before killing targets in a way that requires dropping oar and set up time limit, so the contract can only be completed in creation mode, where you can drop it, thus making literaly impossible contract.


Will investigate that today :wave:
But I try to make it an actually enjoyable contract.


When creating, I actually picked the oar up on my way from Batty to the basement and dropped it at the secret tunnel garage entry for later use, so indeed, it would be possible to set a very optimal time in creation mode that is not achievable if you have to return to the oar garage after eliminating your target. It was a mix of luck and me being slow that the time limit in this contract is forgiving enough to allow backtracking to get the oar and escape in time :smiley:


Ok, I’m just saying he was being disrespectful when he said “Why would they put into the old game when every person who owns it (apart from a couple unlucky ones who everything individually and skipped the Summer bonus missions) can play in H2’S game? Who’s even making new contracts for 2016?” maybe that just sounds disrespectful in my head, Idk about you, and he kind of does make himself look like a troll. But anyway.


Name of Contract Lucky Stars 2: Electric Boogaloo

Contract ID 2-04-3754477-51

Platform PS4

Location Sapienza / Landslide

Description/Briefing Hey 47, come on, let’s turn the music up!

Why the contract should be featured
3 reasons:

  1. You have to be pretty unlucky to have all the band members get fried on stage by electricity.
  2. Adds a great but fair challenge to get SA
  3. Landslide hardly gets featured on any contracts


Name of Contract: out of luck
Contract ID: 3-21-6985771-66
Platform: xbox
Location: isle of sgail
Description/Briefing: the washington twins found out that dennis and paul have figure out the true reason janus died and threatened to tell the constant, so the twins need us to take them out and not to dinner
Why the contract should be featured: because the initiates need to be taken out because they “ran out of luck” with trying to blackmail there way in. (i don’t know if luck is what you meant by murphy’s luck)