Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - March


Name: The Best Laid Plans
ID: 1-11-0375684-58
Platform: PC
Location: Miami - The Finish Line

Good evening 47, we have a contract for you at the Global Innovation Race. Three key figures in the race are due for an appearance on the podium, and the pyrotechnics on the podium are but a step away from eliminating all three.

Our client requests that these three targets be eliminated in a timely manner however, though their deaths should still appear as accidents. But I know you like to get creative 47. Good luck.

Why the contract should be featured:
There’s a rather obvious theme here with setting up an accident where everything goes wrong. There’s a little bit of extra detail to the contract that may not be immediately obvious however.

In particular, the timer is set up to fall just a little bit short of allowing sabotaging the podium pyrotechnics as a viable route for getting Silent Assassin on this contract. At least when making Moses Lee the winner in the quickest way possible without shooting Siera’s car. So the hope is to make someone get a little more creative when they find out the most obvious method of completing this contract doesn’t work for Silent Assassin. I’m also sort of hoping I get proven wrong and it just barely possible, because that’d add an extra layer to it on my end.

The timer itself is left as an optional complication, and the kill methods themselves left as any accident rather than specifically explosive accidents to leave up more options for completion. I think in the end the quicker ways of completing this will still rely on explosive accidents however.


Name of Contract: The Eye Of The Needle
Contract ID: 2-13-6933995-64
Platform: PS4
Location: Mumbai

Why the contract should be featured:
This contract is a puzzle contract, although it shouldn’t be unreasonably difficult for players to figure out the puzzle on their own; then it’s a case of carrying out the solution with enough efficiency to stay above the time limit. Spoilers for anyone who doesn’t want the answer to the puzzle ahead.

Although it may not seem it, this contract is a sniper contract; the solution to keeping to the time limit with the guard disguise, which is only present on corners of the map far from the targets, is using a sniper through the small windows these targets can be seen from. We’ve yet to have a proper sniper contract featured, and I often think they are the most entertaining contracts; especially when it’s not so obvious that it’s a sniper contract. Also, it ties into the theme with the idea of an impossible contract; the briefing empshasises that nothing should possibly go wrong, but you’re going to prove them wrong by doing the impossible and going ‘through the eye of the needle’.


I’m sorry, but I beg to differ.


Clemens, do you suppose the ioi interative team can make holiday themed suits for agent 47?


Name of Contract 4 LEAF BOOMER
Contract ID 2-04-1358625-93
Platform PlayStation 4
Location Sapienza
Description/Briefing. In this contract, 47 must take out 4 targets without changing starting outfit, being seen doing anything illegal, getting recorded on camera, and all must be accidental explosions.
Why the contract should be featured. This is a fun challenge to figure out how to be stealthy and quick, requiring some observation and imagination.


Haha, if you had been 3 seconds faster creating the contract, I’d say it would be impossible. I managed to do it in 2:34, so only 2 seconds to spare, and I didn’t stop running once except to pick locks and kill the target.

Right after you gave me the tip about the raft exit, I tried it your way to grab the oar first. I carried it all the way to Janus’s basement and snuck up to throw the pen. But the moment I selected the pen from my inventory - BOOM, Mission Failed. That ranks pretty high on my all-time list of “what the fuck” moments of failing a Hitman level in all my years of playing Hitman games.


Excellent contract, Pilz. Loved it. Took me a number of tries to figure it out, but man, sometimes those insta-fails really get your heart going. Hope they feature this one!
Btw, did you go through the secret tunnel to get to the target? I tried that, but wasn’t fast enough, so many locked doors. In order to make it I had to take a different route (straight through the party house/gardens/window/kitchen).

I made a contract myself for this theme, also in Whittleton Creek.
It’s PC, 1-22-5691717-49.
4 targets, all to be killed by accident.
Usually Murphy’s law affects the best laid plans, but sometimes even mundane day-to-day activities like ranting from your front porch or chatting with the postman can unexpectedly go all wrong in a split second. That’s the definition of accident, and that is what this contract is about.
Description in the screenshot below.

Why should this be featured? Because it’s ironic that these people who are engaged in their everyday life activities become the victims of “accidents”; and that, considering who they are and why they are being targeted, when all is said and done everything DOES go horribly wrong (for them).
Because it is tricky to pull off and fun to figure out. Can be done Suit only, silent assassin. Can be done well under 5 minutes (or even faster, though I don’t know how).
Oh, no guns needed in this one :wink:


Glad you liked it :slight_smile: I went for the secret tunnel entry, good job getting in through the kitchen!


This may be a little unorthodox, but I’m going to submit an entire series I created called S.M.A.S.H. (So Many Accidents, Such Hazard). All of the names are “SMASH ~ Location” so I’m just going to copy and paste the list with the contract ID under each name.

Name of Series: S.M.A.S.H. (So Many Accidents, Such Hazard)

SMASH ~ ICA Training

SMASH ~ Paris

SMASH ~ Sapienza

SMASH ~ Sapienza Landslide

SMASH ~ Sapienza Icon

SMASH ~ Marrakesh

SMASH ~ Marrakesh Nights

SMASH ~ Bangkok

SMASH ~ Bangkok Nights

SMASH ~ Colorado

SMASH ~ Hokkaido

SMASH ~ Miami

SMASH ~ Santa Fortuna

SMASH ~ Mumbai

SMASH ~ Whittleton Creek

SMASH ~ Isle of Sgail

Platform: PC (steam)
Description/Briefing: A series of unfortunate events in every location around the world.
Why the contract(s) should be featured:
Murphy’s Luck strikes me as a series about accidents, and I like to make series of contracts.

To see more of the types of series I’ve made, check here:

Also I’m currently running a contracts contest with prizes (details in the link, it’s at the top called “The Elimination Game”, a series of 47 contracts with 100’s of curated targets (none duplicated). Many of them are currently trending, hope you all enjoy.


Name of Contract: Commissioning
Contract ID: 1-21-6062939-84
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgàil

Most things happen by accident.

Why the contract should be featured:

A little puzzle that can match the theme.


Wish I could go after this list.


I’m going to check out the SMASH.

In the meantime, one more from my end:
Party’s Over
PC, Whittleton Creek

Surely the Party doesn’t go as planned when the guests start having terrible accidents. Who would have thought the BBQ might explode? Who would plan for the possibility that someone might electrocute themselves? That’s right, no-one.
Well, except Murphy.

Why feature this one: Because Murphy doesn’t like over-planned Parties.


Contract Name If Something Can Go Wrong…
Contract ID 3-13-3378835-87
Platform Xbox One
Location Mumbai
Good Evening 47,
Today we are hired by a small local film producer to eliminate the key actors/crew working on the movie in Rangan Tower. Our cilent is a firm believer in Murphy’s Law that indicates if something could go wrong, it will in fact go wrong. He wants us to put some truth around that Law 47. As a bonus he wishes for you to destroy the main film camera that holds all of the movie footage. We wish you the best of luck 47, I’ll leave you to prepare.
Why should I be featured?
The contract itself is a nod to Murphy’s Law which corresponds with the theme ‘Murphy’s Luck’. All kills in the contract are able to be done in an accident and all seem to be just a worst case scenario of an already bad situation. Silent Assassin is possible and gives the player creativity on how to kill the targets with accidents in such a tightly packed area.


I have a second submission, this one complementary to my first contract. In the first one, you were tasked to eliminate 5 targets in accidents who didn’t conform to the tradition of wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day. But in this contract, you are now asked to eliminate 5 targets in accidents who did conform to wearing green!

You clearly can’t win this holiday in Sapienza!

Name of Contract
You Shouldn’t Have Worn Green

Contract ID



Happy St. Patrick’s Day, 47!

But don’t tell our client we said that! He’s the Ebenezer Scrooge of St. Patrick’s Day.

Our client hates everything associated with this holiday, especially anyone who partakes in the tradition of wearing green clothing to celebrate it.

Five prominent members of the Sapienza community are wearing green today. Your mission is to make sure each one of them dies today in a tragic accident.

Our client wants them to learn that wearing green isn’t so lucky, after all.

Why the contract should be featured
It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and all of the targets are wearing green. How much more festive can it get? Plus, combined with my previous contract, nobody is safe in Sapienza on St. Patrick’s Day no matter what they wear - Murphy’s Law is in full effect.


Well, isn’t Silvio more blue than green?


Name of Contract: The 5 failures of Patrick
Contract ID: 1-11-1076853-97
Platform: PC
Location: Miami
Why the contract should be featured: 1) the description and name fits the subject of contracts. 2) There are accidents . 3) It is not too easy, and not too complicated. 4) It is interesting. 5) Variety.!


Name of contract: Enter the Void
Contract ID: 2-22-7891236-61
Platform: PS4
Location: Whittleton Creek


Happy St. Patrick’s Day 47,

the late Mr. Schmitt of Whittleton Creek appears to have taken some secrets to his grave.

The rumours around the neighbourhood are that the deceased’s basement holds a mysterious statue, which some residents believe to posses supernatural properties. These individuals have been vocal in their plans to desecrate the statue, and Mr. Schmitt’s attorney has requested that we ensure his client’s property remains untouched, and that no link be made back to him.

Make sure this one stays buried, 47.

Targets: 3
Kill Methods: Electrocution and Accidents
Disguise: Suit
Complications (optional): Targets only; Do not get spotted

Why the contract should be featured:
The contract is great for advanced players as it involves very different approaches and possibilities. But it is also challenging and interesting for beginners to understand and influence the NPC’s processes and to explore the place and its stories.
There is also an exciting reference to the St. Patrick’s Day: the targets, which according to their own blog are looking for supernatural phenomena, claim that they have coordinates to a dimensional portal. The coordinates refer not only to a specific location, but also to a specific time (planet conjunction) that “coincidentally” falls on the St. Patrick’s Day. Or is it no coincidence?


I’d describe his shirt as teal - halfway between blue and green. But it’s green enough for the client to decide he has to die!


sorry, I should have read the thread better


We Have a Winner
PlayStation 4
Sapienza: World of Tomorrow
Good afternoon 47.

Your targets collaborated together several years ago, running various scams to extort money out of lottery winners. Onio is a professional con artist, Siciliano is a computer hacker, and Torraca is a crime scene and evidence forger. They have been banned in several countries, and are meeting in Sapienza to divide up the $18 million dollars they collectively stole. Now is the perfect opportunity to eliminate them. Kill them in unrelated accidents to avoid suspicion.
Reason for Feature:
The theme of the backstory is based off of the targets trying to profit off of the luck of others, and they must be killed using Murphy’s law. I made this contract originally on Hitman 2016, but now updated it to be harder/more interesting. It can be done in under 10 minutes so speed runners can probably have an interesting time with it.