Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - March


Alright, my final submission for this theme.

Name of Contract : Sniper Assassin: Miami
Contract ID : 1-11-6307132-52
Platform : PC
Location : Miami
Description/Briefing : Start as a medic, grab a sniper and head to the hotel rooftop. From there you’ll be eliminate all five targets.
Why the contract should be featured : So it’s a good contract regardless, but as far as Murphy’s Luck goes, the best unnoticed assassin finds a way to arrange 5 ‘accidents’ with their rifle. It’s not mandatory, but it is one of the only ways to get Silent Assassin. So if the gameplay is cool, and it sorta fits in with the theme, why not pick it! The players will like it

Oh, one thing though; this was one of my earlier contracts, before I figured out I should wait by the exit with my time on to get the time limit exactly perfect, if you choose this one would you be able to round the timer up to the nearest minute? Thanks!


Where are you create photo?


Name of Contract: The Hostility of Karma.
Contract ID: 1-11-9326557-97
Platform: PC
Location: Miami
Description/Briefing: Hello, 47, Happy St. Patrick’s Day. But now it is not about him, we received a contract from a certain David, who was excluded from the races in Miami, due to the fact that the envoys of competitors intervened in his race car. David asks to eliminate them all by telling the race administrators that “an accident, it happens.” David knows about your masking skills and left you the form of a White rider in the locker room, he asks you to kill the targets in it. The time for revenge has come. Good luck, 47
Why the contract should be featured: 1) The contract corresponds to the subject. 2) There are accidents in it. 3) variety. 4) It is not too light, and not too complicated. 5) I’m just proud of this work.


Name of Contract: We’ve Got A Janusation Here
Contract ID: 2-22-4248227-54
Platform: PlayStation 4
Location: Whittleton Creek
Briefing: Oof, this contract got many complications (I didn’t know what to type back then).

You’re probably thinking:
“Why this contract? All you have to do is kill a bunch of guys then blow up Janus. Easy peasy, right?”
Oh, but it’s not that simple my friend.
Time Limit, Required Exit, Targets Only, No Disguise Changes, No Pacifications. You have to do these complications while taking out 4 targets and Janus. Yes, I mentioned Janus again since he will probably be the main problem for you in this contract. You see, you’re going to blow up Janus, right, but if you’re aiming for SA you’re forced to do so without K.O. anyone inside his house…
Hhm yes, let that one sink in for a bit. This contract should be pure evil itself if you’re not experienced.


To sum it up, Rather than focusing on supporting Hitman (2016) in 2019 they are focusing all their resources and time into Hitman 2 since a majority of the community and new players alike went to Hitman 2. Alongside the release of the Legacy Pack people have the ability to make contracts in the H1 levels using H2 mechanics and items.

Personally and I’d assume people would agree on this. I’d much rather have them focus on the new game and provide new content for the set new game rather than continuing the support of a game that is 3 years old now.


Agent 47 Is A Myth
Whittleton Creek

When Nolan Cassidy learned that a contract had been issued against his life, he thought he was safe in his neighborhood while constantly surrounded by armed guards. He thought, “Only Agent 47 could get to me and he is just a myth.” He was half right…

Agent 47,
The client has vastly increased his premium, so this contract is going to you. Use any method you have available, but you must not be seen and leave no trace.

Why The Contract Should Be Featured
Based on his surname of Cassidy, it’s reasonable to assume Nolan is Irish. Another target, Spencer, has the last name of Green, the color most commonly associated with St. Patrick’s day. These 2 unique targets, of the total 5, tie directly into the main theme. Additionally, the complications are relatively easy to deal with if you take your time but get substantially harder if you want to go fast and still get it done right.


Name of Contract: Co-Co-Boom
Contract ID: 3-11-7515017-21
Plattform: Xbox One
Location: Miami
Description/Briefing: N/A
Why the contract should be featured:
The target AI (3 NPCs near the seat bench) use every Mission start a random route - somtimes long, sometime short, the kill is time consuming. The timing must be perfect AND you need extrem Luck, because the body is often found (flying non-accident explosion kill) by the walking/sitting NPC around.
SA/SO is possible, but you need luck. Everything can go wrong very fast.


Contract Name: Annual Gathering Gets Cancelled
Contract ID: 1-21-3441039-54
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgail
The annual gathering of the Ark Society is about to begin. Our client wants to make sure that it gets cancelled this year. We need you to create a series of perfectly executed “Accidents” and make each of them distinct so they will know that anything can go wrong.

We need you to take out five targets of differing professions, to make the message clear that no one is safe. Make sure to leave as if you were never there to pin the blame on the chairmen’s incompetence.

Good Luck 47.

Why the contract should be featured:
I feel this is a great showcase of the accidents you can pull off in Isle of Sgail. There were so many varied ways you can do accident kills in this map that I made it into an objective to kill the targets in different ways, and I incorporated that into the briefing as a narrative reason for it. Silent Assassin is possible, I hope you guys enjoy it and try to beat my time on the leaderboards.


Contract Name: An Artist’s Fortune
Contract ID: 2-04-6328205-52
Platform: PS4
Location: Sapienza/Landslide
Sapienza based Sculptor Bobby Douche recently struck it lucky in the art world, gaining notice of several esteemed critics. Less fortunate, out client-a rather ruthless art purchaser-firmly believes a piece is worth more with the artist dead.
In addition to killing Douche, our client wants two competing collectors gone.
Taziano Onio: art dealer and insufferable narcissist.
Salvatore Bravuomo: Lawyer and curator of a public gallery in Sapienza.
Oh, our client wants the hippie boyfriend quiet.

Why the contract should be featured:
This contract if fitting for the theme of Murphy’s Luck because it follows the thematic trend of Hitman games of seeing someone gain success just to be brought down by Agent 47. Further, the contract celebrates elimination via accidents, and each target by a different accident, some requiring more patience, some requiring discovery, and some requiring a little manipulation. Aside from being relevant to the theme, this map explores the larger NPC community of fan-favourite Sapienza, exploring the greater role of established character Salvatore Bravuomo in the town, and tying together a couple of interesting NPC’s and storefronts. Lastly, most of the additional objectives are optional, so the contract can be enjoyed both by those looking to challenge themselves by deepening their knowledge of the map and also by those who want to pursue their own creative way of eliminating the targets.

Thank you, and keep curating great content!


Name of Contract: Catching The Leprechaun
Contract ID: 1-08-4600645-83
Platform: PC
Location: Bangkok - Club 27

Description/Briefing: You can read the briefing in the picture above. This is a lore-friendly basic contract with a lot of possible routes.

Why the contract should be featured: Oh boy I have many reasons to submit this contract.

First of all, this is a Bangkok contract. So far only one featured contract has taken place in Bangkok, and that was in The Source version of the map, not even Club 27. Hell, nobody other than me has so far submitted a Bangkok contract in this thread!
Club 27 needs some love, and what would be better to give it a feature contract for Saint Patrick’s Day. After all a ton of band members in that map like to enjoy a fresh beer.

The targets in this contract are all band members or bodyguards, and most of all drink some alcohol in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day.
They are all located in the same area, at 3rd floor of the west wing where Jordan’s birthday party takes place. It means there is no need to backtrack or run all around the map, all the action is confined to the same floor in order to make a short but very fun contract.
While there are no kill restrictions to give the player more freedom of approach, it is heavily advised to eliminate all targets in accidents. Each one has several ways to do so, and the contract is designed in a way that you are even able to kill one target by electrocution, one by drowning, one by poisoning (consumed), one by falling chandelier or fall and one by propane explosion. But of course you aren’t limited to that and there are many ways to mix and match those accident methods.
The only restriction is that you can’t be recorded to add some challenge, but the cam room is on the floor right below, so it is not a pain to disable them. Also, multiple starting locations and exits are viable, once again, freedom of approach! It’s the key to create a good contract.

The accident thematic fits pretty well the Murphy’s Luck theme. I also wrote a lore-friendly briefing around that, referencing the luck of leprechauns. It fits the prankster personality of Neil Burgess, who is the NPC who postpones the delivery of Dexy’s letter to Ken Morgan, prefering having fun and drinking beers (it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, eh).

To sum up, this is a fun contract with huge freedom of approach, all related to creating accidents but without restricting the players to them. Hope you enjoy!


Name of Contract: The return of Pale
Contract ID: 2-11-4717875-12
Platform: PS4
Location: Miami
Description/Briefing: Goodmorning 47, your targets are scattered around the map and u need an item for the exit but which one?
Why the contract should be featured: This contract allows you to play in a myriad of ways that gives players the opportunity to experiment with it for the best solution.


This was a fun challenge! It should be an escalation (this one being the highest level lol)


Looks great! Dang it, I’m on PS4!


It is available on PS4, but I don’t want IO judging the version recreated by someone else, and I don’t know if they copied and pasted the exact briefing!

Type it in contracts search and it will appear

Or ID: 2-03-7390772-11


Name of Contract - Treasures, bringing a luck.
Contract ID - 1-12-6634079-97
Platform - PC
Location - Colombia
Description/Briefing -


Name of Contract - Behind the Scenes
Contract ID - 1-13-3153712-97
Platform - PC
Location - Mumbai
Description/Briefing - Kill model Jagan Garg and the main actress of the film “Hero of Mumbai” Carisma by any accident.
Why the contract should be featured - 1) There are accidents. 2) It is not difficult. 3) Freedom of action


Name of Contract: The Green
Contract ID: 3-12-3763696-83
Platform: X1
Location : Santa Fortuna

Description/Briefing :

Ever since the Delgado cartel took over the drug trade, good weed has been in shockingly short supply, much to the chagrin of our client. What’s more, the people of Santa Fortuna are so hooked on coke that they will be cancelling next week’s festivities in order to afford more. As a loyal Irishman, and a connoisseur of cannabis, our client has decided that something must be done, so now it’s up to us to save Santa Fortuna from itself

Why the contract should be featured:
When making a contract, it takes me some time to choose the targets. If they’re either too easy or too hard, I know that it wouldn’t be a satisfying contract to play for me, and thus I imagine for most people that would have the opportunity to play it. My contracts have always been freeform and very unrestrictive (because what’s Hitman if not for the freedom of approach it grants you?) and this usually makes creating contracts on maps like these difficult due to the number of NPCs spread around. Despite this, I’ve been wanting to make a contract in the coca farm area since launch, as in my mind the NPC placement is some of the best since the 2016 soft-reboot. I think this shows here. I’m really happy with the targets I’ve chosen, and I think there is a lot of variety there: not going to spoil it, but there is a lot of movement (both from targets and non-targets) that needs to be factored into your run if you’re going for SA. They’re all spread out across the coca fields, so you’ll need to take into account which order you’ll go for the targets in, and there’s no right or wrong way.

This contract is very, very tight. It’s meant to be done fast, and it definitely facilitates this playstyle as it takes place in quite a small area with its own exit only a couple seconds away from the targets. However, it doesn’t require coins or any cheap tricks. The targets can all be killed SA with relative ease even without the distractions lying around the level, although they do make it slightly simpler. Definitely try going for a no-distraction, no-KO run if you can.

While the theme doesn’t apply to the gameplay, it definitely helped me to come up with the drug war aspect of the briefing and, with the hippie only a short distance away from the mission area, and Santa Fortuna’s heavy emphasis on the drug trade (obviously, it’s a cartel mansion), I felt like Santa Fortuna was the perfect place for a contract like this. I like to think I’ve thought outside the box and done more with it than just accident kills or wearing green.

If anyone on Xbox wants to give this a go I would appreciate the feedback a lot. I know contracts like these aren’t terribly exciting but I always enjoy making them far more than the very complicated ones. This might be my first contract in H2 that was made purely for gameplay and not just building on a theme, and for that reason I’m quite happy with it. Good luck to everyone that’s submitted!


Name of Contract: Murphy’s Law Goes Kaboom
Contract ID: 2-05-9913559-50
Platform: PS4
Location: The Icon

Good evening 47. The new Dino Bosco production is hemorrhaging money. Our Italian
clients need the production to end asap.

So as not to arouse suspicion, our clients want you to make key members of Kaboom go
kaboom in accidents, all while disguised as Kaboom staff.

Getting rid of them should end the movie for good.

47, please apply Murphy’s Law to this fiasco of a movie and make sure things go from
bad to worse, to make Bosco call it quits.

Good luck 47.

The targets are all SFX crew members.

  1. Antonio Barese
  2. Oliviero Loggia
  3. Camillo Sagese
  4. Arnaldo Monaldo

Optional Objectives:

  1. Avoid collateral damage by eliminating only your Targets.
  2. Do not get recorded by a security camera during the mission. If you are recorded
    you must destroy the recordings.

Why the contract should be featured:

  1. The Icon is rarely featured in Featured Contracts.

  2. How to make a movie production losing money go from bad to worse? Murphy’s Law
    would suggest make the production lose key employees as well, making this contract go
    well with the theme of Murphy’s Law or Luck.

  3. It’s pretty bad luck and even ironical for special-effects crew members, who are in
    charge of explosions, to die in explosions. All while being employed by a company
    called Kaboom. Fiction is stranger than reality, as they say.

  4. It takes just a bit of creativity and thinking to utilise the propane flasks to set
    up the explosion accident kills. All in all this contract is not that difficult, with
    just a bit of reconnaissance of the targets being necessary, in order to generate
    ideas for explosion accident kills.

  5. The propane flasks are easy to find and are all within the vicinity of the targets.


Name of Contract - Plumbic Luck
Contract ID - 1-21-6895033-97
Platform - PC
Location - Isle of Sgail
Briefing - Hello, 47! Your target are Sophia Washington and Blake Nathaniel. Gun barons selling it throughout the US, including in Whittleton-Creek. Now your targets are on the Isle of Shadow in the North Atlantic, our client asked to kill them with what they sell. Good luck, 47.


Name of Contract - Heils Misfortune
Contract ID - 1-22-8185637-97
Platform - PC
Location - In a the Photo.
Briefing - In a the Photo.