Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - May


Hey everyone!

Yet again we are inviting you to submit your own created contracts based on this month’s theme.

And inspired by our monthly theme of Spring Break, with the release of the Miami Pack this month, we’re setting this month’s theme as:


However you interpret that to create your mission, is up to you.

Submit your contracts using this format:

Name of Contract
Contract ID
Why the contract should be featured

Submissions close at 9 am CEST on May 20 - 2019

Now, go crash some parties - Good luck!


HITMAN 2 May 2019 Roadmap

Attention dear Contract Creators!

For people considering to submit a contract, feel free to consult Urben’s superduper, mega-exciting, mindblowing Contract Creation Guide.

It contains hints and tips on how to make your brilliant contract idea into an equally brilliant gameplay experience. It might improve your chances to get selected, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Check it out here: Contract Creation Guide

Good luck everyone!


Thanks Clemens! I’ll get the party started with the first contract submission of the month

Name of Contract Water Way To Go…
Contract ID 1-04-9955278-52
Platform PC
Location Sapienza, Landslide
Description/Briefing I’ll let you see the briefing yourself :wink: But cutting it short, the client is sick of tourists in town for the festival, and wants the beach and harbour shut down by having a series of water accidents!
Why the contract should be featured There are two primary ways to pass this contract, some lower-skilled players may be left scratching their head how they’d do it and get away with it SA style, but I haven’t forced any complications so if they can’t do it SA then that’s okay.

It should be featured because it’s a bit of a fun challenge, and the point of Landslide is the party atmosphere of the map, the festival is a party which you’re technically trying to break up to drive away the tourists (According to the briefing). But even without the briefing when you’re playing it you’ll see how you’re being a party mood breaker


I can’t tell if that guy’s got a mustache or an extraordinarily large mouth.

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…That’s my wife.

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Contract name:


Contract ID: 3-11-4729084-09


Set in Miami


The Global Innovation Race doesn’t live up to its name when it comes to music. Only mainstream DJs and pop idols were invited. Show the organiser and his main entertainment advisor your talents to prove their mistake. Street music for life!

Why the contract should be featured

  • The story fits the theme to a tee: the street musician that was not invited but he crashes the party anyway and takes it out on the organisers.

  • This contract makes use of the unique street musician disguise that has some interesting properties. The main one being that even if you hold a VIP ticket, the security will not let you through. You are literally uninvited. You’ll have to find another way in.

  • Getting the street musician disguise and still get SA is now made easier thanks to the recent patch, most notably the Kalmer tweak, so this is a way to show that off. But, there are at least two others foolproof ways to obtain the disguise while still allowing you to get SA, without making use of these recent changes (which may or may not be reversed). It’s a bit of a puzzle but not overly hard and the non-tranq solutions will please more to the roleplaying crowd.

  • No restrictions besides the outfit to go for maximum flexibility and pleasure.

  • Can be done with zero mastery but isn’t overly easy either.

  • Both targets are unique and interesting NPCs and not far away from each other, allowing for a smooth run.


Name of Contract: Feel The Bass Till You Drop!
ID : 1-117299012-41
Platfrom: PC
Location: Miami
Knox family got deadly intel about them. Thwack and Kowloon Team prepare to hire main press of racing event to make corruption news about Sierra Knox, for to blame her about making cheats to win the race.
You need to get rid of them before someone gets the finish line!

Good Luck Agent 47!

Why the contract should be featured:
There is no restrictions, but targets are not easier then you think.
You can find different ways to kill targets, that makes it more fun. that’s all


Name of Contract: Party 'Til You Drop
Contract ID: 2-12-6309 074-54
Platform: Playstation

"All the marks are near the mansion.

The huge TV may provide you with multiple opportunities.

Someone left speedboat keys laying around on the second floor…"

Why the contract should be featured:
It should be featured because the community managers can’t finish it as Silent Assassin. Just kidding, I hope.

Seriously though: it includes a roamer, a few targets distractable by a device, lots of different accident opportunities that open up after clever use of game mechanics. Almost no boring running periods at all. Contract can be started relatively close to all targets. No unlockables required to get Silent Assassin.

No Bodies Found will positively hinder people who try to bruce-force the contract just to get a checkmark for the challenge. Flash grenades might become useful (Lil’ Flashy, wink). You can use your Phantom Suit or Blue Flamingo Suit if you choose so.


Somebody please recreate this for PC, I want to play this one :slight_smile:


as a cake, i’m legally obliged to make a contract for this theme


Better have it being a tasty one :yum:

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Have a feeling this wont be your last submission anyways this was a fun contract good job

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made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #13
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Name of Contract: Trimming The Fat
Contract ID: 2-22-4967258-97
Platform: PS4
Loaction: Whittleton Creek
The Wilson family is hosting a BBQ where the whole neighborhood is invited… well, almost the whole neighborhood. Mrs. Wilson hasn’t ordered enough food and her reputation (not to mention her ego) won’t be able to handle the embarrassment if anyone finds out. She has hired us to help her trim the fat from the guest list, but it must look like an accident. After all, nothing is more important than keeping up appearances.
Why the contract should be featured:
This is my first time submitting a contract to be featured, and I think this one is creative and is a good play on the theme - rather than crashing the party, we are eliminating the potential party crashers (well, at least they are in Mrs. Wilson’s eyes). Also, I would love to see other strategies that players use to complete this contract… plus it’s SA/SO, and who doesn’t love that?

Thanks, if you play it let me know what you think.


Name: Propane Party
Contract ID: 2-22-8371459-21
Platform: PS4
Location: Whittleton Creek


Good afternoon, 47.
Your targets are Richard & Susan Wilson. The duo were involved in an embezzlement scheme at a Texan oil refinery and had moved to Vermont with their stolen money. The client wishes Alfred & Penelope Troutt are also eliminated as they helped facilitate the theft. Finally 47, it has been requested the targets are eliminated in an explosive manner to send a message.
I will leave you to prepare.

Why the contract should be featured:

Nothing crashes a party more than the hosts getting blown to bits.


I had no idea Heidi returned in Miami

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I just realized I could use my “Natural Born Griller” Contract on this


Name: Porticullis Party
ID: 1-21-7546658-38
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgail
Morales and Pendergrass always thought their boss (Ms. Rain) was a pain. They put a contract out for her. Little did they know, Ms. Rain thought they were a pain as well.
Why the contract should be featured: There are multiple viable ways to kill each target, but there isn’t an extremely obvious method for any of them. No restrictions, but it’s a bit difficult to kill one of them in particular. They all hang around the party area, so no long distances. I’m also a cake.


Name of Contract The Ramsey Exploitation
Contract ID 3-21-4945855-32
Platform Xbox
Location Sgail

Why the contract should be featured

This contract has all of the elements of a great party: crowds, masks, food, people throwing up. There was a more restrictive, difficult version of this contract I could have done, but I don’t think featured contracts should only be doable by Hitman experts. Because the targets are fairly spread out (architect’s lounge, kitchen, lower courtyard), it’ll be interesting to see what routes people take to complete the contract and how the leaderboards shake out.