Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - May

Name of contract - IA-GHOST AT THE FEAST
Contract ID - 3-02-5529853-71
Platform - Xbox One
Location - Paris/Showstopper

Description/briefing - It’s come to our attention that a number of undesirables have found their way to the auction, naturally Miss Margolis wants this dealt with, but do keep it quiet, no need to spoil everyone else’s evening…

Why it should be featured- The targets are all on the same terrace at the auction and while it limits the play space it allows for some fun experimentation on ways in which to fulfill the optional objectives concerning how to eliminate them, while the initial accident kill may seem easy enough some players may find it trickier when it comes to the pistol eliminations and the explosive kill, while suit only and the other optional objectives add a further layer of difficulty for lesser skilled players, plus I think the name of the contract is absolutely top notch.

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Name of Contract: Tourist Party Tragedy

Contract ID: 3-13-5179331-58

Platform: Xbox

Location: Mumbai

Description/Briefing : 47, we’ve had reports of ICA agents wasting huge amounts of time following this party of idiot tourists around Mumbai for no good reason. Kill them all, and make it look like an accident.

Why the contract should be featured: Every agent who has ever completed, or attempted to complete, the “Tour Mumbai” challenge already wants these four bastards dead. This a good opportunity for them to lay waste and actually get points for it.

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I was going to wait for a different theme to submit this contract, which I made a week ago, but apparently someone has a similar idea and was going to submit there’s, so since I already came up with it I may as well just submit it myself!

Most of the info is already in the picture above, here’s the rest:

Description/Briefing : The cleaning and food staff have been abused and harassed by people at the race course this racing season, they’ve had enough and want them drowned in the toilets the hardworking staff try so hard to keep clean. The best way to do this is dressing as a food vendor and poisoning their food… interesting times are ahead in the toilets!

Why the contract should be featured: In your post for Miami Pack you refer to the party atmosphere of the Miami races, that party is about to come to an end for 4 people who find themselves in the excitement of the stands. But mainly I just think it’s a very special (if not unique) contract involving getting to poison multiple people as a food server. Plus there’s the extra challenge of a non-target NPC who keeps using the toilet, and one of the targets won’t naturally come to the food server, you’ll have to help him!


Name of Contract
Save the Wilsons!

Contract ID


Whittleton Creek, Vermont


Two former ICA agents have retired & assumed the identities of Richard & Susan Wilson. They’re currently hosting a BBQ party to blend into their new neighborhood.

We wish them well in their retirement, but Puissance Treize has other plans. They’ve sent 5 undercover operatives to infiltrate the party & assassinate the Wilsons.

The ICA protects its former assets. Eliminate these 5 operatives by whatever means necessary. But make sure the Wilsons remain unharmed & unaware of your presence.

Why the contract should be featured
My contract builds a story around the fact that there are actually undercover guards roaming around the Whittleton Creek neighborhood, and 3 of them are inside the party at the Wilson residence. These undercover operatives have crashed the party, so 47 is tasked to eliminate them. With conditions set to “Any Method” and “Any Disguise”, the player has the complete freedom to complete the contract as they wish, as long as they save the Wilsons from the rival assassins.

Oh, and my contract references Puissance Treize - which hardcore Hitman fans may remember from the book Hitman: Enemy Within.


Name of Contract
Party Gone Wrong!

Contract ID


Santa Fortuna, Colombia

Welcome 47. Rico Delgado is hosting a statue unveiling party in Santa Fortuna. An anonymous social worker from the village is completely aware of the work of the Delgado. Direct resistance against him would be too dangerous and it also won’t get much support from villagers as he is Hero of the village. Social worker wants to stop the statue unveiling party at any cost. Killing Rico Delgado is not an option as it would only make someone else to take his place as cartel boss.

Why the contract should be featured
My contract takes events and story from the main mission and alters it to try to make a new story.

Without the local band the statue unveiling party will be stopped and it will give some time to social worker to think about his next plan to get rid of Rico Delgado and save the village.
In the contract 47 is tasked to kill 3 band members who were partying the night before. Maybe they had unfortunate accidents.

One of the kill is very tricky to accomplish and another is straight forward although very easy to miss the opportunity if not aware of the surroundings.


Great Contract @CHAOS_AGENT_45 !!!I ve been trying to speedrun this the past few days and since I saw your 3minutes top time on leaderboards,I ve been pushing my personal limits to solve this excellent puzzle-contract!!!I ve finally finished this in 2:21 and I expect you ll improve this time soon for another challenge!!!Hopefully ‘‘Ramba Zamba’’ will be on Featured Contracts , so that many speedrunners enjoy this!!!

P.S.I will edit this post with an upload of my strategy in the next days in case anyone wonders how I did it :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally got something I am happy with that is new and fits the theme.

Name of Contract: Raising The Bar
Contract ID: 1-21-5389242-67
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgàil

Our client requested a rush order just an hour ago. His intention was to propose a merger of his company with a competitor at the ultra-exclusive meeting of the Ark architects. This was intended to prevent him from falling on the market. However, his access to the floor was denied and so he wants us to initiate his economic advantage.
The main target is Shannon Iqbal. Two other targets are employees who promised to make the meeting possible. One of them needs to die by specific requirements.

Why the contract should be featured:
:warning: Reading this can spoil parts of the contract!
This contract is quite open how to play it. There are multiple ways to deal with the problems it throws at you while new mechanics can turn out useful too. It isn’t looking like it but you might run into trouble with your load-out if you want to apply advanced tactics.
The complication to hide all bodies has many effects on the contract:

  • The disguise-providing NPC for the first target can’t be left around in the corner where no container is. The kill condition hinders you to use the target’s own disguise unless you try something risky.
  • The second target can’t die right there by poisoning because you can’t hide her then.
  • The last target, far away from the architect floor, can require your approach to be noisy if you want to hide him without getting close.
  • The current bug where you can shoot targets shortly after being hit by the tranquilizer is no issue here as you still have to hide bodies.

If you are noisy, the female target will not continue to go for the toilet if you sent her that way. But even if you keep it quiet, other things you try might crash this ultra-exclusive party and make the contract more troublesome.
Obviously Suit-Only, No-KO runs are not possible here, but many other playstyles, including slower ones, can find joy here. Speedrunners surely bump into actions that take time, but I tried to provide some ways to kill that time usefully.


Just want to say the method of 1 target is creative. Nothing is tricky but annoying. And yes the surrounding is important.

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Damn, it’s harder than it looks at first glance. All I can say is based on the Body Found rules, I really wish there were a sedative syringe, as I’d have the perfect strat for it.

If it gets chosen, everyone will be thankful all conditions are optional! Although since you can’t make the kill conditions mandatory it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if hiding all bodies was mandatory, people who don’t wanna do the puzzle would just kill the waiter in a non-staff disguise and hide him easily enough.

Ooh, I figured it out! I feel so clever. SA Time 5:22, could’ve been quicker if I knew which exit I was going for (I thought helicopter area was off limits to waiters). Overall good contract that makes you think and work things out, 4/5!

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Thanks for trying my contract. yeah timing that specific thing correctly can be little annoying.
Even I had to restart a lot of time when I made it.

Fun and fast map. I poisoned Rojas with the emetic poison but no reaction from Rojas with the iron stomach. Deciding to poison him again later on, I then decide to kill the girl in the bathroom first.

I lure her outside to the cubicle and put a coin near the toilet bowl. She goes in and picks it up.

And just as I am happily drowning her, who should walk in but Rojas who is just now feeling sick.

That is exactly what I was hoping for! :smiley:

I know right? People will have a reason to come back to it when it is a thing. But even without it there is another idea that I bet gets overlooked by many players. If it gets featured.

I think they’ll try avoid doubling up maps each batch, so since you’re on Sgail, plus that upstairs lounge is kind of party-ish, that probably works in your favour; meanwhile the 30 people who submitted Miami contracts are going to be mostly disappointed. Also it’s a contract that actually has thought in it, so that should work in your favour, though I note Featureds don’t always work that way!

One things for sure though, Henry Ling and Rafferty Butler are going to be targets, looking at this thread.


One which is so good I can’t help but replay it over and over again (After initially getting SA).

Man I wish cross-platform contracts were a thing, I really want to try this one


Nice one :slight_smile:

The constant observed and approved.


Well… Good thing I’m doing legacy contracts.

Hell yes, so glad I’m on PS4.

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