Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - May


Much simplier.

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That… counted as an accident? I thought you had to put them in a puddle…

edit: Yeah, wow, OK. During Contract Creation it says “Any Method” but at Contract Finalisation it changes to “Electrocution (Accident)”. I’d honestly put that almost on par with the tranq + kill glitch, given how easy it is to kill guard targets with it.


I didn’t even know there was a Remote Taser :laughing:
should play more mission stories i guess.


Name of Contract
Behind Bars

Contract ID


Santa Fortuna, Colombia


What are the people that make the party happen?

That’s right, the bartenders.
Ensure that no party can be held in Santa Fortuna anytime soon.

  • Eliminate the bartender at the village bar
  • Eliminate the bartender at the outside bar of Delgado’s mansion
  • Eliminate the bartender at the bar in the mansion basement

Use any means you consider necessary and don’t drink too much. Good luck.

Why the contract should be featured

  • Not too easy, not too hard. This contract can entertain both beginners and experienced players. New players will have to do some thinking to come up with unnoticable approaches, while the pros will be searching for faster strategies to get the best time.

  • Every target requires an individual approach. All of them are in different conditions with different surroundings. Players won’t end up using the same kill for all of the targets.

  • Silent assassin is possible, of course.

  • No extras. Players are allowed to fulfill any idea they come up with. This is very important because the freedom of choice is what makes the game entertaining and replayable.

  • The informative title tells you who you are after, so that everything is clear and there is no confusion.


The mission title alone makes this a winner.


This has to be one of the five; it’s probably the best use of Miami’s party areas.

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I want to join the party with two submissions :clin d’œil:

Nom du contrat: The Bartender Hates You
Numéro du contrat: 1-11-2434048-84
Plate-forme: PC
Lieu: Miami
Description / briefing:

Time Limit 10 minutes. It’s just to make sense of the briefing

Nom du contrat: Remember Last Night
Numéro du contrat: 1-08-878892-84
Plate-forme: PC
Lieu: Bangkok
Description / briefing:

Why these contract should be featured:
Very satisfied with both contracts, they offer a guarantee of replayability and many possible choices whatever your style of play.


I still have time, right? heavy breathing

Name of Contract
He Said, Shisha

Optional Complications: Do Not Change Starting Disguise; Do Not Pacify or Subdue Anyone

Contract ID


Marrakesh (Night)

What is this? You call this a party? I call it a funeral! That high-strung CEO and his party-pooping bodyguards are totally killing the mood. Time to call some shots - introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and bring this party back to life!

Why the contract should be featured
What better way to crash a party than with that shotgun you never use? Complications allow you to either go in guns blazing like a lunatic, truly turning the party into chaos, or you can take the subtle approach if you want to.

It fits the theme by putting the player in the role of someone breaking into a party uninvited What do you mean it’s absurdly easy to get an invitation, sssh, play along with me here and turning the place upside down in true party crashing style. As far as I could tell, A House Build on Sand has not popped up as the location of a Featured Contract so it will add some variety to the missions. And you know you love lame puns, come on now.

We’re allowed to post multiple contracts right? I had some ideas to throw around but then everyone pretty much did what I was planning but better, so all I had left for the obligatory Miami contracts was this (because this is totally part of the advertising for Miami Pack anyway)

Name of Contract
A Taste of Victory

Contract ID



Blue Seed and several other businesses involved in this years Global Innovation Race are not happy with the amount of ‘unfortunate accidents’ that have conveniently left Kowoon and Kronstadt in the lead, and wish for them to receive their just desserts. To the victor goes the spoils, 47. If these two want a taste of victory so badly, they can drown in it.

Why the contract should be featured
How many of you people even bothered with that Blue Seed guy after getting the Chameleon challenge? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

In contrast to the previous submission, this one is about ruining the party instead, to be specific the party for whoever wins the race. Having these two as the targets encourages playing around, sabotaging with the race, allowing for you to change how you approach the target for replay value.

As to why Poison, and not something like Any Method or Accidents? Miami by default gives you access to two Lethal Poison Pills and two Modern Lethal Syringes. When you add in all the suspicious substances 47 could also potentially bring to the mission, you’ll never be wanting for toxins. Just think of how many Ken Morgans you can kill with that much venom! You’re practically a Poison-type Gym Leader! Given all the ways these two can potentially die by conveniently quick, tasteless and traceless poisons, there’s a lot of lee way.


Every title you come up with…lol…get off of my lawn! LMFAO


Glad you liked it :yum: Even if someone passes over my contracts, hopefully at least I can get an eye roll out of them.

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Name of Contract KNIFE PARTY
Contract ID 2-11-2118712-00
Platform PS4
Location Miami
Your knife is sharp and chrome. Come see inside my bones.
All of the finds are on the block (VIP Party)
Go get your knife, go get your knife.
And come in.
Go get your knife, go get your knife, and lay down, Rafferty.
So get your knife, go get your knife, he can’t feel a thing.
In our exit, we can’t touch the floor, we go through the sewers. Good luck.
Why the contract should be featured
Lets get this contract featured!
I’m sick of begging you!
You make me feel insane
Which I did to you!
Lets get this contract featured!
You make me feel insane!
I want to be the one!
To make my self sane!


@PEA Deftones lyrics, in a Hitman Contract? Well done sir! :+1::joy:


Name of Contract: Party Hard or Die Hard
Contract ID: 2-12-0028109-80
Platform: PS4
Location: Colombia

Description/Briefing :
There is a celebration in Santa Fortuna for the unveiling of Rico Delgado’s new statue and the cartel wants to make the most of it. They believe they can use this moment to weed out those who are not loyal to Delgado, as those people would not want to celebrate this occasion. They have asked that we search the village during the ceremony and send a message to those who will not participate.

Why the contract should be featured:
This was based on an idea I got making a different contract where I realized that the statue unveiling is a good way to isolate certain people who are normally surrounded by other people in the village. This is a unique mechanic for featured contracts and fits well with the party theme. Although most of the targets are isolated during this time, there are no places to hide the bodies so to get SA you need to either rely on accidents (possible for all targets), or race against the clock before the ceremony ends and the bodies are found. And if you want to try and speedrun or SO and not do the ceremony, it will be very tough as one of the targets is in a very public place and only one other is alone. There are no complications because I wanted to encourage maximum creativity and I feel the contract is challenging enough on its own. There are 5 targets but they are all very near each other so it is not too long of a contract.


Name of Contract: An Explosive Deal
Contract ID: 1-02-8414045-40
Platform: PC
Location: Paris, France

Good Evening 47,

Your destination is Palais de Walewska in Paris, France. Your targets are businessman Daniel Duhamel and palace staff Léopold Georges.

The two men are involved in a deal involving explosives, which Léopold is intending to use at his party after the Sanguine Fashion Show. The palace’s owner, Baron Simone Larin, has asked us to stop this deal before it occurs, preferably using the targets’ tools of the trade.

Let’s stop this party from happening, 47. I’ll leave you to prepare.

Why the contract should be featured:

While not being an overly complicated contract, the suit only restriction requires a bit more planning to isolate and eliminate Daniel (who resides in the bar area almost exclusively) without causing suspicion.

Be sure to crash this party, before it even happens.


Name of Contract: Rangan’s Faulty Tower
Contract ID: 1-13-8115856-03
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai
Dawood Rangan has discovered that his employee Mike is a mole that has been feeding information to a rival organization. Mike is likely to break under interrogation and his handler is not willing to risk being exposed. Since it is possible that he has already told Rangan everything, kill both Mike and Dawood.
Why the contract should be featured:
Rangan’s place feels very much like a party. Agent 47 having to infiltrate in his suit and kill the host is conceptually similar to the theme of crashing a party. Complications provide a focus without being too restrictive.

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Name of Contract The Four Amigos!
Contract ID 1-12-7790627-97
Platform PC
Location Santa Fortuna
Description/Briefing “Hola senor. Senorita Martinez has the town of Santa Fortuna under her cruel dominion. She plans to host a party to celebrate her dictatorship, but unbeknowest to her, she has hired the famous heroes, The Four Amigos, as the band, willing to stop her! Sadly, however, your compadres got too drunk last night, so it is up to you to stop her reign. Make your party with guns, knives, fire and explosions, and then ride off into the sunset on your majestic stallion. Viva la Colombia. Viva la revolution!”
Why the contract should be featured This contract is centered around Santa Fortuna’s town and construction site, with 2 kills being accidents, 2 being murders with a knife and shotgun respectively, as well as the bonus objective of the scooter being the only exit available. Two of the kills are simplistic, whilst the other 2 require a bit more planning to pull off.

I think the band disguise makes for a bit of a fun contract and with lots of variety between the 4 kills, but with the added complicated of not being able to pacify non targets. After all, real heroes don’t hurt civilians? I also feel that ruining the Santa Fortuna party while also having playful party methods to execute the 4 targets ties in nicely with this month’s theme.




Because Jack :wink:

Ahh… two minutes to spare.

This was a random, literally last minute idea so forgive me for having such an undetailed submission.
Although it meets all the minimum requirements, I plan on editing it a bit tomorrow. (Just the aesthetic of the post. The i.d. and description will never change) It’s 2am for me here and I’m beat tired. Goodnight!!


Ah screw it, I got nothing to lose by submitting one more

Name of Contract Beached As
Contract ID 1-03-7441640-52
Platform PC
Location Sapienza, World Of Tomorrow
Description/Briefing (Briefing Attached) Break up the little party time four friends are having on the beach, they must all die.
Why the contract should be featured I made this assuming the contracts theme was gonna be “Spring Break”, so it’s more about friends on holiday than a specific party, but what the hell, they’re having funtimes on the beach, close enough.

This contract was made with a special way of sniping in mind, but weirdly after being done in contract creation, it seems impossible to do in actual playthrough, so now it’s a contract with some difficulty of figuring out how to kill 4 people who are on a public beach. Luckily it’s not a requirement to have clean kills, so anyone unable to figure it out can just slaughter them like a madman; however you’re not allowed to pacify anyone.

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Man, how the hell you doing so amazing cover pics?