Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - May

Name of Contract: Happy Hippo Party
Contract ID: 2-12-1713864-61
Platform: PS4
Location: Santa Fortuna



a unique opportunity has presented itself in Santa Fortuna. Rico Delgado wants to celebrate his pet hippopotamus Mijo’s birthday by serving him a five-course meal. However, Mijo’s current diet has apparently left much to be desired, so Rico has requested that those he deems responsible be first on the new menu, with the blame for these unfortunate events placed on the animal’s keeper. Fortunately, this invitation just happens to give us an excellent opening to fulfil an outstanding contract against Delgado himself.

Make sure Mijo’s party is one to remember, 47.

Why the contract should be featured:

• The contract has been extensively tested by me. It contains many different approaches and strategies to get SA.

• The targets are located on an interesting and underused area of ​​the map.

• Many game styles (speedrun, roleplayers, players who like to take their time) were considered. (My best time: 2:24)

• The optional complications (Do not get spotted / No Bodies Found / Hide all Bodies) clearly raise the level of difficulty, and the Hippo Whisperer’ disguise makes the contract more demanding than it may seem at first sight.

• There are several well-located starting locations and exits.

• The story of the contract fits in well with the theme, because I deliberately chose not one of the usual and obvious ‘party situations’, but this is a different kind of party. :stuck_out_tongue:


This has to make it in, this sounds awesome. I hope someone remakes for PS4.

And so it shall. 2-10-6411583-54. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Great accident contract with a lot of options for casual play or for grinding; hopefully it gets featured.

And worth it for seeing shades by the coke mountain march through much of the madness. :joy:

Here’s something for it:


Contract: Unexpected death
ID: 1-10-0126446-93

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Not that I don’t believe in this submission’s value, but at first glance (mostly it probably being hardcore difficult) this looks like it belongs in the other Contracts topic :-p

My apologies if I’m wrong, in which case you may obviously disregard this.


That’s an… interesting thumbnail! :joy:


It was the Youtube default thumbnail. :shifty:

I just played this contract some more, as I like the targets and this area of the map:


Now it looks like 47 is getting styled in a dance-off with one of the guards.


The dance-off from American Pie springs to mind!

Name of Contract: Dangerous Party
Contract ID: 3-07-5074642-26
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Marrakech (by night)

Na’ima Abia Shamoon and Mus’ad Shakib Daher are going to meet Ella Lynch and Julie Anderen tonight in a private party in Marrakech.

They are planning to kill the Constant in Sgail Island.
You must stop them tonight.

Be creative.

why the contract should be featured:
This contract take place in a private “party”. And the way to get the SA may be hard, but it’s possible (I make this contract SA/SO). It’s very good to force player to improve their knowledge of this map and to be creative.
The only complications that are mandatory are: don’t be spotted doing illegal action, don’t be detected by cameras, no suit change.

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Name of Contract Twice Shy
Contract ID 2-21-5828661-18
Platform PS4
Location Isle of Sgail
Description/Briefing The recent re-emergence of Mark Faba in Miami is a blemish on your otherwise spotless record. Coincidentally two potential witnesses to the previous hit in Hokkaido have been located at the party on Sgail… Better safe than sorry, infiltrate the party and take out the witnesses before they can talk.

Why the contract should be featured It ties in to the party theme by allowing you to explore different sections of the party on Sgail. It also ties into the months theme by highlighting 47s recent embarrassment at having a contract come “back from the dead” and utilises the two witnesses from a Hitman 1 contract as targets for this Hitman 2 contract. It is loose enough to give opportunities to challenge less experienced players but also has potential exploits for SA and speedruns.


Name: Star of the Show
Contract ID: 1-11-4340848-85
Platform: PC
Briefing: Good afternoon, 47. You have been hired by Miss Sierra Knox, who has requested the elimination of all drivers present in the VIP Lounge. Ms. Knox is so certain of her victory in today’s race, she would prefer that there not be anyone who could steal her thunder at the afterparty as she takes on her rival in some sort of drinking challenge. A difficult task, I should say. But then again, you’ve always been good at stealing the show. I shall leave you to prepare.
Why it should be featured: It’s decently challenging, it fits the theme, and it seems like it would fit to the character of Sierra Knox to place this kind of hit and then expect it to be done by the time her race finishes.



Briefing: 47, it seems we’ve been hired by an unnamed film agency to generate real world scares about killer clowns to help boost their latest movies poularity. The task is simple, crash the private party in a shotgun rampage. Who’s laughing now?

This should be featured because who crashes a party harder than a shotgun wielding, rampaging clown?


Contract: The woken-up dead persons
ID: 1-10-7057138-93


What’s the connection to “Party Crasher”? Why should it be featured? How would you describe it?

You should read the original post before submitting


Name of Contract Enter Sleepover
Contract ID 2-10-8465064-33
Platform PS4
Location Hokkaido

Why the contract should be featured
I’ve noticed that A LOT of the submissions, including my earlier one, involved the Drivers Lounge in Miami. This is different, but the same flavor.


The Mariachi Misfortune
Xbox One
Santa Fortuna, Colombia

Good afternoon, 47. The mariachi band hired for the unveiling of Rico Delgado’s statue are not who they seem. As it turns out, a gang of Colombian frauds have killed the real band members and are posing as them to take out Mr. Delgado themselves. Talk about party crashers… As always, I leave it in your hands. Good hunting, 47.

Why the contract should be featured
This contract set in Colombia cleverly plays into the lore of one of the story missions set in the Three-Headed Serpent. Agent 47 has been assigned to take out Rico Delgado during the celebration of his statue unveiling. Meanwhile, the “party crashers” posing as the mariachi band have intentions too. Aside from the creativity of the briefing, this contract presents different levels of difficulty for each target. One seems very simple, one has smaller complications, and another is surrounded by people, making Silent Assassin more of a challenge. I grind away at the leaderboards on this game and hope to see people enjoy this contract as well! Good hunting, agents.



This was my idea for a party crasher contract, kills are any method making it easy enough for beginners and leaving plenty of room for experimentation. Good for speedruns also. Hope people enjoy