Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - NOVEMBER

As promised on our livestream today, I here by open the Featured Contracts thread for NOVEMBER!

SO! Inspired by the one year anniversary of HITMAN 2 , we’re setting this month’s Featured Contracts theme as ‘Special Occasions’ … (And not Social Occasions? :grin: )

However you interpret that to create your missions, is all up to you.

Submit your contracts using this format:

Name of Contract

Contract ID




Why the contract should be featured

Submissions close at 9 am CET on November 11 - 2019 :smiley:

Good luck! And let’s celebrate HITMAN 2 - with a bang!

PS: If you’re new to creating Contracts, and need some help - Urben made this awesome guide: Contract Creation Guide :slight_smile:


Think this might relevant to this thread:

How Clemens Favours Submissions

Good luck all :smile:


Sopranos themed or The Wire themed contracts, anyone? I already have “Wiseguy Dilemma” and “McNulty Determination” contract ideas in my head.

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Name: Work In Progress Party




Briefing:The owner of the Shisha Café has reported some “electronic errors” in his area. (bit of a typo there but dont mind that) It’s very important that you get this place in shape before the inevitable 2nd anniversary of the Shisha Café so do what you’re payed to do!

Why?: I dunno I feel like it would be cool if I was featured I can’t really think of other reasons honestly.

I might be early for contracts but i dont mind

Name of Contract Beached As
Contract ID 1-03-7441640-52
Platform PC
Location Sapienza - World of Tomorrow
Description/Briefing Kill 4 beachgoers any way you like, just don’t KO anyone
Why the contract should be featured

  • The special occasion is 4 old school friends who did a bad deed are having their ten year anniversary
  • Due to the public nature of the targets there is some challenge in this contract, even though you’re afforded almost complete freedom

Name of Contract: Party on Jordan! Party on 47!

Contract ID: 3-08-6626755-25

Platform: Xbox One

Location: Bangkok

Jordan Cross wants to be able to enjoy his 27th birthday. His birthday wish is for the nuisances in his life to permanently disappear. They include his guitarist Heidi Santoro and the constant arguments over creative differences; his controlling manager, Dexy Barat; two disappointing crew members; and a stalker he believes is roaming the hotel. He requests the targets die from accidents and you don’t get spotted to minimize suspicions. Let’s make the birthday boy’s wish come true. Party on 47!

Why it should be featured:

Time to celebrate Hitman 2’s birthday by celebrating with the birthday boy in the game. You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need: the murder of targets.

Targets are connected to Jordan in the story and provide a level of frustration he doesn’t want (though he doesn’t interact with the stalker, I think it is safe to assume, and Julian is a crew member associated to a mission story but has other priorities than the Class which would annoy Jordan if he knew). Keeping in line with his previous victim, Hannah Highmore, the targets have a kill condition of accident. It only makes sense to use the Class crew member disguise as Jordan could have provided it, though it might not provide access to some parts of the hotel.


Name of Contract Nice Night For A Walk
Contract ID 2-16-2889777-00
Platform PS4
Location Bengkok (Night)
Ruben: Nice night for a walk, eh?
47 (Terminus): Nice night for a walk.
Ruben: Wash day tomorrow, nothing clean, right?
47: Nothing clean. Right.

47: Your clothes. Give them to me. Now
Ruben: F*** you asshole!
47 kills ruben and take his clothes
Now he needs to find Sarah

Why the contract should be featured 47 idiot, it was Sarah Connor, not Vaughn!


Unforgettable Anniversary
Haven Island

Dr Singh may be enjoying the resort life with Hilde, but his wife didn’t forget this was meant to be their anniversary together. She tracked him down to Haven Island and wants this matter dealt with without any collateral damage. Ensure the doctor can’t make this mistake again.

It’s the anniversary of the best game ever, and also some characters I guess. Simple mission with the complication of the the NPC who always follows Dr Singh.



It’s not quite related to the theme, but I adore your dedication to referencing The Terminator here.



Name of Contract: The Fawkes Rekindling

Contract ID: 2-16-1200926-07

Platform: PS4

Location: Bangkok (The Source)


It’s November and you know what that means, 47? Time for the traditional British celebration of Bonfire Night.

The Himmapan hotel is currently under occupation from a ragtag militia. So this year, enact your own gunpowder plot (hopefully more successfully); channel your inner Guy Fawkes; and free the hotel from this unsavoury band of hired guns.

Basically become Guy Fawkes and take out these tyrants with flamey means :wink:

Why the contract should be featured

  • It has strong ties to V for Vendatta, Clemens :wink:
  • Bonfire Night is a major celebration in the UK during November (5th)
  • The targets are all close together and have a few loud kills, so you can either group them together for speed, or one at a time and wait out the searching guards. It’s a risk reward game
  • Getting the guard by the tuk tuk to be killed by fire instead of the tuk tuk explosion is also a mini puzzle
  • It can be done SASO (obviously no knockouts too)

Name of Contract Surprise, Motherducker!

Contract ID 2-08-7471479-54

Platform PS4 @PEA

Location Bangkok


Greetings 47.

The crew is planning on surprising the birthday boy on his special day. Of course we have to “help” them out.

Even though dispatching the main targets Jordan and Dexy is enough, eliminating two of Jordan’s loyal band members and retrieving the Tuk Tuk would be a cherry on top. Let’s make sure that today will be remembered for decades to come. Good luck!

Why the contract should be featured

  • I think it has something for everyone. You can start it in any disguise, use mission story for slower but easier kills, placement of the targets makes restarting the contract convenient and worthwhile for competitive attempts.

  • It’s not simple but not very complex either, so playing it for the first time doesn’t feel overwhelming and discouraging.

  • Speedrun-friendly contract, meaning that most fast methods can be executed successfully.

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Name of Contract: 80th Anniversary of Vampireman
Contract ID: 1-02-9992458-14
Platform: PC
Location: Paris

“This year marks the 80th anniversary of the iconic comic book hero Vampireman who first debuted in Hitman Comics #27. As a billionaire playboy Tobias Rieper by day and a Vampire Assassin by night, this comic book character has earned his fame in every corner of the world. This makes the recent news - that this year’s comic book-themed Fashion Show in Paris refused to feature Vampireman - all the more confusing.”

Apparently, 47, some of the show’s employees really hate Vampireman. Not for long.

Why the contract should be featured
First - c’mon, everybody loves Bat… ehm, Vampireman! And you get to kill those who don’t :innocent:

Second - fits the theme both in-game and out-of-game. The contract takes places in the fashion show that is (story-wise) uniquely comic book-themed (that counts as a special occassion, right?) but more importantly, this year is Bat… Vampireman’s 80th anniversary irl. And because of Hitman 2’s connection to Warner Bros., it’s also kind of meta.

Third - makes use of the Bat Shuriken unlock, yay!

Fourth - has plenty of sneaking around and requires a good manipulation of the people (AI), something that’s generally pretty Vampireman-like.

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Name of Contract: Big Bird Hunting

Contract ID: 3-24-3860204-34

Platform: Xbox One

Location: New York


A special hunting license has been granted for the rare and exotic bird know as the Athena Savalas. NYC residents say she has been menacing the city for far too long. Intel suggests that a gang of four bank employees set her loose on the top floor where she refuses to leave. Take her down and neutralize the goofballs responsible for this mess.

Why should this contract be featured?

First- Its got a sense of humor and hunting doesn’t happen in New York City , unless it’s a manhunt.

Second- Everything you’ll need for a five star silent assassin can be found in your inventory. If your inventory is lacking , everything can also be found within the bank. Deciding what to bring in should be fun! Or you could just go in bare naked. Not recommended.

Third- No animals will be harmed on completion of this contract. Thats a guarantee you can take to the bank.

Name of Contract: Drivers Gotta Dis-go

Contract ID: 2-11-5346102-07

Platform: PS4

Location: Miami


The Global Innovation Race is nearly finished, and that’s a cause for celebration! But some drivers have taken the festivities too far. After harassing a female driver she has ordered a hit on this rowdy pair of Kowoon and Thwack drivers. She’s asked we get them out ASAP too.

Let’s at least take them out in the party spirit. Draw them in with a shiny disco ball and then let gravity do the rest.

Take 2 race drivers out using disco balls (the only falling objects there) in the drivers’ lounge… in under 3 minutes :wink:

Why the contract should be featured

  • It very clearly is during a celebration
  • The ball dropping is a slight nod to the Time Square Ball that drops on new year’s
  • It is a slight puzzle element as a non-target stands under one of the disco balls
  • Clemens wants a film? Erm, do it in the requiem suit and it looks like Saturday Night Fever :sweat_smile:

My good friend @TheContractor suggested basing something around fireworks in the game would be great for the theme, so after he gave up in Paris and Landslide here’s what I came up with; I’m pretty proud

Name of Contract: Look at the Pretty Colours!
Contract ID: 1-02-2748258-52
Platform: PC
Location: Paris

Everyone loves fireworks; use this weakness to your advantage. Put on a show for the people and take out your targets while everyone’s attention is turned to the skies, no need to cover your tracks.

But once you trigger the fireworks you’ll have 90 seconds to eliminate the targets and get out of there!

Why the contract should be featured

  • It fits the theme perfectly, how could you have a special occasion without fireworks?
  • A contract which uses a unique gameplay mechanic as its premise, when you trigger the fireworks everyone will be looking upward and have no idea you killed the person 2 metres next to them, they won’t spot the body! Targets have been carefully picked to never be spotted even though you kill them in plain sight.
  • Everything in this contract was meticulously worked out; Any Method for freedom (Pistol? Ninja Star? Syringe?), but the optional timer is so you don’t have time to do kills without using the fireworks (Can be done in 65 seconds with fireworks, takes 2 minutes without. So 1:45 is actually very generous for those using fireworks); but players can always ignore the optional timer anyway!
  • I promise you everyone will be feeling the celebrations as they trigger the fireworks for this contract :slight_smile:

Seriously tho, Kevin is a great contract creator, he puts so much thought into each one. Anyone on PC I highly recommend playing. Well done mate :+1:

Edit: too clarify I only provided an idea, this is 100% Kevin’s work :wink:


Name of Contract: Bad Reception

Contract ID: 3-08-8920749-09

Platform: Xbox

Location: Bangkok by day



Restaurant receptionist, bartender near Abel Da Silva, Hotel receptionist who welcomes 47

Why the contract should be featured

  • It fits the theme: the special occasion is the Liberation event organised by Nabazov.
  • The contract story ties the Club 27 and The Source timeline neatly together, using the daytime mission to set the stage for what will happen in the evening.
  • It’s an Any/Any contract welcoming any kind of approach. The targets are quite a challenge though: surrounded by many people and quite in the open. This makes it essentially a puzzle contract: fun to figure out, and fun to execute. I’ve got a time with Silent Assassin rating of almost 4 minutes, and I’m not a speedrunner at all, so there are no pointlessly tedious elements present.
  • Silent Assassin is possible, without making use of bugs such as the one related to the tranquilizer-headshot combo. It can also be done without the phone. It’s got “bad reception” anyway.