Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - OCTOBER

Name: A Serial Strangler in Paradise
Contract ID: 1-26-86153406-64
Platform: PC
Location: Haven
Briefing: See Screenshot

Why the contract should be featured?
Nothing is spookier than a mad man who goes on a strangling hunt. This contract has serial killer vibes and also features the new map.
I think there should always be a place for classic contracts like fiber wire/suit only.
In the past there were too many contracts where you only had one route. Example: Kill Waiter with poison -> Kill Hippie as waiter with thrown melee etc.

Can’t wait to try this!

Name : Treehouse of Horrors Vol. 47
Contract ID : 2-22-4195938-09
Platform: PS4
Location: Whittlketon Creek
Why the contract should be featured?
Treehouse of Horrors has been a Hallowe’en staple of the Simpsons cartoon for years and this is a little play on that. Two of the targets are even inspired by the client’s (Bart Simpson) nemeses, Skinner and Sideshow Bob.
Not many Sniper submissions make this one a unique one as well, since it is encouraged to snipe all the targets from the treehouse.


Name of Contract The Nostradamus Effect

Contract ID 3-03-3209976-79

Platform Xbox

Location Sapienza(World Of Tomorrow)

Why It Should Be Featured The contract fits the Halloween theme and the No Pacifications complication makes it an interesting challenge. Plus I have a pretty good track record!!



Name of Contract: The Ghost of Sgail

Contract ID: 2-21-4260103-50

Platform: Playstation 4

Location: Isle of Sgail

Description/Briefing: “Good evening 47, according to legend, a despicable ghost haunts the Castle of Sgail every October. Rumors say the ghost is the founder of some survivalist society, angry with its new direction. Our client, a member of said society, wants the island closed this October. He is harassed every Halloween by tourists who bring their kids for trick-or-treating, despite not being a tourist location. Use the myth as a cover-up. Eliminate the targets while disguised as the ghost. Good luck 47.”

Why the contract should be featured: Very stereotypical but, it falls in line with this month’s theme, I think it has a good backstory. The weapons used to kill the targets, and the targets themselves are very well picked in my opinion. I was going to add a little more to the briefing, but the 500 character limit, whatever. You play as a ghost, haunting a castle murdering people without being detected, what more could old someone want? Only downside is to fully complete the mission properly you must have a weapon that not everyone has, the Antique Curved Knife.

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Name : Piercing Trainer 47
Contract ID : 2-26-7669102-94
Platform: PS4
Location: Haven Island

Why the contract should be featured?

This contract allows all kinds of cool kill methods for the targets disguised as Personal Trainer. You don’t need any unlock or starting location for this contract. It fits for all kinds of playstyles, from speedrunner to roleplayer to newbies. There are no complications at all/Any Method.
It’s a contract with the intention of possible, but not neccessary multikill(s).

Allowing setups for Accidents, Sniper Rifle Piercing Kills [ Tuantara :wink: ], Magnum Pistols). Also kills like weight bench or the new emetic tools, can be used well to accomplish. It’s completly up to the player how he approaches, but there are very cool possibilities and ways to kill the targets. So you can choose what is Trick and what is Tread for you :sweat_smile:


Ice pick tho :confused: locks anyone out who didn’t do the Snow Festival


Name of Contract: Nightcall Nightmare

Contract ID: 2-20-2717872-50

Platform: Playstation 4

Location: Hawkes Bay

Briefing: “As you drift into sleep, the memories of your past deeds seep into your mind, you see a familiar place. All you know is one thing: Kill everyone. Wake up, wake up.”

Why the contract should be featured: I wasn’t intending to post this one, but I did. I was going to make it have no targets, but that glitch was patched, so I put in a random NPC I killed, but he’s not the main target. Your main target is everyone. I think this contract suits the month’s theme even better than my last, you are having a nightmare about that time you went to Hawkes Bay, you are going to kill everyone and leave. I have never been picked before and this contract has a fair amount of complications, you are suppose to play with the whole HUD off, bring only a gun and knife to kill everyone. Not much reason for this to be featured but we’ll see.


Name: Rocco just got difficult
Contract ID: 1-03-2710397-49
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza
Description/Briefing: Killing Rocco. Easy as anything, right? Well let’s see if you can do it dressed as the Plague Doctor with the Circumcision knife? Also, better find a way to dispose of the evidence to your heinous crime.
Why the contract should be featured: Does it get anymore Halloween than dressing up and making a slasher movie? Happy Halloween :smiling_imp:

I will leave you to prepare…

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Name of Contract HACK N SLASH

Contract ID 2-24-1816641-32

Platform PS4

Location Bank


After years of rebooting computers, reinstalling drivers and reactivating licenses, our hero has finally had enough!

Luckily his training as a level 456 Paladin-Duckmancer has not been in vain.

Time to unleash revenge!!!

Why the contract should be featured

This contract is an adaptation of a submission I made a couple of months back that I wanted to improve and make a bit more fun.

It plays on a homicidal IT nerd who has been brewing and bubbling, ready to go on a rampage.
It’s also a pun on “Hack N Slash” since he is a gamer but also uses an axe and a knife.

This particular contract is quite challenging, especially when figuring out how to take out Ruby Red and Mateo with the fireaxe.
It’s also possible to complete this contract with NO LOADOUT.


I can’t believe you “stole” my contract name =D

lol, just kidding, I create this contracr for cosplay karma but never submited it

TIP: Your idea is very similar to my, I recommend you to forget about machete and leave it as “melee” kill, so the player can be the slasher he wants to (using weapons like knifes, swords, axes).

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Lol that’s twice I’ve accidentally stolen someone’s idea.

Yeah I originally considered making it any melee but I found that it was too easy since you can just use a concealable or legal melee weapon. Using the machete forces the player to behave a bit more carefully since they can’t just run around with it. Plus it serves the Friday the 13th reference.

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You both used the same title, I’d say they’re definitely different enough to say you didn’t steal anything :wink:

No, you fully made the right choice making it specifically Machete kills, don’t doubt yourself :+1:

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The first one was uncanny though. We made the exact same contract with the exact same name. Total coincidence, but really freaky.

And thanks for the encouragement :wink:

True but by that logic then the Featured Contracts that are on legacy maps would be disqualified because it excludes people who do not have legacy pack even though you had ample time to unlock it or get it. Therefore your argument is invalid.

My point is that no matter how you make a contract it’s gonna exclude some people! Not everyone is gonna be happy!! Also it’s up to Clemens to decide!!

Unfortunately I won’t be making any submission this month because I’m away on a trip and won’t get back in time. I haven’t looked through all of the submissions but I’d love to see a Mumbai alleyway contract be featured. Seems to fit the theme of spookiness.

Name of Contract Knight of the Living Dead

Contract ID 1-21-2345601-75

Platform PC

Location Isle of Sgail

Description/Briefing Costumes aren’t for getting candy, they’re for scaring the living daylights out of people. And nothing is scarier than an inanimate object coming to life and attacking you. Such as, say, a suit of armor, orthe corpse of a celebrated Cold War spymaster. Make a tricky ascent to the Isle of Sgail’s penthouse, and treat these two guards to a good scare.

Why the contract should be featured

  • Puns!
  • Now that we have a variety of emetic devices I want to push the envelope on the situations we can send the player into and still have “No Pacifications” be a realistic goal. This contract is possible without any emetic devices, but having them as an option makes it a lot more palatable than if you played the same thing last month. This contract gives you three discrete situations where you’ll have to put your guard distracting abilities to the test.

Apples and oranges. The Legacy Pack is still available for purchase and can be bought at the player’s discretion, whereas the Snow Festival was a timed event at the beginning of the year. Anyone who purchased the game since then has had no opportunity to unlock the ice pick. A more valid comparison would have been the piton in the Winter Sports Pack.


my favorite one thus far. Something about the magic number 10. Ive tried three different approaches but i always finish near 10 min

I once got it down to 8 min 30 sec but instead of hiding the sword in the briefcase i hid my coins. Unknowingly. Shit.

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