Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - OCTOBER

Name of contract: A Clockwork Apricot.
Contract ID: 2-09-6888837-26.
Platform: PlayStation 4.
Location: Colorado, USA (Freedom Fighters).

These horror films from the 20th century are much better than most coming out now.

All the 21st century films are just soft reboots, like this new film from New Zealand.

Why the contract should be featured:
It’s Halloween. For all those who don’t go out at night getting candy from strangers, usually there’s gonna be something else for you to do, probably a movie.

A Clockwork Apricot is a contract I’ve been willing to make for ages, and now that there is a theme that fits it, it is one of my submissions this month.

This has got to be something of a good joke, right?


Name of Contract The Story of “Trick or Treat”
Contract ID 2-21-7143463-00
Platform PS4
Location Isle of Sgail
It’s believed that trick or treating evolved from a ritual where people dressed as ghosts (Burial Robes) and demons, performed dances around a bonfire (Ceremony) and received treats to appease the evil spirits.
Well, i don’t know about the treats but Sophia and Zoe Washington, the Master of Ceremony and the Constant must die in “tricky” accidents to honor October 31.

Why the contract should be featured I did a little research about the story of “Trick or Treat”, i think the story between the “ghosts, demons and bonfire…” match with the Isle of Sgail theme


Name of Contract Curse of the Run-Killer

Contract ID 2-26-2613845-72

Platform PS4

Location Haven Island


Why the contract should be featured A fitting contract about a Halloween-y trick, featuring a pirate ghost possession!


Name of Contract Halloween in Columbia

Contract ID 2-12-8959557-54

Platform PS4 @PEA

Location Santa Fortuna

The Fishing Village people are not too excited about Halloween. Some of them don’t seem to have any sense of humor at all. Well, why don’t we just go and spread the traditional American festive spirit over Santa Fortuna? It might even leave a mark.

Doesn’t matter which suit you choose, just don’t let any liable bodies be found.

Why the contract should be featured
I’ll summarize the contract below, which should give relevant reasons for it to be featured.

It’s a 5-target contract in Santa Fortuna around the harbor in the Fishing Village. It includes three different kill methods which are Accident, Melee and Any Method. All the eliminations must be done in Suit, but you are not forced to wear a suit throughout the contract. Only complication is an optional No Bodies Found.

More specifically, the targets are all residents of the Fishing Village and almost all of them are inside a house at first. One target will wander to her apartment from the pier after some time. The targets, that must be killed in an accident, provide the player multiple opportunities to do so.

If the player enters an apartment while their residents are in it, they will aggressively confront the player. All targets in this contract will act in that manner. Some apartments have a doorbell which can be interacted to lure out a target for additional contextual game play.

This being said, I think it fits the featured contract theme well and would be enjoyable part of the contract batch for all players.


Name of Contract Toast Her In The Tub

Contract ID 2 26 3408600 50

Platform PS4

Location Haven Island

Haven Resort is currently hosting its Halloween event. The turnout is low. For some
strange reason people don’t come to the Maldives for Halloween.

Haven thus wants us to enhance the atmosphere by killing some people here via
mysterious accidents. These deaths will get reported in the media, and Haven’s
marketing team will then use this as a chance to attract the thrillseekers and dark

Any publicity is good publicity 47. Let’s make this Halloween as electrifying as possible.

4 targets are by the resort pool and one of them is at Portman’s hut.

  1. Zoe Caravella. Tanned girl in black bikini who just sits in the pool all day.
    Kill by electrocution.
  2. Zach Cheng. Chinese dude sitting next to Zoe. Kill by any Accident.
  3. Sally Qing. Chinese lady lifeguard sitting by the pool. Kill by any Accident.
  4. Malcolm Roberts. White man sitting next to Sally. Kill by electrocution.
  5. Preston Coleman. Hippie looking dude sitting in jacuzzi at Portman’s hut. Kill by

Few restrictions.
No Bodies Found.
No collateral damage or kills.
No recordings.
Time limit 5 min.

Why the contract should be featured

  1. Fun little speedrun contract with a small problem. There are 3 targets that must be
    killed by electrocution. The question is how, when there are not enough groundlamps or
    exposed wires to go around.

  2. Even when the player figures out how to do it, I feel (or hope really) that the
    contract has enough replayability in it to encourage players to try for a faster time.

  3. The time limit of 5 minutes notifies the player that this is essentially a speedrun

  4. The time limit of 5 minutes is generous. This can be completed in 4 minutes easy and even under 3 minutes. I could have been a real meanie and put the time limit at 3
    minutes but I AM NOT A MEANIE!! #RiseAboveHate #RiseAboveMeanies

  5. I had originally intended for this contract to have ALL electrocution kills but I
    guess I am just trying to accomodate players who don’t have many items in their
    inventory. Hence 2 other targets can be killed by any Accident. I also MUST insist
    that three of the targets are to be killed by electrocution only, in order to satisfy
    the theme or identity of this particular contract.

  6. Speaking of identity of the contract, the title ‘Toast Her In The Tub’ is a double
    entendre!! Get it?

  7. On a side note, I really laughed a lot when making this contract. I hope people who
    play it will experience the same joy not only when you beat it but also when you maybe
    learn something new :slight_smile:


Name of Contract Houdini’s Great Escape
Contract ID 2-02-6539579-00
Platform PS4
Location Paris
Harry Houdini, the great escape artist/magician, died on October 31, 1926, and every Halloween since, devoted fans have been trying to bring him back.
In this contract we gonna recreate one of his most famous “Prison Escapes” which he did in just a few minutes, he was well known for “speedrunning” those type of escapes.
In his career he faced a couple of accidents, suffocation (Buried alive) and drownings (Chinese water torture cell), so we honor him with those killing methods.
Why the contract should be featured Quite different from my previous one, this must be done in 3 minutes or less, also, to honor Harry for his legacy and entertainment that inspired plenty of magicians around the world.


I wasn’t soled on your contract at the start. But your explanation was great and you personality just seeped through! I really hope this gets featured! :smile:


Contract: The One Who Knocks
Contract ID: 2-21-4895205-54
Platform: PS4
Location: Isle of Sgàil

So, our client went trick or treating and everything was fine until he went to the wrong house. He knocks on the door and shortly after a guard opens it. However, this guard is rude. He refuses to give away candy, then slams the door in our client’s face. Our client decides to put a spell on both of the guards guarding the house, and by that it means that he basically hired an assassin to take care of them. So, here comes the tricky part. He wants the assassin, which is 47, to do it in an Halloween-ish fashion. Before killing Liam and Bradley, 47 have to get the Burial Robe disguise, then obtain two melee weapons. The Burial Dagger and a Scalpel. Anyway, this contract is more of an Puzzle than an Speedrun contract, but I’ve been surprised before. Someone might find a way to speedrun it anyway. Also, this contract got a lot of freedom as well.

Name of Contract: NUMINOUS DEN-(IN)-CITY
Contract ID: 1-13-7314567-14
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai

Killin’ time is here again,
time to play trick ‘n “treat”,
Killin’ time is here again,
our baldy-man you will meet.

See the costume he has on,
it’s scary and holy too,
See the weapon he has on,
his beak staff will split you in two.

Why the contract should be featured:
Arguably, Mumbai doesn’t really have too much of a Halloween-y or scary vibe to it, but I figured it would still be an interesting map to explore in this context. Hence why I chose to focus on the “den in city” (ding ding we have a name) - the crow’s nest. It’s in underground and rather isolated, perfect for some spooky times, and it’s personally a location I visited probably the least in all of Mumbai. There are three targets in the den, and each target is with one other person, so the player must find a way to separate the non-targets from the targets and then dispose of them quietly. I’m sure their partners will be proper spooked when they return to find there’s no one else :smiling_imp: Also, the beak staff and holy man are in a pretty close proximity to the den (which also has a exit), so no needless running around.

I also ended up making the holy man himself a target so that he is (or rather his disguise) easily trackable and findable. Plus I’m rather proud of that absolutely stupid punny name and I want to hear @PEA say it in his video, so you HAVE to feature it! :smiley:


This seems special. Maybe it’s the Houdini reference.

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Name of contract: No One’s Laughing Now
Contract ID: 1-03-5077443-00
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza, Italy

Society hasn’t been too kind to German performance artist Tobias Ernte aka Corky der Clown. He was put into crates and had fireworks thrown at him by the Halloween candy snitching children next door. Now, years later, it is up to Corky to return the favor and put them away. Forever.

His former bullies, Claudia Di Meo and her baby brother Rocco, are currently residing in Sapienza, Italy. While Rocco eagerly awaits a parcel delivery, his sister tries to make him go to work for a rich scientist.

[The briefing descriptions are just too short to tell a story, man. :D]

Why the contract should be featured:
The contract should be featured because it is a short and sweet one.
Making a lot of noise, putting the bodies away and leaving in a matter of mere seconds. Perfect for speedrunners and people who like to clown around, I presume.

Even though the complications seem restrictive, they are really not because both targets are close to each other (pun intended!).

Oh, and of course because it is not Whittleton Creek and has Corky in it!


Name of Contract: Raven

Contract ID: 1-02-1235248-79

Platform: PC

Location: Paris

Once upon a Paris dreary, while I pondered insensibly,
Over many corps’ and targets dying by me gentle hand—
While I shooted, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber gate.
“’Kill thee targets,” Voices muttered, “kill them all with just thee swor’—
Only this and nothing more.”

Why the contract should be featured:

  • It involves a not-so featured location in the Paris, so people will look at the map from different perspective and try new and unique ways to kill targets with some not-featured weapons

  • It fits the halloween theme, featuring a place like a ghost ball where some spirit-like creature asks you to kill people with saber. Isn’t that nice?

  • It makes an allusion to “Raven” by E. A. Poe by making a poem-style briefing


The Raven! IO, you must pick this one!

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Name of Contract: Accidental loss of lifeguards lives

Contract ID: 1-26-5467762-93

Author: aNr

Platform: PC

Location: Haven Island

47, our client wants the haven’s lifeguard team removed because on several occations their team perfomed very poorly. The client lost potential buyers and contracts in the millions because of mistreatment after accidents ocurred and the loss of lives.

The client requested that the lifeguards are removed by accidents so that they ultimately also failed at their vocation and proctecting their own lives.

Good luck, 47!

Why the contract should be featured:

  • It’s a short contract (+/- 5min.), no random starting stuff but still a lil’ challenging (even for pros).

  • It’s concentrated on the right hand side of the main island; no long running around, no waiting around.

  • Every starting point in suit is fitted for it.

  • Very many, map based possibilities to fulfill the contract; even with mastery lvl 0 starting gear.


Name of contract: The Candy Man.
Contract ID: 2-22-8731837-26.
Platform: PlayStation 4. @HITMANIST, @PEA, @AgentJames
Location: Whittleton Creek, USA (Another Life).

On Halloween night, Mother West gave three unsuspecting little kids experimental “candies”.

They later started experiencing specific symptoms caused by EXPLOSIVE popping candies, CYANIDE muffins and something we have yet to determine.

Happy Halloween, agents.

Why the contract should be featured:
This contract uses three very well-known NPCs and gives them somewhat hard kill methods (depending on who you are and how you play) with the server disguise only and it gives a chance to try out the new emetic gear from last month; we also need more contracts where the Servers, in the briefing, call Helen “Mother West”.


Contract Title: It’s Time To Float

Contract ID: 2-22-4990092-40

Platform: PS4

Location: Whittleton Creek

Briefing: Legend has it that the suburban town of Whittleton Creek is home to a demonic presence, who takes on the mist horrific forms and drowns its victims. Its name is Bobo the clown… It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit and become Bobo. It’s time to float 47!
[For the full effect wear the clown suit]

Why the contract should be featured: Time To Float is a fun IT themed contract that both fits the theme (as becoming one of the most iconic horror monsters is pretty spooky), it also provides a good challenge (it took me a few attempts to get it right). Furthermore, it is a good opportunity to use the new emetic items introduced with Haven Island (although you don’t have to). The complications encourage you to be a ghost (SASO is possible) but does not force this upon you and the fact you have to stay in your suit makes you really feel like a horror monster, sticking to the shadows to get to your victims. Overall it is a fun and thematic contract that is worth a play.


Liking the contract for that title alone.

Name of Contract: Trick AND Treat
Contract ID: 1-26-9361341-14
Platform: PC
Location: Haven Island (The Last Resort)

"The old slipping on a banana peel prank. A classic slapstick trick.
The blueberry muffin. One of the sweetest treats there is.

But a simple trick can go horribly wrong.
And the sweetest of treats can leave a horrible aftertaste.

Rampart’s banana peel trick resulted in a young waitress slipping and breaking her neck.
Urbach’s poorly-prepared and unhygienic blueberry muffins gave a guest a fatal allergic reaction.

The victims’ families want them to pay, and quickly."

Why the contract should be featured:

  • It fits the theme through an unconventional interpretation (nobody said it had to be Halloween-related!). The banana is the trick (i.e. - banana peel slip) and the muffin is the treat. The chefs have made fatal use of each and must meet an ironic demise.
  • There are no complications except the 5-minute time limit which, if the player knows what to do, is very generous. It exists mainly to demonstrate that the player isn’t expected to simply throw food at the targets over and over again since killing them using only the food will take too long. There is a way to make it MUCH faster (shoot the target in the legs to reduce their health; 4 shots from the Krugermeier is recommend). The timer encourages the player to think about the ways the process could be sped up (i.e. - how do I damage the target without killing them?) and they will likely figure out the solution (if they didn’t know what to do already). I managed to complete the contract SA in about 2-and-a-half minutes so, as I said, 5-minutes is pretty generous.
  • The necessary items can all be found around the area the targets inhabit so there shouldn’t be any annoying item-hunting.
  • Getting the targets to a secluded area is pretty easy (use the ice machine). This is intentional as the challenge/puzzle of the contract is figuring out how to accomplish the objectives in the time-limit (as it will most likely require some unconventional methods), as opposed to the actual execution (no pun intended).
  • You get to kill someone by smacking them with a banana and if that isn’t peak comedy, I don’t know what is.

I swear I am innocent. :sweat:

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Your cooking killed a man! Don’t try to deny it!