Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - OCTOBER

Name of Contract Ripe for the Picking
Contract ID 1-26-2829547-52
Platform PC
Location Haven Island

Why the contract should be featured

  • There are three main ways to tackle this; two of which involve messing around with the server room air supply which is always fun.
  • There’s a briefing story to help fit the theme, but really being dressed in a spooky gas mask and snapping civilians necks (While they may or may not be gassed) is a bit creepy!
  • It’s a fairly underutilised part of the new map, in my opinion, would be nice to give it some love.

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Name of Contract: Where’s my candy?

Contract ID: 2-22-4521980-07

Platform: PS4

Location: Whittleton Creek

"All these people come to the door, but they’ve all forgotten to bring their candy

Maybe try a new costume at the next house?"

So the idea of the contract is to ring the doorbell of each of the houses, it attracts specific NPCs and you change costume for each house

Why the contract should be featured:

  • It is clearly based on Trick or Treating, ring the doorbell in a costume
  • It uses in-game distractions (doorbell) to get your targets (no coin spamming)
  • All the costumes are starting locations near their respective houses so you can pick any of the three
  • The complication adds an interesting challenge to the contract, but is optional so as not to lock players out

Now you’re talking! An awesome theme choice.

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Name of contract: Sweetness or bullet

Contract ID: 2-22-6933603-14

Platform: PS4

Location: Whittleton Creek

Briefing On photo

Why this contract should be featured


Yes, I know, many will use the concept from Whittleton Creek, but this contract is different from all future ones. Firstly, the chosen goals are the owners of the houses whom you can call as the child rings the doorbell. Secondly, this is a puzzle: first you find your way to get the Mayor disguised (which is difficult enough), and then you kill the targets. After receiving the disguise, you are afraid to take the wrong step, because getting the mayor’s disguise was dreary and difficult. Next come the two middle goals - Janus and Cassidy, as well as the simple Helen West. This, I’m not afraid to say it, is my best gameplay contract.

“Theme and plot”

The plot I tried to convey the story to the gameplay, I think I did it. The plot is funny, and fits in more than two lines. Themed location Whittleton Creek fits perfectly. Everything is fine with the name: just writing trick or treat will not work, because it’s because of the featured contract from the first part, as well as this topic name. And even more so, in my country they translated as «Sweetness or Muck», so I wrote so changing the muck to a bullet.

Thanks for reading!


We did the same thing :joy:

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Gladly, Halloween is a season when you can take your time and express yourself in any way you want. Without restrictions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Trick And Threat



Santa Fortuna

Reasons for it to be featured:

  • The briefing speaks for itself as to why it fits the theme.

  • The targets are interesting. Depending on your starting location, and outfit, the door guard can be lured into isolation in different ways, some that fit the trick-or-treating theme quite well. The kitchen staff is not easy to reach depending on how you start, but offer sweet double kill opportunities.

  • It’s a bit of a puzzle. Depending on your starting outfit, either the kitchen staff become easy targets, or the door guard does. Because you can’t change disguises at least one of them should provide a challenge.

  • Aside from the disguise change restriction, this is an any/any contract. Freedom! It tastes even better than candy.

  • Tested for Silent Assassin rating and it can be done.

  • The complication is optional so people wanting to just get it over with won’t break a sweat.





Isle of Sgàil

Three targets and three choices.
Which one do you choose: Aye, Nay or Any?

Frankly, I have no idea about the criteria behind featured contract selection; criteria that would reflect the past contracts. I could say the contract is enjoyable but since my opinion would be biased to a point that it doesn’t make sense objectively anyways, I don’t really have any meaningful reason to give. :man_shrugging:


Name of Contract: The Monster From Nedanför
Contract ID: 1-06-5386726-67
Platform: PC
Location: Marrakesh

Unpleasant employees, too curious journalists, abducted activists.
For many, the underground garage of the Swedish Embassy was the last thing they saw. It was only a matter of time before vengeance made its way through the stairwells.
Well, at least according to the client, a local fortune teller. But he doesn’t want to wait any longer for the supernatural to manifest and wants you to be the executor of revenge.
It is time you knock on some doors… from the inside.

Why the contract should be featured:
I submitted this on when the Ghost Busters theme was a thing. I think it once again is fitting the theme and I got positive feedback for it. The catch is that you cannot put the fire axe into a briefcase, so you either have to start far away to have a disguise that can carry it or go for more risky starting locations to be the fastest.


[Optional: Do not spotted]
[Complication: All bodies must been hidden]

Name of Contract: Special Dish
Contract ID: 1-26-0138487-97
Author: Strange noise
Platform: PC
Location: Haven Island


Happy Halloween, 47.

Ljudmila Vetrova asking chef Urben cooking for the special dish for halloween. But, primary ingredient this dish - human meat. Two fresh human bodies.
Urben won’t kill two people sake of one dish…

You are - Chef 47.
Your task in island - eliminate two people with any knife and hide they bodies. After eliminated Urben gets bodies and cook dish for miss. Vetrova.

Task is very unusual. And we didn’t work with that …
Take this seriously.

Happy Hunting!

Why the contract should be featured:

  • This contract is ideally suited to the theme of the month!
    This is an original idea - you are a chef and you need to prepare a spooky Halloween dish consisting of human bodies … (Yes, I know, this is very disgusting, but it fits the topic and is original)

  • You’ve only two targets: both are employees of the complex and are in restricted areas. If in the case of the first target everything is quite simple (there is a closet nearby and there are no special witnesses), then the second one will have to be slightly confused. At least with hiding the body.

  • I did not become wise and made the minimum number of conditions - one mandatory and one not. I do not find them annoying or superfluous. Hiding the bodies is a small feature of the contract, without which it would have been too easy. And the optional “Do not get spotted” symbolizes a silent assassin who likes to kill carefully. Its optionality is symbolized by the fact that the assassin does not always succeed in covering the trail, and the target sees his death in the face … scary, right? :scream:

  • This contract can be walkthrough even by people without mastery level. Absolutely any melee weapon that can be found at the location, as well as the disguise of the chef, which can be obtained using coins and ICA19, will do. :smile:

  • As for the Halloween theme: I came up with this idea thanks to Malcolm Starrock (in Hitman: Contracts). Malcolm was a really crazy freak, and using the disguise of an evil chef (how Malcolm) and holding a cleaver in your hands - you will immediately become the standard of the Halloween image.

  • Let’s talk about weapons (I just want to stretch the list :grin:): I know that there is a style of players who love freedom as a method of killing (for example, one will use a cleaver, the other saber from the inventory). Any melee weapon - allows the player to act according to their liking.
    As for the styles of the players: I do not think that the contract is suitable for speedrun, because the walkthrough time is 3:20-3:10 :neutral_face:


Name of Contract: Friday The 47th
Contract ID: 1-26-0842554-14
Platform: PC
Location: Haven Island (The Last Resort)

"47 was hoping for a relaxing October vacation at The Haven, only to be neighbored with Jason Portman and his noisy young friends. After another of their obnoxiously loud Halloween-themed parties, 47 decided that enough was enough.

He wanted them to die painfully and gruesomely. He knew there was only one weapon that could do this task justice, and that he could find one in the security room on the east side of the island.

Portman was about to get a visit from a very intense trick-or-treater…

Why the contract should be featured:

  • It fits the Halloween theme pretty well. The title and the contract itself is obviously a reference to the Friday the 13th horror franchise; often featuring obnoxious vacationing young people being massacred by a lunatic with a machete. The contract’s trick-or-treat idea plays with the concept of a trick-or-treater in that it’s a creepy-looking person coming to your house around Halloween and demanding something of you; be it candy or a gruesome machete-flavored demise (or both if you’re lucky).
  • The contract allows players to be a little chaotic while still retaining Silent Assassin, which is something I don’t see much in contracts. By this I mean players can simply bum-rush one or more targets with the machete and get away with it as long as nobody else notices it. I deliberately refrained from adding conditions such as “Don’t get Spotted” or “No Bodies” since it would kinda defeat this whole idea. We all have a machete-wielding psychopath inside ourselves somewhere and it’s nice to let them out sometimes without having to worry about being seen.
  • There is a single condition, namely an optional “Don’t change your starting disguise”. This forces the contract to be completed Suit Only (that is if the player is looking to get SA). This adds an interesting layer of challenge as the player will not only have to navigate Portman’s home carefully (since it is a trespassing zone), but they will also need to find a way to transport the machete safely (I recommend using a briefcase).
  • Additionally, I made sure that the briefing reveals the location of a machete since locating it is not intended the be the focus of the contract. The challenge instead lies in transporting it to Portman’s hut, and then being able to use it effectively. There is another machete on the Private Island where Steven Bradley’s water scooter is, but this is much harder to retrieve without a disguise.
  • The contract isn’t as easy as ‘charge in, machete everyone, leave’ since there are likely to be other people at the hut. This is intentional, as it creates a puzzle. The player will need to find a way to get rid of, for instance, the guard who patrols around the hut, since he is not a target and getting spotted by him will fail SA. There is also the risk of Ljudmila Vetrova and her bodyguard showing up to meet with Portman (and again after he has been dealt with) so they too must be quietly removed or simply avoided. There is also the risk of a target spotting another target’s death and running to tell a guard if the player doesn’t catch them in time. You aren’t a true machete-wielding serial killer if you can’t catch them while they’re running.
  • Although the player is required to use a specific weapon and disguise, there are still plenty of game-play options available. The player could try to bum-rush the targets and deal with them all quickly (which risks being spotted), or they can find ways to lure them to secluded areas (such as with coins, the emetic dart gun, or the briefcase). In a similar vein, there are also multiple ways of getting rid of the annoying guard(s).
  • No mastery or unlocks are required to complete the contract. It is perfectly possible to complete the contract SA with the default unlocks (I’ve tested it).
  • Silent Assassin is also very possible, but can be tricky if the player isn’t careful. I managed to achieve SA in just under 5-minutes, though I’m sure there are others than can do it faster.
  • We have to have at least one featured contract on the new map. I mean come on, it would be a shame not to.

Name of Contract Nightmare on Apricot Street
Contract ID 1-09-0726615-07
Platform PC
Location Colorado
"Good evening 47

We’re sending you back out to the apricot farm in Colorado. Our client, who apparently is the owner of the farm, wants us to scare off the local militia who are camped out there. You’ll need just the right disguise for that, 47.

Good luck."

Why this contract should be featured

  • Fits the overall theme of Halloween.
  • Focuses on the use of the Scarecrow disguise, which in my opinion is very underutilized.
  • All complications are optional (aside from the required exit) to add an extra sense of challenge but in a way that doesn’t feel cheap or unfair.
  • Silent Assassin possible.
  • Can be tricky as it requires you to navigate the map using a hostile disguise and leave via a specific exit, meaning you have to think on your toes and change up your strategy accordingly in order to get the best possible time.
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Name of contract: Savage Garden
Contract ID: 2-26-5123205-80
Platform: PS4
Location: Haven Island

Social Media stars Jaqueline Wealthy and Carrie Long have gained noteriety for their Halloween prank videos, where Long terrifies people dressed as an axe murderer while Wealthy films. Many people don’t find these pranks funny but instead cruel and our client wants to end it by showing them the horror of a real axe murderer. The targets have travelled to Haven and we have uncovered 3 other unsavory individuals to use in creating this terror.

Why the contract should be featured:
I think an axe killing spree is the perfect way to bring the Halloween theme to Haven. Everything taking place in the garden means no long travel times, plenty of foliage to stalk your targets from, and the potential to let some targets see you get other kills while retaining SA (by killing them immediately after). I chose the 5 most dynamic targets in the garden area to provide maximum possibilities to take them out and their paths generally take them away from the bar so you don’t have to deal with those npcs.
No disguise changes mean you cannot get an outfit to legally carry the axe (since there are no guard starting locations) and it is the only melee weapon that can’t be briefcased on the island so you need to be careful and creative moving it about.
The story also fits the theme and also fits with the main 2 target’s personalities since they go around taking selfies everywhere.


Name of Contract: Deal with the Devil

Contract ID: 1-09-8779619-33

Platform: PC

Location: Colorado


“Just end my suffering. I don’t care what I need to do, just get me out of this torture.” - said William Candler.
There is nothing demon cannot do and we already got him to agree, so all is left for us, to honor our part.
Kill him. This will stop his interrogation and allow us to reap his soul at the same time. Just remember, only the person who signed the deal can be allowed to feel your presence in any way.
Now go.

Why the contract should be featured: Costume? Cosplaying as a demon fits perfectly.
Trick or Treat? Well here’s trick on someone who didn’t have a treat (be it target, who you are killing, or Berg, who loses his prisoner). And since jumpscaring works best, when it’s sudden, complications make perfect sense.

Name of Contract Tricky Treats

Contract ID 2-04-0163085-07

Platform PS4

Location Sapienza (Landslide)


You have to retrieve the Old Axe from by the Sapienza tunnel and sneak it through the town square, and up to the Hippies house. You can’t pacify guards, shoot out the cameras, or conceal the axe, all in your suit. So it’s maximum stealth.

Why the contract should be featured

  • It’s not as linear as it seems as you have to ditch the axe and do somethings sometimes then return for the axe
  • People can cheese it if they feel as complications are optional (except suit only) and emetic items now make removing NPCs easy
  • It uses an underused map
  • It presents a clear puzzle and asks the player to solve it, but allows for many solutions (I have 3 distinct ones) aka Hitman at it’s finest
  • It uses actual Trick or Treating in the story

Edit: Playthrough for anyone interested in the method :smile:


Name of Contract Hotel Death

Contract ID 2-08-4978665-01

Platform PS4

Location Bangkok

Description/Briefing It’s a slaughterhouse in Bangkok’s hotel.

Why the contract should be featured Nothing says Halloween like Hotel Death.

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