Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - SEPTEMBER

Hello again everybody!

Do you know what time it is? - It’s Featured Contracrs time! As September is upon us, we’re inviting you to submit your own created contracts based on this month’s theme. Last month’s theme was “Cosplay Karma”, And this was a really fun month, and a lot of great, funny and challenging contracts were made!

Now! Inspired by our monthly theme of Fierce Rivalry, we’re setting this month’s theme as ‘Competitive Edge’ … (Some of you already knew that :wink: )

However you interpret that to create your missions, is all up to you.

Submit your contracts using this format:

Name of Contract
Contract ID
Why the contract should be featured

Submissions close at 9 am CEST on September 16 - 2019 :smiley:

Good luck everybody - I can’t wait to see what you guys have in mind for this one!Featured

PS: If you’re new to creating Contracts, and need some help - Urben made this awesome guide: Contract Creation Guide :slight_smile:


Name of Contract: Climbing the Ladder
Contract ID: 1-10-4239311-89
Platform: PC
Location: Hokkaido (Sittus Inversus)

Description/Briefing: Hello, 47. Our client Craig “Rocco” McVeigh is highly competitive when it comes to leaderboards. He’s currently in 5th place at GAMA Facility’s dancing game and discovered that a person’s highscore is removed when they leave this world. The four players ahead of him are Nicholas Laurent (Onkei Nick), Nails (Trevler), Eric Sjövold (A.P.A.D.) and Yui Uemura (Olla). You know what to do.

I’ll leave you to prepare.

Why the contract should be featured: It fits the theme and all targets allow for creative and diverse killing opportunities without having to resort to tedious luring tactics. The “No Pacifications” complication is optional and adds an interesting challenge for those seeking the top of the leaderboards.

Note: Eric Sjövold claims in game dialogues that he is the champion, but the top score belongs to someone named Nick. I decided to go with Nicholas Laurent as the first place, but made another contract modifying only the mission briefing (all targets are the same) so that Eric switches places with Nicholas and becomes the champion. Should my contract get picked, feel free to use the other version if it makes more sense to you. It’s ID (on PC) is: 1-10-7054516-89


Name of Contract
Eliminating the Competition
Contract ID
Good morning 47.
Our client, Brittany Mays, has grown tired of her competitor’s underhanded tactics and wishes them removed from the food vending business, permanently. If you can, she is willing to pay a substantial amount extra to have them eliminated with a bomb of some sort. You will be working in close proximity to our target on this one so it is imperative that you minimize collateral damage and clean up your messes.
I’ll leave you to prepare.
Why the contract should be featured
I think this contract offers a neat little puzzle to be solved. It can be done fairly quickly and isn’t especially difficult when you understand what to do and how to do it but there’s a number of things that might trip up the casual murderer and should give people something to chew on and probably retry a few times. The Explosive Device requirements and the No Bodies Found objectives are optional as they do make the contract slightly more difficult and reduce the room for error, but they are there for those seeking a challenge.

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Name: Dance Off.
Contract ID: 2-13-1829986-26.
Platform: PlayStation 4.
Location: Mumbai, India (Chasing a Ghost).

Agents, get ready for the peak of your careers as dancers.

Dawood Rangan will be replacing Gregory Arthur with the winner of his new dancing competition. We entered you in the contest; although you have the skill, you can’t physically dance on the map.

So we’ve decided to rig the competition by annihilating your peers; the only songs you need are the screams of your opponents after the elimination of their lives and chance.

C’mon, guys. What’s not to love about being a professional dancer?

Why the contract should be featured:
Yes, this is a contract submitted for July, but you’ve gotta love the coincidence how this also mixes with this month’s theme.

Featuring Gregory Arthur and three other dancers that must be eliminated in alternating kill and disguise methods, as you try to win a dancing competition.



Name of Contract: Where’s Baldo?
Contract ID: 2-02-5892824-50
Platform: PS4
Location: Paris
Briefing: Good evening 47, we have located three men participating in “The World’s Baldest Head” challenge, by eliminating these envious wannabes you will undoubtedly win the challenge. Good luck 47.
Why the contract should be featured: I believe the briefing of this contract ties in with the theme of rivalry, and competition. The name of the contract somewhat ties into the gameplay, as you have to find all the targets, and wait for the perfect opportunity to eliminate them. The targets spawn super close to you so you don’t really have to find them, but if you want to play this contract correctly, turn off instinct and the mini-map. You must also wait for the targets to be in the right positions to be shot, for example, maybe in one area a body will be found, so you have to wait for them to move, kind of like a chess-game when you wait for the pieces to fall into place. It could also be considered like the amount of time you have to spend to find Waldo, the inspiration of the contract’s name. The “Where’s Wally, or Where’s Waldo?” game. For those who do not know how to insolate Helmut this will be a minor challenge.


Name of contract: Bodyguard Blues.
Contract ID: 2-20-6478160-26.
Platform: PlayStation 4.
Location: Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Matthew Bowman and Dee Morriss have always dreamed of working in the house rather than the beach, though their enemies are rumored to be promoted next Tuesday.

We need to be proactive on this and eliminate the four men opposing our clients and their dreams.

Make some money, agents.

Why the contract should be featured:
I still need to make a New Zealand featured contract (for obvious reasons, as it is my motherland) and I’ve taken both rivalry & challenge into account for both the gameplay & backstory.

This could be really cool as, out of four targets, only two targets have fiber wire kill method, the other two, however, have any/any, so it’s mainly up for creativity.


Name of Contract: The Tetracution Consecution
Contract ID: 2-01-8919089-80
Platform: PS4
Location: ICA Facility

Your elimination of Jasper Knight may have gone a bit too well 47. Soders is angry you beat him at his own game and is trying to convince the board to drop you. The board is not easily swayed though, and will give you one more chance to prove yourself. I suggest the infamous Tetracution Consecution. A combo of 4 kills, 4 methods, where each kill gives an opportunity to achieve the next. Use your kills wisely, and show Soders who the best assassin really is.

Why the contract should be featured:
No, your eyes do not deceive you! It really is an ICA Facility submission! I feel every map deserves some featured contract love, (no the test one from launch doesn’t count) and I think I was able to put something interesting together.
I consider this more of a puzzle contract and while I’m sure people can find interesting deviations from my route, it’s more about stealth, planning, and problem solving in a way I think will be fun to execute successfully. It is unique because it is a chain of assassinations, where each kill leads to the next. For example the unarmed kill will get you the victims gun to use in the next kill. Of course since it is about showing off, it is suit required for the kills and all 4 kill methods are unique. The only pacifications necessary are those of the targets too.
It fits the theme in showing a competitive rivalry between 47 and Soders following the original training missions. And it also has a cool almost IO escalation style name. A Consecution is a consecutive sequence of events, and Tetracution is a word I made up since its 4 (tetra) kills.


Name of the Contract : An edgy queen
Contract ID : 1-13-1797752-56
Platform : PC
Location : Mumbai
Briefing : “Good afternoon, 47. Our client, a Mumbai sexy moustached movie producer, asked us to frighten Queen Shah. So, rain her royal guards upon her! GL”
Why the contract should get featured : The rooftop of the train station has never been exploited in the game except for the water tank opportunity : it’s a shame cause it’s an ideal environment for infiltration, especially the metallic footbridges. That’s why a suit only requirement has been added. It’s really fun to play, a good timing is definitely possible. The train is the only exit."

I hope you will like it @Clemens_IOI :beer:

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Name: Death & Taxes
Contract ID: 2-08-7549468-40
Platform: PS4
Location: Bangkok (Club 27)
Briefing: Good morning 47. Your targets are the key members of The Class. Our client, rival band, Death & Taxes (who recently had their lead drummer poached by The Class) is struggling to compete with The Class due to recent smear campaign, funded by Thomas Cross, has left their brand in tatters. You must take out the competition (in a way that appears accidental, to give our client the edge needed to overcome their challenges and assert themselves as the #1 rock band in the world. Good Hunting 47.
Why the contract should be featured: It fits the theme and tests the player’s problem-solving skills to find a way to kill all targets in accidents (Heidi and Wes are interesting to take out in this way as they are highly visible). In addition, the complication of not having anyone see you while doing it forces you to think more and not simply push someone off a balcony as soon as you see them.

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I’m very bad at doing photos so here’s one with my camera

Name of Contract Best Solo Artist
Contract ID 2-11-1032853-73
Platform PS4
Location Miami
Description/Briefing 47 is looking to break into the music industry with his debut single “The Didgeridude” - However, he has had no luck finding a manager willing to rep his talent so he figures he’ll free one up of their current client.
Enter, Heidi Santoro. Her new album is topping the charts and 47 is jealous she’s managed to pull Jordan’s former manager Dexy Barat back into managing her solo career. Eliminate Heidi and he can secure his dream job and take out some major competition while doing so.
Why the contract should be featured I love the little storyline I came up with for this contract. Just a one targeter, no complications, what you see is what you get. I wanted to do these two pairings of Street Musician and Rock Musician because they pair well in a funny way and they haven’t been connected together yet in any featured contracts or escalations to my surprise. Street Musician hasn’t been used at all in any of them.

The original storyline was that Heidi topped 47’s song in the charts but I also wanted to have the backstory of 47 as an underdog aspiring solo act because I felt that was a more entertaining thought when making the contract. Anyway either way having Heidi and 47 be competitors in the industry even in a roundabout way makes me laugh and I think fits the fierce (if one-sided) rivalry theme of this month to a tee.

It’s also way simpler than most Contracts so far for a good change of pace.

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I’ve tried Sniper contracts with Helmut before, but I can’t get him to leave the photo session; how do you get him to leave the photo session without just going down there so it’s triggered? (Or waiting 15 minutes for him to leave naturally?)

Name of Contract: The Right Start In Life
Contract ID: 1-13-3242372-52
Platform: PC
Location Mumbai
Description/Briefing: Unofficial sequel to “I Can Do Better”: Your targets are across town and no single disguise will grant you access to all of them, so pick the best one. However unlike the other contract, this time the targets really are spread out. It can be SA’d in ~2:15, but almost no one is going to discover such a method :wink:
Why the contract should be featured

  • This one does fit the theme, since it’s about finding out which disguise/starting point gives you the advantage.
  • On top of that it’s a contract with freedom, but there is one obstacle that you have to plan/think around (Stuck in your first disguise).
  • Personally I’m curious to see how fast people can get and if they can figure out a fast SA method! But It’s not going to be as easy this time.

Just for PEA: 2-13-7967172-07


Name of Contract: Pushing the Corporate Ladder
Contract ID: 2-06-5517714-91
Platform: PS4
Location: Marrakesh/A Gilded Cage
Our client is tired of making coffee and playing internal politics and has decided to take action to fast track his path to a permanent position.

He wants you to eliminate three people he sees standing in his way up the corporate ladder. In order to avoid suspicion, he wants their deaths to look like accidents and for them to take place while he’s out of the office.

And don’t worry, 47. Unlike our client, you will be paid for your work.

Why the contract should be featured: The theme of rivalry and competition is there with the intern wanting the death of some of his colleagues in order to get promoted. The time limit of 7m30s is about the time, plus a few extra seconds to be nice, that the intern spends out of the Consulate (if he’s not disturbed along the way) so it ties into the story of him not wanting suspicion cast on himself. The time is pretty manageable so it shouldn’t give too much trouble and it is optional so no insta fails. For the accident kills, I’ve tested the contract without using the electrocution phone or the propane tank in the basement and although challenging and requiring some timing finesse, it is doable. And since it’s glitched for the moment, none of the accidents need emetic poisoning and drowning. Of course, people who do use the easier methods should have no problem with the time limit.


Name of Contract: I Never Wear A Rubber
Contract ID: 1-03-2889747-52
Platform: PC
Location Sapienza - World Of Tomorrow
Description/Briefing: Our client is a scientist who defected from Ether because he’s allergic to rubber and his demands for an alternate material suit were ignored. It’s time to massacre the hazmat suit scientists and make their bodies disappear!
Why the contract should be featured

  • The virus chamber is soundproof, so I’m giving players an excuse to use a shotgun unsilenced.
  • You are not allowed to wear a hazmat suit, which means you have to deal with the toxic air if you go in
  • You are required to hide all bodies, therefore you have to go inside the virus chamber to dispose of them (Unless you can find a way to lure all targets out)

I think these points make the contract interesting and fun enough to feature, personally. People had a lot of fun with it, and it works both with and without the concealed shotgun.


Name of Contract: The Kronstadt Cloning Project
Contract ID: 1-11-5665994-14
Platform: PC
Location: Miami (The Finish Line)
Briefing: "The ICA recently received an anonymous tip from a disgruntled Kronstadt employee. It suggests that Kronstadt is undergoing illegal human cloning experiments to maximize the productivity of its engineering workforce. Supposedly, Kronstadt is doing this in an effort to gain a competitive advantage over their long-time rival: Kowoon

You must eliminate the existing clones: a quartet of identical Kronstadt engineers. Kronstadt must not suspect foul play, so their deaths must seem accidental."

Why the contract should be featured:

  • It fits the theme of “Competitive Edge” pretty well. The term is most commonly used in business to describe a company that has an advantage over a competitor. Kronstadt are attempting to develop a competitive edge over Kowoon by cloning their engineers; thereby augmenting the company’s productivity.
  • The contract plays with the idea of several NPCs using the same model by incorporating it into the story of the contract.
  • There are many different ways to complete the contract. Any accident is valid and any disguise is valid. The thumbnail shows an explosion, though there are various ‘accidents’ involving falls, drowning, and electrocution that can be used too. Each target has multiple different accident types that can be used against them
    Additionally, the contract allows players to utilize certain environmental accidents that aren’t normally useful in missions, such as One of the targets eating from a bowl you can poison, another standing conveniently close to an edge, and three propane tanks right next to each other in the garage
  • The contract is not too restrictive in terms of complications. The only complication is an optional “No bodies may be found” which does not include accidents. It is fairly easy to meet the requirements of the complication, and doing so is only necessary if the player is looking to get Silent Assassin. It exists mostly to serve the story of the contract. Moreover, it is perfectly possible (though a little more difficult) to complete the contract SA without pacifying or killing any non-targets; thereby not leaving any non-accident bodies at all.
  • Achieving Silent Assassin isn’t too difficult, though can be challenging depending on your approach. The main challenge lies in the player figuring out how to set up the ‘unfortunate accidents’ that the targets will fall victim to, as opposed to the actual execution (although this can be challenging too).
  • Achieving Silent Assassin/Suit Only is quite difficult, but definitely possible (I’ve tested it).
  • The contract can be completed fairly quickly if you are speed-running. My personal best is 3:18, although I’m sure there are plenty of people that can do it faster. I’d say a first successful run of the contract should take the player 5-10 minutes.
  • The contract can be completed in much the same way even if the player has no mastery or unlocks. All targets can be eliminated using the environment and the default gear. Additionally, the player can acquire a Kronstadt Engineer disguise quite easily by Hopping over the desk into the small room left of the main entrance where a disguise pickup can be found.
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Contract ID: 2-027030776-62
Platform: PS4
**Location: Paris

**Description/Briefing: Nobody expects the Vampire Magician! Our chief weapon is surprise…surprise & fear…fear & surprise… and ruthless efficiency… and an almost fanatical devotion to David Copperfield… Plus a nice uniform with sunglasses, a top hat and a cape that goes wish-wish when I run

**Why the contract should be featured: Play on the Spanish inquisition (Monty Python), need to stealth around for stealth “Saber” EDGE kills


Contract ID: 2-03-0773868-62

Platform: PS4
Location: Sapienza

Description/Briefing: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father and prepare to die !

Why the contract should be featured: Play on Princess Bride (movie), need to stealth around for stealth “Saber” EDGE kills!


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